• Napoleon, Female Portrait, ESFp by Beskova

    Napoleon, Female Portrait, ESFp by Beskova

    NAPOLEONKA - dazzling, notable, energetic, very specific woman with a deep sense of self-respect. The form of face is more frequent rounded, although there are as always exceptions.

    She holds herself confidently and speaks somewhat ironically. She loves to joke, laughs in a friendly manner while speaking, which producers the impression that she feels herself familiar everywhere. Her tone of voice is frequently low, with a bit of a coarseness.

    Her clothing, however modest she is, always fits her well and looks completely appropriate. She knows how to dress fitting to the situation. For informal situations, she can select sufficiently catchy, even extravagant look.

    Education may be an issue for girls of this type. They do not like to solve problems, or to perform experiments. However, they usually have a penchant for literature and usually write well. School life seethes around them; they know how to and love to be in the center of attention. They are true ringleaders, reckless and lively, always ready to come up with all kind of possible activities and entertainment. Not a single birthday or school holiday passes without them. Personal life often occupies them much more than studies, in particular, much more than memorizing multiplication table. Nevertheless, because they have strong will, these girls can make themselves study and do homework and get outstanding results in any subject. Ambition and drive for prestige direct them and make some of them become the best.

    In exactly the same manner, they try to be the best at sports. Girls of this type frequently take up figure skating, gymnastics, and tennis. Strong and confident, they can fully commit themselves to training, aiming to achieve top results.

    NAPOLEONKA is a real embodiment of archetype of hostess. She realistically behaves like one on entrusted to her territory - be it her work place or her house. If she is among your guests, it is practically impossible to not notice her. Somehow, in the course of celebration, she completely naturally takes the management of the holiday into her hands, directing the merriment into the needed course. Moreover she does this calmly and confidently, without excess emotions.

    To come into good favor of this girl, one needs to possess a few qualities that not all men have. It is not necessary to appear prestigious or dandy. Main thing is to appear clever! Preferably even very clever! The pragmatically disposed man with an encyclopaedic knowledge in most different areas, who, moreover, is capable of forecasting events, is the kind of person who will be appealing to this girl. She is not given to naive romantic impulses, and therefore values a critical mind. Women of this type are ingenious, lively and resourceful. They are optimistic, but at the same time relate to everything with a good dose of skepticism.

    Not only does NAPOLEONKA usually have quick reaction time and speaks rapidly, she is also very active. She needs to be simultaneously everywhere, to envelop with her attention and presence a great many of her friends and acquaintances, family members and relatives. She must also regularly attend secular gatherings, exhibitions and theaters. A characteristic method for NAPOLEONKAs to get into a theater is to find at the last moment someone who will take them in, or simply catch a good moment.

    A story from real life: "NAPOLEONKA was coming back from a vacation with her friends. In the summer, on the train, it is hot and dirty, so all of them ended up looked soiled. Coming off the train onto the platform, NAPOLEONKA - a big fan of ballet - suddenly learns that today is the last day of the tour of Roland Petit, and, despite everything, she decides to go there. Friends attempt to reason with her, since her look was in no way suitable for entrance to Bolshoi Theater; besides a short summer dress she had sandals on of different color - one red, another dark blue.

    Nevertheless, precisely in this form she appears under the columns of the Bolshoi Theater, tanned, unwashed, without make-up. All of the tickets have been sold out, of course, but by one of the columns there is a foreigner waiting for someone. She comes up to him and immediately asks in English, "Excuse me, sir, do you have by any chance a spare ticket?". And, it's a miracle! - he timidly takes a ticket from his pocket. She pays him for the ticket and hops away. She then goes into the bathroom, washes her feet and wipes them with a handkerchief, and heads for her seat since the performance will begin any minute now. Since the public in Bolshoi Theater is always of good upbringing, soon everyone stops looking at her. But during intermission, she was faced with the question of whether to remain sited or go out and mingle with the public. She decided in favor of the later, and went for a walk across the Bolshoi Theater, her image reflecting in all mirrors and shocking the public.

    When later in the evening she came back home, her mother asked her where she has been, and upon hearing her answer, she exclaimed: "With this kind of look?!" to which NAPOLEONKA replied: "But this was French ballet! Last day! Does it really matter?!"

    If you married this type of her, do not hope that she will sit house under the lock. She is the prima donna, who must shine out there in the world, and not spend her days in the apron by the stove. She carries out chores quickly, but conscientiously, without getting stuck on them, without going deeply into detail, and without being taken into excesses. She tries to limit housework to its bare minimum. Main thing for her is to obtain the result and to be done quickly. She is not inclined to become excessively involved in house chores. At the same time, NAPOLEONKA is sufficiently practical, knows how to take responsibility onto her shoulders and is not afraid of this.

    She brings up her children with love and humor, by being friends with them. They love to laugh and to fool about together during their leisure time. They willingly develop their children, encourage them to read artistic literature, take them out to theater performances and museums. But to do lessons together for them is sufficiently difficult; therefore they attempt to avoid this experience by all means.

    NAPOLEONKA knows how to handle responsibilities, with the pleasure takes on work where it is necessary to do PR functions before large groups of people. She can be the owner of a small company, for example, a tourist agency, work on the television, be a journalist or a teacher of humanitarian disciplines, a sport trainer, in PR and HR. In short , everywhere where it is necessary to competently and representatively establish contact with the people. One should not place NAPOLEONKA in positions where no one will see her. With her strong orientation towards prestige, it will be difficult for her resign to such a role.

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