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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for explaining that!
  2. Yes, I was expecting some SLI typings and I can see why based on that video. It's not called lookalike without a reason. The telling difference is that SLI are more consistently inexpressive and respond poorly to Fe prodding, maybe becoming more lively in response to Ne. With Ti-leads being inexpressive but "coming to life" when prodded with Fe.
  3. I think I’ll just settle on hybrid, but maybe once I finish Gulenko and Filatova’s books I will have a totally different perspective. Nice video btw. You almost seem SLI, not wishful thinking, just my impression of some SLI, I feel like because LSI is beta they can still seem a little more... mmmm expressive? Maybe I’m way off though and have had LSI wrong all along
  4. Yeah, IEE is definitely possible. Getting pissy at higher ups is not at all impossible for EII if they feel their values are violated. But IEE would do this much more readily and habitually, sure.
  5. I’ve been reading Gulenko’s book and it does seem I am an likely an irrational. I’m also expressive and animated and not physically weak. I got pissy at some higher ups at work yesterday sooooooo yeah not sure about EII lol.
  6. I just thought you seemed more like my EII sister than the IEE I know. Eyes, expressions, poses, generally the "mood" of the pictures seemed more Fi/Ne than Ne lead to me.
  7. Thank you for your input. I do have a shorter fuse in closer quarters. However I am also high-strung. I just had a lengthy VC call in which IEE vs. EII was being debated. I actually scored LII on the World Socionics test LOL, which I think is probably a stronger indicator of EII. I guess it's still up in there air for me, I feel I lie somewhere i between in a way, but I will get to the bottom of this, thank you for your input! What about my VI indicated more EII than IEE to you?
  8. Yeah, surprisingly enough I do. I saw the gallery and that's actually why I commented on the VI thing. IME, IEE seem to be a bit more comfortable with confronting strangers than EII, that's all I can really say about it. Neither like conflict but EII are more subdued and IEE tend to have a short fuse, more volatile.
  9. Oh well, hey! You have a face! So, I do think Si activity overall probably fits better than seeking (though there is at least one point in the seeking description that fits), but I seem to use Se better and be "tougher" like you described than other EII. What says you to this?

    BTW I have a gallery now on my page, an album, for VI purposes. Thanks for all your help/comments : D
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