• Diagram of Simplified Info Processing

    This is the Diagram I said I would do up.
    It is not based on Socionics. But it fits Socionics very well.

    And...once again, i can't figure out how to alter the size properly.
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    1. miss BabyDoll's Avatar
      miss BabyDoll -
      interesting stuff!
      also reminded me of stimulus processing in (a.) i. systems where:
      sensor= any of the five senses/reception of stimuli (i.e. keyboard, mouse)
      node= neurological juncture where neccessary conversion takes place (i.e. onbord graph. controller)
      top lvl node= place of manifestation/application in neopallium/isocortex (i.e. controller hub)
      the process is cyclical, perpetual and (optionally) involuntary and has implicit/explicit manifestation

    1. Chae's Avatar
      Chae -
      How does motion/location manifest for Fe?