• Dumas, Female Portrait, ISFp by Beskova

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    Dumas, Female Portrait, ISFp by Beskova

    Kind, courteous, soft - these are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe a typical female DUMAS. A charming femininity is characteristic for her, that would be complimented well by exquisite furs and headwear. Unusual elegance permeates her figure and bearing, even when she is dressed in her usual, daily clothing, since there is no angularity or abruptness in her movements. All her motion is graceful, softened, and smooth.

    The first encounter with the female SEI is fascinating. She jokes and skillfully flirts; she knows how to rapidly reduce psychological distance and enter into informal contact. Soft charm permeates her each movement.

    Even a modest wardrobe does not deter SEI woman from looking worthy. No one like her is skilled in choosing clothing sets that combine well with color of her hair, eyes, and even the tone of her skin. Representatives of this type have skillful hands, thus they sew and knit wonderfully well, putting their imagination to use. And they usually possess excellent taste. Their dresses and blouses will never have too low of an opening and are fitting to their figure. A bland and boring shirt will be supplemented with a brightly colored scarf, that will beautifully drape her neck. In short, appearance of female DUMAS is a true work of art.

    A story from real life: "An employee of a recruitment agency managed by SEI was giving instructions to a new worker. Much to the surprise of the girl, she told her nothing about the business aspects required for her job, or about her schedule, or about how much time she is allowed for lunch, or how she shouldn't be reading at work. She said only one thing: "It is compulsorily to dress properly. You must be in an office style. Remember this: it will be the guarantee of your success".

    SEI woman usually has slightly rounded, soft face, and a hazy, romantic look in her eyes. She frequently departs into herself, but her quiet pensiveness can turn into a smile or charming laughter very quickly. Then her voice rings like a bell. Usually women of this type are very delicate and well brought up, but sometimes rather unsure of themselves. It is difficult to imagine that they will allow themselves any rudeness or express themselves using non-normative lexicon.

    Making first acquaintance, SEI woman appears mysterious and coquettish. She is risible and will readily respond to your jokes, but also knows how to decline unwanted attention with dignity. She understands well what is transpiring between her and her partner, and knows how to turn relations into intrigue. If her suitor is sufficiently resourceful, witty and creative, then he will succeeded in making progress. Thus relations with her begin. Further, it will be no less interesting, especially for those who understand.

    DUMOCHKA makes for an excellent keeper and guardian of the household. She is a tender wife and outstanding homemaker. She selflessly loves her children and can spend a lot of time with them at home. For her family DYUMKA is ready to sacrifice her career, and she will never feel regretful about this, finding enormous pleasure in supporting and caring for her husband, living by the interests of children, worrying about the household. In the case of divorce or death of her husband, she usually quickly re-marries, not so much because she cannot suffer the solitude, as that she has a natural longing to care about someone.

    The most characteristic traits of women of this type are unusual patience and constant readiness to care for others. It is very difficult to get under her skin, because her love for people practically knows no boundaries. She is always ready to understand and to forgive her partner, to smooth over any awkwardness that he has allowed himself, to pretend that she did not see his oversights or roughness. She relates to all of this with understanding and angelic patience.

    Her girlfriends can also count on her, if they need someone's shoulder to cry on or to share their happiness, if they need someone to empathize and sympathize. They will be comforted, and fed, and supported, and cheered up, in other words, distracted from their worries. Their gloomy thoughts will be scattered alike a dream upon waking, when DYUMKA starts to doctor your pains of the heart.

    However, the concern of women of this type is extended not only to your state of mind, but also to the body. DYUMKAs usually cook very well and will never let a guest remain hungry. All her relatives are spoiled by their favorite dishes, pickles, jams, pastries, pancakes, and pirogis. In the skill of the preparation of all possible dishes almost no one can be compared with SEI woman. They love to invite over guests, to arrange celebrations for their small company, astonishing all by their culinary talents and warming them with their quiet, but deeply expressive emotionalism.

    House of SEI woman is a warm place where you will always be accepted and given affection. Even the most modest dwelling she knows how to arrange and decorate with taste and to convert it into a comfortable nest. She grows flowers wonderfully well, and animals love her.

    DUMAS women are characterized by steady, life-loving nature. At the same time, they are one of the most undemanding and most patient, most modest and most unassuming. They are exceptionally good to the children, but their children also know their mother's solid hand, and in their mischievousness they don't dare to go cross the rules that were laid down by her. This quiet domestic angel, who does not lose heart even in the most severe times, on required occasion will stand up for herself and her loved ones. True, frequently her sensitivity and compassionate nature take precedence, so often she does not enter confrontations.

    If to you it seemed you that this romantically domestic being cannot learn and study well, then this is not so. DYUMKI honestly "gnaw the granite of science" and no less conscientiously pass examinations, at the same time charming their instructors and receiving good grades. Certainly, professions like interior design suit this girl better than engineering. In this case her vocation will find the suitable embodiment in her profession. They are also good in any professions that require them to work with children or with people in general.

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