• The Way to a Man's Heart...and Back

    The way to a man's heart ... and back
    Lyubov Beskova & Elena Udalova

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    Socionic knowledge gives specific recommendations on how to impress and build relationships with each of the 16 types of men. Sotsionika save you from having to resort to non-scientific method at random in the hope that at least some of your merits and not be impressed by accident scare while your partner.

    The material is arranged according to the structure of model A of each type. In fact, we offer reflects the sequence of presentation of the material issues that arise in the process of birth and development of relations. Carefully read all the strategy of "fighting on the ground." Maybe this is the beginning and you will find downright impossible and unthinkable, but, as the great Alexander Suvorov, "is hard to learn, easy in battle."

    The first step (forward): "How interesting!"
    According sotsionike in unfamiliar surroundings a person activates role function. This means that he is trying to demonstrate certain qualities in others and get their approval. And we are not talking about some random person claims and about specific types of manifestations due to its model of information processing. What exactly representative of each type tends to get approval depends on filling the third position the model A. It's not a secret, and all 16 variants are known in socionics. In life, we see the manifestation of the role function with such regularity that it starts to the imagination! Experience shows that when we first met this step almost inevitable. In an unknown situation is triggered roles, and the positive reaction to it ensures the continuation of the relationship, and the negative can push your new friend. So you have to do just a little attention to certain topics! Support role displays your friend, help him to play with you when meeting his game and you'll see what it will bring remarkable results.

    The second step (forward): "I - the girl of your dreams!"
    Founder sotsioniki A.Augustinavichiute introduced the concept of the middle dreams (we are talking about the composition of the 5th and 4th functions of model A). It is based on the most cherished and partly unconscious desire of man to receive support in areas where it does not feel confidence. Such support is never left unattended. And the one who had it, no doubt, cause sympathy. This is exactly what you need! How to implement support for the 5th and 4th positions - also not a secret. And what features are there in your vote, tell his model A. As soon as you apply for these functions positive information, your partner immediately begins to feel you trust and instinctive attraction. In fact, most successful dream of a middle embodies the type called in socionics supplementing or Douala. Douala mask will allow you to achieve your goal the shortest route. But in any case, do not be tempted to bite your vote on aspects of the 5th and 4th functions. Negative information sent here, operates extremely damaging. People of all types without exception (and you too) vulnerable and completely exposed to harsh blow to the functions of the middle of dreams. It is unworthy reception.

    The third step (forward): "I give you my unit!"
    When comes the stage of decision-making and partner exhibits passivity, it is necessary to activate it. To do this, select the aspects of this function, by which your friend will carry out your proposals unconsciously and without question. "There's a feature!" - Says socionics. This 6th function Model A. It is called a reference, because her work is focused on the immediate environment samples (representative of which can be in this case you). Driving your interactions here can be expressed in this way: you're talking about - it does. Just imagine how it will warm your heart! But here, more than ever requires extreme precision in selection expressions. The slightest deviation in the direction of strong language features - and your friend immediately wakes up and begins to make their own decisions. Then for a time control of the situation would be lost. And it is sad!

    Step back: "We are not made ​​for each other."
    In the end, it may be that you do not want to continue the relationship. Practice shows that the ability to part with minimal losses - also great art. In school, we do not teach! But socionics here gives us a recommendation on how to get out of the game, while allowing the partner to save face. Make it so that he wanted to end the relationship! This will save you from unnecessary excesses and allow a new start much earlier. To lose one's attraction to someone, it is best to act as a type that is in conflict with the type of information your friend. If you competently and convincingly play this role, your action will be possible, and the partner will leave you with the thought that it is very timely and successfully extricated himself from such a dubious history. What is required to receive!

    Become personal.

    Alpha Quadra

    For the four types of the first quadra typical ephemeral romanticism, which applies to all spheres of life, including relationships. Motives of light and air, beautiful dreams must be in your vocabulary if you want to attract attention and win the heart of man the first quadra.

    Intuitive-logical extravert, ILE-ENTp (Don Quixote).

    We do not Descartes, Newton did not we,
    For us the science of the dark forest of miracles,
    We normal astronomers - yes!
    Grab stars from heaven.
    - A. and B. Strugatsky. Monday begins on Saturday

    Artistic image: Paganel (J. Verne. "Children of Captain Grant"), bears (E. Schwartz. "Ordinary Miracle"), Cyrano de Bergerac (E. Rostand. "Cyrano de Bergerac" by G. Taratorkina)

    Outwardly, usually lean, swift, smart and with a bit naive, childlike eyes. By virtue of intuition ILE seems somewhat awkward and raskoordinirovannym. For all shapes characteristic of a certain detachment. In everyday life, he prefers to wear jeans and no noncommittal sweaters or sweatshirts. Face - sometimes thoughtful concentrated or dispersed - often suddenly takes a boyish-defiant expression. Extremely intelligent and witty, he captures all on the fly. You have just started to explain, and he understood everything! His head is always full of the most unexpected ideas. By nature he is - an inquisitive explorer, whose daring mind practically knows no bounds. Enthusiastically talk about galaxies and the Big Dipper, on the resettlement of the Phaeton to the Earth, about genes and cloning, as well as many other exciting discoveries and prospects of the development of science - all this in his spirit. Dreamers and usually writes poetry. Poor feels like he is treated, but tries not to show it, holding fun and whatever. If interested in continuing contact, can directly ask what happened or without circumlocution to tell the person that he thought of him. Often unwittingly, it shows clumsiness in communicating than able to hurt others or put in a difficult position. When communicating with him as an insurmountable obstacle often appears that he is never enough time for you. If your loved one has been once again tells you: "Let's do it another time, once to me now," think not too vigorously you took matters into their own hands.

    The first step (forward)
    In unfamiliar surroundings ILE demonstrates the will and self-confidence. It is strongly involved in the dispute, gives guidance, coordinating actions of others. In situations where you need someone to defend or support, demonstrates courage and generosity, willingly taking on the role of the brave knight. Your task is to show that you appreciate these manifestations.
    Key Phrases:
    "What you are brave!"
    "You saved me!"
    "Few people nowadays stands up for the weak."
    "With you I feel safe," and so on. N.
    Approximately expression must be present in the first conversation, if you like the ILE. He will appreciate a girl who saw in him a strong man.

    The second step (forward)
    Median dream of ILE - to be fed and cared for it, because they love. No wonder the old observation socionic reads: "ILE is always hungry." From you only need to act in good faith in the role of a caring hostess. Will fit all: scarf wrap, bake pies, suggest supplements, wrapped with a sandwich. And do not forget to provide all irrefutable signs of love and affection. Gentle, kind expression on your face should not leave any doubt in your sincere attitude towards him. You could even say nothing. Even better, do not explain. (He explains it best.) Remember, the main thing - to care for and love. Even if love is not very successful (but for some reason he's you really need it!), And a reluctance to take care, get yourself together! Anyway, your views and your actions must personify it tenderness and devotion. Do not hesitate, this tactic will lead to that very soon your favorite ILE will take food from your hand.

    The third step (forward)
    So, you think it's time to take the bull by the horns. But how? Will be a ILE should not. Prove it, you still can not do anything. It will not be able to cheat. Remains - to influence emotions. It is necessary to "make" it so that the playing of tag, he ran with you to the registrar's office. If this does not work, try to do things differently. Tell him how much you upset that you have to hide your relationship from his family, constantly resorting to deception and to think of something. Say that you are ready for him to do it, but feel terribly difficult to cheat the closest people. He will know how awful it is, and will offer you a hand and heart.
    Key Phrases:
    "How fortunate that we are together!"
    "I wish I could take care of you for life!"
    "We will never be bored together!"
    "What a joy to give birth to your child the same clever as you are!"
    "How tired of hiding from people as if we are doing something wrong!" and so on. n.

    Step back
    If you are on a Busy tempo in which he lives, thinks and joke your friend, if you are afraid that recklessness with which he bimonthly change their occupation seems ripe for you to finish your relationship. To do this it is best to use a mask information konfliktera ILE - the ESI. Focus on what your relationship seem frivolous and unworthy of you and you repent that have gone so far. Unleash the kind of lean, you need to tell him something like: "Dear, I have the strength to stop this demeaning your passion." At this point, do not forget to let a tear. Explain that you do not want anymore to enter it in the sin of adultery, to shoulder its responsibility for such behavior to the people. Tell him with a strong pressure and invincible self-righteousness: "You soon be bound to whatever ties. We must have the determination and sacrifice their feelings, so that no one ever accused you of immorality." Then add that you are willing to take on all accusations of misconduct, to deliver him from sidelong glances of neighbors and colleagues. You will be surprised how easily he will let you go.

    Sensory-ethical introvert, SEI-ISFp (Dumas).

    Good lives in the world of Winnie the Pooh,
    Because he sings these songs out loud.
    And no matter what he was doing,
    If he will not lose weight ...
    But he will not lose weight,
    Unless, of course, time to eat.
    - A. Milne. Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all

    Artistic Image: Winnie the Pooh (AA Milne. "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all"), Sancho Panza (M. Cervantes. "Don Quixote de la Mancha"), Schweik (J. Hasek. "Good Soldier Svejk" )

    In a good mood and smiling charming SEI radiates warmth and cordiality. He has a nice smile and gently urged on sight. So it seems that next to the plump, pretty, economic man is always calm and pleasant. He will understand you and will take care of you. In his wardrobe there are not only comfortable, but also beautiful things. It looks like quite organically in sportswear as well as in an expensive suit. Slightly curly or thick hair often cut short and well in tune with the person. He has many friends and acquaintances, and he is a good judge of character. Always ready to support the company, he is a master to tell fascinating stories. And his stories are peppered with such cute (not to say "delicious") and ingenious details that he willy-nilly in the spotlight. He loves not only fun, but also to eat, and good cook himself. Can come up with a beautiful interior in the house or even work with his hands to get around it was nice and cozy. The main thing - it would be for someone to do it! You will not go wrong if you entrust to him to organize a holiday table for the New Year, both at home and at work. It will cope with it the best way possible. If SEI can not solve, what would he do, he is able to indulge in a languid bliss for hours on the couch because he is by nature - sybarite. Do not be misled as to its softness and pliability. At the critical moment he will be able to fend for themselves (and maybe for you!). But at the same moment the quarrel head he is able to draw against you.

    The first step (forward)
    At the first meeting in a foreign company SEI tries to pull you the history of his life, or show off their historical knowledge. It seems interesting to tell how it all began - it can be anything you want, for example, he collected wine labels when it started this hobby, and so on. D. You are required to show that you really captured his story.
    Key Phrases:
    "Wow, I did not know that!"
    "And as you all remember!"
    "You are so fond of history - how interesting to listen to you!"
    "Listening to you, you learn so many new things!"
    The girl was so interested in his life story, which is ready to listen to his memories, will make an impression on the SEI. He wants to look special and finds his life quite interesting. He is confident in his talent of the narrator, and the one who is able to appreciate it, it will definitely trust.

    The second step (forward)
    Median SEI dream - to be sure that he "will succeed." Therefore, he never tired of repeating that you are confident in his ability to deal in any case, that no opportunity has not missed all can be corrected. It is better if you tactfully suggest, how to fix it, but you need to carefully hide your authorship. He appreciates people in unusual, original solutions, always ready to be surprised surprises and believe in miracles. Try not to disappoint him in this. It will withstand any of your extravagance. And you and your party do not miss the occasion to present a pleasant surprise to him. In no case do not use such expressions: "Why did you do that?" Or "What have you done?" Or "Where did the money? Is it difficult to find?" Or "What to do now?". These and similar expressions should disappear from your vocabulary on all the time while you're going to stay around SEI.

    The third step (forward)
    Note that the SEI is not inclined to show initiative and excessive activity. To encourage him to take the plunge, we need the right decisions strategically. But he can not do anything to oppose the impeccable formal logic. Tell him calmly and reasonably, that at this stage it has certain obligations towards you, you must follow what your relationship is in need of legal registration and it is from all sides right and educated decision. Explain also that the status of a married man is much higher than a bachelor. If you can consistently and convincingly convey to him all this, he had no choice but to comply with its formal obligations.

    Step back
    If you are already tired of the order to be both original and clever and want to end the relationship without any problems with SEI, you have to dress up in a mask LIE- its information konfliktera. "Because of me, you really scored a career. I feel that I take too much time from your job. No money in the world forever remain second-class person. I do not want even a hint of such a fate for you." Speak dry and businesslike, as if the estimate of your family expenses you have made in the years ahead, and ended up with a budget deficit. Then you can continue like this: "We have to leave. It would be wrong to complicate your life at takeoff. The family - a very high cost, which I can not demand from you now. Postponed until as long as we do not earn enough to our future the child could get the elite education, for example at Harvard." Be sure he will agree to wait until you do earn at Harvard.

    Ethical-sensory extravert, ESE-ESFj (Hugo.).

    He has come to you from those countries,
    Where trampled in the sand shards of dreams.
    He passed through the forest, across the ocean
    And, of course, alone in the same way as you.
    - From the song Maxim Leonidov

    Artistic image: CARLSON (A. Lindgren. "The Kid and Carlson"), tiger (A. Milne. "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all")

    A large, imposing, portly ESE able to dress with taste and gives it a certain time. Most prefer to be cut short, his beautiful hair trying to keep order. His whole appearance exudes complacency, joy and optimism. His movements free and confident, but he keeps a modest advantage. Easy to maintain relationships with a variety of familiar and unfamiliar people, he remembers everything about everybody! He is easy to show his interlocutor sincere interest in his affairs. Striking emotionality ESE creates a field in which it is pleasant to be. People are in fact very interested in him, and he can not just hang out with them and care for them. If you come in from the cold and hungry, he was happy to prepare for you delicious food, cook fragrant grog and comfortable suit you in the chair. He was sincere pleasure the idea that you are well, and it will spare no effort to ensure that surround you in comfort. The energy and enthusiasm of ESE enough for two. But do not expect that he will come to meet you on the dot. You will need all your tact not to reproach him for punctuality. If you do not have to wait for it, and you think that it arrives on time, then you should know that it shines at the appointed place at least 30 minutes before the appointed hour. Given this, and you try not to be late to his appointment. And if that happens, do not doubt ESE will always find a way to rebuke you, to you most ashamed of your behavior.

    The first step (forward)
    Trying to make a first impression, ESE shows himself a man of business, intelligent and agile. He has plenty of advice, he likes to tell about how valiantly coped with any repair, successfully earned money or a job. His experience and expertise have to hit your imagination. So do not be distracted, do not hide it, ask plenty of clarifying questions to ESE show his efficiency and entrepreneurship.
    Key Phrases:
    "But advise me ..."
    "Maybe you know how ...?"
    "And where did you manage to get it ...?"
    "Only you can handle it!"
    The girl, who admired "business acumen" ESE and ready to follow his advice useful, can not fail to interest itself.

    The second step (forward)
    Median dream ESE - everything to be clear once and for all, to find some rules, which invariably would ensure the right decisions in life. ESE appreciate smart, thin, self-righteous women. Try to make that impression. Your statements should be logically justified. Reinforce their links to the recognized authorities. The phrases "Scientists advise ..." or "Science has proven ..." must constantly be in your vocabulary. Take the time to explain the details of what you very well know. Do not allow yourself no impulsiveness, do not change plans suddenly. Discuss your joint venture fully, seriously and with taste. Do not forget to classify something in the course of conversation and ease Organize reality. This will generate on your favorite ESE a lasting impression.

    The third step (forward)

    ESE bad evaluates opportunities, but can easily be programmed to the fact that they exist. Your task - to convince him that he is able to make the right choice (that is, you choose). Tell him: "We'll form a unique pair in which, of course, be disclosed to our talents, and through our union we can make the most of yourself, realize our unique capabilities. Combining our genes, we can produce a very talented children. "
    Key Phrases:
    "We can not lose this opportunity. It is given once in a lifetime."
    "We have to try."
    "Do not miss your chance," and so on. N.

    Step back
    If ESE inexhaustible energy you brought to the boiling point, pretend sad and sarcastic ILI. A little more skeptical assessments and gloomy forecasts. And to facilitate his process of separation (and accordingly, and you too), put the arrow on themselves. Say something like, "I wonder just taking up your time. I will not stand, I can not provide you a decent future. I'm not as capable and smart, can not work so hard to meet your needs. I'm so unstable in his intentions, that only destroy your plans. What if I ruin your life. Then, because nothing can not be changed. It is better to leave now, while we have not done anything stupid. " You will see that he agrees - he does not want to do anything stupid, either now or later.

    Logical-intuitive introvert, LII-INTj (Robespierre.).

    Thoughts - therefore I exist.
    - Rene Descartes

    Artistic Image: Rabbit (A. Milne. "Winnie the Pooh and all all all"), Wizard (E. Schwarz. "Ordinary Miracle")

    The lean, taut and slightly stooped, correct LII impresses. Most often, it can be seen in the soft pullover and well ironed trousers, although the costumes, too, as if created for him. Hair prefers to wear only short. Being a man of intelligent, self-absorbed and somewhat distracted, he behaves gently and carefully. If LII is to you, his eyes are good, and touching, and on his lips there is disarming smile. The delicacy, even uncertainty - traits which are especially noticeable at the first acquaintance with LII. But, in fact, he - the person responsible and orderly, though not always inclined to finish boring, in his opinion, the case. His analytical mind seeks knowledge. He likes to read, interpret and organize the reading. From time to time LII attacked attacks adventurism, and then he suddenly (so it seems from the side) is removed from the scene and sent, for example, in distant countries - for permanent residence or for the purpose of travel. Continue on trains throughout Europe - quite feasible task for him. In general, it is much closer to the idea to develop their outlook than their physical data. Least of all he likes to resolve disputes by means of force. So in an acute situation LII unlikely to support you. In short, get ready for the fact that "to understand the concepts of" you have to yourself. And do not expect that Robespierre took it on all your affairs. He did not persuade to do what he considers inappropriate.

    The first step (forward)
    In a society LII gallant and courteous. You have to appreciate it. Keep talking, let for a look, laugh at his jokes, demonstrating its location.
    Key Phrases:
    "How rare to find today educated man."
    "You have such beautiful manners."
    "Your smile has a revelation."
    "One can see that you are a nice person."
    He will answer you the same affection, and it can be assumed that the introduction took place. But do not expect that he would be as courteous and fun when you get used to.

    The second step (forward)
    Median LII dream is someone to provide him with a holiday atmosphere and security. At the slightest hint of aggression and expansion, he tends to move away from the contact. It is you and must provide it with the celebration of life. Suitable everything: fireworks, music and dancing, and visiting the places where entertained. Synchronized swimming, figure skating, ballroom dancing competitions - all this will not leave you indifferent LII. And if you yourself will dance for him some ballroom dance, you will become the queen of his heart. Optimism and activity - an indispensable condition for success. But note that obsession and excess pressure immediately scare your vote.

    The third step (forward)
    If you decide to embark on your ambitious plans, do not forget to feed it more tasty and carefully correct scarf. For detailed instructions on handling LII cm. In advertising mayonnaise, "My family." Often tells him how comfortable is your family nest, accidentally spend it past the windows with wedding dresses, just make sure that, before the time that prices did not fall into his eyes.
    Key Phrases
    "I'm so glad that you like my cooking!"
    "I love to make you feel comfortable and pleasant!"
    "We're such a beautiful couple!"

    Step back
    If you order and rationality LII began to seem you tediousness and stinginess, it is worth thinking about parting painless. In this case, you will have to brush up on the mask of SEE - Information konfliktera of LII. To play fairly, work out to say the following phrases with a strong pressure, "I did not want to ruin your life. I can see that the overwhelming your personality! It is understandable that you find it hard to me. Why do you have such a disaster? After all, I really difficult to cope with their desires, which constantly break your plans! " You can add another motive: "I always feel like a battlefield. I would not like to make in your life the aggression. I do not want you all the time for me afraid. We must first succeed to defeat all his enemies, and then think about their personal well-being. Because my whole life - a struggle, it is difficult to give you the care that you deserve. Therefore, we had better leave. " A little more fire in his voice - and he opens the lung confused his arms. Then retire to think, how could it be that he has admitted "a monster" too close to him.

    Beta Quadra

    The spirit of struggle and victory, as well as the procedure and will - are characteristic of the dominant attitude of the second quadra. Fire, passion, clarity should be attractive to you the plot, if your goal was the representative of the second quadra.

    Ethical-intuitive extravert, EIE-ENFj (Hamlet).

    Drink of the fiercest, for unlike,
    For despised Grosheva comfort.
    Sweeps the wind Jolly Roger,
    Users Flint song sung.
    - From the song "Brigantine" Pavel Kogan

    Artistic image: MAURICE GERALD (M. Reed. "The Headless Horseman"), SHNIPERSON rabbits AND ALL HIS BROTHERS (from the movie "Shirley Myrli")

    The youth-EIE of those who first attracted attention in the new company. Noble appearance successfully combined with his artistic manner. You could say the opposite: an artistic appearance, blending his noble manners. In a word, his eyes bright, showy gestures of charm - all this makes an impression on the girls. EIE - he is a prince, but his clothes can vary from camp to the extravagant outfit. In the course is all that adorns his already spectacular appearance - an earring, a chain around his neck, something black, slung over his shoulder, like a scarf. But the suit and a black hat and black leather jacket. It may be, and boots with spurs - why not? It is a pity that it was not in vogue sword ... And of course, a ring with a skull or a skeleton key ring! Hair can be unbleached long and short, but until dyed green. In short, EIE - this being romantic-filibustering, camping, passionate and optimistic. Can persuade anyone and anything. This usually does. The home is unpretentious, comfort is not located, Extreme. She likes to travel, especially to places where "still untouched by human hands." Zateet anything, if only no one ever before him did. In short, as sung in the same old song, EIE - a real "filibusters and adventurers ...". If the relationship does not add up, your friend will always be able to express their displeasure in the form of cold contempt by a dramatic explanation or simply increasing the distance. It also does not cost anything to hang on your guilt, even if you are absolutely in no way to blame.

    The first step (forward)
    At the first meeting EIE amaze you (or at least, you have to show that it is) information about their business qualities. He "professional" can hammer nails, change the wiring, storm peaks, making movies, and so on. D. He enthusiastically ready to advise you on any technical issue. Listen to it, specify the details to admire his professional qualities and professionalism. Do not forget to rate the shelf, he hanged himself on the wall ten years ago and since then all of her talks. Girl with serious attitude certainly drew the attention of his.

    The second step (forward)
    Median EIE dream - to make life easy, free from household trifles, reasonable and orderly. Excessive care and feeding here can only spoil the deal. Take common sense, good judgment, explain each decision justifying the proposal. You should always be aware that the main thing now, and that the subordinate. And in the category of secondary and even third-rate must constantly prove it life, comfort, care about food. Of course, EIE eats and dresses, but fix attention on this in any case impossible. Take care of it quietly, without fanfare. And in any case, do not start talking about his illness (as, indeed, and its). Silently and strongly smear him with iodine scratch, continue the conversation started on the topic. Do not pay attention to his pale appearance, just slip it extra apple. Intelligent, thoughtful, cool and not mired in everyday life she is a natural respect for EIE.

    The third step (forward)
    Do not think that EIE show decisiveness at a critical moment and invite you to the altar. His will is in need of external support. Mobilize its strongest showing: "I stroked your tuxedo, dress up, go." EIE hardly resists direct volitional pressure. So if you have the will, you will get what you wanted. Trick here in what - you had at a glance. Emotions do not impress him, he owns them very delicately. Only your will and consciousness of his innocence in this matter will help you achieve results.
    Key Phrases:
    "He fell, squeeze!"
    "Pull yourself together, get out!"
    "Get a hold of yourself!" etc.

    Step back
    If enthusiasm and artistry EIE began to bore you, pretend you SLI. It's not hard. You just grimly silent in response to his gushing. Well constantly refused to go to visit and make him turn off the music. You can even say nothing. He would find an excuse to leave you. If he leaves enough determination, you can talk to him about that he is still too early to dive into the depths of family concerns. For daily cooking, laundry, cleaning is not for its artistic nature. It does not set it also to change the dirty diapers, and after the child spoil them up to 6 times a day (do not skimp on the physiological details). You will see how quickly evaporate this essential establishment of your mundane life.

    Logical-sensory introvert, LSI-ISTj (Maxim).

    Oh, what was the man!
    Well, the real Colonel!
    - From the songs of Alla Pugacheva "Colonel"

    Artistic Image: Steadfast Tin Soldier (X. G. Andersen. "The Steadfast Tin Soldier"), KAMNOEDOV (A. and B. Strugatsky. "Monday begins on Saturday")

    Reliable, valid, responsible LSI has good posture and wide straight shoulders - he has a real military bearing. He fit any uniforms. But with his short hair, he looks trim and fit in any clothes. The moves quietly, measured, never fusses. Open, strong-willed, courageous person inspires confidence - it is immediately clear that such a person will not engage in intrigues and intrigue. LSI did not impose exposure, not too talkative when there is a worthy topic of conversation. He's not one of those who seek to take over the role of toastmaster. If you find a suitable topic for conversation, it will be in all the details to answer your questions and let you down logical base beneath anything from your computer and ending with art and love. He systemic thinking. If a little joke and giggle, he may razulybatsya back. The main thing - do not scare him an abundance of not interconnected information (stick started threads) or an offer to choose, where would you now go: to the zoo, cinema, restaurant, Dolphinarium, the library, a disco, or just wander through the streets . The disadvantage in dealing with LSI linked to his stubborn refusal to respond to your business proposal (for example, tomorrow you pokleit wallpaper in the kitchen) or sudden requests for money.

    The first step (forward)
    LSI is focused on the requirements of etiquette, so when you first meet a person, he will seem friendly, cheerful, friendly and sociable. He gladly talks about human relations, about what they should be. Give the trouble to listen to him.
    Key Phrases:
    "Wow, you are seriously thinking about it and how to explain clearly."
    "Do you know how to take the place of another person and to sympathize with him."
    "Rare to find such interested interlocutors."
    Funny, emotional girl, vote humanism and sympathy LSI can count on the fact that its rating will be above the rest.

    The second step (forward)
    You should know that LSI hates uncertainty. The middle of a dream can be formulated as: life should be joyful and without unpleasant surprises. So you have to just be a fun and try not to leave him in the dark about any question. No mystery, no words like: "I'll tell you this then," "Let that be my secret," "We will understand as we go along," and so. N. It eliminates the problem of choice wherever a chance. You should clearly see the advantages of one of the equivalent options, and without a moment's hesitation, just choose it (and still some - thing firmly). And if you do not have arguments, say something like, "At least it will be a lot of fun!" Looking for your optimism, LSI will certainly begin to think that his choice was correct. Often demonstrates the confidence that nothing bad will happen, that together you will cope with all that grief for no reason. Next to this optimistic and reliable partner LSI will feel happier than without it.

    The third step (forward)
    If you want to encourage LSI plunge, you should remind him that your great relationship lasted for so many years (months, weeks, but be prepared for the fact that it may be years), that it was time to make a decision. Tell him: "Now just a very good time to for many years to maintain our sense of style and the wonderful relationships that we have formed with you. We have so many years (months, weeks) proved its reliability to each other that we can now face the future "and so on.
    Key Phrases:
    "Let's not waste time!"
    "While we're young ..."
    "It's time to think about the children."
    "Parents will be glad to see grandchildren."

    Step back
    If you do not feel able to make endless explanations for each domestic issues, apparently, you better finish your relationship. As usual, let the partner to save face. Here it is particularly important, because as EIE and LSI - stressoneustoychivye types. We wear a mask IEE and take everything on myself. "My dear! I can not put you in such tests as family life, in our unstable time. What if I can not give birth to a healthy baby you. I can not promise not to fall in love tomorrow someone else - after all so changeable in this world. Actually, to be honest, I did nothing I can promise you. You understand, the terms of such instability! " Finding that next to him being unsteady, like the morning mist, LSI astonished how he could take seriously the idea to live together with someone unknown. Of course, correct to disperse and re-check your feelings - thinks thorough LSI.

    Sensory-logical extravert, SLE-ESTp (Zhukov).

    Fifteen men on the dead man's chest.
    Yo-ho-ho! And a bottle of rum
    - R. Stevenson. Treasure Island

    Artistic Image: Ilya Muromets, Victor Korneev (A. and B. Strugatsky. "Monday begins on Saturday"), terminator (from the movie "Terminator"), Dr. Ross (from the movie "ER")

    Even if SLE lean and slender (and it is not often), you still think that it is very firmly on its feet. His whole appearance produces a massive, stable impression. He moves slowly and steadily, and his judgment sound weighty and solid. He usually prefers short (or slightly elongated) hair and wears a modern sweaters, sweatshirts and T-shirts cut free, and the broad shapeless pants and hefty shoes. SLE smart, talented and endowed with a healthy (but not always censorship) sense of humor. He exudes the charm of a powerful, self-confident person. Should it appear as animated present from all sides are heard cheerful jokes, accompanied by bursts of laughter - it seems that it "holds" the entire company. Having a healthy practicality, strategic mind and a wide view, he understands better than anyone else what to do in a given situation, and is not afraid to take responsibility. As a result, management of others often falls to his lot. You may not have time to figure out what to do, how to get out of it short and precise instructions where to take a shovel and a rake during the harvesting areas; who go for firewood, and who cook porridge in the campaign; how to organize your business and so on. d. This SLE awkward in relationships and can not himself see how breaking anything. But having a strong energy and powerful drive, it just "breaks through" such situations and often out of them without compromising yourself. If you tell him about any machinations behind him, otmahnetsya, they say, "fear of wolves - in the woods not to go." Being by nature a stern soldier SLE misunderstanding relates to the waste and delights in the material sphere and in the sphere of the spirit.

    The first step (forward)
    In the unfamiliar company where you will find SLE, it will stand out for its originality and talent. Unexpected jokes, demonstration capabilities, stories about unusual situations in which he found innovative solutions. You must evaluate its interesting stories. Your response should be simple but bright. Fit just interjections.
    Key Phrases:
    "That's great!"
    "And what are you? And what is he?"
    "Right said so?" and so on. n.
    Such a grateful listener will undoubtedly be interested in SLE. Meeting will be considered valid.

    The second step (forward)
    SLE dreams, that relationship evolved for the better. You need time to show your location, do not forget to mention that today is your relationship became even better than yesterday. Your task - to constantly demonstrate the non-verbal signs of appreciation soul: smile, gentle eyes, gentle touch. Your appearance should not be a hint of determination and efficiency. Do not play the business woman. Even if you have to play this role in life, remember that you're at it - being lyrical, defenseless, but faithful and tender. Do not be afraid from time to time to whisper to him in confidence about his anticipation that your love forever. And do not skimp on the optimistic forecasts. They warm the heart of the severe SLE. And you will see that he spread his mighty shoulders and take you under his protection.

    The third step (forward)
    SLE is taking decisive steps himself. It is only necessary to add him enthusiastic. Light up his idea of ​​marriage, she tells us how obaldeyut friends as girlfriends obzaviduyutsya which individuals will be at the parents say, "That's just the fun stuff! And how to have fun at the wedding!" Mood he was capable of a fun trick or hoax. Your future marriage must be submitted as a big joke hilarious.
    Key Phrases:
    "But imagine yourself in tails!"
    "We danced till the morning!"
    "I give my head to bet that all drunk senseless!" etc.

    Step back
    "SLE - always SLE," - says another socionical wisdom. And if you took his frankness and commanding voice, do not expect that it can be altered. It's easier to leave it in gently than trying to soften his violent temper. The first thing we put on masks meatless version of EII. "Still, we are not doing the right thing, going on about their feelings. We must first check the strength of our relationship, and then to take decisive steps. For my part, unfair to the family and to our future children to start life without the blessing. I must first deal with his conscience, free from all impure thoughts. As I look to the priest, speaking in confession of our sin due? " It will be enough that he got bored and will allow you to absent himself for a long pilgrimage without return.

    Intuitive-ethical introvert, IEI-INFp (Yesenin).

    Let them all a dream, let the love - the game!
    What do you want my impulses and arms?
    And in that, and in this life I'll remember,
    How delightful evening in Russia.
    - "White Eagle". From the song "How delightful evening in Russia"

    Artistic image: Emel (Russian folk tale "By Pike"), Lensky (Pushkin. "Eugene Onegin"), LEL (from the fairy tale by Alexander Ostrovsky's "Snow Maiden")

    The appearance of a soft, dreamy and emotional IEI evokes a gentle warm breeze, filled with scents of the first spring. Thoughtfully bowed head, shoulder-length hair and a black sweater with jeans to create a modern romantic image. Looking IEI the fog, it becomes playful. On the lips lovely smile flickers. Most often, he writes very good poems (love poems about nature) or else you will be inspired to read the verses of my favorite poets. The arrow of Cupid often pierces his tender heart and tormented sublime feelings he inspires some hope, then plunges into the abyss of bleak depression. It is elegant and Milovidov, shy and smiling, smeshliv and capricious, inconstant and bold. He wields his and your emotions so that you are and do not notice how time will be laughing at his lovely and very funny jokes, and at times sad and grieve with him. If he took to predict certain events, his words can wear often prophetic. Your friend feels fine style in the broadest sense of the word - whether it's the era of style, architecture, clothing, behavior and generally anything. He knows better than anyone what is beautiful and what is not. Despite the fact that the youth-IEI sometimes tends to be courageous and pump, you do not confuse it with anyone else if he was in your way, you can just rearrange the right or left. And keep in mind that to solve the age-old question, "What should I do?" have you. However, the main disadvantage in dealing with IEI is that it often cuts your initiatives, melancholy predicting that still it did not come.

    The first step (forward)
    Charming handsome man with impeccable style, able to talk about fashion, about the design, talk about who should wear it and how to fix his tie. Architecture, exhibitions, fashion this season dishes, films, performances - that knowledge of what is trying to shine IEI in society. Support this conversation. Discuss with him all the details of his last trip to the mountains (skiing) or the sea (windsurfing). Marvel at how quickly he drives a car, as the famously fit into corners, skillfully avoiding collisions with other cars, and pedestrians pillars. If you manage to keep the concerned expression on his face when discussing these subjects, IEI distinguish you from the surrounding crowd of fans.

    The second step (forward)
    This requires a virtuoso balancing act. On the one hand, dream IEI - a girl who "stop a galloping horse in a burning hut." On the other hand, it should not resemble a sergeant in a skirt and encroach on his notorious manhood - such are the demands of our culture. Continue to repeat: "And why should we be afraid of you!" Another of your catchphrase should be: "Where we did not disappear!" Let him feel that he is up to you, like a stone wall, but do not show him that guess about his feelings. This decisively taken out of his hands a hammer and hammer finally the nail, with whom he was busy all morning. Not the slightest reproach in his eyes, on the contrary, full of optimism: "Well! Shelves hung. What I have done! Look how beautiful it became. "Such sensitive assistance and support, rarely found today, will give him confidence and courage with which (in your face), he does not want to leave.

    The third step (forward)
    Not a man IEI to take decisive steps. So when you want to associate it with a bond of marriage, you have to take the initiative in their hands. Do not scare him. Say: "Marriage - it's just a formality. Legally married does not affect our senses. Our love will remain as strong. But we will be able to rely on incentives, the situation of young families."
    Key Phrases:
    "This will be the right decision."
    "The most important thing - it is, first of all ..."
    "It would be fair to our parents," and so. D.

    Step back
    If you are tired of praising him for your nails and hammered once again to listen to, it is impossible to understand what happens to the money - leave him in peace. In order not to disturb its delicate lyrical soul, pretend you LSE mercantile. "Family - a huge cost. You would have a lot of work. I can not arrange your life so that you will count every penny. And how much will it cost a decent apartment - terrible to think, do not do we live with my parents. It's not serious. What about children? They require so much effort and expense! We do not give them a free kindergarten! Of course not! First you have to make a career, to open his own firm, to become a real businessman, to achieve a stable income. Only after that we can think about how to connect our destinies. " At the first conversations about money and debt interest IEI to you plummet. He agrees that you really are not on the way.

    Gamma Quadra

    Existentialism, individualism and decadent sophistication - a style that you should stay in communion with the person of the third quadra - quadra autumn twilight. Infernal theme - a favorite theme of its representatives. A critical approach, touch of cynicism, ironic view of things and pragmatism characteristic of these four types.

    Sensory-ethical extravert, SEE-ESFp (Napoleon).

    Taking this opportunity, I want to!
    - From jokes Nikolay Fomenko

    Artistic Image: Prince Guidon (Pushkin. "The Tale of Tsar Saltan") Puss in Boots (Charles Perrault. "Puss in Boots")

    SEE almost never bony and adynamic. It is noticeable, dense enough, charming, people gathered with a very determined look. He keeps very confident we can say even regal and majestic. His whole appearance shows that someone who really, and he knows his worth. But if you are nice to him, he (and have) grant you a reassuring smile and laugh successful (often frivolous) joke. Everyone who had the privilege to talk with SEE, usually just guess "who's boss." He prefers to dress in soft sweaters and turtlenecks dark colors, but also in a suit looks very impressive. Equally wonderfully resourceful and witty in any clothes (and without). The ability to perfectly understand people, their ability to see what is happening around him, and strong-willed character - these are the features that allow him to keep the situation under control. Try to quarrel with anyone in his presence - you still will not. Even your dear friend has his own Achilles heel - it documents, orders, contracts, payments. Try not to test his patience in this area - do not force it to read the instructions for televisions, computers, washing machines and other household appliances. It's not part of it. In general, as it may seem strange, consumer side of life is not too interested in SEE. I guess that's about it wrote in his song Okudzhava: "You do not offend nor rags, nor victuals."

    The first step (forward)
    Among SEE can not be overlooked. Past it will not pass. His remarks are always excite others. He seems to be offering you some playful challenge on the edge, and sometimes beyond the traditional topics. - Your task is not to rebel, and the originality of the proposed view. Try to play along with him. The reaction to his jokes (jokes see style. Jokes from Fomenko) should not be puritanical. In no case can also show their embarrassment or confusion. Prepare in advance. Your comments may be free-form, and the freer the better. SEE respects intelligent, critical, free from the prejudices of girls. He will notice.

    The second step (forward)
    The only thing that can brilliantly demonstrate SEE is with terrible speed to count something in mind. And he will be eternally grateful to that which will save him from this daunting task. "We all have time and around the face it. No need to rush anywhere and do not care about formalities" - a phrase will always echo in the mind of SEE. Less explains more help him cope with the calculations and filling all kinds of documents, read the instructions for it. Silently fix his mistakes until he had not noticed them yet. Demonstrate confidence in the future and clarity purposes, to make reasonable predictions. This is precisely what gives SEE optimism.

    The third step (forward)
    SEE induce a decisive step could well thought out and well-established business plan. Try to tell him why it is needed, why it is profitable for him as to undergo the procedure with a minimum of effort and time. In all of this you need a good deal, then to intelligently convey to him. Your proposal should be appropriate. No lyrics, only business.
    Key Phrases:
    "Let's really do it."
    "It does not require large expenditures."
    "You know, we both stand to benefit from this."

    Step back
    If the permanent dominance and free-SEE began to seem to you violence and cynicism, it's time to hoist the sails. But, of course, SEE himself must no longer want to continue a relationship with you. How to achieve this? Helps mask LII. Start detail and explain all the intricacies of your every decision. Do not forget how to justify all proposals. Write a list of what you need to learn what you need to figure out what to buy, what laws to master before you make a common household and joint ownership. Good design sketch of the marriage contract and insisted that he had made to their proposals. And then still say that now there is no means for a family and you can not afford it so overloaded work, but without the financial security you may not enthrall him in such a dangerous event. Your tediousness (do not forget to show it in full) will facilitate him the thought of parting with you.

    Intuitive-logical introvert, ILI-INTp (Balzac).

    Knowledge of infinity requires an infinite time
    but because Works Does not work - all is one.
    - A. and B. Strugatsky. Monday begins on Saturday

    Artistic image: Eeyore (A. Milne. "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all"), Pierre (Tolstoy. "The Golden Key, or Adventures of Pinocchio")

    The young man, ILI, regardless of whether you got a copy of thin or plump, like a small boy who has grown to the size of an adult. Maybe it's due to the fact that these boys during childhood affect the parents and their friends extraordinary intelligence and age early encyclopedic education. Accustomed to the delight of adults and praise, they have maintained the expression on his face, characteristic of the child prodigy. A characteristic feature are the intelligent, sad eyes, often surrounded by shadows. Favorite colors in clothes - dark blue with gray or brown with black - evoke associations with a moonlit night in the cemetery. My favorite hairstyle - very long hair, a modest pick up in the tail (more common in computer ILI) or large loose curls below the shoulders (more characteristic of TV. See. Eg, Andrei Maximov from the "happy day"). Generally, with age the mind ILI is not going away, and only increases in size. Proportionally it is growing and cunning. ILI able to anticipate developments and calculate what benefit it would bring him. On his predictions really can rely on, unless he wants to share with you my thoughts. Generally, the uptake ILI very quickly weary slowness and flow of all kinds of processes, although in itself a hurry and gives the impression of sluggish bumpkin. He avoids (because it does not like) rapid displays of affection and noisy companies with an empty, meaningless twaddle. Inclined to abstract philosophic arguments and come to the mountain peaks of intelligence are always able to explain why there is no possibility to carry out the vain and useless thing that you have in mind.

    The first step (forward)
    At the first meeting ILI will tell you how to brew tea or how to make home-made wine, and explain that only a man can properly cook meat ... Do not argue. It is better to ask his signature recipes. You can also share your. At this stage, such a course is appropriate. But be prepared for the fact that it will prove to be better.
    Key Phrases:
    "What a delicious tea (meat, wine)!"
    "How do you cook (winemaker designer)!"
    "Maybe you advise how I could arrange my bedroom (kitchen, hall, villa) Christmas (Easter, the Day of the Constitution)?"
    ILI did not only advise and suggest, but it will take you a very advanced and stylish girl, if you like his recipes.

    The second step (forward)
    If you stop a decisive hand in the bud any scandal and indignation if nobody dares to raise his voice in your presence, ILI will feel attracted to you unconscious. Try to arrange it. Self-confidence, control the emotional atmosphere, bold decisions - it should say that you are a person who knows how to stand up for themselves (and for him, but it is not emphasized). He must see that you command respect others and know how to arrange them yourself. And willing to share this respect and the location of it. When you he should feel secure and significant in any company - it will increase your value in his eyes. And not a man of ILI, to let go of their hands something valuable.

    The third step (forward)
    Hesitant, but enterprising ILI come up with many ways to avoid the "final solution." The ingenuity of departures from the problems he has no equal. Fortunately, it is sensitive to just have a good attitude. All that pleased each other heroes of women's novels (with the exception of obvious nonsense), there may have the desired effect.
    Key Phrases:
    "I feel so good with you!"
    "I did not think that experience a real feeling!"
    "I Do not want to leave you."
    "You are very, very ..." and so on. N.

    Step back
    When a critical attitude and gloomy forecasts ILI was too much of your patience, do not try to draw his attention to the fact that the sun was not yet extinguished. It is better to leave it alone. And so there were no separation trauma, along mask ESE. More laughter and provocative music in his apartment! Brought motley merry company directly to his home and tell innocently: "And we thought, you're bored, that's decided to throw!" And then vigorously repent that again unwittingly violated his peace. Vanities, make mistakes, corrects, worry about it. Your emotional explanation should include the following points: a) you have a conscience does not allow because of his feelings to condemn him for such inconveniences as taking care of the family; b) That you know that he loves you not at full strength; c) that he has not revealed himself, and you know what it can expect an even more vivid sense, and you do not want to deprive him of those pleasures. And so on. N. The noisy and tearful you submit your victim, the more willing ILI will himself be persuaded to wait another "true love."

    Logical-intuitive extravert, LIE-ENTj (Jack).

    Here are house, that Jack built ...
    - J.. Swift, lane. S. Marshak

    Artistic image: E. Harnish TIME-DO NOT-IS WAITING FOR (J.. London. "Time-not-is waiting for"), DICK FORREST (J.. London. "Little the hostess of the big house"), Uncle Scrooge's (from the cartoon "DuckTales")

    LIE usually do not stands on the site, he sweeps past the you, do not managing to say hello, that the and it is not surprising at such high speeds. In this situation, do you manage to notice only its an elongated forward the nose and slightly protruding ears. If he will stop, you will notice that from him the scattered opinion, periodically the vagus on walls and the ceiling. Your face, respectively, only occasionally adjudged to be in the field of view LIE's. Yes, and in fact, when him watch on you? When he here greet and to bow and scrape? To Him same work it is necessary! And to work he did not simply knows how, and still and loves! After all, named LIE is most often referred workaholics. Devote a lot of attention eating habits, caring about their health and the comfort of - not in its rules. The same possible to tell and about clothes. She is most often calm, dusky of tones and does not rush in the eye. In a word, to dress up he did not loves, although from him always there will be a stylish suit or a decent sweater to the the occasion of the. Hair shear Only briefly, to with them was less than the of fuss. Difficulties with LIE begin when at him are finding bouts of formalism. And this is happens is usually in the fact the case of, if something goes wrong, and testifies about the internal suspense. Then-then the and begin all sorts of nitpicking type "I do not understand, that you to me sayest" or "At first explain to me, with what stati we should act just so" or even "You're herself did not know what you want. Formulate the same thing more correctly ". At such moments you a hardly probable will manage to find with LIE a common language.

    The first step (forward)
    In the company LIE's audibly: he provocatively and joyfully organizes and entertains the surrounding. Support merriment. Toasts, jokes, dancing will approach for addition, to to reduce the distance. Can in the voice of to laugh loudly over his anecdotes, or the whole evening to dance to with him lambada - all this will go on advantage future relations.
    Key Phrases:
    "It has long been I so do not fun!"
    "And tell still that-something interesting!"
    "And where you were still?" etc.
    Such a attentive the maiden which with pleasure expands the their horizons, catching every word, and to the same cheerful and who is able to support the company, has a chance to to please LIE.

    The second step (forward)
    LIE hopes to meet tactful looking for a woman, which delicately took off her would have with him issues related with the physiology of. He would like to, to have someone unobtrusively cared about his health, food, clothing, in general, the comfort of, but did not discuss it out loud. Try to exclude mentioned threads started out of his lexicon, as well appropriate actions produce imperceptibly. Do not it is also worth to accent his attention to the the physical side of of your relationship. Take the initiative into their own hands without words in deed. LIE to resist the will not be (however, since it Rational, it is better warn him in advance). LIE is possible directly to talk about his good relation to him. That will never will be a lot. He will be grateful to well as you for making timely the given useful advice from the field of relations with other people.

    The third step (forward)
    LIE lends itself to strong-willed exposed to. The main thing - is nothing not to explain, to nenarokom not to get on restrictive the function of (formal logic). It is possible to even just decisively to take his hand and lead to the altar (read registry office). At the same time you have not should be no doubt (at least, he must it is feel the), that this step will greatly enhance the your total status, that everyone will only a very are glad to. Convince him in the fact that a married man is respected more and only in the this capacity, he may feel like a real master of his destiny.
    Key Phrases:
    "I am very want, to we were together".
    "All the! Let's do a decisive step!"
    "We both this will allow and almost added its positions".

    Step back
    If permanent lack of time for of a joint life (after all, you are its almost do not see the, since it till night sticks out at work) became you to oppress the, then is time to think about the retreat. In this you will help to mask is SEI. Make look that you simply did not understand no his instructions. Affectionately smile in response to the reproaches, but continue stick to this same tactics. Have pity on him that such a busy rhythm of life not for you. You would like to all the time be at home with him together, feed him and watch out for his gastritis and bronchitis, to treat him and protect. At the same time you understand the, that your burgher's submission of about family life is too diverge with his aspiring somewhere upwards and forth in kind. Express the confidence in the fact that his waiting for the real accomplishments, and you with their pies, napkins and dreams of six children - just a stone on his neck. Share with him, that the in your submission real father - is one who is present in childbirth, has a constant physical contact with toddlers, but you give away Statement a report, that it is too diverges with his impetuous way of life. By that same this is definitely, interfere with his career growth. LIE - the type of an extremely fast. Thought on the adoption of the six genera with their own hands mobilizes the of his, and you do not will have time to to blink an, as his already will not be next to you.

    Ethical-sensory introvert, ESI-ISFj (Dreiser).

    How nice and funny,
    What I really like me you
    Well, you give me all the more.
    That's nice, tram-pam-pam.
    - From the film "Ordinary Miracle"

    The artistic image: the innkeeper Emil (E. Schwarz. "Ordinary Miracle")

    ESI - being extremely decent, dignified and conservative. He makes a very positive impression. Staid, solid, well-groomed, he dresses flashy, but tasteful. Clothes never hang it on a hanger is not tight as a drum, not sticks out in all directions at random. Properly selected colors, convenience, calculated carelessness, good posture, neat short hair - all this creates the appearance of a traditional man, and solid figure, demeanor and talk show strength and reliability. Do not doubt that if the cause will take ESI, then all you need for New Year's table, or traditional meeting with parents will be procured in advance. ESI knows how to have respect for the people, but also in response to the same waiting. As harsh and strict adherent of morality, it makes serious demands to the relationship, and does not hide it. He knows what should be good relations between friends, within the family, with children, with the staff. In a measured, orderly life, filled with economic concerns, he tries to avoid surprises, surprises and generally any uncertainty. Precarious situation, various misunderstandings and disagreements can provoke quiet ESI an unexpected splash of emotions. And he knows how to show your noble anger so that others inexplicably begin to share it. In this case, you know that it is seriously complicated.

    The first step (forward)
    If ESI decided to give the impression it will take to talk about some theories appropriate to the occasion. New laws, discoveries of scientists, scientific books - this is knowledge of what he was willing to demonstrate unfamiliar people. Support it, find in its memory a suitable case and consult him how to act. Write down what he advises to collect the documents, in which instance to apply, what laws operate. He is willing to share his experience of seeing a genuine interest in their knowledge. Now you can assign the next meeting, because after you get a response from the relevant authorities, you again need his advice.

    The second step (forward)
    ESI's not afraid of anything, except for unforeseen circumstances. It's also annoying situation of choice of equivalent options. And he wanted to be sure he could handle the case regardless of the whims of fate. You should be in word and deed to maintain this confidence in him. Try to protect him from all kinds of surprises and surprises. Keep in mind that even the pleasant anticipation of something good indefinitely gives him uncertainty and anxiety. Avoid ambiguity in all its forms, for example, you should not sneak up from behind and, closing his eyes, screaming: "Guess who?" The question "What do I do?" It should not cause you any hesitation. Answer quickly and confidently. And your partner should get detailed step by step instructions of what he should do. The girl, who can quickly and intelligently navigate in our complicated lives, cause deserved respect ESI.

    The third step (forward)
    In relations ESI sort out myself. Strong-willed pressure on him is impossible. You'll have to act thinner through time vocabulary. Build a sentence so that he felt that the time has come that "tomorrow will be too late", that after everything goes on as usual. Tell him that your union has a great future, good prospects. In the end, it is now very modern - to create a classic family since the era of the sexual revolution, thankfully, behind us.
    Key Phrases:
    "It is time to take a serious step in our lives."
    "We can not miss such a good time."
    "You can not be late with such decisions."
    "Children should start on time" and so on. D.

    Step back
    When the stories are endless militant ESI about the immorality of modern society will direct you bored, do not try to argue with him. "ESI always unhappy," - says a famous proverb socionical. Think better of how to get away without unnecessary disruption. Try to pretend to be ILE. It's not exactly easy because change your plans now must take place with frightening speed, and at the most inopportune moment. Make your final speech like this: "Nobody knows what awaits us in this changing world. It is impossible to build a family, not knowing how the rest of life. I am well aware that you can not miss an opportunity, but you can not calculate in advance where they will be opened. Now I'm a teacher, and tomorrow can become a deputy or striptizerkoy. Suddenly I open talent. I find it interesting to try myself in different areas, maybe even in different countries, but I can not drag you into such adventures. " Imagine how his loyal friend becomes striptizerkoy. Dreiser easily ever let you go to any place where only you will cause your talent is not already open.

    Delta Quadra

    The practicality, feasibility of comfort and care - the main themes of lifestyle and discussions representatives of the fourth quadra. If you have planned his companions youth of this quadra, you have to learn to speak on the topics of the economy, the environment, conservation of resources, a home decoration and maintenance of heat in the house.

    Logical-sensory extravert, LSE-ESTj (Stirlitz).

    This is elementary, my dear Watson!
    - Arthur Conan Doyle. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

    Artistic image: SHERLOCK HOLMES (AK Doyle. "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes"), SHTIRLITS (from the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring")

    LSE you recognize on the confident demeanor of the host. He's brave, smart appearance, because he has a habit of sports and look after themselves. As a rule, prefer short hair. Facial features are often clear, balanced, hard look. LSE occurs sometimes in loose clothing such as sweaters, but the most organically looks in suits and ties. He always knows what to do, and is ready to explain to others what exactly are their responsibilities and what is expected of them. But talking about it too sometimes directly, at the risk of offending someone. Being a born designer, LSE better than any professional create a fashionable and elegant interior in the apartment. Economic and responsible, he has the talent to maintain perfect order both at home and in the workplace. He also knows and loves to take care of their loved ones, as well as employees. If you need expert advice on treatment and nutrition, contact LSE. For thoroughness LSE is always striving first to bring order to his head, and only then act. So, first give him full information and then give time to understand the conditions of the problem. The main thing - do not rush it and do not confuse more information, do not say anything to him by the arm. The procedure for LSE - just a necessary thing. And remember, no rush and bustle! If you did manage to knock him out of the rut, wait quibbles on formal logic. You will receive a complete set: "On what basis did you decide that you can ...?" "I never promised you that ...", "Our relations do not imply any mutual obligations". Before that really comes, do not argue, you still will not be able to convince him at that moment. Postpone the conversation until better times.

    The first step (forward)
    At first glance it seems LSE joker and humorist. He is willing to support the company responds to jokes, telling jokes. Ruddy, cheerful and reliable - in short, a real man. Do not hide his admiration. Show that his wit and energy have made an impression on you. Let him take care of you at the table and invite you to dance.
    Key Phrases:
    "You are so helpful!"
    "As you have fun!"
    "Let's go even dance! You so good."

    The second step (forward)
    Most worryingly for LSE - a rapid change in the relationship (both for the worse and for the better). "Do not hurry"; "We're not going to be late and all the time" - the phrase they utter quiet, confident and as often as possible. Steps on the approximation should be smooth and measured. Take your time, but there is a quiet perseverance in demonstrating its location. In addition, your face should constantly emit strong signs of spiritual affection. Make it so that he does not doubt in your constancy and fidelity. Such tactics will allow you to gain his confidence.

    The third step (forward)
    If you believe that your friend is already "ripe" to carry out your serious intentions, expand the panorama before him excellent opportunities of living together. Tighten your imagination, think ahead. Let your offer wake of his imagination and activates it. Be original, give free rein to your imagination. Implementation of talent the opportunity to surprise friends, change the image and the status of genius children the opportunity to build their lives, create a nest - that is the picture that will warm his heart and gentle send an enterprising mind on a constructive solution. Everything else active LSE organizes itself.

    Step back
    Always ready to meticulously explain who and what to do LSE may eventually seem boring rare. So this is not the hero of your novel, and we must let them go free. Easily and without much injury will help you make a mask IEI. Twitter and flickers, tweet and change the mood on the go - this is the action that will ensure the success of the plan. It is also good to throw and catch one thing after another. Still, you can dramatically change direction - went in one direction, then she changed her mind and went in the opposite direction. Indulge in groundless fantasy. The more violent and bizarre is your imagination, the better. Say, for example, as follows: "Yesterday, I tell fortunes (on the cards, tea leaves, and so on. D.), And now I am afraid that we have no future. It is my karma, which I earned in past lives. It seems that I will have to pay for it is his love for you. Only in this way will the redemption! We have to leave, that you have not touched my karmic debt. " Maps (horoscope, I Ching, runes, palmistry and so on. D.) Can tell you what the next two years you have to leave everything and go private to save starving children in Nigeria. Well, if tomorrow the same cards offer you to join the Greenpeace and go clean the oil from the coast of Portugal. Do not doubt that the prospect to join her life with such frivolous creature, ready to distribute free of charge the right and left your enthusiasm seems LSE nightmare. And turning on his heel, he strode out of all your life.

    Ethical-intuitive introvert, EII-INFj (Dostoevsky).

    I need someone to pray.
    Think simple ant
    Suddenly I wanted to nozhenki fall,
    To believe in his fascination.
    - From the songs of Bulat Okudzhava

    Artistic image: Petrushev Green (Pushkin. "The Captain's Daughter"), Alyosha Karamazov (F. Dostoevsky. "The Brothers Karamazov")

    The youth-EII modest, tactful and delicate, a great lover of reading in general and intellectual. Most often asthenic physique. He has a soft voice, gentle eyes, gentle smile and sublime system of thought. He loves to wear long hair, but modern fashion takes them in a ponytail. Clothes do not pay enough attention, considering that this is not important in life, so it is dressed, usually very modest. Although occasionally found among the men of this type, and the real dandies in the expensive wide-brimmed hats and long coats. When you talk to EII, it seems that conscience itself looks you in the eye. He has the gift of understanding people. He is sympathetic, able to empathize with other people's sorrows and miseries, to comfort, to share your bad mood. He can be trusted - it will never go against the interests of people close to him. Being accommodating and mild, EII thus has an extremely stubborn and can quietly but firmly follow the moral or religious settings. So no matter how you try, you will never be able to lead him astray (if, of course, it got). To argue with you, he can and will not be, but its principles are not indented. EII from those who are willing to open confrontation. However, he is able to anticipate the conflict situation and circumvent it. If it had fallen on his head as a drunken bully in a dark alley, you will be able to EII so friendly joke, that in the end a potential abuser to part with him as a best friend. Please be patient EII is extremely large, but if you still managed to hurt this remarkable man, his gentle appearance and full of sadness drooping eyes can not fail to produce the desired impression on you. There is no doubt that at this moment you do anything in the world wants to go down the drain.

    The first step (forward)
    Modestly sitting in the corner of EII's companies are not always able to immediately notice. It usually does not take part in general noisy conversation. But he read a desire to communicate in your eyes and gladly respond if you sit next to him and start a conversation. Ask him anything about the moral law, about how people should behave. He enjoyed going to present some concept of increasing public morality. Listen to it with understanding, preventing any aggression. Do not disclose, for example, these recipes: "All bastards and bastards hang on lampposts and the point." Such thinking is not close to him and immediately scare him.

    The second step (forward)
    EII's dream - to hear about this statement: "We have nothing to be afraid of, because we know what to do." However, taking into account his manhood, do not tell him that you will protect him and think of him. Both items should be present in your relationship nonverbally. You can give him a tailspin when he tries to take out the teeth of the bottle cap. Try with him instructions to disassemble the new tools and devices. Do not say: "There is clearly written that we must begin with this screw." Say instead: "Let's try to do it like this" - and boldly do as you see fit. If someone shows aggression against you, do not wait, when he showed heroism. Ethics, he may be able to get out of the situation by diplomatic means. If this is not possible, come to the fore and you act peculiar way. Protecting your total territory must take place without words, in fact, without the intervention of your partner. It will feel supported and protected. And in gratitude for such support will want to be together with you for a long time.

    The third step (forward)
    The idea of ​​comfort unconsciously attracted EII. Draw a picture of his pastoral cozy family nest. It should be warm and beautiful. Tell a caring father of his work. Persuade him to go to the shop for a wedding dress, at least try. Express your admiration, say that it is inexpensive and you can not afford to be a time in my life so beautiful.
    Key Phrases:
    "We are such a beautiful couple."
    "Let today staged a romantic candlelight dinner."
    "How nice to feel your concern," and so on. D.

    Step back
    If asceticism and constant quiet sadness of the fall of morals finally fallen upon you mortal anguish, you do not need to resist the desire to leave. Be careful not to injure a delicate creature. In this case, the mask of its information konfliktera SLE need to be very careful. Tell him: "I do not understand in your infinite humanity. You need a more subtle and inspired by nature." Good hint it to your atheistic beliefs. It will make an impression on him. Strongly repeat from time to time: "Religion - the opium of the people. They just make a fool of our brother and everything! How can you believe them?" As soon as it detects you have no spiritual interests, he immediately disappointed in you. The conscience will not allow him to keep in touch with a person who is not so justified his expectations.

    Intuitive-ethical extravert, IEE-ENFp (Huxley).

    I do not see why the noble donam not drink wine?
    - A. and B. Strugatsky. It's hard to be a god

    Artistic Image: Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain. "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"), donkey (from the cartoon "Shrek"), Kostya (from the movie "Pokrovsky Gates"), Dr. Carter (from "ER"), Rumata ESTORSKY ( A. and B. Strugatsky. "It's hard to be a god")

    Reckless and cheerful nature, friendly, smile cheers and endless enthusiasm - that's what distinguishes the present IEE. Lush hair - in short or long version - often forms on the head artistic mess. The same confusion can reign and clothing. Carelessly thrown over a shirt shirt, coat with wide-open free-hanging or scarf thrown over his shoulder - all this in the most relaxed manner and dangles waving while walking. He likes to invent for themselves extravagant clothes to lightly poepatirovat audience and at the same time enjoy yourself. In general, IEE very smart and talented, but extremely scattered. However, nesobrannost combined with his ability to please others. Because of this and arranged all his affairs. IEE does not cost anything with the help of jokes and friendly attitudes get in touch with anyone, anywhere. He does not feel the chain of command and can be in the office of any boss. And people are often willing to respond to requests of this friendly, quiet, sincere person. And he will never forget to endow them with his charming smile. The main enemy in life IEE - the formalities of any kind, from filling receipts of rent to all sorts of rules and agreements. Your friend is convinced that, if circumstances have changed, the previous agreements can no longer be in force. To his chagrin, not all think the same way as he did. If IEE too long to pull the decision (appointment of meeting the commitments and so forth.) And lays it all on indefinite period of time, then it is something disturbs your relationship with him. Think not too offensive tactics you have chosen with your friend.

    The first step (forward)
    The second alias IEE - DON JUAN, so the company you do not pass by it. You will surely notice the bright, outgoing, open, attentive to all, without exception, ladies IEE. When we first met, he usually tells jokes, parodies of familiar quickly reduces the distance of communication. Feast your eyes on him, show him that he is the most interesting.
    Key Phrases:
    "You are a unique person, I have never met such."
    "You have such a power."
    "Against you is impossible to resist," and so on. D.
    You flatter his vanity, and he is likely to notice among other hohotushek reliable, serious girl.

    The second step (forward)
    Median dream IEE - that did not explain anything and took care of him just like that. Do not indulge in the details of "what, how and how much" and to demand any reports were. This may seem strange, but it is necessary to comply with this condition, if you want to be close to IEE. Any causal structure cause a defensive response in the form of irresistible boredom. But he always appreciate your culinary, design and medical abilities. He takes a sincere interest in children for comfort, clothing, tableware and so beautiful. N. Your constructive proposals in these areas will amaze him. He liked and exquisite dinner by candlelight, and your ability to bring comfort to his bachelor lair. He was also pleased to support the fancy talk about guidelines Kama Sutra. In response, he quite deliberately "pay off" with you for this good attitude and emotional attachment.

    The third step (forward)
    Hardly IEE will suggest formalize relations. Formalities his guard, and the concept of appropriateness for him obvious. But IEE responsive to a simple business proposition. That's your proposal must be formulated in a businesslike manner. Explain to him that the two of you will be more profitable and easier to go through life. Talk about the division of responsibilities and saving money, sharing. It must seem to him convincing.
    Key Phrases:
    "Let's do it."
    "Make business - walk safely."
    "Can you imagine how many gifts will cause us to the wedding!"

    Step back
    If you have too much "got" unpredictable behavior and irrepressible diversity of interests of that person, it's time to say goodbye. The best thing you pretend LSI. One day, he shall describe the detailed cost estimates for the family until 2025. Walk up to it seriously and responsibly, and ask him specific proposals for each item. Says: "Everything must be counted in advance. No uncertainty in family life is unacceptable. Count himself when from your paycheck, we can buy a car, apartment, dacha. But without it you can not have children. All you need to do consistently and consciously. Nothing is impossible ride in such an important and responsible business as a family. " Explain to him that his talent can not stand the rigid framework, without which you could not imagine the correct family. And precisely in order to give him the opportunity to realize yourself, you decided to release it from its obligations, which otherwise he would have to take over. The words "strict limits", "the right family" and "obligations", which he fished out of the horror of your speech, it will extinguish any enthusiasm to continue the relationship. And he will come up with some excuse to not offending your dignity, never to meet with you.

    Sensory-logical introvert, SLI-ISTp (Gabin).

    Fate will come on the stove will.
    - Russian proverb

    Artistic Image: Cat Matroskin (cartoons about Buttermilk on E. Assumption), Shrek (of the animated film "Shrek"), a steep Walker (from the movie "Cool Walker"), Gleb Zheglov (from the movie "The venue can not be changed")

    SLI unhurried, founder and impenetrably calm. He gives the impression of manly and reserved man with a great sense of dignity, even if not tall. It has a beautiful aesthetic taste, but prefers to choose for themselves a comfortable, discreet clothing, mostly dark-colored gray and navy blue sweater. When you come to him, he seemed to be reluctant to raise your eyes. Do not expect him to speak himself. Ask him questions, and he will slowly, thoroughly and kindly answer them. Your chosen primarily practices, and therefore does only what is really needed for some reason, and that will bring concrete benefits. Note that squander their resources, he does not intend to. He can always expert evaluate not only the relationship between price and quality goods, but also how much work and time will need to be spent on it to make the necessary amount for its purchase. As a result of such calculations is usually that is not worth starting. In short, SLI lives on the principle of energy saving, that is not so much trying to make more money, how to minimize their need to work as little as possible. He generally prefers to any business done on its own. SLI observant, has an ironic wit and unobtrusive sense of humor, but not everyone is willing to show it. He generally prefers nedemonstrativen quite solitary, quiet life away from people and noise, din, bustle and all kinds of turmoil. If your favorite SLI something not like it, he immediately without ceremony will notify you with a hidden but distinct threat in his voice. You will understand, he does not have to be repeated twice.

    The first step (forward)
    If friends managed to drag SLI to the party, most of all, he sits on the couch in the room, in the cozy corner with a glass of delicious liquor. Look for it there. He was taciturn, but if you are able to unleash it on a story about some new trends (still in some regions), it will respond. Seeing you interested listener (do not rush it), he will try to surprise you with some extravagant information. Surprised naturally, whether it is a new and unique technology of chips or life on Mars. He probably has a favorite fortune-telling system, at least, familiar astrologer. Skepticism is totally out of place. You only need enthusiasm and undisguised curiosity. Treat it carefully to any forecast: political, economic, environmental or cure AIDS in Russia. This will help maintain a conversation and exchanged phone numbers.

    The second step (forward)
    What dreams SLI? He must be sure that there is always an opportunity to get comfort in life debacles. Do not allow it to emotional overload. Smooth friendliness and warm attitude should be the style of your communication. Deep down, your friend believes in miracles. You can talk to him about fiction, or surprise him with some surprise. Do not skimp on it to demonstrate their talents and open his eyes to his own latent possibilities. Persuade him to try, but be aware that your enthusiasm should be enough for both of you. Its reserves of enthusiasm he had extremely limited. Do not be lazy to control the emotional atmosphere around SLI it hard to tolerate sharp feelings and emotional turmoil. Your comfort should always be ready. Such a sensitive, attentive, cheerful but calm girl certainly inspires confidence in a closed and fragile SLI.

    The third step (forward)
    If you can surround your SLI good attitude and he's used to it, it just will not be arguments for refusing to issue your relationship documented. He must be clear that you are very suitable to each other, that together you well, it is possible for life to maintain such a relationship. Make it so that he was convinced that better and I commend you not find it.
    Key Phrases:
    "We trust each other like no one."
    "You and I are soul mates!"
    "Let's save up those relationships forever" and so on. D.

    Step back
    When the economic and frugality SLI began to appear like avarice, and unflappable temperament began to cause a deadly boredom, let's reverse. You will gain the mask of EIE. Immediately start to laugh out loud and to get music, dragged him to restaurants, discos and nightclubs, where a lot of music, noise and squeal. Good will act all sorts of wacky surprises and jokes, which he hates. The official reason for the parting should be the following thought: "As long as you have not seen the world, has not experienced all its pleasures, you will pull out of the family. I can not require you to be locked in the narrow part of the family. You're still young, and it will a serious sacrifice on your part. " But in fact, not so important what you say. You just need to negate your relationship by increasing distance. At some point while you hang out on the next disco, SLI was astonished to find that he is not bored by the same without you, much quieter.


    As you can see, we go around very different, totally dissimilar men. Each girl is helpful to know that it is a choice, what are the prospects for what she can expect when living together with him. It is essential to well-versed in the intricacies of the nature of the partner, to understand what he likes and what not, to successfully build a relationship with him. Hopefully, if you've read our recommendations to this place, which means that they find useful. And to further improve their performance, we offer you two tips.

    1. Once you have identified the elect from the descriptions or tests, carefully read the recommended steps for him 2 and 4. Your behavior is in line with the second step ("I - the girl of your dreams") is to strengthen relations, and in line with the fourth ("We do not made for each other ") - to destroy. Look closely to itself. As far as organic for you one or the other style. Perhaps not even worth starting a relationship that would require too much psychological adjustment, and consequently, alterations of character.

    2. Learn sotsioniku - science, which is essentially a mental hygiene of the XXI century. This will help you learn how to accurately determine the type of information metabolism, not only a potential groom, but also all those with whom you have contact in life. And then to develop these recipes you learn to do on the basis of a clear understanding of the laws of information exchange between people.

    Thanks sotsionike modern man finally a real opportunity wisely and intelligently build their relationships with others. Good luck and good results in this exciting action!