• Balzac, Female portrait, INTp by Beskova

    Balzac, Female portrait, INTp by Beskova

    Looks of girls of this type can be very varied, such that creating one profile that would encompass them all is practically impossible. The most commonly shared facial feature among female ILIs is dark circles under the eyes, though this can be found among other types as well. Due to such diversity, it is difficult to identify members of this type according to their physical appearance.

    Like their male counterparts, female ILIs tend to prefer darker hues in clothing and inconspicuous colors, such as dark-blue, gray, brown, and black. In combination with the darkened areas around eyes this mysterious girl, perhaps, better than others personifies the spirit of third quadra, which is expressed by the twilight state of consciousness on the edge of two worlds - the real and the surreal. There is something mystical in her, which gives off the impression that she knows something ...

    BAL'ZACHKA does not like to stand out. She holds herself modestly, keeps in the background, never jumps out to front lines nor to the side lines. However, her sharp, critical mind and staggering capability for foresight quickly become noticeable if you associate with this girl over some matters.

    A skeptical attitude towards everything is characteristic to her. No enthusiasm, no ecstatic flight of thought, no boisterous emotions. She is the observer, the skeptic, and her forecasts frequently possess very pronounced negative character, although she, herself, will call this being sensible.

    With her softness and friendliness, she suffices with a small company of friends, or with one or two girlfriends, and does not suffer from this. At the same time, she is glad to support a social gathering and on occasion loves to be with people, however, her close circle always consists of clever, intellectually developed individuals, with whom she has something to talk about. Clubbing, crowded gatherings where there is much noise and laughter, but no sense whatsoever, quickly bore her. Even if she goes to such a gathering, perhaps succumbing to social pressure, it will take her a day or two to recover.

    BAL'ZACHKA, as a rule, makes an impression of being well brought up girl and does not allow herself crudeness in expression, although at times, if she is strongly angered, she can be very blunt and use nonstandard vocabulary with a special, refined toxicity and rebuttals of bitter sarcasm. This is her "angry humor", which can be sufficiently funny.

    Generally, with their proclivity to criticize everyone and be in opposition to everything, from them one can frequently overhear indignant hissing about some matter or another: "Well, this is impossible! It is impossible!" For female ILI it is difficult to imagine that people indeed can be so foolish, that they cannot see the consequences that lie just two steps ahead of their actions.

    BAL'ZACHKA herself visualizes the situation well with all its potential consequences, and she knows how it will develop many steps ahead. She thinks everything through thoroughly and will never connect her fate with a man who will not be able to justify her hopes. She solidly knows that in order to create a family and bring up children, one needs money, a good job and a place to live, not soulful sighs, flights of fancy, physical attractiveness or irresistible charm of partner, as girls of some other types may think.

    Perhaps precisely because of this pragmatism these girls rarely remain single, without a family. They, as a rule, do not have overstated ideas about themselves or heightened romantic requirements of their partner. This makes it possible to soberly and sensibly look at themselves as well as at their significant other. Since they typically know better and do not advertise their intellectual ability, they successfully circumvent man's prejudice that the woman must not be too clever. BAL'ZACHKA can calmly live together with a man and independently make well thought-out decisions concerning everyday situations - and he will not even notice that his companion is so clever. It may seems to him that the matters somehow resolve themselves, or that all of it is his merit.

    A female ILI is also careful and farsighted. She will never do anything that will bring her harm in future. And if partner does not satisfy her in something essential, then, sooner or later, he will be left without special regrets as an unpromising match. Certainly, this does not mean that female ILIs are incapable of love, but they understand very well to what extent the material aspect of life is important, and they cannot neglect it during selection of the partner. Even if it seems to you that BAL'ZACHKA has agreed to the "paradise in a shack", take a closer look at whom she has chosen. May be he is still a student, but it is not excluded that she already sees in him a promising future husband with the great career possibilities and, it goes without saying, with good income.

    Making an acquaintance with female ILI don't laugh boisterously or be too merry - in this manner you will not make a good impression on her. It is better to place emphasis on intellect and witticisms. This will resonate with representatives of this type and evoke response and understanding. They will be assured that they are not spending their time in vain. Work on your appearance and your inner state - these girls like those whose looks hint at prestige, but who are not flashy. If acquaintance has taken place and relations are in development, avoid any dramatizations and attempts at boisterously examining your relations

    Female ILI is very adept at logical arguments such that you will never manage to prove anything to her, but in department of feelings this may cause her to feel repulsion towards you. She feels uneasy with constant examinations and analyses of relations and stormy declarations of feelings. They bear such bright emotions with great difficulty, since they don't understand anything in them, and find such heated passions to be very tiring. So try to maintain friendly, benevolent, and calm relations, to which this girl is very responsive.

    Intellectual ILIs learn wonderfully well, since for their flexible mind there are practically no limitations. They can excel in technical, as well as humanitarian and artistic areas, and even in those sphere where they have to work with hands. They are often attracted to folk art, sewing, making of dolls and jewelry.

    The only breakdowns in normal life can occur if BAL'ZACHKA finds herself unable to overcome two things: the absence of enthusiasm (hence frequent periods of laziness) and haughtiness ("people around me a so stupid, so why should I associate with such idiots").

    At work, a female ILI is completely irreplaceable. They are unusually clever and quick to learn, acquire necessary skills rapidly and rarely become confused in their work. It is practically never necessary to repeat instructions twice to them.

    Since career for them is very real, and domestic responsibilities they find to be sufficiently dull, female ILIs try to optimize their participation in household chores. Certainly, it is pleasant for them to prepare something unique for loved ones or guests, to take care of the people they love for one evening. However, for the most part they do not enjoy cooking or other daily household upkeep duties. If the feeling of duty has prevailed and BAL'ZACHKA takes on such responsibilities, then she will make sure to optimize her methods prioritizing quicker rate of completion.

    From life: "After my fork got glued to my plate so strongly that I had to throw both of them out, I immediately realized that I won't manage without a housekeeper".

    Small children, around whom adults usually act like they are moved by their cuteness, don't appeal much to female ILIs - the senselessness of an infant who has to be breast-fed and the need to manifest emotions seems repulsive to them. They like it much more when children grow up a little, and they can talk with them, supply them with important information, discuss interesting problems, and teach them life.

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