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  1. Lol, thx. I remember you were the only who liked my avatar. I wouldn't discount LIE as a typing. I considered it briefly when I was still playing with MBTI.
  2. Your username discourse. I just feel like saying I never perceived it as a directly sarcastic thing but I imagined it in conjunction with a smirk. I can't imagine anyone would call themselves that straight forward unironically lol, who knows, I guess. The fact that you can play with the concept instead of like, standing in front of it sternly with a rifle, has been a little charming. I'm imposing my thoughts because your posturing implies an LIE typing and not because I'm bored at work.

    Oh, I see down there that I left a visitor message awhile ago, about an avatar, similar kinda appreciation. Nice.
  3. Now I can't help but to do so as well. Thank you.
  4. every time i read your posts i imagine you sneering and pulling your shirt off. it adds an interesting tone to everything you say.
  5. Cute isn't the appropriate word for it haha. But sure. It's quite funny, even immature at times (in a good way). The third season sucks though. Nathan quit so the show hasn't been the same without him.
  6. Oh, that looks like it might be a cute show (:
  7. I tried to find the original gif. He is talking off his shirt and being all smug about it. Anyway.
  8. what is your avatar about?
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