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  1. everybody who isnt in my close circle is kind of in a fog and its extremely rare for me to feel a sense of commonality or companionship with people. and because of that i can become very reliant on the few people im really close to, who are sort of the only ones who feel "real" (that sounds horrible). one thing about the so-first people i know that i really admire is that there is always this sense of possibility, like they could walk out the door and meet someone that day and feel a bond. but for me forming a bond is more like something..viscous, involved? i think sp/sx can have kind of a claustrophobic, cloistered, damp feeling.
  2. I was curious after reading your thread on So. vs aristocracy. How would you say you relate to being Social-last yourself?
  3. I'll admit though, the only thing that keeps me watching some of his later films (late 60s onwards) is just to see how he experiments with camera techniques, narrative structure, etc. which I always find interesting. I can't really vouch for their quality otherwise.
  4. I'd start with Breathless, and then maybe Le Petit Soldat and Vivre Sa Vie. Those are some of his more conventional narratives. If those manage to catch your interest, then I'd eventually move on to films like Le Mepris, Alphaville, Pierrot Le Fou, Tout Va Bien, Week End, Masculin Feminin, etc.
  5. ive never seen a jean-luc godard film. which one should i start with?
  6. Yeah, you are, lol.
  7. Yeah, you are, lol. Alsatianrut.
  8. whats your tumblr? if you dont mind sharing. or am i following you already?
  9. Probably So/Sx, or Sp/Sx.
  10. what is your instinct stacking?
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