• Dostoyevsky, Female portrait, INFj by Beskova

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    Dostoyevsky, Female portrait, INFj by Beskova

    Quiet, affable, even gentle - such characteristics come to mind when the discussion turns to girls and women of INFj type. Their faces most often feature wide cheek-bones, an elegant chin, and iridescent eyes. Some of them continue looking youthful even as they age. Their look is usually warm, gentle, and compassionate. Unimposing, friendly smile frequently appears and lingers on their faces. This girl is always considerate, always ready to listen to others and to support them, and if needed to give repose and comfort and a breath of hope.

    Women and girls of this type are very feminine or girly - they are tactful, modest, and even a bit shy. But this doesn't imply that they lack character and are push-overs. This is completely not the case. Characteristic for them is an unobtrusive, sensitive, yet determined and stoic manner to meet all the adversity and blows of fate.

    EIIs may look fragile or loose in their body, and are sometimes a bit stoop-shouldered. They tend to dress modestly and conventionally, not trying to attract particular attention to the way they look. With age, they start to favor dark and discreet hues in clothing.

    School life allows them from their childhood years to cultivate diligence and accordance in themselves. These are quiet, assiduous girls, who do not argue with the teachers. Even if they receive an unfair grade, they do not protest, but explain such situations to themselves somehow so that the authority of teacher does not suffer.

    In the class this girl, as a rule, has a few best friends, with whom she stands during breaks near a wall and with a quiet voice and with merit she discusses all the events of school life. She does not love to gossip, and tries to evaluate everything objectively, so that there are no guilty or offended parties. This is one of the most considerate girls in the class.

    Humanitarian inclinations manifest very prominently in girls of this type. They excel at examining the events and troubles of the personal lives of the characters in literary works, which they have studied according to the class outline, and write some of the best essays in the class. Moreover, they read a lot outside of the assignments, write verses and prose, as a result of which their inner world becomes strongly romanticized. They are, in fact, some of the most dreamy girls in the class.

    While most female INFjs do not enjoy sports, they are frequently drawn to dance in their youth. This occupation corresponds to their romantic, lyricist nature. They frequently give preference to ballroom or classical dances.

    Representatives of this type almost always graduate and attend a university, since in the school they study well, frequently finishing it with high grades, and generally bestow on their teachers the most pleasant impressions with their excellent upbringing, by holding themselves with dignity and showing themselves in the best light, by their quiet voice, pleasant demeanor, and a good grasp of knowledge. It is best if this girl selects humanitarian subjects for her major.

    If you thought that girls of this type never enjoy themselves in social groups, then you are mistaken. But the group must be hers, where she is noted, where others love and value her. There this quiet flower will bloom in its entire splendor towards friendship, love, and good merriment. Understand that she will not appear in groups, where there is cursing and misuse of alcohol. She harbors very high standards for those surrounding her. The man, about whom she dreams, must be reliable, proper, sensible and confident in himself.

    When a female INFj becomes your wife, know that in your home there lives a quiet angel. However, in her a feeling of duty is so developed that she will not shun house upkeep duties (cleaning, laundry cooking, and so on). Certainly, she does not love to cook - it is not in this that she sees her vocation. But she will never leave her relatives without food. And if somebody - one of the family members so picky that they want to eat only freshly prepared food, she will cook three times a day. This is in her nature.

    She also worries about the health of her relatives, and therefore, diligently writes into her notebook, not only culinary recipes, but also herbal recipes as well as names of most important medicines, which can prove useful for various illnesses.

    Not only the husband, but also the parents from both sides, and the children will be engulfed by her warm care and loving manner of relating. She will find time for all, look for occasions to provide her help, and provide affable words appropriate for their situation. She devotes a lot of time to taking care of children. Moreover, she does this with pleasure her entire life. She knows everything about the intricate workings of their souls, about the problems of their internal world. She monitors that they study and learn well. She attempts to develop their abilities and brings them up softly, but with persistence. However, she runs into trouble trying to make serious decisions, such as when it is necessary to decide which school the child will attend or which college to select for him or her. This trouble does not manifest only in relations to children, but in other areas of her life as well. Such that it is best if others undertake such decisions for her. If you are her husband take responsibility for making major decisions in development of your family and she will with pleasure obey you.

    From real life of INFj female: "When I read E. Berne's 'Games That People Play,' I thought: which story corresponds the most to my childhood? And I remembered that when I was small, my favorite fairy tale was about the princess who never had to do anything, because by magic everything around her was automatically done. I dream precisely about this, that someone would come and do everything that is necessary, so that entire life I wouldn't have to do anything."

    Incidentally, this quiet, warm woman makes for one of the most obedient wives. She loves her family with even warming love. But watch that her emotional resources aren't spent on her girlfriends, who inadvertently will use your wife as a psychotherapist. She will never refuse them herself, of course. Out of compassion. Therefore, it will be best if you take the matter into your own hands and limit the flow of those desiring to obtain psychotherapeutic sessions and useful advice from her.

    Women of this type are well suited for any job. They are friendly and dutiful, never quarrel nor ask much for themselves, hoping that they will sooner or later be noted and rewarded. They also consciously avoid participating in intrigues, spreading rumors and talking about someone behind their back.

    They make for good teachers, editors, correctors, librarians, psychologists. They are good everywhere where it is necessary to have patience and compassion for people. They can work even as engineers, but often this kind of work does not bring them much satisfaction. However, due to their inherent stoicism, they often will not complain about this.

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