• Dostoyevsky, Male portrait, INFj by Beskova

    Dostoyevsky, Male portrait, INFj by Beskova

    Young male INFj is modest, tactful, and delicate, an avid reader and generally an intellectual. Most frequently he has a slender build. He has a quiet voice, gentle gaze, affectionate smile and an elaborate system of thoughts. Often men of this type have long hair, and sometimes tie it in a tail. He does not give clothing adequate consideration, considering that this is not the main point of life. He is dressed, as a rule, very modestly. Nevertheless, rare men of this type can be dandies, devoting a lot of time and money to their appearance.

    When you speak to male INFj it seems like the conscience itself is staring into your eyes. He has a gift for understanding people. He is sympathetic, capable of feeling for other's misfortunes as if they are his own, and of comforting them after sharing in their low moods. One can trust him, as he will never go against the interests of people who are close to him.

    In school, boys of this type usually are inconspicuous and quiet. They are friendly with other children in the class and always ready to empathize with any student, be they friend or just a classmate. But they are not arrogant - they do not participate in fights and do not compete for leadership. They know how to find common language practically with any children. Boys of this type learn well and can display interest in technical subjects. Nevertheless they are usually more interested in relationships and are greatly occupied by the personal life of classmates, which they often quietly observe from the side, and idealistically think about them, about everything that occurs. Their experiences they then describe in verses or prose, to which they regularly devote some time.

    In choosing college and major, they show an inclination towards humanitarian sciences:

    From real life: "We had class with him (DOSTOYEVSKY) in the philological department. He preferred to sit at the back of the classroom, but not to talk and fool around or copy homework from others. Fussing wasn't in his style. Instead of taking notes he was frequently finishing up writing his poems, reading Remarque under the desk, doodling and sketching clouds. Sometimes he would suddenly awaken and ask of the instructor completely appropriate questions. I do not remember him ever answering inopportunely, when he was called to the board. He always found what to answer. However, his studious activity did not last for more than five minutes. He also never had sufficient patience to learn all material for examination.

    Light carelessness and quiet cheerfulness describe his style of contact well. Words- parasites were not in his lexicon. He did not tell common anecdotes and did not cite Fomenko (Russian comedian).

    I once had an opportunity to be let into his inner world. I realized that beneath his external lightheartedness he had a tendency toward strict self-criticism. In private he could blame himself for hours because of his idleness or regret an incorrectly said word ".

    Among the representatives of this type we can encounter such heroes who get accepted to The Baumanskiy Institute (second hardest university to get into in Russia, akin to Yale) and even graduate with high honors.

    Sports, especially in childhood, usually do not interest boys of this type. Although, having grown up and obtained a more muscular body, they can be drawn to yoga, martial arts, cross-country skiing, and other types of sports, which require speed and fast reaction time. They make an exception of sports that require application of force, where aggressiveness is the main factor, where one needs to fight and collide with opponents.

    In spite of his quiet nature and tendency for secluded existence, young INFj male loves people, and with pleasure meets and spends time with them. Boys of this type can also be found in groups of friends, but even there they prefer to associate face to face, turn by turn with everyone who sparks an interest in them or to whom they become attached. Male INFj's character is often soft and reasonable, thus he is usually very responsive to initiative shown by the opposite sex. He behaves as a gallant cavalier; he jokes and tries to uphold soft, non-obliging merriment. By the way, a representative of this type is often witty and ingenious, so can be seen by ladies as a very interesting partner. Concerning him particularly, he is most of all pleased by the serious, decisive, reasonable girls, who always know what they want and who can also advise what needs to be done in different situations.

    Youths of this type make for gentle husbands. They are thoughtful and friendly; there is little to none aggressiveness in them. And still they know how to maintain in the household an atmosphere supplemented by soft humor. However, one should know that, being reasonable and gentle, INFj male is also extremely persistent in his nature and is capable of quietly, but persistently following his own rules. He can argue with you, but won't do it, and at the same time he won't step back from his principles. Nevertheless, he is usually non-combative and tries to avoid open confrontations. To him it is more simple to joke back, to transfer the quarrel into the humorous course, especially since he is usually so good with this.

    Male INFjs use the same tactic around children. He is a benevolent friend and educator, sufficiently pedantic, but is humane. He will not only help with studying, but also teach how to respectfully relate to others, at the same time not conceding on one's high goals or losing one's spiritual orientation in life. Men of this type are strongly tied to their children, and if he leaves the house for a long time he will miss them.

    In dealing with relatives, INFj men are extremely patient. However, if you nevertheless managed to offend him, then his gentle demeanor and full of melancholy, lowered eyes, cannot but evoke the proper impression in you. There is little doubt that at this moment you more than anything in this world will want to fall through the earth, and you will feel very apologetic about your wrongful actions or words.

    Since people of INFj type love and know how to live according to a plan, they make for outstanding and very reliable workers. They are punctual, sufficiently thorough in their work, and very responsible. Men of this type have a bleeding heart for the common cause. Their abilities find use in a variety of fields, from the humanitarian sphere to the technical occupations. Frequently they work as teachers in schools, professors or lectures in colleges, editors, journalists. One can encounter among the people of this type those, who professionally work in chemistry. They can also work as engineers or designers. They are often successful in role of a psychologist.

    Their qualities make possible it for them to fill special niche in groups. Colleagues usually love and respect them for their tolerance, their readiness to listen and to understand everybody, as well as for their responsive and acquiescent nature.

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