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  1. Thanks Winnie! EII and LII seem to be 2 types people often have a hard time choosing between and I can see why. I was quite close to a LII and for a second when affirming his typing, EII did cross my mind. Basically, it was the only other type that did cross my mind. LII can be quite humanistic and even warm as they value Fe, but they overall seem to value science and analysis in a broader sense I guess you could say, over the study of relations and that sort of thing. They seem a bit more calculating and of course, Ti heavy. I've seen a LII lose his sense of logic/logical structure before and it wasn't pretty lol. EII can seem cooler in their approach as an Fi valuer with Fe ignoring, but they seem to place a larger emphasis on relations between others and can be a bit harsher in their judgments in that sense I think. LII actually seems very easygoing to me, probably in part to being in the alpha quadra. I've actually had both of these types in my life/have been friends and close with both, so I guess I have some analyses there! Lol I'm still pretty new to all this so don't quote me And yes, I'm quite sure of IEE more and more. I guess the very nature of IEE makes me keep drifting from and contemplating it's accuracy lol, but I'm really not sure what type at this point seems more likely. No worries on the late response, I take no offense : )
  2. Thank you. Late reply. I wanted to answer to your message and forgot about it. Some people say I'm easy-going... at least until I'm involved into debates.
    There are some boards members who think I'm EII instead of LII,
    but based on the quadra descriptions I'm more likely Alpha then Delta.
    It's an intuitive impression I have, you remind me a little bit of my niece, the daughter of my ESE aunt; I type her IEE as well.
    You seem lovely as well.
  3. Hey there

    I just wanted to say you seem like a really lovely person and I look forward to seeing more of you if you intend to post more on getting typed accurately. I know pictures definitely are not everything and I had typings like ILI based on my serious expression (I can only assume) when I first had photos of myself on here. I look forward to seeing more about you if you make a typing thread.
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