• Gamma Type Subtype Descriptions: ESI - ISFj, LIE - ENTj, ILI - INTp, SEE - ESFp

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    Gamma Type Subtype Descriptions
    ESI - ISFj, LIE - ENTj, ILI - INTp, SEE - ESFp

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    Index of type subtypes:

    Sensing Ethical Extravert SEE, ESFp (Se,Fi)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Sensory subtype Se-ESFp (Se-SEE)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is an authoritative, confident in himself, emotional, and assertive person. Behind his inner restlessness hides a constant thirst for vigorous activity. Inclined to take up too much and frequently ends up wasting his strengths and energies in vain. Despite his best efforts to be diplomatic, at times he's too critical and categorical. Often feels indignant, nonetheless doesn't forget to give compliments. Can look down at this conversation partner, act patronizing, poke at him with prickly jokes. But can also be very kind and courteous, and knows how to keep insisting and persuading someone for a long time, if needed. Possess good artistic sensibilities. Knows how to entertain people. Often he is somewhat thin, looks after his figure, periodically takes up physical exercise and sports. Shifts and changes poses frequently. Eyes are commonly not very large and deep seated. His gestures are impatient, movements seem gusty and nervous. Gait is relaxed or even somewhat shaky and muddled. Speech may be rushed, slightly slurred and too fast.

    Character: Has the character of a leader. Self-assured, brave, and active. Flexible in changing his tactics. Orients quickly in a changing situation and adopts creative approaches as events unfold. Energetic and sociable. Knows how to strike up useful contacts. Has difficulty with accurately evaluating abilities and capabilities of people in resolution of concrete tasks, often experiences doubts and hesitation over this, which he prefers not to share with others. Can lead a large team. Resolute in extreme situations and quickly finds means to stabilize the situation.

    Gravitates towards practical activity. Prefers near-lying, concrete goals that bring some tangible benefits. Tries to improve his competence in his occupation, to raise his own profile and prestige and strengthen his position. In the interest of his business can exert strong pressure on his partners, be overly demanding, and perseverant. The victory must always be attributed to him. Despite the scatteredness of his interests, he tries to bring the most important bulk of work or assignments to completion.

    Prefers to have freedom of action. Does not recognize strict regulation and control. Dislikes monotony and routine. Due to his tendency towards irritability, may fall into depression. Quickly grows tired of routine and boredom, then seeks change and new experiences. Active and mobile, tries to be always informed about current events.

    Cautious in new ventures, as he doesn't have a good sense of their prospective future development. Mistrustful of new untested in practice ideas. Strives to understand general patterns and laws that lie behind topics and questions of interest to him, to soberly analyze the situation. Gathers needed information, establishes necessary links, consults with people who are more competent than him. Takes risks only after weighting everything out, but then he acts quickly and decisively. Has strong willpower, endurance, and perseverance in overcoming difficulties, but in the interests of his business is able to agree to temporary compromises.

    Has a complex and problematic character. Demands that others need to reckon with him, to recognize his authority, to respect him for his business and personal qualities. Sensitive to criticism, admits his own mistakes with great difficulty. Feeling offended by someone, does not take advice, may even act the opposite. Very vulnerable and insufficiently self-critical, thus only praises of his merits and abilities can encourage him to activity.

    Emotional, impulsive. Due to rapid changes of moods is unpredictable in his behavior: at times he is artistic and demonstrative, other times he is wary, prickly, and provocative. Passes on his moods to people around him. if he is in high spirits, can infect everyone with his optimism, cheer them up with original antics, and inspire any activity; if he is in a bad mood, he prefers to be alone, or to socialize with people who can give him their attention and sympathies. At such times, he is inclined to over-dramatize events. But can bring himself under control despite his soulful discomfort when he needs to find a way out of a crisis situation.

    Expressive with his feelings. Knows how to deliver compliments. However, for educational purposes, he criticizes more often than he praises, but tries to do it in half-joking manner. As a result of his impressionability, as well as the contradictory nature of his character, it is rare that he achieves an inner balance. Finds it difficult to maintain smooth and stable relationships with other people. In his heart and soul he is a maximalist, and expects more than he can achieve. Thus, he is inclined to often feel disappointed in people who were initially sympathetic to him.

    (Se-SEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Very active, pressing ahead, enterprising person. Always "holds his sails to the wind". Inclined to venturism, to plays on differences of prices, to risks and games with the law. If he suffers a defeat, he easily withdraws, putting forward other, less flexible partners. This is one of the most unpredictable types. Easily works in trade and mediatory structures, but not in production lines. Sharp changes in moods are characteristic of him: if he feels himself good, then everyone must feel good too, but if he feels himself bad then others must suffer it as well. Strikes up friendships with people at closer personal distances. Can create massive emotional pressuring. A good manager of his household. Can realize himself in service jobs, for example as a waiter at a restaurant, and as an actor, but only of light genres such as comedy or operetta. Easily manipulates with relations, bringing other people closer or farther away from him. Emotionally unstable, for this reason often cannot coexist with others in peace. In case of failure can quickly cause a provocation, then retreat into the shadow.

    Ethical subtype Fi-ESFp (Fi-SEE)

    Appearance: Active and mobile person. Willingly strikes up and moves around useful social connections. Knows how to give compliments. Talks about his possibilities and capabilities in much detail before people who are close to him, likes to make an impression. Intimate intonations in his voice, personal charm, and confidential manner of behavior, that predisposes towards trust, allow him to quickly win over his conversation partners. Often has convex eyes. His gestures are smooth and confident. His poses seem a tad relaxed. Inclined to dress unconventionally, brightly and extravagantly. Even if he has round forms and inclination to excess weight, doesn't feel insecure over this and dresses in anything that he likes to wear. Likes to sit in somewhat scattered pose. His gait is elastic, prideful. Holds himself confidently, even authoritatively alike a patron towards others.

    Character: Has good organizational skills. Inclined to expand the circle of his acquaintances and the field of his activity. Very curious. Strives to be aware of what is going on, and, given the opportunity, likes to show off his awareness of events. Interested in new approaches for resolution of various problems and willingly promotes them. Facilitates the introduction of new ideas into practice. Uses his authority and influence. Purposeful, but flexible in relationships. Prefers to reach agreements on mutually beneficial terms.

    Exhibits large scope in his endeavors. Prefers to solve emerging problem right away, else he can get distracted and then cool off towards them. Inclined to take up many things at once, but doesn't manage to finish everything due to lack of time, lack of interest, or his moods. Has a poorly developed sense of measure, wants to do more than is possible. Scattering his time and efforts on minor tasks, may miss out on those that are more important and necessary. With difficulty discerns general patterns and trends, so it can take on risky projects. Realizes his projects into reality with much enthusiasm. Being defeated, does not lose heart and soon finds a new application to his abilities.

    A manager with good diplomatic skills. Able to persuade and mobilize other people, to inspire them to some new business, or set others against someone who hinders his interests. Usually, gets along well with everyone. In conversation he is polite, courteous, gentle and kind. Delivers plenty of compliments. Predisposes towards trust, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and sincerity. Tries not to bring quarrels to a serious resolution, can hold himself back in time. His democratic behavior, easygoing manner, and personal charisma help him win the sympathy of others.

    In the society, he is often in the spotlight. Loves to tell about and to discuss various recent events and news. Knows how to entertain his companions. In need of admiration and recognition, as this stimulates him to even greater activity and enterprise. Despite the fact that he makes an impression of being a frank and sincere person, this openness has limits beyond which he doesn't allow other people. Only a few people enjoy having his full confidence.

    In business he is practical and calculating. Always knows precisely what he wants. Formally he may listen to advice, but makes decisions ​​independently. Not economical in small things, but cautious when it comes to large expenditure of material resources. At home, he is accurate and neat, willingly tackles household problems. Requires cleanliness and order from people close to him. Looks after his health and his appearance. Aesthete, likes to dress with taste, values coziness and comfort. Very attentive towards people who are close to him, constantly takes care of them.

    (Fi-SEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Places his bets and his trust on influential, reliable people, gradually bridging the interpersonal distance with them, if they are useful. Possesses a kind of snobbery, status, and authoritativeness. Needs to have everything better – his office, his car, his country house, and so on. A good worker, can manage people and relations within a team. Pragmatic in his approach and good at making calculations. Not inclined to adventurism and to risk. A good politician, feels people well and pulls in the necessary persons. Plays a role of a thoughtful person who is working on some important problem. Dresses with some more restraint than the sensory subtype.

    Intuitive Logical Introvert ILI, INTp (Ni,Te)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Intuitive subtype Ni-INTp (Ni-ILI)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype seems balanced, calm, and even slow. Possesses well-developed figurative and associative thinking. Reads a lot and is given to contemplation and reflection. Likes to converse at length, narrating something on various subjects or retelling something which he has previously read. In conversation he is usually tactful, polite, somewhat reserved, tries to avoid being overly direct and critical. Frequently he feels suppressed and dissatisfied by something – either by his state of health, or by being in poor spirits, or due to some other cause. He rarely discusses his problems with others and holds himself somewhat at a distance. Internally he is rather timid, contradictory, and vulnerable, although he tries not to show this. His movements are fluid and unhurried. Sometimes his figure is tall and lanky, other times it is proportional, but he always seems calm and filled with a sense of his own value. His gait and movements are smooth, may be somewhat swinging and wavering.

    Character: Possesses well-developed imagination and creative faculties. Inclined to contemplation and passive life of an observer. Often lacks in determination and confidence in himself. In his soul he is an idealist who envisions a beautiful, harmonious, and prosperous life, but is quite passive in finding the means to achieve it. Internally contradictory, critical and distrusting, though doesn't always show this. Subject to frequent doubts and fluctuations. Through his strong intuition he is able to predict the outcome of any undertaking or behavior of a person in any given situation. Often gives advice to exercise caution to avoid unpleasant surprises and troubles. Appreciates old, time-tested truths. Feels susceptible to the fluctuations of life thus he tries to foresee everything; for example, before a trip he thinks over all the details and brings with him everything that may become necessary. Prone to remembering his failures and mishaps for a long time. Frequently falls into melancholy due to excessive pessimism. Though he is often endowed with a fertile imagination and loves new experiences, in reality he gravitates towards stability, safety and security. When he feels too bogged down by the monotony, he gladly takes on traveling.

    Farsighted and prudent in the acquisition of new things or changing his way of life. He rarely rushes the course of events and may delay and postpone making important decisions. Thinks through everything in advance. Dislikes activities and undertakings that are risky and require improvisations. Careful, cautious and indecisive in new endeavors. Person of habit. Dislikes unpleasant surprises.

    Typically leads a somewhat reversed style of life and has a small circle of friends. Rarely takes the initiative in interaction himself, doesn't want to seem intrusive. Stable in his affections. Feels uncomfortable in new company of people. Polite and easy in communication, but dislikes familiarity and boisterous displays of emotion. Considers excessive emotions just like any other extreme to be objectionable and unneeded and calls on others to be calm and reasonable. Loyal, typically tolerant of people and forgiving of their shortcomings. Shows magnanimity and generosity towards others in difficult situations. Aware of his obligations and does not promise anything if he is not sure that he will be able to deliver it.

    Values conveniences and comfort. Can work at a measured and constant pace to provide for a comfortable and prosperous life. If he is drawn to creative work, can become a tireless researcher. Whether he is engaged in his work or domestic chores, he is thorough, conscientious, and carries out his tasks to completion even if he doesn't make it by the deadlines. Demanding of himself, can force himself to do work that is unpleasant and uninteresting but necessary. Finds it difficult to pressure and persuade anyone into anything - prefers reaching an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. However, sometimes he becomes very stubborn and intractable, especially if he sees that a person acts without taking into account his advice or interests.

    Tries to look after his appearance and health, keep himself neat and clean, and dress tastefully. Rarely allows for bright color combinations and decorations, as well as any other excesses.

    Has difficulty maintaining an inner balance due to heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. Due to his inability to control his moods and to switch his attention to something else, sometimes he is excessively fault-finding and cantankerous and other times too kind and accommodating. His emotions transfer to others. Knowing this, he prefers to spend time in solitude when he is in a poor mood, so as not to regret later something said or done in the heat of the moment. In a good mood, he is a charming and pleasant companion who with his attentiveness and sensitivity predisposes toward trust and willingly shares his advice.

    (Ni-ILI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Researcher-theorist who paves the way with fundamental developments. By use of analogies is often able to predict how an ongoing process will unfold. Has a good sense for socio-economic tendencies. Possesses extensive erudition and good memory, frequently gets stuck in details. Is well able to provoke a situation, including a commercial one. Experiences difficulties in communication. Searches for an opponent, criticizes with a dose of biliousness, likes to underline deficiencies. Ascetic and grumbling. Often has an asthenic figure, may be negligent of his appearance and take poor care of his health.

    Logical subtype Te-INTp (Te-ILI)

    Appearance: The logical subtype makes an impression of a self-confident, sober-minded, rational person. Most often he is courteous, demonstrates a critical turn of mind and possesses a sense of humor. He smiles frequently but his smile seems somewhat monotonous and set. He tries to be polite, therefore doesn't always voice all of his thoughts and observations. Likes to subject things to analysis. Sometimes he seems haughty and derisive. Skeptical, ironic, and mistrustful. Trusts more in figures and facts than in hastily drawn conclusions. A good rationalizer; he is able to discern the main points and avoid engaging in tasks and projects that are futile in his opinion. Most often his figure is heavy-set and pycnic. His gait is usually quick, movements are purposeful and resolute. May actively gesticulate while speaking. Appears somewhat gusty and impulsive, but usually holds himself with integrity and calm dignity.

    Character: Quickly assesses a situation or a new project from the point of view of its feasibility and practicality. Likes realistic goals, while the methods of achieving them he finds himself or through intermediaries. Inclined to make rational actions. Takes note of all the details of the case presented to him, emphasizing main ones and brushing unimportant ones aside. Is able to extract maximum returns while applying minimum of effort. Capable of making accurate economic and political predictions. Encourages people to be active, but also warns against any activities that are useless in his opinion. Notices all the contradictions and imperfections of his surrounding world. Due to a developed sense of skepticism it is difficult for him to properly assess the potential of new ventures and people's abilities. While calling for prudence, he can cool any excessive enthusiasm with subtle irony.

    Possesses organizational skills. Tries to be able in his affairs and knowledgeable over a variety of issues. Appreciative of quality work and high qualifications. Has an interest in laws and regulations, collects necessary and interesting information. It's hard to reconvince him in an argument because he often proves his point of view supplying factual information. Sufficiently stubborn, does not yield to direct pressure.

    May have a wide circle of professional or business acquaintances, but rarely becomes truly close with anyone. Fearing becoming dependent on someone tries to appear self-sufficient and confident in himself. Despite this, he is often in need of moral support. Likes people who with their optimism can instill confidence in success. Critically perceives the shortcomings of others. Sometimes cannot withhold himself from making a critical remark, due to which it is difficult for him to maintain smooth relations with others.

    Internally emotional, but tries to be self-sustained. Dislikes falling to extremes, but if his principles are violated he may flare up. Usually restrained in expression of his feelings, dislikes making compliments, considers that it's more sincere to talk of shortcomings. In this case, with his straightforwardness may not spare another's self-esteem. Poorly tolerates discomfort, both external and internal, and therefore tries to smooth out a bad impression left by something he has said.

    Thrifty, economical and practical. Dislikes excesses, can suffice with less. Skillfully handles objects and finances. Good with handling his documentation. Shows creativity in handling practical matters. Can adapt and extract use from things that to others seem to have outlived their use. Modest in his appearance and in everyday life. Feels awkward claiming for himself any material privileges or rewards. Does not attribute much value to accessories, but feels insecure if his appearance does not match the tastes of his society. Rather passive when resting. Due to weak self-discipline and certain measure of inertia he underestimates the role of a healthy lifestyle, due to which his health may suffer.

    (Te-ILI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Practical, operational, maneuverable. Avoids taking up useless tasks and activities. Tries to extract benefit from everything, does not allow for waste in industry - everything must be reasonably used. Loves gatherings, company, friends, a good table. Has a developed sense of humor. Knows how to get along with those around him. Outwardly elegant and sociable, however, of somewhat loose and relaxed in constitution.

    Logical Intuitive Extravert LIE, ENTj (Te,Ni)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Logical subtype Te-ENTj (Te-LIE)

    Appearance: Makes an impression of a mobile, energetic, action-oriented and strict person. Facial expressions lack in emotionality. Looks directly, at point-blank range, studying his conversation partner, with his gaze focusing for a long time on his conversation partner or on objects in his surroundings. A bit timid and diffident, though tries to hide this. At times, he is overly mistrustful, critical, and excessively categorical. It is difficult to distract him from what he has planned, tries to bring everything he has conceived to completion. Despite his tendency to think and reflect, he is decisive and impulsive in words and in action. Inclined to have longs talks. Seems somewhat uptight and strained in conversation due to his desire to appear self-controlled, composed, serious person with foresight. His apparent slowness suddenly changes to haste and hurriedness. In most cases, his figure looks solid and stocky in built, though somewhat rigid and angular in movements. Tries to hold himself with dignity and confidence. If he jokes, does it with a serious look, smiling only with the corners of his mouth.

    Character: Hardworking and alert. Eagerly gets involved in various activities and business that bring concrete results and benefits. Usually well-informed, and tries to be credible and authoritative. Plans everything advance, collects needed information for data driven solutions. Strives for clarity and accuracy in all matters. Pragmatic: will not take up useless and payless work. Leery of new proposals that are not supported by convincing evidence. Cautious in his new endeavors. Prefers testing new ideas in practice, to avoid making mistakes. Being convinced in future benefits of a certain idea, tries to realize it into real life with much enthusiasm and energy.

    He is never satisfied with the current events. Always searching for ways of changing, polishing, and improving the existing. Has a critical turn of mind, and an inclination towards polemics. Enjoys developing new projects and promising plans. Separates a given goal into steps, and subsequently carries them out, thus bringing his given goal to its completion. Dislikes being distracted from his work or business, and when others interfere with his focus or try to impose others methods and courses of actions. Quite principled in his views and convictions. It is difficult to persuade him, or convince him otherwise.

    Strives towards order, logical and rational sense in everything, though he's not always able to achieve this. Interested in the worldly value of things. Stimulates other people to activity and work by his own example, as well as by making agreements on mutually beneficial conditions. Poorly tolerates trickery and cunning. Respects people of their word and deed. Not afraid of challenges and obstacles. Interested in testing himself in extreme conditions, in overcoming all hardships and coming through as the winner. Under any circumstances, shows fortitude, tenacity, optimism and endurance.

    In matters and issues of principle to him can show firmness and intractability, defending the ideals of fairness and humanism. Negatively refers to unceremoniousness and abuse. Correct and restrained in his statements, tries to create a casual atmosphere in conversation by his democratic attitude and humor. Good storyteller, describes events in all detail. Readily shares his impressions and sensations with people around him. Holds himself with seriousness and dignity, shows good manners, politeness and courtesy. Doesn't tolerate when he is treated with disrespect, can flare up and lose his temper in such cases.

    Likes people who are serious and restrained in communication, in whom he sees solid support in the future. Reliable as a friend, provides real concrete help in difficult situations. Critical towards the mistakes and flaws of others, but delivers his reproofs and rebukes in a soft form, even if he is deeply upset. Poorly discerns feelings of his partner, suspicious, afraid of making a mistake, of making himself look ridiculous. Therefore careful in his emotional expressions and admissions, tries to deliver them in a joking humorous form. Prefers to prove his relation to someone by deeds rather than by words. Strives for solid, durable, stable, and reliable relations.

    Feels upsets if he is unsure of his external attractiveness, thus tries to look good, aesthetically pleasant, and appreciates good aesthetic sense and good manners in others. Practical, good at managing his household, knows how to do much with his hands. Cleverly and adeptly solves any household problems that he encounters. A supporter of healthy lifestyle, but visits the doctors with much reluctance. If he happens to fall sick, inclined to use folk and alternative medicines, patiently trying to get better using various health systems. His persistence, inexhaustible optimism, and will to live help him overcome any obstacles on the way to achieving his goals.

    (Te-LIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Most dynamic of all TIMs. A pioneer in his field of activity. Seems a spontaneous person. Very emotional and impulsive, therefore can be inconsistent in his business. Trusting, due to his carelessness can unintentionally land himself in complicated affairs. Can realize himself in free market activity. Searches for supporters, with whom it is possible to realize his own or shared ideas. If he loses, doesn't lose his spirit and optimism, but proceeds ahead with his life. Pays little attention to external appearances and health. Outwardly can look somewhat thin, very mobile, if male may have a beard and mustache. It happens that he leads a disorderly, chaotic, unrestrained style of life.

    Intuitive subtype Ni-ENTj (Ni-LIE)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype is pleasant and considerate in dialogue. He can be affectionate and cheerful, possesses a developed sense of humor, often becomes the soul of a company. Inspired, energetic, and optimistic. Mobile, restless, scattered, always in a hurry, aiming to accomplish much in time. Very enterprising, boldly takes risks. It's hard for him to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time. He has many ideas. Always has several points where he can apply his efforts. Diplomatic and gallant with everyone, especially with women, but can show familiarity at closer acquaintance. Due to his inclination to unceremoniousness, his sense of tact often fails him, and he commits ethical mistakes, which he tries to correct and mend with the help of jokes and his services. Behaves himself simply, uninhibitedly, freely and easily. In conversation sometimes like to touch his conversation partner, to hug, to kiss, to make jokes. His gestures and gait lack ostentatious solidity and seem very natural.

    Character: This is a person of action with a developed creative beginning. Has an active practical mind, very curious, and boldly experiments. Often constructs far-reaching but concrete plans. Impulsive, cheerful, enterprising, easily takes initiative in new projects and beginnings. Quickly turns to work, inspiring others to get involved with his own enthusiasm. Bravely tackles implementing new ideas to life, as he sees their prospects well into the future. Brave, resourceful, far-sighted and shrewd. Instantly orients in extreme situations and develops an effective plan of action. If he is not involved in some project or activity, he starts to feel bored and his vitality falls, but usually he is able to quickly find application of his abilities in any activity.

    Somewhat scattered, inclined to get distracted by secondary and unimportant things, due to which may put off the main work until later, but after a while returns to it. Impatient by nature, may be careless and negligent with details. Dislikes competing, manifesting selfish interests, demanding his right to something. May cede his positions to more obstinate and insistent partners. For the sake of justice or to defend an idea in which he believes, may sacrifice his own interests.

    Fluctuates in choosing which decision to go with, due to which it is easy to talk him out of what he has conceived. Due to internal doubts and contradictions he can be unpredictable in his behavior. With difficulty endures the crash of his hopes, but, with the inherent to his optimism, is not averse to start everything anew, not looking back. Gravitates towards new impressions and changes, often changes his hobbies and interests, tries and tests himself in different spheres of activity and occupations. A romantic at heart, enjoys travel, sharp and thrilling impressions, sometimes tests and risks with his fate. Faithful in relations, but not averse to flirting. His personal life is often rather complicated and changeable.

    Emotional, fidgety, restless. Tries to do everything in time and feels very worried when he sees that he cannot accomplish everything by the deadlines. He is often in a hurry himself, and hurries and urges others. Negatively refers to those who are lazy, who seek convenience and enjoyment. In conversations, he is lively and welcoming. Seems sincere, original, straightforward, and predisposing towards trust. Attentive towards other people, delves into their problems, gives advice, offers his services, tries to encourage them, make them laugh with jokes. If in the interests of the work or business he finds it necessary to put pressure on other people, tries to do it in inoffensive form, although he may be too direct and pushy. Sometimes his sense of tact fails, and he can inadvertently offend his conversation partner, but then he tries to fix the situation immediately or very soon. He is docile in nature: it's difficult to pick a quarrel with him.

    Interested in various unsolved and unexplored phenomena. Tries to comprehend the essence of various events and manifestations. Reflects and thinks over scientific, moral, and philosophical questions. In his soul he is somewhat suspicious and superstitious. At home undemanding, can do with very little. Loves children and animals. Pays little attention to his appearance. Wanting to be loved not for his appearance, but for his inner qualities. In need of a person who can keep him from committing rash actions.

    (Ni-LIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Seems a calm and balanced person who leads an orderly lifestyle. Well perceptive of good opportunities. Calmly selects which idea it's best to put into action. Always finds the most optimal and advantageous solution, that will lead to the greatest benefit. Often this is a kind of natural scientist, tester and experimenter, who works with both his mind and his hands. Can take up natural and physical sciences or painting, in everything he tries to bring things to completion. Excellent game technician, experimenter. Gets along well with children, easily getting them involved by interesting activities. Outwardly looks somewhat restrained, usually has a more solid and stocky built than the logical subtype. Dresses well and looks after his health.

    Ethical Sensing Introvert ESI, ISFj (Fi,Se)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Ethical subtype Fi-ISFj (Fi-ESI)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype usually makes an impression of a modest, gentle, soft person, but in his soul he is very principled, demanding, and distrustful. It is difficult to make him change his mind. Can be very stubborn and intractable. Sensitive, prudish, dislikes imposing his company. Internally highly critical and applies his high ethical standards to other people, though may not openly voice this. If his principles are touched, he can suddenly show his character, becoming sharp and uncompromising. Hardworking and practical. At work he is responsible and painstaking. Shows good manners, tries to be gracious and refined. Dresses with taste, though somewhat monotonously. His gaze is soft, at times frightened, and testing. In interactions with others, this is a soulful, attentive, caring and considerate person.

    Character: Restrained, tactful, and polite in interaction. Discerning of relationships. Principled in matters of morality and responsibility. Distinguished by his sharp and categorical conclusions. He is constantly analyzing actions of other people and condemning any violations of moral and ethical norms. However, he tries to be more tolerant towards others and doesn't immediately express his opinions if they are negative. Very observant: readily notices personal flaws and capabilities of other people. Remembers the mistakes of others for a long time, and if opportunity presents itself can resort to his "personal files". May idealize those he is sympathetic towards from a distance. Demonstrates his attitude not only by words but also by actions.

    This is a person of duty. Does not spare his time and effort for upkeep of order and stability at work. Does his work meticulously and thoroughly, overcoming any obstacles that arise on the way. Does not put off and delay everyday tasks and chores until later. Makes himself to do work that is uninteresting but necessary. Helps out others with work that they cannot cope with by the deadlines. Very conscientious, aware of his obligations, and responsible person, but prefers to share responsibility with others. Inclined to sit at work late, trying to finish up everything. Accurately maintains records.

    Careful, guarded and distrustful, afraid of making mistakes and letting down others. Painfully endures injustice and critical remarks regarding his abilities. Needs praise and compliments, though usually he does not show this. Tries to exercise foresight in everything, so that any unexpected events don't catch him by surprise. Prefers to plan for future activities. Prepares for everything in advance, is punctual and usually does not run late.

    Does not give any promises if he is unsure that he can fulfill them. Shy and indecisive, dislikes imposing anything on strangers. Appreciates comfort, both at his workplace and in relationships. Expresses his attitude not so much by words, as by the tone of his voice and look.

    Stable and in his habits, interests and affections. Yielding in relations, may put aside his own affairs to solve problems of his partner. Very impressionable and vulnerable, but shares his sufferings only with his close ones. Values friendship and does not forgive betrayal. Considerate and courteous. Modest and undemonstrative, tries not to stand out. Dresses simply, but with good taste.

    (Fi-ESI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Delicate and sensitive in nature. A good judge of character and a reliable friend. Capable of coming to a compromise. With his softness and ease of interaction he sometimes resembles an SEI. This subtype is often a better implementer than an organizer. It's important to him how others regard him, their opinions of him. Attentive, caring, and sensitive. Good with small children. Can realize himself in applied arts and cultural work. Outward appearance is modest. He rarely follows fashion and prefers a freer style.

    Sensory subtype Se-ISFj (Se-ESI)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is quite strict, critical, and ironic. Categorical in conclusions and uncompromising in decisions. Internally sensitive and emotional, but tries to appear as strong, cold, self-assured person. Serious, guarded, and private. Conservative in his tastes and habits. Diligent in work, though sometimes he lacks in attention and perseverance to complete his assignments. At times seems unapproachable, arrogant, and prickly. His gaze is piercing. His face sometimes assumes a guarded expression. Well-wishing and attentive, but keeps at a distance from others. Quite undemonstrative. Dislikes it when his appearance is inspected; afraid of external evaluations. Takes care of his looks, dresses elegantly, with taste and a bit of strictness. If he is confident in his appearance, may allow himself to wear additional accessories. His gait is often hammering.

    Character: Stubborn, firm, and uncompromising in matters that are of importance to him. Strong-willed and enduring. Industrious and venturesome. Energetic and quick in handling practical matters. Can do several things at once, showing extraordinary work ethic and efficiency. From time to time, needs an emotional discharge. Difficult life situations invigorate him and stimulate him to search for quick solutions and exits out of current circumstances. With difficulty takes the initiative in making new acquaintances and establishing new contacts, but usually takes the first steps in breaking off relations that have run their course. Observant and clever, at the right time can hit the weakest spot of his opponent. To good and poor treatment answers with the same. Has a tendency to divide people into "his own" and "others".

    Seems somewhat inaccessible, vigilant, and alert. Dislikes it when someone puts his qualities to an evaluation because internally he is not fully confident in himself. Intolerant of those who are lazy, slovenly, and disingenuous. Does not forgive rudeness and tactlessness, which may even serve as a reason to break up relations for him. In a company of unfamiliar or unpleasant people, he feels constrained and may choose to leave quietly. Does not like unexpected visitors, quickly becomes tired of them. At times he is overly distrustful and suspicious of others.

    In conversation with people tries to determine their abilities and possibilities for future practical application in some area. Tries to evaluate people objectively, regardless of his sympathies for them. Often possesses good administrative skills. In his decisions seeks to rely on factual information.

    In a circle of close people, he is usually talkative, makes jokes, sometimes asks tricky questions, inclined to play pranks and set up ruses; attempts to entertain others. Subordinates his emotions to the situation: he is cheerful among those who are cheerful and serious among those who are serious. Defends and upholds ethical standards. Selflessly protects his own interests and interest of people who are close to him. Able to make others subjugate to his will. In difficult situations, readily lends his help to others and offers his services. Tries not to show his anger and spite openly, but not everyone can withstand his penetrating, prickly gaze.

    Places high demands on himself. Quickly adapts to new circumstances if he finds them favorable. Poorly tolerates ambivalence and hesitation. Finds it difficult to wait for resolution of important for him questions. Often fluctuates in selection of a goal, but at a critical moment he can make the right decision. Poorly feels the progression of time; due to this, grows nervous getting ready for anything, feels anxious that he won't make it on time. Feels worried concerning upcoming changes, for example, when he has to take a trip. Cherishes stability, supports conventions of his own circle. Somewhat suspicious and skeptical.

    A good economist, able to efficiently handle his finances, dislikes being in debt. Easily takes the initiative in concrete and practical activities, can even be assertive and imposing. Intolerant of irresponsibility and disorganization. Often possesses a developed aesthetic taste and dresses originally. Clean and neat, and demands the same from others. Finds it difficult to discern individual capabilities and hidden motives of others; due to this can have problems with his work colleagues, family members and children.

    (Se-ESI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    This is a person of duty, very active and enduring. Characterized by expansionism within a small circle. Can be aggressive if he's not agreed with. In conflict situations is never the first to seek reconciliation. Gravitates to administrative roles. May become managers of medium-sized groups, keeping discipline and order, and applying sanctions to those who are at fault. Often is quite forthright and blunt. Shows his attitude with an incinerating look. Businesslike and purposeful. Can give a rebuff to those who create illegal structures, as they easily recognize the seeds of such activities. Prefer prestigious style in clothing, sometimes even bright but not ostentatious tones.