• Hugo, Female portrait, ESFj by Beskova

    Hugo, Female portrait, ESFj by Beskova

    As a girl, HUGO is imposing, with a well formed solid figure, and a splendid posture. She has a particular way of carrying herself and moves with confidence. It is not surprising that men frequently accompany this girl with glances.

    Facial features in the women of this type are clear-cut, precise, eyes are bright, emotions are expressed in a very definite way, which also makes them stand apart from other girls.

    HUGO women have special energy about them - they are energetic, assertive, directed, merry, and flirtatious. They speak loudly and energetically. Resourceful in flirtation, won't search long for the right word, mocking, and readily breaks into laughter. HUGO knows her worth and can stand up for herself.

    As a rule, women of this type always look neat and tidy. They take care of their looks with purpose and skill, allocating to this a lot of time and attention. They often have great looking hair-cuts. If their hair is long then it is skillfully assembled into an accurate ponytail or beautifully falls onto their shoulders. No absurd cuts, no unkempt hair, or greasy bangs on their forehead, no mistakes with coloration.

    Woman of this type dresses with much taste. She loves shopping and carries it out almost professionally. Clothing and shoes are picked according to criteria of beauty as well as comfort. Besides that, her wardrobe is composed by criteria of successful combinations of color, texture of clothing, styles, and trademarks.

    In school she is often one of the most diligent students. She is assiduous, accurate and, often, the teacher's pet. Where she does not succeed with learning and understanding the material, she takes by charm. Although girls of this type obtain good marks in mathematics, physics and chemistry, nevertheless, they, as a rule, generally prefer humanitarian subjects (of these, they prefer history least of all). They are focused on people, about whom they know and remember everything; therefore they are usually quite qualified to write essays on humanitarian subjects.

    HUGOs are usually active and enjoy sports. They take up artistic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming or dancing (of any type, from the ballroom to contemporary). They also love participating in school theater - any opportunities to display their bright emotions are highly appealing to them. This makes it possible for them, at least for a moment, to be immersed in the atmosphere of real passions. In their soul girls of this type feel themselves as artists; therefore, any work where they can display their artistic taste, is suitable for them.

    If HUGO needs to lose weight (to keep looking fit or for a play or performance), possessing a strong will, she can easily force herself to keep on a diet. The same thing goes for her emotions, which are provided in doses and completely consciously.

    In a company of friends, she is completely irreplaceable: willingly she laughs at jokes that others make, radiates happiness, creating around herself an atmosphere of holiday and merriment and charging everyone with positive emotions.

    Most of all, she is pleased with clever gentlemen. For intellect she can forgive much, even not too courageous an appearance. Provided her partner can entertain her with intellectual conversations, that he is polite, courteous and accurate. Then she begins to revere and... becomes even merrier. If contact happened at a party, then, at this moment, it is good to go out dancing with her. It is not needed to constantly maintain a serious, clever appearance. Those who attract her must know not only how to speak of intellectual topics, but also how to obtain pleasure from sincere merriment. If she went full out and danced cancan on the table, this must not evoke jealousy in her partner, but admiration!

    After marriage, HUGO in all respects acts exceptionally positively, and becomes completely immersed in family concerns and troubles. This brings her pleasure and enjoyment. The thought that she is the caretaker of the household and the mother of the family fills her with pride and gives to her extra strength. And this is considering that she already possesses energy enough for three people!

    Under no circumstances it is possible to call HUGO woman lazy. However, her fitness for work in many respects depends on her emotional state. If her mood is poor, then she generally prefers not to become occupied with anything; everything falls from her hands at such times. But if she has sufficient inspiration and enthusiasm, the work will be done quickly and with great quality.

    In short, HUGO woman will ensure that her home is clean and organized. Linen will smell sweet with pleasant aromas; her husband's shirts are always ironed; breakfast, dinner and supper appear suddenly on the tablecloth. Saucepans in her house always know their place. If her dwelling did not have hot water for three days due to maintenance, a large pot with hot water will stand on the plate from the very morning for her family members. If a spot appeared on the clothing, she will wash the piece by hand until it is gone.

    To live in her house means to live in a hospitable place. She cooks quickly, skillfully, tastefully, and plentifully. She does not mind to get up at 5 A.M. for her relatives, to bake pirogis, cook borsch, stock up on plov, make cutlets or other culinary masterpieces. Just so that everyone is fed and content. On the part of the household management, she will provide for everything. In her house, there is usually a shelf with emergency rations of products, which might be needed if some unanticipated circumstances suddenly occur in her planned out life. Nevertheless, no one will starve. This emergency ration will be used if any unforeseen guests or relatives from the countryside suddenly stop by.

    HUGO woman very actively participates in the lives of her children; she participates in their development - both physical and mental. She attempts to be always in contact with them, to be friends with them, and be up to date on everything that happens with them. This mom attempts to fire her children up, to rouse their interest in life, to inspire them to heroic acts in the name of science (which she greatly respects) or, at least, simply to make them into decent people. It is very important to her that her entire life, her family, her children, generally everything is not worse than others. For this, she is ready to work with three times the energy.

    It is characteristic to her that she does everything playfully, remaining graceful, merry, benevolent and energetic. Strictly speaking, one child for her undoubtedly is too few; she can easily manage three, and even more.

    Being a considerate mother, HUGO woman, for a long time, does not let her children go, poorly estimating the time when they have grown up and no longer in need of her guardianship. For a long time (if not all her entire life) she participates in their lives, helping both materially or with infinite advise. This has its positive side: it is possible to completely rely on her in case someone needs to babysit the grandchildren. She is not one of those grandmothers, who remain apart from the grandchildren's rearing. Moreover, there would be no worries that she feeds them with the wrong food, doesn't them to bed in time, or forgets a doctor's visit. In the matters of care and upbringing, it is possible to rely on her completely.

    In domestic affairs, HUGO woman usually engages in some intrigue: some things she hushes up, other things she tells about to her husband and children only when they are in a good mood. Masterfully applying emotions, she unnoticeably forces them to do that which she considers necessary. It seems to her that, in this way, she retains control over the situation and cares about everyone in the best way possible, because "she knows better!".

    In the professional sphere, representatives of this type work tirelessly, especially, if their work is connected with people e.g. an organization that deals with matters of coordinating or caring for people, teaching or performing on stage. A fiery enthusiasm and a talent for making others become involved and follow her, make HUGOs into untiring activists and propagandists, capable of persuading and narrating so as to enlist everyone within their reach. This girl is capable of igniting large crowds of people with her energy.

    Wherever a woman of this type works, she is, first of all, interested in people around her. This finds its manifestation in her radiant, public temperament, in how willingly and skillfully she creates an atmosphere around herself and organizes group outings.

    In the majority of cases, HUGOs make for good workers. They honestly and with soul carry out their duties. However, it is best that they can work with people, and not wither, for example, in bookkeeping.

    A story from life: “One day something has happened with my computer! It was horrible! I was kicking it so that it would turn on. Suddenly, the screen turns off! I turn it on, and it is not working. I hit it again - then it completely shut off and I had to pull it out of the outlet. In all, I suffered for three days with it, but I endured! Suddenly, my LII co-worker comes by and asks: “Did you take a look at what I asked you to?” I say: “My computer doesn't work! I kick it, but it does not turn on! The screen turns off all the time. It’s horrible!" He listened to me without any emotions and said: "It is broken" and at once, phoned somewhere and started to say some puzzling words, "upgrade, motherboard". And somehow I felt at ease right away".

    A touchy subject for HUGO - time. She constantly does not manage to do something in time, cannot calculate how much time would be required for the road, or for one project or another. During conversations, time also flies unnoticeably, and HUGO, as a rule, always willingly devotes time to socializing. So that, if you are in a hurry, then in this situation, it is better to take the timing under your control.

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