• Huxley, Female Portrait, ENFp by Beskova

    Huxley, Female Portrait, ENFp by Beskova

    A girl of this type usually does not possess well developed physical forms. Most frequently she is thin and slender, poorly coordinated, with the strange, angular movements. She continues to remain youthful into old age.

    Her face is elongated, with large eyes and plump lips. Outwardly HUXLEY woman appears to be calm and benevolent, polite and affable. In contact, she is merry, light and unconstrained. In her soul, she is sympathetic, always ready to support and to comfort a person who has fallen by spirit, or at least smile at whoever needs it. Being sensitive and thoughtful, she responds to problems of others. She tries to be useful to others, moreover not only those who are close to her, but often her help extends to completely random people.

    She dresses vividly and lively, trying to appear original and unusual, so that it is immediately possible to notice her among other women. Her dresses are not so much pompous, as they are whimsical, consisting of the strange combinations of bright colors and brave forms. She rarely dresses traditionally and properly as the majorities of women, consciously selecting more weird type of clothing. She loves to devise for herself extravagant costumes, in order to slightly unsettle the public and to simultaneously give herself pleasure. Frequently her clothing appears amusing, ridiculous, strange or even inappropriate to the situation. She as if attempts to cheer up those surrounding her by her look, to show that one ought not relate to appearance so seriously, nor to life in general.

    In childhood, girl of this type is a merry, cheerful child, who possesses a well developed imagination and a greedy curiosity to experience life. If she has good memory and some modicum of discipline instilled by parents, she can study very well. But if she lacks one of these qualities, then she experiences difficulties with natural and exact science, especially in the upper classes.

    Small HUXLEY does not like to devote too much attention and time to dull and monotonous tasks, such as keeping her notebooks in order. Physical education classes also do not interest her. But she tries not to make a problem out of this (just as from many other things), relating to everything vivaciously and nonchalantly. Teachers, as a rule, pardon her mishaps for her good nature and courteousness.

    In college, it is better for her to avoid technical majors, and instead pick humanitarian subjects, where she can fully develop her abilities and talents. Girls of this type can work as guides, translators, psychologists, teachers, editors, they can work in HR, PR, and advertisement agencies, work on television, lead talk shows, and so on. They have difficulty working in accounting or bookkeeping. Usually, their self-preservation instinct allows them to avoid such jobs.

    People are as necessary to the HUXLEY woman as air. Without social contact she withers. She likes to be constantly up to date with what's happening in her surroundings and beyond, to track all that is novel and new. She loves her friends and with enthusiasm tells about them to her other familiars. True, on occasion she may not carry out something that she has promised to one of her friends, but if it was not very important matter, they usually forgive her. As far as serious matters are concerned, it is possible to rely on her. Although often her own ideas about what is serious and important do not coincide with the ideas of others.

    If she is constantly submerged in the flow of events, if her head is full of ideas on what to do to alleviate boredom, then her life feels fulfilling. But if in her life the period of stagnation came, then she begins to feel the scarcity of impressions, and the situation begins to suppress her. In this case, she is in dire need of changes.

    A girl of this type usually aims to try out everything in the world, to be everywhere, to acquire most diverse experience in the most different regions of life. She wants to see a cow shed and travel to Canary Islands, to meet most different people, from villagers to prison inmates to famous academics and writers. She knows how to behave adequately in various kinds of situations and how to find common language with almost anyone, and therefore anywhere she always seems natural and appropriate.

    Since HUXLEY tells about the events of her life cheerfully and light-heartedly, it sometimes seems to people that this girl does not have problems. Certainly, this not always so, but it, as a rule, she is optimistically disposed and knows how to cheer up others. Moreover, she is always ready to tell anything interesting, raising people's mood and dispelling boredom.

    She loves feeling energized, to feel that she is necessary to others, to demonstrate optimism and endurance. The girl of this type, in spite of her seeming brittleness, can stand up for herself and for others. She will not yield before an insolent or rude person, if she sees that he is transgressing on the rights of a weaker defenseless person or her own rights. Awareness of her own rightness in such situations imparts into her amazing strength and makes her literally obsessed. You should not doubt that in such situations she will always overcome the offender and put him in his place.

    Example from real life: "Some driver not only made an incorrect maneuver on the road but also a rude gesture to a girl of HUXLEY type who was driving beside him. Perhaps he thought that it will come off his hands! Enraged by this situation, the girl started to yell at him and throw various objects into his window (applies and candy that she had at hand), and then she started chasing him down in her car. She chased him across entire city for 40 minutes, completely forgetting about her own plans. Eventually she managed to block his way when he was leaving the gas station. He climbed out of his car (of course, by his own carelessness!) and at this moment she ran up to him and told him "You're horrible man! Filthy bastard!" and slapped him across his face. Then she got into her car and drove out of station, while her offender was left watching, dumbfounded by what had transpired."

    At social gatherings, HUXLEY woman usually does not claim the center of attention, but supports the merriment, laughs at jokes, actively socializes with everyone. You will not come into her favor if you spread out your feathers, start pouring jokes, rushing around her in circles, and showering her with compliments. She likes somewhat slow and not very talkative guys, who sit in the distant corner of the sofa with an air of inaccessibility. HUXLEY girls love their skepticism, their sober line of thought, their inconspicuous looks.

    Frivolous relation to almost everything in first half of their life and pursuit of countless possibilities make HUXLEY women unlikely to strive for serious union early in their life. This is also compounded by the fact that they mature late in life, remaining young, careless girls in their soul for long period of time, though well brought up and reasonable. Often it happens that their early unions quickly fall apart. If their love story is deep and serious, and their chosen one proves to be a sufficiently heavy anchor to hold down HUXLEY, then family life is completely possible. But usually this happens closer to the second half of this girl's life.

    HUXLEY girls easily enter into the psychological contact with the opposite sex and sometimes they seem very accessible. From almost the first hour of acquaintance, they feel the prospects for relations, and if something is not to their liking, they can easily adjust the distance. Then flirting and friendship with the man continues, but closer approach does not occur, which frequently puzzles representatives of the opposite sex.

    In family life, HUXLEY women are tolerant, reasonable, yielding. Of course, she doesn't really like to take care of the household, especially to cook daily, but from time to time you can count on her organizing and cleaning the house and making a hot meal, because she does love her husband and tries to take care of him. However, it is not always easy for her, because she starts many things at once with enthusiasm, but does not take all of them to completion. It is difficult for her to isolate the main thing, thus often the most important tasks may remain undone.

    Cooking for the most part she does not like. She can take it up for pleasure, to create something original and show off her culinary skill. But daily chores tire her out. If domestic responsibilities turn into mundane humdrum, and nobody pays attention to her efforts and doesn't praise her, for her this is very difficult situation.

    Frequently because of her enthusiasm concerning all possible new culinary trends, she will astonish you by novel dishes. You are doomed to try out all kinds of meals: supper without soup, soup without supper, fruit salads, exotic spices, and dishes from other countries and nationalities. This allows her to entertain herself while cooking at least a little bit, as well as entertain you and introduce something new into the process of food preparation.

    Besides that, your wife loves to read and talk about all possible health improvement procedures. Sometimes she even tries them on herself, just as different diets. But do not be frightened, if in earnest she became occupied by yoga. This will not last for too long. She will throw this out, when it bores her, and will begin to study something new. In short, with her you will not get bored.

    Children also occupy and entertain her. She knows how to be friends with them and to live by their interests, from their very birth to the point when they become adults. It is necessary to keep in mind that it is not easy for her to take care of small children when they are sick. In this situation she may not know what to do. It will be good if you help her out with competent advice or go see a qualified doctor.

    But despite the fact that HUXLEY woman is deeply involved in the process of bringing up children, she hardly wants to spend all her time at home with them. She needs new impressions and experiences, thus it is best to not try to dissuade her from going back to her job. It is best to find a compromise in this respect. Starting work, your wife will more often feel tired, however due to change in scenery, overall she will feel better and become happier.

    Work is suitable for her if it proves to be interesting, diverse and, if possible, prestigious. Of course, it also must also be somehow connected with people. In this case there is a chance, that HUXLEY will remain with it for a while (especially, if she is also paid well). But money nevertheless is not the main thing (HUXLEYs have a weak sense of property). Women of this type can make a decision, then suddenly leave somewhere else, where things are more interesting and there are more prospects. To do the same thing each day entire life is difficult for them, while new possibilities always draw them in, promising novelty of impressions.

    At work, woman of this type act sufficiently disciplined, although, as do the men, they prefer flexible schedules. Indeed, as they think, there should be free time for the realization of the numerous ideas, which they are constantly coming up with.

    The important component part of the work for HUXLEY is social contact. Women of this type, as a rule, are benevolently disposed with respect to the majority of colleagues, create around themselves a positive atmosphere, and are not fascinated by gossip and intrigue. If someone isn't feeling well, they are always ready to show moral support.

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