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    Ne - What is this TPE? (indirectly understood mental constructions)

    Ok, this video sux. New program, unknown editing features (not sure if the program has editing features, wtf??), bare idea for a 'script', and in serious need of help to stay focused and on task.


    When I refer to 'triggering information in your brain', I'm talking about all those various 'blobs' of activated activity within the brain that gets translated as meaningful information. Not all of it is conscious, either. So, we get these 'blobs' about a TPE, and those represent meaningful data (information) about the TPE. In the case of Ne, we're talking about information that is primarily about some conceptualized TPE, but the information is hazy and ambiguous at best. Like a shadow. You know that story about the people thinking they know the world because they've been watching the shadows dance across the walls? Yeah, that's what N elements are like. It's rarely referencing something concrete that it can easily test the construct against, and there is little to no sensory based data. Just these...blobs...in the mind that are being manipulated and viewed, and which are then combined in some way to make a bigger blob. Yes, Ne is information about... blobs.

    With that said, do I really need to get into why Ne types use phrases such as maybe, might, could, etc? It's because they are trying to describe a blob. They can't show it to you, you can't touch it, see it, hear it, etc. You can't even be sure that it even exists, and usually...it doesn't!! So, instead of calling the Ne type delusional...we call them 'imaginative'. (sounds nicer that way)

    Ne types see you figuratively pointing your finger, and they are trying to figure out what the hell you are pointing at. Or worse, when they are trying to describe something, they are hoping you are at least trying to look past their finger and at least attempt to see the big blob they are figuratively pointing at, themselves.

    So, how are you going to communicate blob information to someone else? Well, it helps if you have as much little blobs of information that can help you define it or make it clearer. And to get that, you have to do a whole lot of exploring in the hopes that maybe someday, you'll get just the right description so that everyone else can see this blob as well...(instead of them thinking its just your imaginary friend).

    Fine, I'll use the guidelines to show how this blob fits with typical Ne descriptions.

    potential/possibility, chance? the blob is virtually shapeless, maybe it's shaped this way, or maybe that way, or maybe these characteristics will help describe it...no? ok fine, how about these other characteristics? Yes, I'm still talking about the same blob!

    the unique/unusual, the unknown, search, newness? it's a damned blob that doesn't exist in reality, or it may not, ooh, what if it does, gotta find out now.... how ya gonna find out if it really exists or not? explore, look for it, find all those little blob parts so you can have proof that your blob exists...and that you're not delusional....

    essence, perception of the whole, internal makeup? If I can figure out what the defining attributes of this blob is, then maybe you can 'see' it too It's A, but not B, has C, doesn't do D...etc etc etc
    (have to differentiate between blobs, ya'know?)
    (and here, the Xi elements come in to play, to help out)

    "a state of trying to see novel connections"? who needs to try? Blobs morph, it's trying to pin them down that sux. Consider how many definitions and views exist of the IE...guess what...IE are Ne blobs!!!

    Ok, so you want to describe your blob...er TPE to me? Ok, answer these questions for me so that I can build up a blob construct of your TPE. What is it, what does it do, what are some of it's qualities, what purpose does it serve, etc etc. The more details you can give me, the more I can grasp of this blob TPE. Because, you know, it's not something I can actually SEE, myself, with my own two eyes.

    If you're talking about an Event blob, I need you to reconstruct the Event as clearly as possible. Remember, I wasn't there, I don't know these things. Maybe you didn't notice something important, maybe you did, I don't know, I wasn't there. Who was there? Where was this? What happened? Then what happened? How long did that take? (gotta build a timeframe of this blob Event). Ok, now remember, I wasn't there, so....did X happen? was Y involved? Have you considered Z? Some other blob Events I've heard of have had LMNOP, did yours?

    This blob TPE...you know, you tell me it has X, Y, and Z...but so does A, and B, are you sure they aren't involved? Oh, you meant Z, Y, and X...wait...isn't that kinda the same thing? (you call it a paradox...I call it an unclear blob)

    Here's the thing. If we talk about the attributes, the big blob begins to take form, we see it a little more clearly with each attribute. If attributes are missing, we can't see it as clearly, so we're left guessing. You call it "possibilities" and "superfluous use of subjunctive forms of verbs"...we call it..unsureness if this is the blob you intended.

    If you give a word for the blob, well, I can recite the word all frickin day...or at least until I get distracted by another blob. But are you sure that I'm talking about the same blob you are? How can you be sure? Just because you can see it, or imagine it, doesn't mean that you've successfully communicated that blob to me so that what I'm seeing is equivalent to the blob you're seeing.


    Now, if you want a less...blobby..description of Ne, check out my description in this link:

    I would quote it, but there's already a wall of text and a character count limit.
    Now, wanna learn more about Ne? Grab a partner and play a game where they think of something...the more abstract the better (if it is a concrete item, it cannot be in the room)....and you have to guess what it is. And so they don't accidentally give you any clues, they can only answer "yes", "no", "unsure", or "reword your question".

    Here's another version. Imagine some abstract TPE, and try to describe it to your friend, without using any revealing terms. Remember, you're trying to describe a blob. How clear can you make it to them without speaking a 'wall of text'? Yeah, that's what I thought. Now, try it again and this time, don't use any revealing terms.
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