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  1. Woops! In the message I said:

    "Most LSIs I've known have said they don't feel as open and loose and so forth around others, but -- consistent with Enneagram theory -- when a social setting is being guided by EIE it is said that LSI feels more capable of being themselves, of not being overly formal or distant or terse. "

    What I meant to say was "Consistent with Socionics theory" hahah. Excuse the typos likely littered throughout, and pardon if I TL;DR'd the fuck out of You in that PM, just wanted to be thorough
  2. "What's been life-changing about it for you?" - My best friend (who just joined the forum as well) is also an Se-LSI. He and I have seen each other through countless ups and downs. We've been close as Brothers for 5 years now. Socionics has really helped us put context and framing to our friendship, as well as pinpoint how it is we help each other grow. Duality intertype theory has been pretty fucking life changing for us both, and I'd die with him in the trenches any fucking day. Aside from that, my best mate throughout high school was an LSI as well. We grew together, lived together, and were about as open with each other as I've seen an LSI be. Simply put, LSI has been absolutely integral in my psychological development, and, more essential yet, my growth as a Man. Connecting with LSIs has changed lives mutually for me, so I was pretty fucking excited to find these forums. Socionics as a field gets far more granular in just about every capacity than MBTI, and intertype theory mapped out so much for my Brother and I. Needless to say, I'm a believer lol. It's difficult to get more specific than that in the scope of a basic text reply. I'd love to share further.

    "Feel free to ask anything too from me" - Tell me abit about Yourself. Where You from? How did You get into Typology/Socionics? How do you differentiate Yourself from an SLE? What do You love about being LSI, and what do You appreciate most in other types? If You know any other LSIs, I'd love to connect. PM me and we can talk more properly.
  3. "You got me curious actually" - What can I say? I tend to.

    How do you experience duality with LSI-Se?" - Frankly, the most honest answer - there is no adequate translation of lived experience. It's more than the subjective, even, it's a subtle interplay that is difficult to reduce to words.

    And another question... how do you take care of the Ne PoLR?" - As You'd expect, he has a more computational approach to reasoning than I (in all things, really). That which cannot be apprehended compositionally or contextualized chronologically -- namely: hypothesis, and most forms of speculation lacking grounding in instance (Ne shit, basically) -- causes him (as You can imagine) a great deal of frustration. Typically, his intellect parses the object of his inquiry, stripping it to it's essential components, providing clear instance of its usage as well as the required understanding or approach in overcoming or achieving the thing in question. Basically, he's always winning. All day Winning.jpg. That's all unbearably abstract (more than he allows himself, to be sure), but it encapsulates his general methodology nonetheless. For my part (as You'd expect of an EIE), my proficiency is far more interpersonal in nature, permutational in framing, and synthesizing of disparate context. Where he's likely to pinpoint his intended goals, claim them as foregone conclusions, and set out to most effectively capture them, I broaden the scope of his considerations, occasionally playing devil's advocate to reinforce his convictions and methods. He keeps me grounded, direct, and encourages actualization, whereas I reciprocate emotional support, social advice, and encourage reflection and consideration (in a variety of ways). Ni is not as creatively discursive as Ne, but digression frustrates him, and alternatives to what he sees as the most effective course of action aren't useful to him anyways; the tighter abstract spiderwebs of Ni provide multiple paths of consideration, which is enough for him. He's a crass motherfucker, and, as an EIE, Ne is my Demonstrative Function, so You know we bring dem bantz
  4. Hey, thanks for your message. You got me curious actually. How do you experience duality with LSI-Se? What's been life-changing about it for you? And another question... how do you take care of the Ne PoLR? (Which is reallllly bad for Se subtype lol, virtually nonexistent Ne.) Feel free to ask anything too from me.
  5. Ni-EIE here, new to the site. My best mate is an LSI and we're close as Brothers. I'm unabashedly roundin up every LSI I can hahah. Dual intertype shit has been pretty life-changing for us both, and diving deeper into Socionics has been rewarding. Just reaching out to every LSI I can (Se subtype especially). Cheers!
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