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  1. I think I am missing the reference.
  2. Money Penny yes James!
  3. Penny?
  4. I see. People confuse their social ethics with white ethics Got it..
  5. I think we basically agree, I just don't like to equate Fi with "morals" because then people start to use their own set of morals as a indicator of Fi: She cheats on her husband, therefore she can't be a Fi-type. She does not care about social issues, therefore she can't be IEE. That sort of thing.
  6. By making ethical constructs like laws you are moralizing which is essentially making do or not do lists
  7. Our parents, preaching to us, us looking outside and gatherings perception, then making moral laws, then applying them on people. But before all this your brain has to be wired to care. Like Se focuses on that information.
  8. I think Fi starts before that. You want to improve relationships, therefore you assess what is beneficial and then you might moralize (or not). Does that make sense? I think especially for Fi in combination with Ne, it's about assessing tailored needs.
  9. Ever time you talk about what certain views people should have for women etc you are using Fi
  10. Busy, but otherwise doing very well! How about you?
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