• MCV: Mind Reading Fe

    Fe - What is this TPE doing? What's happening?

    Info is gathered from Direct Experience of the Actions.
    Info gathered is hinted at, suggested, understood indirectly.

    (Ethics - the actions have an emotional and cognitive impact on our psyche...such as mirror neurons)


    It's easy to imagine that neural clusters are activated in the brain each time you move. But many people aren't aware that when you observe someone else moving, many of those same neural clusters will activate.

    By this natural process of activation, we each unconsciously mimic the actions of others. It helps us share in the experiences of others, and to know what they are feeling, without having to think/talk about it.

    Mirror neurons primarily exist in the areas of the brain concerned with movement, sensations, emotions, and intentions.


    A demonstration was done in which tennis players watching a video of a moving ball activated the areas of the brain that track visual objects. But when they watched a video of someone serving the ball, the above visual tracking areas activated, AND other areas of the brain that showed that the viewer's brain was "acting out" the moves seen in the video. It's believed that by the brain doing so, it helps the viewer/brain predict where the ball will go.

    Hogwash, you say. The brain's not imagining that it's doing the actions.
    Actually, it is.

    When we watch a TPE action, the mirror neurons are activated.
    And when we actually act on the TPE, causing the same action, those same neurons activate, PLUS a few mor areas related to intent (and actual muscle initiation, etc).
    So we have [action clusters] +/- [intent clusters] being activated. Depending on if we are doing it...or merely watching it.

    But wait...it gets better!

    When we see another person expressing an emotion, the areas of the brain associated with feeling that emotion becomes activated. That emotion you saw has triggered the same emotion in yourself! You feel what you saw felt.

    And wait...there's still more!!

    Our brains also mirror intentions.

    Two movements may be identical, but may signal very different things, in different contexts.
    If you see a person picking up a cup to drink from, your brain will activated a different set of neurons than if that person was picking up a cup to clear the table.

    Add them up together and you get
    [action clusters] + [emotion clusters] + [intention clusters]

    But remember, it's not just watching it happening...like an outside observer...
    you literally feel it happening.
    You feel what it's like to do the action;
    You feel the emotions you saw felt; and
    You feel the intention as well.

    This allows us to get a glimpse of someone else's plans and thought processes w/o consciously having to work it out.

    You really ARE a mindreader!!!


    Or ARE you?
    • You felt what it was like to do the action...
    • You felt the emotions you saw...
    • And you even felt the intentions you observed...

    So you know it all...you know everything that was going on in that person's mind, right?

    No. You don't.

    When you see someone doing something,
    your brain activates what it would be like if YOU were doing it
    When you see someone expressing an emotion,
    your brain activates what it would be like if YOU expressed that way
    When you see someone acting with an intent,
    your brain activates what it would be like if YOU had that intent
    What you're feeling is YOUR actions, YOUR emotions, w/ YOUR intent.
    Not theirs.

    And, in order to mirror another's actions, the action must "resonate" with a motor program that your brain has already learned.

    If you've never played tennis, your brain won't activate the same neuron clusters of action, nor intent, that an actual tennis player's would.

    If you've never experienced/learned a particular emotion, you're brain won't activate the same neurons as the actual emotion would.

    And if you've never done something with the other person's actual intent, you're brain won't activate THEIR intent...it will active YOUR intent in that same context.

    Mirror Neurons...Projection at its finest?

    If you dare mention to an Fe ego that they are projecting the intentions, or that the intention they gave for your actions is wrong, expect there to be hell to pay. Because they KNOW! They can read your body language! They can read your ind! and yes!!! They obviously know you better than you know yourself!!
    Sound familiar?


    Woah there, Nellie.
    Lest you think I'm demonizing Fe, let's think about the implications of your actions...and the Fe's mirror neurons.

    You're sad and depressed, your body language expresses this without you even realizing it...
    and now you've made the Fe feel sad and depressed.
    You get angry, kick some dirt around, punch a wall, threaten to harm someone..
    you've just induced similar rage and intent into the Fe.
    You throw up your hands and say "Fuck It! I Quit!"...
    you've triggered similar into Fe.

    Do you have any idea how rude you are being?
    How rude it is to shove your emotions down someone's throat even when you think you're not expressing any emotion?

    No wonder Fe thinks you're an ass....
    cuz you ARE an ass for doing that...
    and worse...denying that you're doing it. wtf? You F***n Liar!

    So why the hell would Fe want to spend time with you?

    Well, if you have similar views on TPE,
    have experienced TPE together,
    have similar intentions, hopes, and dreams,
    or at least willing to let the Fe type join you in your actions/experiences...
    then they'll more easily 'comprehend' the signals you're sending out.
    And since it's shared or similar, you won't be denying what they feel...
    nor denying what they know about you.

    Team work...everyone with the same intent, the same goal. How heavenly would that be for Fe types?

    Coming from the same Tribe, with the same cultural upbringing, the same symbolism, the same mannerisms. How soothing that must be. To finally be able to trust the people around you, to know and understand the people around you, and to be safely away from those idiots who constantly deny their feelings, their thoughts, and their intentions.


    Fe is often linked with emotions, emotional expression, imitation/mimicry, and acting.
    Fe types are often accused of trying to manipulate the emotional atmospheres, and of trying to evoke emotional reactions in others.

    Your exuberance and arousability infects them...
    Maybe they're trying to help you feel the same exuberance and joy they're feeling.

    There are so many ways Fe can express itself....and thus infect Fe emotions into others.
    Song, Dance, Poetry, expressive gestures, maybe even a hearty pat on the shoulder and a big smile

    Smile!..and you'll begin to actually feel happy.
    "If you chance to meet a frown,
    Do not let it stay...
    Quickly turn it upside down
    And smile that frown away."

    If you think that was annoying..spend some time with two or more Fe emo types.
    They'll show you just how emo emo can be.

    And finally,

    Fe is quick to pick up on nuances in phrasing, tone, and unconscious gestures.
    You're an open book to Fe...
    as long as you two 'speak' the same 'language'.
    (However, Fe types may not always be aware of nor remember the implications of that last part.)
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