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  1. Alpha NT for sure then, at least My only question is again Se PoLR vs Fi PoLR, yet at last Quadra is still set then
  2. ILI, nah. Way too scattered! ego is sooo obvious, you go into all directions and possibilities.
  3. You have a point, actually. It is likely one of the P-types than J-types. Slugabed suggested ILI too, though that sounds less likely, what would you say for that one, then?
  4. Your endless rambling alone is the #1 sign. Read what you've written in my visitor messages again.
  5. Hmm... On a second -er, actually more than second. A lot more- thought, sounds possible, actually? Fe HA could be more likely than Si HA? Only thing bugging me is Se, Fi and Te in ILEs tbh. Maybe it is more of being 9 thing, but I absolutely just freeze and try to creep other side out if there is anyone physically threatening/looming over me, while freaking out inside? I wouldn't just back down from other side getting louder, if I actually believe in my argument/side though. Fi sounds quite likely, on a second reading of general function analysis of ILEs (I know, you said check hotelambush and unsuccessfull Alphamale but checking them both out, I find that I can speak like either if I want to but slightly gravitate towards unsuccessfull atm and in general, perhaps?) I am not entirely sure about Te part as I have to observe it more in myself. Hmm. That would also explain my general indecisiveness more than a Ti-base, perhaps? I was considering it as having my base function feel unreliable due to being rather wrong before, but it could be that it was simply just not the base? Will have to consider that.

    What would you say that makes you consider ILE>LII though, as in examples?
  6. Beep <3 Yep, I still think so, ILE>LII for you. Compare yourself with hotelambush (LII) VS unsuccessfull Alphamale. Consistency is related either way, dunno about this.
  7. Beep boop. While I was researching about ADHD, your first typing of me being ILE popped up in my mind, actually? That could make sense in "sometimes acting impulsively randomly" since it wouldn't be expected of Ti-base, and can give more of Ne-base feeling? Yet it is not exactly consistent enough for a Ne-base either?
  8. As in who said "Members of DGM HQ Science Division" are or? They are the scientists in D.Gray-man series, the ones working at Black Order Headquarters (HQ/The good side's HQ). I wrote that because I was rereading manga and around 140-150th chapters there is some spoiler-y stuff going on there and not all of them end up okay after that. They are kind of important as they are the only ones who see Exorcists (main characters) as not weapons/tools to be used and sacrificed for the main war going on in the series but as human beings. HQ is a "home" for Exorcists and HQ Science Division are the one who cares about them/is the reason why it is like a home for them all. Branch head of the HQ has a sister who is an Exorcist and was the reason of change in the way Order viewed Exorcists. (Or, at least tries to keep them safe as much as possible from higher-ups.) So after seeing them all in pain at that arc, I kinda felt the need to write that? (...was that spoilery though?)
  9. What does the #Protect Members phrase mean?
  10. Who else should be in our group beside us?
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