• Gabin, Female portrait, ISTp by Beskova

    Gabin, Female portrait, ISTp by Beskova

    As a rule, solidly built, sometimes even portly, woman of this type is distinguished by certainty. Looking at her, one may think that she knows her worth (though she herself will not have a set opinion on this).

    Her face is usually rounded. In restful state, representatives of this type have a dull gaze, directed as if into themselves, and lowered corners of lips. In her eyes, there are notes of forgiving skepticism and constant readiness for irony.

    Usually, GABENKA is calm, unhurried, serious, tempered. Even if her figure is not very stately, nevertheless one cannot not notice beautiful flexibility in her movements, permeated by lazy graciousness. She holds herself akin to royalty - this is her natural state. For her to the greatest degree is inherent a sense of self-respect. She full-fledgedly occupies the space necessary for her and demands according treatment.

    Benevolence and restraint are two of SLI woman's traits that stand out upon first acquaintance. She slowly familiarizes herself with her conversation partner, observes how he or she acts and behaves, assesses whether this person can be trusted. At the same time, on her imperturbable face you will see no excess advances - only most necessary politeness.

    GABENKA dresses sensibly, neatly, and beautifully, irrespective of her available resources. Her clothing is picked to be high-quality, practical, and convenient. She prefers dark, calm tones. No flashy or bright colors or unthinkable combinations. Clothing on her sits very harmoniously. She picks successful combinations with her figure, her hair and eye color, as well as the occasion and the weather outside.

    Despite the fact that GABENKA is of introverted nature, and is not too interested in people, she enjoys talking and laughing with her close friends and good familiars. Frequently, she herself sets a witty, ironic tone to the conversation, successfully cheering up her friend or work colleagues. Conversations with her friends, during a personal encounter or over the telephone, can last for hours. She also likes to occasionally invite her friends over to her place. She derives pleasure from such evenings, where she is at the center of attention, barely applying any efforts toward it (hopefully, at this point you did not think that GABENKA can take upon herself the functions of a mass organizer-motivator! And you thought right.)

    In childhood and adolescence, GABENKA successfully learns in school, giving preference to subjects such as natural sciences, mathematics, and literature. She is sufficiently diligent in lower classes, although gradually, as the material becomes harder and the need to do homework regularly becomes more pertinent, she begins to tire of school. As a rule, she studies without much enthusiasm, although conscientiously. Physical education classes do not attract her, and sports rarely draw her in. In puberty, she often becomes intractable and obstinate, can decide to do things her own way if she is forced to do something that she does not like. To predict her behavior at this point is usually very difficult. When this happens, you simply learn later what she has done.

    A story from real life: "Young GABENKA was on a vacation with her parents. Once it happened that she has fainted in the sun and had to be hospitalized. After running some tests, her doctor was seriously worried and told her mother that she will need to stay at the hospital for at least a week, to run some more extensive tests and decide on the treatment. Her mother has agreed, but noted "You know, she doesn't want to stay here, she will leave anyways." On the next day, when the doctor in attendance came by her room in the morning, she was missing."

    In exactly the same manner, she can act with respect to her studies. If for some reason it seems to her that continuing with school will not give her anything, she may decide to drop out. To counter this decision will be very complicated, if not impossible. However, here much depends on how well her parents taught her discipline in childhood.

    The main difficulty in dealing with GABENKA (both for the parents and for others) lies in the fact that she is always sure of the correctness of her behavior and listens to no one else. For everything she has her own opinion and does not need the advice of others. In short, to influence her is practically impossible, just as to force her to do something that she didn't want to do.

    For the same reason, with her it is sufficiently difficult to come into good favor. If you become acquainted with this girl, pay attention to how easily she catches on to your jokes, how rapidly she responds to them with sharp, ironic observations. You will never succeed in cornering her in conversation, because she is clever, resourceful, and ingenious.

    So that the acquaintance would transpire successfully, it is necessary to know some of her peculiarities. Lets start from her from her haughty appearance and skeptical treatment of everything - indeed, at the first glance, this may scare some away from her. However, don't be misled by her external inaccessibility and haughty demeanor. In reality, she is inclined to a certain degree of adventurism. She quickly becomes responsive to thoughts of new possibilities and proposals of small adventures, into which she may fully submerge herself and thus make for a good traveling companion. True, if there is no friend close to her, she will not show initiative herself. She absolutely needs someone who can excite and mobilize her, and will joyfully hop along, inspiring her with enthusiasm.

    Besides her love for adventure and the longing for new impressions, she sincerely believes in the fact that in the life absolutely anything can occur. Certainly, she will in every way possible deny this, demonstrating her the impenetrable skepticism with respect to everything in this world, but in the depths of her soul she believes in miracles. So if you want to please her, boldly open up before her new possibilities and prospects, surprise her by unexpected (but pleasant) changes in relations.

    What she absolutely does not enjoy are hoaxes and pranks, since she does not find them funny. Thus, don't give into temptation to tell her that her entire back is white. This will not inspire any reaction, except bewilderment and doubts in your mental abilities.

    Most of all, this girl values comfort. So don't ask her to come with you somewhere out to wilderness, where, as it might seem to you, it would be very romantic to live together in tents and feed the mosquitoes. Consider also that she is exceptionally demanding of quality of food, so she will hardly be attracted to the idea of eating canned and dried food for the entire vacation.

    If you invite GABENKA to a restaurant, observe how thoroughly she studies the menu, how she inspects new dishes with suspicion. For them, it is also characteristic to smell the dishes that were brought to the table, and only then taste them. Even only then, if she liked the smell. Let us also note that this girl never gobbles up food, no matter how hungry she is. She will nonchalantly sit at the table and maintain long, witty, leisurely conversation, and only then, as if by accident, she will begin to accurately eat, without drawing anyone's attention to this process.

    All of this are only the external behaviors of your friend. Within her inner world, everything is considerably more complex. It is useful to know that this closed off and unemotional woman at first sight is capable of longing for love for years, experiencing steadfast, platonic feelings towards her chosen partner. However, it is characteristic for her to not undertake anything, and if the chance never presents itself, her beloved will never learn about her feelings for him.

    One thing that she will do, when she wants someone to attract someone, is start to dress especially well and to more thoroughly apply her make-up. She gives so much attention to clothing and cosmetics, and her appearance in general, that she may attain unthinkable perfection. And then she waits. If, for a period of many months, nothing happened, she tells herself: "This means it wasn't destined!" [translator's note: this kind of assessment may very well be due to the fact that SLIs of both genders have vortical-synergetic thinking style: link]

    If in your case everything transpired otherwise, and you managed to get introduced to this girl and capture her interest, then do not think that your adventures end here.

    You must consider that the currents of emotions, feelings, and experiences make their way into the depths of her soul with mush difficulty. Their paths are completely inscrutable. This girl can for a long time ignore the attraction existing between you and not respond to your feelings, making it look like there exists nothing between you (sometimes she will indeed be clueless about this). But if you, after all, manage to wake up love in her, it can turn into a serious passion.

    This, however, does not stop her from holding her partner at a significant distance and trying him out via tests. Thus she regulates the distance and, and by this, freely or involuntarily, attains strengthening of passions. In the process of courting, be prepared to accomplish constant heroic acts in everyday life - carry her bags, repair things, set up TV and audio systems, move furniture, hang pictures, and so on. For this you will receive meager appreciation, similar to a tsarist favor. She indeed does not think that you're doing something out of the ordinary (how could you think that?!)

    When the troubles of the courting period are over, and GABENKA becomes your wife, then here she shows herself from the best side. She is, in fact, reliable, responsible, and industrious; additionally, she has her own signature in managing the household.

    Whatever is the income of your family, GABENKA will always find the possibility to live well even on very modest means. Even in this case, members of her family, and she herself, will look clean and tidy. Clothing may be acquired from second-hand stores, but it will always be in the order - no discolored or torn blouses, no stretched football shirts, no jeans or pants with holes on the knees. She has a well developed sense of aesthetics and her proclivity toward the beauty and tidiness never allow her to drop the mark.

    With respect to food, what is characteristic for GABENKA is certain minimalism that manifests as her doing everything economically, quickly and tastefully. She is too lazy to spend a long time at the stove, but she always knows how to reduce this time and preserve her efforts. If GABENKA has a job, then she, as a rule, will have a regimen of on-duty dishes for every day, which would be simple to prepare in short period of time. On holidays you can expect some more variety of dishes, since she usually knows how to cook very well.

    To children woman of this type relates related to as to friends, although at times she is rather strict. They rarely are spoiled, because they are presented with well-defined and very stringent demands. It is possible to say that GABENKA is a strict, demanding mother, who, when in the calm state, can show sympathy and humanism.

    Women of this type make for very good workers. They are reliable, critical, assiduous, and know how to drive any project to its completion. Frequently, women of this type become engineers, economists, doctors, directors, and managers. It is possible to meet them where it is necessary to work by hands - in the barbershops, in studios, among repair workers.

    Female representatives of this type (as well as male) often have a special talent for working with words. Many of them who received normal education know how clearly express their thoughts both verbally and in writing. They understand well not only the sense of that is written, but also the beauty of style. For this very reason they often make for excellent editors and writers.

    At whatever job GABENKA works, her boss always knows two things about her: she has high qualification, and that it is possible to rely on her as a colleague. Although, the at the same time, her boss will also find out that her character is rather complex - independent, variable, obstinate. In any case, it quickly becomes clear that GABENKA cannot be lured into doing overtime work.

    The co-workers whom GABENKA chosen for her favorites (usually she has only 1-2 real friends) love and value her. The role of the main favorite of the group greatly appeals to GABENKA, and frequently she succeeds in this. It is possible to have a talk with her on the most interesting topics.

    By the way, one of the main "aces" of GABENKA, with the aid of which she successfully entertains those around her, are all possible esoteric systems of divination. Giving these her consideration, over time she becomes very knowledgeable in tarot reading, astrological forecasts, feng shui, object divination and similar other systems. They help her glimpse into the future, about which she has very vague idea.

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