• Zhukov, Male Portrait, ESTp by Beskova

    Zhukov, Male Portrait, ESTp by Beskova

    Even if the male Zhukov is thin and slender (though this is rare), nevertheless he looks like a well grounded person who solidly stands on his two feet. His demeanor gives off an impression of a steady, large person. He moves slowly but naturally and with confidence. His judgements sound solid and substantiated.

    Usually male SLEs have short or slightly grown out hair and dress neutrally and plainly e.g. in a football shirt, sweater and jogging bottoms. Older male SLEs will often occupy managerial roles in organizations and firms, and thus tend to wear suits and neckties.

    Male Zhukovs are usually endowed with healthy dose of practicality. They are strategically-minded and generally have good skills of observation. They have no problem with assuming responsibility. As a result, they nearly always find themselves in positions of leadership. Before you can make ends and tails of a situation yourself, you will have already received clear commands from the male Zhukov on subjects ranging from where to get shovels and rakes to clean the backyard, to who will chop the wood and make fire, to how to organize your business and with which firm you should make a contract.

    Male SLEs are clever and talented, and they have a healthy sense of humor (not always the appropriate kind). They exude the presence of a powerful individual, confident in himself. He just enters the room and already the company becomes more lively, from all sides jokes are made and accompanied by explosions of laughter - it is as if he holds the attention of the entire group.

    When male Zhukov arrives at his workplace his employees liven up and work starts getting done. He energizes others; people become more mobile, productive and cheerful in his presence. At the same time, nobody wants to fall under his heavy hand and become the target for to his decimating criticism.

    Only the foolish and the brave dare to encroach upon the male Zhukov's territory, be it his office table or his seat on a subway car. His territory encompasses his house, his car, his chair, his cup, his pen, and many other of his things. Man of this type is aware of prestige. They appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to spend money on them. Everything that belongs to him will always be of top quality, bigger or better in some other ways. With no doubt one can assume that most of the big expensive cars driven on the roads are owned by male Zhukovs. "Owner" is a suitable title for male Zhukov.

    At the same time male Zhukovs are warriors at heart and have little understanding for material, as well as spiritual, excesses. They frequently find themselves in the army where they may progress up the ranks and make excellent generals. A relaxed, stagnant way of life is not for male Zhukov. They are very good at living minimalistically, with only the most basic amenities and supplies. They happily rid themselves of things they believe to be unnecessary.

    An example from life: Young father SLE went hiking with his two sons for a week. The route was laid out to the north along wild, desolate area. Because they were gathering in a hurry, they just threw whatever food was at hand into their backpacks. After 2 days, they realized that there wasn't enough food to last the week, and that the nearest populated area was 2-3 days away. So that the children didn't starve, the father went without food for the rest of the journey.

    Male SLE is often engaged in competing to accomplish something. His actions are aimed at having large scale implications. Despite their combative attitude, SLE's career prospects aren't limited to business or the army. They often take the role of the ingenious scientist, directing a research group to complete a given project. Due to the SLE's boiling energy, they're frequently pioneers of science and technology. Their systematic thinking, wide worldview, ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and embrace that which is novel, as well as their resoluteness, readiness to take responsibility, and skills of risk assessment prove that the SLE is perfectly capable in this field.

    Male SLEs are frequently both direct in speech and coarse in their manners. Through this they can commit many blunders in their relations with other people without realizing it. Because of their awareness of power dynamics as well as their strong drive, they often manage to simply break through the situation without harming their interests in any way. If someone mentions to SLE about scheming or manipulation behind his back, he will brush it off and say something like "being afraid of wolves you'll never go to the forest". The SLE won't give attention to such small matters. However, if the SLE sees suspicious or dishonorable behavior in an individual, he will without second thought say it directly.

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