• Dreiser, Female portrait, ISFj by Beskova

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    Dreiser, Female portrait, ISFj by Beskova

    ("DRAYZERKA" is the feminine version of Dreiser, much like Alexei and Alexandra. To avoid confusion, I will substitute "DREISER" into the names, so that the relationship is more obvious. I'll also try to make the modifications to "DREISERKA" more lucid.)

    Well-built and graceful, DREISERKA is in good control of her body - she moves confidently and beautifully, sits straight, demonstrating her great posture. Her clothing looks tidy and befitting of her figure. Her entire appearance makes a worthy impression. Some bare skin does not spoil her look, but only enhances it since she usually has nothing to be ashamed of concerning her figure. Moreover, she is very graceful.

    Most often, she has classically built face and unusually expressive, warm, agitating eyes. She knows how to select a complimenting haircut and professionally uses make-up.

    In childhood, DREISERKA is often a strict and correct girl, very assiduous. She knows how to be nice, what behavior is appropriate and what is not appropriate. There is order in her mind, on her working desk, in her briefcase, her notes are written in tidy hand-writting.

    DREISERKAs are demanding of themselves. They possess a strong will and can force themselves to do many of the things that are usually undesirable for children. But they are also exacting of others, such that not everyone will want to become friends with this girl. DREISERKA does not allow anyone to get away with any irresponsibility. She does homework in accordance to her schedule, among many other things. She prefers measured-out life from childhood and she becomes upset if her plans don't come together. In such cases, unexpectedly, she may even cry. Thus, there must be no unexpected trips to the zoo or the aquarium. It is better to plan activities with her beforehand.

    Due to their general perseverance and diligence one can assume that DREISERKA will study well. Sometimes they graduate with honors. Though they generally have more interest in humanitarian subjects than in mathematics or sciences, girls of this type often major in technical subjects, and can later even work as engineers.

    DREISERKAs have nothing against serious involvement with sports. They usually have beautiful, strong bodies; therefore they can make for outstanding gymnasts, swimmers (synchronized swimming), figure skaters, acrobats and dancers.

    DREISERKA does not like large gatherings where there are many unknown people. In childhood, she makes one or two close friends. The next wave of friendships occurs for her in college. Here, she will make another 1-2 friends and then keep them for life. Specifically with them she will share her happiness and misfortunes.

    However, the fact that she has few close friends does not mean that she doesn't like to sometimes enjoy a celebration or party. These girls dance well and moreover are very beautiful and graceful. Therefore, they have success in any social gathering. But do not hope that you will easily earn the trust of a DREISERKA. She will give you serious attention if you are promising, young, and resourceful. She also likes a man who thinks quickly on his feet and shows mental acuity. If you have all of these characteristics, then, there is no doubt, that she will make you marry her sufficiently quickly, because DREISERKA is a girl marked by drive and determination; she follows through with her goals. And she never steps back from her purpose.

    After you marry her, you will discover that you have an exceptionally responsible, industrious wife, who diligently watches after the household. She tries to maintain an ideal cleanliness, so she zealously cleans and washes her house, making it be literally sterile. From time to time you will rearrange the furniture with her, because sometimes she wants a new setting.

    Prepare for the fact that grocery shopping with her will not be a light matter. This is because DREISERKA orients poorly when it is necessary to select between two or even more objects. Therefore, instead of standing together with her at the counter and listening to her for half-hour, as she goes back and forth and doubts herself, it is better that you make a decision and relieve her of this need. In the end, there is no difference whether you will purchase a pink kitchen towel or a yellow one. However, DREISERKA is sufficiently low-maintenance and can do with little, such that you won't stumble upon such situations frequently. And also she likes to save money, but does this in an odd manner - she may lose much to save one dollar.

    DREISERKA prefers to cook going by standard recipes, that have been proven by centuries or that she obtained from her mother. She prefers the proven and the reliable to all potential innovations. She also honors traditional holidays; therefore prepare to hold celebrations at your home inviting over her relatives and close friends.

    DREISERKA is a restrained and well brought up woman, with a deep sense of self-worth. If you manage to upset or offend her, she will create a stormy, emotional scene, which you will remember for a long time. This way she protects her values and positions in life.

    She prefers it when everybody in the house lives by her established, inviolable order, which she will, everyday, maintain and reinforce. The joint matters in her family are planned beforehand, because she handles changes of plans poorly. If she has already decided on something, she will always try to adhere to that accepted decision.

    Story from real life: "If in the evening I prepared clothing for myself, and in the morning of the next day the weather has proven to be not as it was promised, and it was necessary for me to rapidly put on something different, then the entire day can go wrong for me, because my mood was not made to match this new clothing and new weather."

    DREISERKAs make for strict, but loving mothers. They require obedience of their children and teach them discipline and order. The physical health of children, the completion of homework, and their friendships will always be under control and strict guidance of DREISERKA. She must know, with whom the child associates, where he went and when he will return. In short, she will try to make it so the intentions of all relatives are transparent and their actions and behaviors are known.

    Because of their diligence and assiduity, DREISERKAs can be considered to be reliable co-workers. This is also so because, among all other things, they emotionally invest into their projects. But if the work for DREISERKAs is new, then make sure to give her a thorough set of instructions, how everything needs to be done, otherwise work will not move from a dead halt. It will still be better if she writes down these instructions, the sequence of steps that the job requires. But if she is already well familiar with work, then you should not worry - everything will be done honestly, accurately, and on time.

    And, nevertheless, on any work, DREISERKAs, first of all, are occupied with people and their problems. Therefore, it will be better, if they choose jobs which are directly connected with people. DREISERKAs make for excellent teachers (especially for the lower grades), educators, nurses, pediatricians, psychologists, correctors, editors and instructors or foreign languages.

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