• Hamlet, Female portrait, ENFj by Beskova

    Hamlet, Female portrait, ENFj by Beskova

    Woman Hamlet often presents as a thin figure with noble face and elevated, refined look. Her posture has a tint of royalty - her back is straight, she holds her head proudly. At the same time she is light and elegant and can remain the same until very old age. It seems that this goddess cannot be but slightly haughty and arrogant, and possibly somewhere in the depths of her soul she is. She smiles with a winning smile and treats others so genuinely that this is perceived as the favor shown to you by a high persona. Who could resist this?

    Female Hamlet dresses with refinement and taste. If her work requires formal attire, then that will be the focus of her style. It great pleasure she picks out elegant business suits, then proceeds to select suitable neckties, cell phones of the same color, and other "business" accessories.

    She seems self-sufficient and irresistible with her striking skill to be in excellent, elevated mood around people. She will never just suddenly start laughing as if crazy at an inappropriate moment if she is intelligent and has been brought up well. The manifestation of her feelings is always under control. Her emotions are so beautiful that next to her one cannot resist but fall into good mood. She involuntarily leads after herself if only for man becomes entrapped in the field of her charms. But if she is not in a good mood - grief be to all!

    Children, housework, laundry, cooking are completely uninteresting to her. Truly, she has been created to shine, to attract attention, to entertain and be entertained. She is interested in the world because it is full of people, and people greatly draw her in, just as she possesses a magnetic capability to attract them to herself. Only one thing is required from them - to be enraptured, to adore and to love her! Indeed she is so beautiful and so charming - really, can anyone remain indifferent? But if such people are present then against them she will use all her artistic ability, which has the power to convince anyone.

    This ephemeral, incorporeal creature can without any pangs of conscience be late to appointments (and also to work, business meetings and conferences) not because she is unaware of time, but simply because female Hamlet always knows that how to easily escape any awkward situation with the aid of her charm. Moreover women of this type often have unrivaled capabilities for spoken language, so that say she can relay and describe almost anything. She speaks beautifully, rapidly, passionately and convincingly. Her face in this case is full of enthusiasm and sincerity, which cannot leave anyone indifferent. At the end you will believe everything that she will say in her justification. At the same time she harbors the spirit of hooliganism, so that at times she allows herself some transgressions.

    In the school, girls of this type are often inquisitive and diligent students, but can easily get distracted. Teachers interest them as as people. They follow the personal life of their classmates with emphatic attention. They become immersed in all school novels and at home can spend hours talking on the telephone. Life is seething all around them, such passions boil and all of this cannot be missed! Why devote time to study? Use charm and smile to get As and Bs and then live the full life forward.

    As far as sport is concerned, the favorite form of sport among female Hamlets is ... theater. Everything begins from attending the theater club in the school, and then it can progress to a theater or arts major at a university. They love to sing and to dance, to appear on stage, because in their soul there is a storm of emotions. Well, the storms don't occur every day, but one can count on a charged sea at least.

    Beautiful and deep emotionalism comprises the basis of charm of female Hamlet. Relying on her irresistibility, she can get acquainted with anybody anywhere. Her company is fun and pleasant. Firstly, with her there is no contrary stubbornness, and only polite, courteous manners. Secondly, she is often socially exquisite. With her it is pleasant to chat and laugh as she is delightful and and unconstrained. She herself adores all this enthusiasm and laughter that permeate the atmosphere of a good company. But remember that she likes serious men with whom she can feel as if she is behind a rock wall. She can cheer up such a man at the necessary moment. Because if the husband does all the housework in addition to looking after children, then it is necessary to give him something in exchange!

    In fact, this ephemeral being not only tries to reduce time spent caring for relatives to a minimum, not only avoids the load of household problems, but doesn't even pay attention to her own health. She can forget to eat, can be oblivious to the fact that she is sick, can go long time sleeping few hours until she reaches a point of nervous breakdown. It is understandable that many other questions of upkeep, even health of her children, also do not fall into her consideration.

    An example from the life: Female Hamlet, 40 years of age, was strolling together with her husband along New Arbat street. As they were passing by a hospital, she decided to go in and ask why she is having some water discharge the entire week. After hearing this, personnel was in shock: "Your water broke! You need to give birth as soon as possible!" After hearing this, lady was in astonishment. "There are some waters there?" - she said pensively, even though this was her second child.

    The child had edema on her face and for 3 weeks she did not open her eyes. Through the window of chamber woman Hamlet said to her husband: "I have to tell you something. The child is blind." "Don't worry," he replied, "Even blind children can be talented. Recall Homer!" Fortunately, in 3 weeks it became clear that child was not blind.

    Soon after the little girl became better, her mother decided to take a trip to the country house. For this she was given an official car and an officer to help. She gathered the child and did not notice that she put on her cap aslant. The weather was outstanding, so they opened the car windows and went with the breeze. Entire road mom joked, laughed and flirted with the officer, without noticing that the wind is blowing into child's ear.

    After two days the family was paid a visit by doctor Agroskin. He took a look at the child and said: "Your girl is crying so much because she has an ear infection". "Yes, I see" replied the woman Hamlet, "An agitated child." The doctor hurried her, "It is necessary to do something about it now, otherwise she will become deaf!" And at the end it added, "But you are such a dear lady that I will not charge you a penny".

    At least around women Hamlets the atmosphere is always fun. As soon as she returns from the work, it is as if the light turns on for her relatives. That is if she didn't happen to fall into poor spirits, because the representatives of this type have a tendency to dramatize everything around them.

    However, all these abilities find remarkable use in the theater or the theatrical studio (in the library, in kindergarten, in the school, in the institute). These unusual women find work there most frequently, since they actually know how to play emotions even can even teach this art to the most capable. Those who get involved with theater become so absorbed and involved in it that they easily draw in others, unite them by one idea, inspire and promote confidence that together they are accomplishing a matter of enormous importance.

    Among other professions that women Hamlets favor is teaching, but generally any occupation where they can be in the limelight and not in the background, where they are in position to ignite and to inspire, or to be of benefit to people. But do not forget, that they also need love of those around them and their sincere recognition.

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