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  1. And here are my listings (I will continue to update this stuff from time to time) at the time it is a bit more new than the last public PL list from August last year.
  2. Yes but Socionics is kinda of. SEE for example are mostly a kind of NyyZai (NeTi) which in Socionics is Extingushment. I wouldn´t say that Duality is the worst, Duality is just the lowest Inspiration (you don´t get the other 4 Elements for a fully functioning ship so to speak and the Dichotomies are reversed).
    I started to use the PL samples over a year ago and studied their Visual Knowledge but I am not read by them and therefore not really into PL.
  3. It´s the PodLair Life Partner Hierachy

    1. Inspiration: Extinguishment (ideal), Mirage, Quasi-Identical
    2. Augmentation: Identical (most), Kindred, Mirror
    3. Compensation: Beneficiary, Benefactor
    4. Partitioning: Business, Super-Ego, Conflictor, Supervisor, Supervisee
    5. Suppression: Dual (lowest), Activator, Semi-Dual
  4. whats this?
    Inspiration: Extingushment (ideal), Mirage/Illusionary, Quasi-Identical
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