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  1. How come you don't ever stop by the chatbox? Hmm, maybe you're very busy. Hope you are well.
  2. Hi . What do you mean when you say that your Si Polr is strengthening? And is that a good thing? I think my Se polr makes me particularly slow at reacting, i think, and at seizing opportunities/the moment (if I'm getting it right?), heh.
    Where I am at right now it doesn't get too hot over the summer, it is always a bit cool for the better part of the season. I almost wish it were hotter, like the places i spent my childhood in, but you can't have everything. Yes, i remember New York summers, and miss them too (tho not too much these days, missed them more some years back). Being by the water brings inner peace, even a sense of zen lol. Talk soon
  3. I'm currently on the East coast of the US and weather wise, summer is essentially here but I'm not quite ready for it yet and so over the next few weeks I'll be hibernating at one of my cottages in the north of Sweden, where it's still winter (34 degrees Fahrenheit) until the summer solstice (June 21st) arrives, where I'll then head to Stockholm and stay for about 2 months (or not, I'm a restless, fickle MFer) because I can't endure a scorching summer in NYC. I may have a little "melanin" but my genes are still overwhelmingly Scandinavian and we aren't built for excessive heat. This summer I plan to largely be on/by/in the water because it brings me endless internal peace and serenity and I could use a little bit of that (my Si PoLR is strengthening lol)! What about you?
  4. You are kind to entertain the conversation, thank you. I am enjoying summer, it's been beautiful so far. Do you have any fun plans to look forward to these months?
  5. lol @ "the effrontery." For one, nice word choice and two, yes, we can be savagely honest, but there's a good chance we regret the delivery and packaging, at the very least, later on, once (or if) we stop to self reflect or perhaps wonder "why did they respond so badly to that? I was just calling it like I saw it." lol From my vantage point, I've always believed that being upfront about who I am/my limitations/my expectations with someone from the very beginning is the best way to be; I think this simultaneously protects one's self AND others from unnecessary heartache and a waste of (invaluable) time, energy and effort. It's all about risk management/mitigation for me. I've always been one to tell women, "we wouldn't work. This is me doing you a favor," and not in the corny cop out way, but genuinely mean that. It's not just my time and heart I don't want to jeopardize, but the other person's as well--sometimes, in our own twisted way, such a rationale is our attempt at being moral and humane. It's a form of "don't say I didn't warn you" and "proceed at your own risk." A charming bunch, we are. lol And I'm good, thanks for asking. How are you?
  6. This one time i dated a LIE, in college. He was disciplining me one day, emotionally and psychologically, and i said to him "sure, you say this and that and the other, though you're here today, but you'll be gone tomorrow." And he said " ya, i'll be gone tomorrow but i'm here today." Back then i was mostly taken aback by having found out that he planned to leave me, but today I think 'damn, the effrontery'. Lol, you know, of saying it that way. Anyhow. How are you?
  7. lol by virtue of posting that song, it's clear that you get me. Bless you and your Fi.
  8. thank you.

  9. Be my friend.
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