• ISTj description by Filatova


    Logical-Sensory Introvert
    LSI – ISTj – Maxim (Inspector)

    For LSI, life must correspond to a specific system – both in the material world and that of human relations, and one should exert efforts to ensure its betterment, maintenance, and restoration if it has been disrupted.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Ti – Program function. Logically sensible and elegant system – this is the foundation for everything. LSI attempts to find such logical system, to become incorporated into it, to follow it and to perfect it. He analyzes and thinks over everything that surrounds him. From this information, he creates classifications and designations, creates hierarchies, derives maxims. All of this must be clearly stated and presented in various directions and instructions that aid in understanding and organizing life.

    It is clear to him that whoever does not waver and follows such prescriptions will attain more in life, if he ceaselessly works hard and achieves commendable results – then such person will be able to attain a worthy place in society.

    He is proud of having such ability, and it is exactly in this that he realizes himself. His pride suffers if another person is capable of doing the same job better than him. In such situations, LSI is capable of assuming work with thrice the force in order to not fall behind, for he finds it absolutely unacceptable to fall to a lower position in the conceptualized hierarchy he is aware of in his mind.

    Such a person can be very productive. LSI is usually very conscientious: he considers it paramount that he works qualitatively, sequentially and systematically – with this he builds himself a foundation and asserts himself.

    LSI is inclined towards realism – he’s interested primarily in concrete and actual problems, rather than hypothetical issues. LSI thinks deeply about any problem, tries to understand its essence and roots. When he doesn't understand something, he refers to established databases of information to check that everything corresponds to what is already known. In such situations, his mind starts to resemble a computer with a built in program, which he will follow without skipping a line.

    Se – Implementation of the program. Represents his volitional qualities – purposefulness, competitiveness, power to make things happen. These are the basic traits he relies on to realize himself in practice. Efforts of LSI move him to higher positions – to prevail in a group, to correctly apply his abilities and to qualitatively organize his labor in work that is deserved. LSI lives within a system of his own understanding. He is watchful that others around him respect his position. Simple disagreement with his opinion, he may take to be a challenge or a threat, an encroachment upon his position, and immediately rebuff the supposed aggressor.

    LSI possesses outstanding endurance and stamina. He tries to reach high quality in everything that he does – few can exceed him in the thoroughness, honesty and the aesthetic value of his work.

    Description of Weak Functions:

    Ne – Vulnerable function. Estimating someone's potential and hypothetical possibilities makes LSI nervous. He finds it difficult to evaluate the qualities in people, assess distant prospects of development, possible demands for a commodity in the future. For this reason, in all matters, LSI prefers to act with care. He does not always succeed at understanding the psychology and motives of a person. Inclined to level out idiosyncratic qualities of individuals. Poor at taking into account the specific features of others and prone to generalize and stereotype. It is difficult for him to recognize an unordinary individual, for he cannot be easily classified and incorporated within a scheme. Realizing his goals with iron stubbornness, he cannot conceive that there are spheres of life where his straight logic does not work.

    His introverted intuition (Ni) is also usually not too strongly developed: he has little interest in vague possibilities and romantic notions.

    Fi – Role function. In his relations with unfamiliar people, LSI tries to behave appropriately in accord to the norms of behavior. At a distance he seems like a comparatively gentle man: he rarely raises his voice and outwardly behaves in a peaceful manner. But one ought to remember that LSI is a person of reserve who does not say everything which he thinks. He cannot always feel and interpret the moods of others and is capable of voicing a criticism, which may be true in nature, but which is offensive in form.

    It is difficult for him to establish desired relations with others outside of work. At the same time he finds it difficult to alter his already established relations, even if he feels changes are needed.

    With his logically appropriate manner of behavior, which seems strict, and occasionally may be even callous, a certain moments he is given to emotions and sentimentality. In his free time, he may watch tv shows and movies that bring tears to his eyes. These manifestation of extroverted ethics (Fe) in the LSI can be rather childlike and undeveloped. But there are also such moments when LSI suddenly flares up with anger – during these moments he finds it difficult to control himself.

    LSI at work and in the home:

    LSI considers himself capable of occupying leadership positions, for all his efforts are directed towards making his work better than others. He knows how to precisely formulate tasks and how to subordinate them, to instruct others with great detail and simultaneously require the same preciseness in their execution.

    As a boss LSI develops exacting demands, he can apply sufficiently strict sanctions to those that misbehave. After having made great effort to create and maintain his sense of dignity he considers it correct to not overly rely on the opinions of those below him, but he assumes himself obliged to strictly execute the commands of those above him. In order to secure the respect of his subordinates he prefers to use juridical laws and departmental regulations.

    Being an administrator, LSI considers that all must be subordinated to what, in his opinion, is correct. He is capable of systematically conducting himself in life, “to iron out” any indulgences in himself and others.

    However, one should not, reading this, get the impression of the LSI as a walking machine. It should be noted that every sociotype is first of all human. Certainly, on the basis of all that is stated above, it is not difficult to conclude that the LSI is first of all a person of system and logic. That he is able to best manifest the strongest aspects of his nature under precise, strict conditions. When he feels himself to be part of a system/group he is confident and calm.

    Speaking about this psycho-type it must be noted that rarely will there be found people whom possess the same degree of reliability as him. He is the honest partner, executive, worker, and the loyal husband. If one seeks a person upon whom they can rely then in this almost no one will exceed the LSI. In relations with other he is strict, true. But do not forget about his strong feelings towards validity and order! This is a person that works extremely efficiently in the industrial sphere, a person whom decisively takes the opportunity to fulfill his commitments. Likewise LSI will shy away from a creative role, where imagination and the ability to think in a non standard manner is integral.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – Men of structure, which he attempts to find, incorporate himself in, follow, and perfect by the creation of rules, instructions and norms. He loves to collect things. Know how to work on large tasks, prefers to prioritize the most important thing and work in detail, then can move on.
    2. – He’s goal-directed and adheres to order and discipline, requires the same from others. This fact leads him to pursue a place as high as possible in the social structure fit for him. Is capable and loves to create comfort in his surroundings. An aesthete, he is oriented well in regards to his own health.
    3. – Finds it difficult to evaluate prospects in development and production, and the potential possibilities in others. He doesn't love spontaneity, prefers the steady and systematic course of events.
    4. – Adheres to the proper mode of behavior, to the norms established in society, he considers it necessary to observe traditions. Conceals his emotions, prefers not to demonstrate his moods, but it sometimes occurs that his feelings get out of control.

    Professional Assessment:

    LSI is irreplaceable where the precise observance of rules, instructions, and technological norms is required. The ideal worker in manual labor, in the office, bookkeeping, traffic control service… Successfully realizes self in mathematics, programming and publishing work. Also in military service, where the precise army structure of subordination is established.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Electrical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer
    • Computer Programmer / Video Game Designer / Software Developer
    • Economist / Securities Analyst
    • Sports Journalist
    • Military / Pilot
    • Paramedic / Medical Technician / Physical Therapist / Radiological Technician / Dental Hygienist / Chiropractor
    • Lawyer / Judge / Paralegal
    • Private Detective
    • Police Officer / Probation Officer
    • Coach / Trainer
    • Construction Worker
    • Mechanic / Carpenter
    • Forest Ranger
    • Firefighter

    Potentially Favourable:
    EIE (ENFj), IEI (INFp), ESE (ESFj), LIE (ENTj), SEI (ISFp), ILI (INTp)
    Potentially Adverse:
    IEE (ENFp), ILE (ENTp), SEE (ESFp), EII (INFj)

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