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  1. It's a song by RuPaul
  2. edited, meant to say title
  3. Good I love comic panels.
  4. What's up with your avatar / title? It's really creepy
  5. Ohhhh cool, surprise reveal
  6. Not to worry, all will be revealed eventually.
  7. I'm not good at riddles my son I'm afraid
  8. That's classified.
    I'll give you a hint: supervision rings.
  9. Oh it's Euclid! No we didn't, we learned about Archimedes instead which was my first thought. Well it's obvious what kind of shapes my eyes see there but what does it stand for? Thanx boiiiii
  10. It's square, inscribed in a circle, inscribed in a square, inscribed in a circle. Don't y'all still learn Euclidean geometry in school over there?
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