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    Ethical Intuitive Extravert: The Mentor

    General description

    Has deep capacity for emotions and acutely feels the state of other people. Artistic, sublime, and romantic in his feelings. Easily manages his external expressions, moving between being dramatic to being assertive. Aims for polite communication, without coarseness and prodding.

    Warns people of impending dangers. Has a good sense of potentially negative course of events - prepares for it in advance, thinks of alternative exists and options. Interested in topics related to mysterious phenomena. Loves to spend time in solitude and ponder about the meaning of life, about the past and the future. Looks at problems from a global, generalized perspective.

    Getting involved in a hobby or project may forget about eating and resting. Will take on major problems, although has difficulty when he runs into failure. His goal is to mobilize other people to work, but the specifics of how to do the work is up to others to figure out. Has a tendency to accumulate and organize information in a field that captures his interest, but rarely returns to something he has already assimilated.

    Is tormented by doubts and hesitations concerning the need to provide for himself. Poorly monitors own health, has difficulty getting rid of bad habits. Distrustful of compliments. Dresses either in a very accentuated aristocratic manner or very plainly. In nutrition tends to mix products of opposing tastes.

    Detailed description

    The EIE encompasses and manages a very wide range of emotional states. Dramatic emotions quickly turn into comic ones or interweave together, however, in company of strangers and unfamiliar people he can behave calmly and hold himself with dignity. Endowed with the gift of emotional empathy, can experience emotions of another person as if they were his own. Expressive in gestures, gaze, intonation, and other emotional expressions. A good actor or speaker. Continually reinvents and reincarnates himself in some style. Often aggravates the situation and welcomes the emotional strain that comes with this. People in his proximity may experience difficulty dealing with his emotional pressuring. He cannot find peace and serenity himself; overflows with negative emotions, which often leads to mental breakdowns.

    The EIE is very perceptive of development of situations over time. Sensing a potentially negative situation upcoming, he prepares for it in advance and thinks about alternative solutions and ways out. Warns others about the risks they may face. Often wavers and experiences doubt and hesitation, which makes it difficult for him to make important decisions. However, once the decision has been made, he will not hesitate any longer and will not look back. Internally, the EIE is very contradictory. He is attuned to inconsistencies between what people say and what they do, conflicts and hypocrisy. Often interested in topics related to destiny, fate, and other mysterious phenomena. Over time, his worldviews may change to something diametrically opposite of what he has previously believed.

    Likes being involved in projects that bring about concrete benefits. He does quality work and does not like to go back and redo anything. Enjoys challenging himself and mastering difficult disciplines. By temperament impatient and restless. Sitting in one place for a long time can even lead to muscle spasms. Finds it difficult to relax even when he is sleeping. Usually has superior organizational skills, however, becomes depleted by prolonged business activity. Gives others a lot of small tasks, but has no time to keep track of everything and becomes stressed by this. Has a hard time working while being watched. Any quick movements and sudden noises irritate him, however, constant mild background sounds often improve his efficiency.

    EIE often feels uneasy about any physical ailments and suffering. Has difficulty getting rid of bad habits. In sexual matters, often falls to extremes: from indifference to perversion. Pays much attention to his own appearance, especially surface aesthetics that can bring him much joy or disappointment. In nutrition, he is capriciously selective and may combine products of opposing tastes. Can be quite unpretentious with food, only care that it is provided for regularly. Estimates attitudes of others by how much they are willing to do for him and how tolerant they are of his strange tastes and habits. Does not feel well in confined spaces. May choose the life of a recluse.

    EIE is in need of a certain level of organization and order around himself, the absence of which can even affect his physical well-being. Living within some framework of a strict system does much good for him. Uncertainty, unpredictability, and constant changes of schedule have poor effect on his health. He is very keen on catching the slightest deviation from the usual scheme of events. Relaxes over meticulous studies that require concentration. In his conclusions is often rather subjective and often makes generalizations that sound one-sided. He likes systematic logic. Seeks to streamline everything, to limit it with what seems to him as a reasonable a framework and rules, however, can make exceptions for himself.

    At times he vigorously protests against use of coarse force and brutality. Often strives for courteous and helpful conduct towards people, but in a fit of passion won't stop at anything. His own strength increases dramatically in an extreme situation (e.g. panic, confusion). In such cases, he behaves confidently. However, he becomes helpless to counter an inappropriate use force if he has been emotionally and spiritually broken. In such situations he resigns to fate as to an inevitability. Only use of direct force can snap him out of hysterical state of being. A sudden strike sobers him up from his emotional excesses. He is in need of external help to contain his uncontrollable emotions and reduce the grip that they have on him.

    EIE is often not sure of the durability of his relationships with other people. Thus he seeks a constant verbal or other kind of reassurance. He treats his contestants with much jealousy and is capable of predicting the development of their relationships over time. Criticizes the manners and philosophical view points of others. Himself is either a loyal and devoted partner or a Don Juan. His sore spot is the reliability of relations with people whom he trusts. Those who have once misled him he does not forgive. He is quick to take offense and can be vindictive. Prefers to keep at a distance from people. Often will greatly lower his own worth in the eyes of others, but is given into extremes and can as well narcissistically inflate and obsess over other people.

    At work can show the most unexpected talents and abilities. Desires very much for his achievements to be praised. Gravitates towards unconventional, sometimes shocking behaviors. Knows how to use the power of the people as well as delegate the roles within a group. He often makes for a good teacher and a mentor to others. His personality is shaped by hard work. Wishes for well-being and benefit of all mankind and is not satisfied with only local and partial solutions to the problems. Will often take an uncompromising centrist stance on issues that he perceives as only secondary. Looks for the most complex and exciting enterprises. Worries a lot if he is criticized because he perceives this as a defeat of his ideals. Has an innate feeling of own inferiority for which he compensates by demonstrative behaviors.

    Manner of communication

    In communication EIE gravitates towards company where there are manifestations of positive emotions, witty jokes and anecdotes. He loves to laugh and emotionally discharge at the same time. His own emotions have a turbulent, dramatic character. He tries in every way to restrain himself, but quite unexpectedly for people around him can set off, jump forward, turn all the attention to himself. In conversation often warns other people about possible troubles and dangers. Inclined to dramatize events, to see the world in dark colors. His speech may be full of pathos, sometimes he speaks with a voice that is aspirating and trembling from awe. In conversation may be quite obtrusive, cling to people with his conversation, commenting about external events. Cannot hold back and not express his opinions and views. With excessive development of the ethical component, people of this type can have dialogues with themselves, deliver a speech in public transport. Usually possesses oratorical skill, knows how to speak sublimely. In statements of the intuitive subtype there are often notes of caustic humor, sarcasm or irony with a touch of malice. The EIE skillfully combines humor with tragedy, builds intense, captivating stories. Trusts only the information that was officially published somewhere, and distrusts any informal ideas and theories. Pays attention to social gossip, especially talk of "juicy" details of personal lives of others. Loves to fantasize, can talk about and develop the same topic for a long time. Knows how to convince people around of their his own rightness. Inclined to "make mountains out of molehills". Their projects are often global in nature, but start from small things.

    Features of behavior

    One of the most characteristic features of EIE's behavior that allows to confidently identify this sociotype - is the attitude towards people depending on their position in the hierarchy of power. If a person is lower in position than him, the EIE's attitude is coolly dismissive, while towards higher standing people he is respectful. The EIE believes in authority and respects the principle of "leaderism". Emphasizes the uniqueness of the idea with which he is obsessed in the moment. Another feature of behavior common to many EIEs is that they cannot work side-by-side with someone in front of others. They would rather give others all sorts of assignments and orders to send them to another place. EIE manners, especially in an intuitive subtype, can be very idiosyncratic and distinctive in terms of their accordance with the current norms. Sometimes he/she behaves as a person from the last century. In their manners there is something noble, aristocratic. The EIE is oriented at exclusively polite, appropriate, and correct interaction, without elements of coarseness, crudeness, and prodding. He easily takes up the resolution of the most difficult, as it would seem, problems. For example, learning several foreign languages ​​in a short period of time. By his behavior the EIE as if demonstrates the conditional nature of the barriers that limit the possibilities of a human being. In this way Georgi Lozanov has devised a method of intensive study of foreign languages ​​in a short period of time. Sometimes shows inclination to mysticism, to unusual, mysterious phenomena, omens, and exotic religions, etc. Likes to isolate him/herself and in solitude reflect on the meaning of life, and the place and role of person within it.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    The most developed side of your personality is the ability to experience intense emotions. You are the person with a complicated spiritual world, full of contrasts and contradictions. For the sake of true, deep feelings you can sacrifice quite a lot.

    You have an inherent poetic nature that you can express in metaphorical form, often dramatic, sometimes tragic-comic. You may have talent of an orator, who knows how to use speech to ignite many people.

    You can be said to be a visionary, a man of great foresight. You have a good feeling for crises ripening within developing situations and can take measures beforehand to avoid them. You seek to warn others about the possible troubles that threaten them. This is the expression of the humanitarian focus of your personality. You are a rather principled person and do not forgive insults and humiliations. To achieve this, you, weighing all pros and cons, are able to take the most drastic measures. However, in some cases, your principles can be inflexible and your decisiveness can be excessive. Aim to exercise restraint in emergency situations, try to make decisions in a calm state.

    Your main problem - the inability to avoid situations which bring you misery and discomfort. You do not always fit easily into the society and avoid unpleasant contact with uninteresting people. You show lack of confidence and certainly in your tastes, inability to properly track your own well-being.

    The inability to find an inner balance with yourself is characteristic of you. Avoid over-dramatization of the events. Discharge the accumulated emotions in creative self-expression: singing, playing musical instruments, theater, etc.

    Do not seek to make an impression at all costs. From this your interests or health will suffer. Dress according to weather, follow some order in nutrition, favor healthy foods. Try to keep your dress style consistent with the situation.

    Do not be as sensitive to compliments and evaluation of your appearance. Do not immediately assume wrongdoings. Train to work openly and in public to stop painfully perceiving attention to your work. Try to trust people more and avoid thinking that they mean harm to you.

    Another problem areas - a desire to show yourself as an enterprising, active man, but not demonstrating these skills in action. Do not exaggerate the significance of your initiatives. Always ask yourself realistically how likely is it that you will take action and whether these actions will lead to positive results. Overcome your desires to ignore the daily affairs, including maintenance of your home. Articulate your problems more concretely. Do not be pushy and intrusive with respect to others.

    Your interaction with people can be difficult also because of the manifestations of excessive formality. Avoid arrogance, be more democratic and straightforward with people. Do not overdo it with irony and ridicule. Your penchant for sarcasm can hurt people and turn them away from you.

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