• Dumas, Male portrait, ISFp by Beskova

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    Dumas, Male portrait, ISFp by Beskova

    When he is in a good mood, SEI man radiates kindness and cordiality. He has an affable, kind-hearted smile and a somewhat sly look. It seems like next to this portly, charming, industrious person one will be always be surrounded by comfort and amity. He will try to understand you, and take care of you.

    Men of this type are typically not very tall and with rounded shoulders.They are predisposed to carrying some extra pounds. If they put on a lot of weight they start looking like good-natured oafs. More rarely one can encounter men of this type who remain in good shape into old age.

    In the wardrobe of DUMAS one can find not only comfortable, but also good looking clothing. He looks as naturally in sport sets as he does expensive suits. His slightly curly and voluminous hair is frequently cut short and harmonizes well with the face.

    SEI men are typically highly sociable. They can address a stranger they have just met on the street and in five minutes it may seem like they are familiars.

    DUMAS usually has many friends and acquaintances, and is adept at discriminating people very well. He knows how to use his emotions, as well as how to read the emotions of others. Based on these readings, he can make judgements about people with great accuracy. It is difficult to hide from him whether the person is good or bad, what kind of state he is in, whether he is troubled or upset by something and in need of emotional support and comforting, or, conversely, if someone has some ulterior motive and should be kept at a distance.

    Always ready to support a good atmosphere at a social gathering, DUMAS is a master of telling captivating stories and this often lands him as a center of everyone's attention. Often these are stories of some daily events ("We went together to buy some beer, I found we had great many things in common, so we managed to resolve the question about the recent purchase."), or unexpected meetings ("One time I was put in charge of loading hens into barrels - we were transporting them to Yalta - suddenly coming my way I saw my old friend, which whom before the war we studied together in Lvov College!"), about events and gatherings ("The opera was magnificent! Simply brilliant! Elegant decorations, superb colors! And such lush, deep voices!"). As a rule, these stories involve other people and contain many mentions of all kinds of visual, tactile, and olfactory details. Narration is dynamic [translator's note: for more information about static vs dynamic narration see this article] gripping with intrigue, and usually accompanied by expressions of pleasant emotions.

    DUMAS loves not only merriment, but also a good meal, moreover he usually knows how to cook well. He is a hospitable person. If you are his guest, he will treat you with much courtesy: "Here, try this, this is great!" He simply melts with pleasure, when those invited praise him for his hospitality and his food. As a rule, arrogance or conceit are not in his nature. DUMAS knows how to be exceptionally appropriate in any company.

    His softness and patience, ability to live via the interests of those around him, and not to argue and conflict with them, distinguish him from men of other types. He is not (with rare exceptions) a loud person, and does not possesses heroic traits. He tries to not be offensive, and will attempt to side-step conflicts, quarrels, and arguments. Frequently it is so that he supports a friendly and elated atmosphere at some social gathering, but, as soon as some fight breaks out or some scandal - you look, and he has already disappeared. This man possesses life-smarts: he will quietly step aside from that which does not belong to him, and that which forebodes of unpleasantness.

    At a first date DUMAS man is very charming. He jokes and flirts with mastery. He knows how to close distance quickly and switch to informal communication. Soft pleasantness shines through his every word and action.

    Men of this type are not indifferent to the opposite sex. For DUMAS it doesn't not constitute much of a problem to positively predispose towards himself any woman that he likes. Courting he does gallantly, one can say, with a lot of professionalism, such that it is impossible to resist his charms. If his mind is set to find a partner for marriage, then he will find a suitable woman, and however difficult her nature may be, he will learn to get along with her.

    If he does not want to be married, then he will have as many women as he wants. They can appear in his life in turns, and then disappear, or even be present simultaneously (for example, wife and mistress), and usually none of them feel offended in earnest by him. Most likely, this occurs because DUMAS shies away from escalating potentially dangerous situations, and his women, from their side, love and cherish him too much to place more serious demands. If the situation has been aggravated, he knows how to plead with his significant other such that she will cease to be angry.

    Most often, however, DUMAS strives to settle down and get married, as indeed, by his nature he is a domestic and industrious man, who sincerely loves his family and children. He loves the warm atmosphere of family relations and coziness of home life. He loves when other people attend to him. At the same time he automatically attends to his close ones. He not only concerns for the health of his relatives and reminds them to check with the doctors, but also makes sure that they are satisfied, fed and dressed well. If his wife has died, man of this type often re-marries.

    DUMAS has a fine sense of aesthetics. He values antique things, can come up with an original interior design for his place of residence, and even do some work with his hands so that everything around will be pleasing to the eye. Most importantly - for whom all of this is to be done! But to receive orders and tasks from others, he does not enjoy, and may procrastinate for a long time if someone has asked him to do something. Then, when he is finally in the mood, he will do everything himself and moreover it will be done well - he has very skillful hands.

    True, this rarely happens, because he is prone to laziness and slacking. If DUMAS cannot decide how to apply himself, he can lie on the couch for hours, even days and weeks, because by his nature he is a Sybarite and loves it when he is being served and taken care of, such that he wouldn't have to make any extra movements. He receives such attention with the grace of a lazy tomcat.

    Do not fall into confusion with respect to his softness and pliability. At a critical moment he will be able to stand up for himself (and for you!). During a quarrel, he can direct the same pressure against his offender.

    A story from real life: "SEI man, working as a chief of a section of construction of a conduit, on the eve of the holidays was forced to cancel the weekly leave for one of the workers (who planned to go home to see his fiance). Enraged by this refusal, the young man threatened to come to his house and kill him and his wife. It was not necessary to wait for long. On the eve of holiday he got very drunk, broke into the house of his chief and, swinging the knife, charged ahead. Despite the fact that the later was sick and lying on the couch at the time, he did not lose composure. He quickly oriented himself, grabbed the knife right by its blade and pulled it from the hands of the drunk fellow. Of course, he cut several tendons in the process, but the incident did not reach a gruesome resolution."

    The talents of these men usually do no lie in the areas of engineering or bookkeeping. Sometimes they organize their small business, but it rapidly comes to ruin. Thing is that they do not know how to keep a businesses afloat, but they do know how to compel you towards some purchase floating on the high tide of a good personal relations.

    These men are simply made for working with people, and also in those spheres where it is necessary to create something by hands or to apply one's aesthetic taste. They makes for excellent artists, antiquaries, designers. From them are obtained also splendid culinary specialists and barbers, tailors, and remodelers. Manual work they do with high quality.

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