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  1. Lol right, I never bought that idea rationally, but yeah it can come off as that, with socionics.

    And lol Ive had some sortof duality (or what I thought was duality) in my life before and sure I did all that, exactly that, push where they really needed it and so on, and they provided me with emotions and whatever, but... it didn't work out. Because it's far more complex in reality than what socionics's model shows, lol.

    And yes I meant psychology related stuff with the resources. It's all way more complex though than just "find a dual and it'll be all good" lol.

    Personally what's true for me is I do only truly work with someone in a relationship if they are more emotional than me, but that just gives the chance to have a maintainable relationship, you still have to put in the work, to manage your own life and psychological growth for yourself and then to have the ability to have healthy and lasting relationships.

    In general what's true is obviously that people have different degrees of compatibility with each other, and that matters to some extent. But that's not saying much really on its own.
  2. Oh hey, I realized what kind of resources you were offering Psychology related ones, right?
    Well, Socionics kinda gives you this impression that finding your dual or quadra buddies, will solve a lot of your problems, lol.
    I read a lot on EIE/LSI duality and it clicked for me. It seemed as it was exactly what I needed for my love and work life. The whole dynamics and all. LSI pushes things forward where EIE really really needs it, etc. etc.
    I thought: wow, great, must. find. LSI. NOW.
  3. Psychology is much better trust me lol

    The guy could relent later, wait a bit and see I guess.
  4. He probably won't. Oh well, he was a fun bit of my life, now I will have to do without him. Shit happens, as he liked to say.

    It's interesting. I kind of stopped getting into psychology this year and restarted my interest in socionics a couple of months ago :/
  5. Hope he'll get over it later.

    Just general psychology stuff
  6. Yeah, now I think that I overreacted. I made fun of him too a lot. But now, he wouldn't accept my friend request

    Oh, what frameworks are u talking about?
  7. PS: to clarify, I don't really use socionics anymore. I was talking about the guys I would type LSI before. Now I'd try to just... see their traits and behaviours in better frameworks than socionics's model
  8. Damn so cute

    Yeh some LSI guys can be incredibly rude like that when joking around lol, kindof too rude even for me actually .P
  9. Cool pic, thanks. Here's the link to a video of Shiba Inu puppies:

    Hmm, I need to investigate the EIE x LSE relations.

    Lol, I think my buddy, who might be LSI, loves marathons. It sucks that I banned him on FB cuz he started calling me a faggot in front of everyone, lol. So much drama in the streets...
  10. Hey. Pic:
    I don't know Shibu Inu, link?

    Yeah, some people are compatible, some are not.

    Sport: running, triathlon, and I use heart rate monitors and GPS devices. PCs don't really interest me
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