• Napoleon, Male Portrait, ESFp by Beskova

    Napoleon, Male Portrait, ESFp by Beskova

    NAPOLEON men are almost never bony and thin. This is a sufficiently solid, conspicuous, attractive, self-controlled person with a resolute stare. He is active and energetic, and holds himself rather assuredly. Everyone, who has had the pleasure of conversing with NAPOLEON right away knows who is "the boss in the house". His entire appearance points out that he knows his worth. But if he is positively predisposed to you, he will endow you with his encouraging smile and make you laugh with circumstantially appropriate (but often frivolous) joke.

    He prefers to wear soft sweaters and turtlenecks of dark colors, but in suits also looks very stately. Most often he has a short haircut, although there are a few SEE individuals of artistic natures who wear long hair.

    NAPOLEON is very sociable, oriented at people, easily initiates contact, resourceful and witty.

    In school, boys of this type often struggle. Although they they are often leaders by their nature and value their status among classmates, they, with difficulty, master the precise and natural sciences even at the basic level. They have trouble keeping interest in subjects that do no concern people! Honestly, what is there of any interest in them?!

    How to survive for such a boy in school? How not to lose the respect of his classmates? It has to be said that, here, these boys are aided by their natural charm and confidence, and, if they know how to skillfully use both one and the other, then their grades are normally higher. All that is needed for this is that the classmates let them copy their homework on time, and that the teacher positively reacts to their smiles. Usually this works, and little NAPOLEON - again is a hero in the eyes of his classmates because without his company - there is no company. And also, who besides him knows how to appeal to girls like he does? To whom, in fact, he himself is completely not indifferent to, to such a degree that sometimes he is ready even to fight with a competitor for a lady of his heart.

    Boys of this type equally enjoy physical education lessons and playing sports. Here they can be successful since they confidently control their body, which means that during training they easily learn the necessary skills. Additionally, they are sufficiently solid and stable to practice even the power-based types of sport.

    NAPOLEON is charismatic and authoritative, so it is easy for him to get acquainted with any new person, and also to enter into any circle. His company means a lot for him. He understands what the feeling of comradeship is, knows how to be a good friend. He can, without a doubt, be called a team player, in which he typically does not hold the last place. With him, it is not only fun, but often he takes on himself the role of leader, organizing everyone else for new beginnings.

    NAPOLEON is not one of those men whom you can “capture” by force. And in women, he values intelligence and practicality. A sense of humor with an evident portion of craftiness, cunning, and wit also make a good impression on him.

    The skill to understand people well, the ability to notice everything that is going on around him, and a willful character - these are the traits that allow this man to keep the situation under control. He is confident in himself and focused, as a rule, positively, on trying to support in his group or among those entrusted to him by his job, a peaceful, benevolent spirit. For instance, attempt to get into an argument with someone in his presence - it will not be successful (the exception being, of course, when he himself took part in the intrigue).

    If you married a NAPOLEON, then know that next to you lives an energetic, yet also calm person, who has exceptional diplomatic qualities. At home, he always tries to uphold smooth relations with everyone, treats the members of his family with respect, supports them, and softly directs them. This is a strong and optimistic man, on whom you can easily rely for support.

    Depending on the peculiarities of his character and upbringing, NAPOLEON’s participation in household matters and chores can vary. Most likely, you will be engaged in setting up and remodeling of your new nest with greater enthusiasm than him. The fact is that NAPOLEON is not really interested in the everyday side of life. He tries to not acquire extra belongings, to not burden himself with an excessive amount of material acquisition.

    Examples from real life: "Here is what the famous Russian actor, Vladimir Mashkov, tells about himself: “In our house, money appeared and disappeared in the same way, easily, joyfully. I have no job on the side, bank account, or country mansion. As a matter of fact, I have a pretty calm relationship with money. I have no accounts in well-established banks for a rainy day, and into my possession come only my royalties for a movie or show I starred in. I have no country home, and I do not want to own one".

    But there is one thing, which it is better to not entrust him: let somebody else handle paying the bills for your house or apartment. An enemy of formality, he does not like these kinds of errands. Try to relieve him, as well, from reading the instruction to television sets, computers, washing machines, and other household appliances. This is usually not in his department.

    With children NAPOLEON knows how to be friendly. He wants to be proud of his children, trying to raise them so they become smart, worthy, independent, self-sufficient people.

    Men of this type have an active, business-oriented personality. His leadership skills sooner or later will allow him to rise up to a position that fits him, so that he can provide for his family. Although, instantly finding his niche in life, for NAPOLEON, can be not all that simple. Being endowed with a strong character and powerful motivation for prestige, he is not too well equipped to be a simple performer at a secondary role, in the depth of his soul believing this is degrading to him.

    This is why he often settles on the kind of jobs, which allow him to work independently, often alone, or lead a small group in such an area, where the nature of work is completely clear to him. This can be, for example, his own small company. Nevertheless, if life turned out so that he has to work with a large number of people, then such a task he will handle as well, since he knows how to enlarge his sphere of influence through the use of his authority and the ability to make many different connections. But success waits for him, in places where it is necessary to work with people. But the formal side of any job - filling out documents, making orders, establishing contracts, distributing wages - this is his real Achilles’ heel.

    NAPOLEONs successfully work as psychologists, journalists, sport trainers, commentators, television hosts. They excellently handle the representative functions, heading a small firm, especially, if some logical type works as a right-hand man with him, who is able to make reliable and accurate prognoses for business situations.

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