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    Sensory-Ethical Introvert
    SEI – ISFp – Dumas (Mediator)

    The orientation of main functional block of SEI: main things in life are harmony, comfort, the opportunities for pleasant experiences – one needs to show and to share this with others in order to make them happy.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Si – Program function. SEI's principal focus is on his own state and condition, in the broadest sense of these words. These states include his own physical sensations and perceptions, his well-being, health or illness, all that concerns food and its preparation, sensation of comfort in his environment (including at work), and his clothing (its aesthetic value and convenience).

    SEI very well feels the idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of his body, as well as its needs. A physician, however authoritative, will not be able to lead him off the track if he makes a diagnosis that does not coincide with SEI's own personal sensations. Generally he considers being ill as something almost indecent: it is foolish, in fact, not to take care of oneself!

    Just as well he understands the experiences and physical sensations of people around him – it is enough for him to note some barely perceptible signs and signals, which are noticeable only to him, to deduce the state of another. At the same time, he considers more appropriate not to interfere with another person, offering advice and recommendations. In the area of well-being one must take personal responsibility.

    Usually representatives of this type knows how to prepare food well; they won't eat just anything. A culinary specialist of this type can even invent something new, some original dish. Setting up the dinner table, SEI usually tries to decorate his environment to make it aesthetically attractive – so that both his eyes and stomach may be on holiday. This is characteristic of SEI women as well as men.

    SEI is very sensitive to the physical settings of his environment: coziness, convenience, finishing and design, proper selection of furniture, well thought out selection of colors – all of this he is not indifferent to, frequently this serves as the object of his concern and attention.

    In regards to clothing, here SEI also realizes his desire for harmony: all pieces must be comfortable, functionally justified, and pleasing the the eye. He will not dress in accordance with fashion and prestige if it makes him feel uncomfortable –comfort is considered first of all!

    Fe – Creative function. SEI is a gourmand not only in physical realm but also in the realm of emotions. His emotional sensitivity manifests in every respect: he enjoys many forms of art, especially music and singing. Frequently he knows how to play a musical instrument and sing for entertainment, may be a good writer, a poet, an artist. He is also an artist in love and loves adventures in this sphere. He knows how to pleasantly court, how to provide for both emotional and sensual pleasure to his significant other. Depending on the circumstances, to draw attention to himself, SEI is able to play an appropriate role to the situation: if this is a woman, then in different situations she may seem romantic and unapproachable, or careless and risque. Men behave themselves similarly – excellent artists.

    When circumstances unfold in a way that a breakup in a relationship is imminent, SEI postpones until the last moment, until the last conversation, and hopes that everything will fall into place without his participation. He then attempts to immediately strike up new acquaintances, then comes the final break with his previous partner.

    Generally, any unpleasantness and tension in relations SEI experiences with heaviness, and tries to avoid this by any means possible. If in his presence a conflict flares up between others, he tries to play the role of a mediator in order to reconcile the opposing parties as soon as possible. He himself readily yields in fights and arguments and is inclined to agree with his partner, if, of course, it doesn't concern issues that are of principal value for him. He poorly tolerates rudeness. In such situations he is capable of rebuffing the offender, saying something excessive and possibly regretting it later. In usual situations, his tactic is to distance himself, to leave for a psychologically convenient territory, to return to sensory and emotional comfort.

    If someone tries to pressure him, to push him, his immediate response is to acquiesce in hopes that the problem will be peacefully resolved, and to harmonize the relations. Insisting on his own opinions, he as if gently yields his position, but will act as he sees fit. As a result, he manages to leave conflicting situations having incurred a minimum of losses.

    His aim to provide for a pleasant experience for himself and his close ones frequently makes him the soul of social groups and gatherings. If he doesn't like the group for some reason, he will simply find another circle of individuals who are more sympathetic and likable for him, since internal soulful and physical comfort are his primary motivations in life. When for a long time he cannot have such experiences, he becomes depressed and everything falls from his hands.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Te – Vulnerable function. Logic of actions is SEI’s weakest function. Its weakness manifests in inability to act thoughtfully, rationally, productively, with minimum amount of effort invested. In order to work efficiently, it is very important that SEI has good working atmosphere and environment.

    SEI performs poorly when he has to do routine, colorless, prosaic, scrupulous work. If such work is expected, he will attempt to elude it, to be occupied with anything else that is interesting and pleasant for him. Sometimes, giving into some temptation, he may even forget his promise and not fulfill it. He finds himself distressed when this occurs and may try to avoid the person whom he has let down.

    Being well in tune with the sphere of pleasant experiences, SEI doesn't like forcing someone to do something, which this person may find unpleasant. If someone points out the irrationality in his professional and business activities, he receives such criticisms especially painfully. He is usually not very ambitious, does not aim for social prestige – he finds it much more pleasant to focus on simple, everyday happiness and good relations with friends.

    Ni – Role function. The weakness of this function can be observed in the fact that SEI finds it very difficult to plan his time and perform his work by a specific point in time. He must force himself to do this. He usually avoids naming specific deadlines in regards to his work in order to have the opportunity to be flexible if necessary. He may begin on his tasks and his work long ways before it is due, worrying that he won't make it in the allotted time frame.

    He is not always capable of correctly evaluating the situation and adapting to it. It happens that he makes mistakes in his evaluations of people and their potential over time, thinking better of them than they subsequently prove to be.

    A very cheerful person, SEI lives for the present, doesn't miss opportunities to enjoy himself and enjoy life, playing the role for others of someone who seemingly has no problems in the future.

    SEI at Work and at Home:

    In professional settings, SEI frequently relies on personal relations to attain what he wants. He tries, as much as possible, to not draw attention of his supervisors, knows well how to set the proper psychological distance in his relations with others. In the business sphere he also uses his strong ability to function as a communicator-intermediary.

    Although SEI dislikes exerting great efforts over himself, if he has found the right occupation or job – he can invest into it with great passion. However, if he finds that the atmosphere at his workplace to be adverse, he won't try to push through directly, to overcome something or prove something to someone, but instead he will seek alternative and roundabout routes in order to do as he wishes.

    SEI is very attached to his family – here, his agreeableness, ability to make a concession in case of a dispute or a quarrel, perceptiveness of the inner states of his family members, desire to help them, to create convenience and coziness, manifest in the best way possible. In protecting those he holds dear, he is capable of overstepping his usual boundaries and becoming aggressive.

    SEI willingly occupies himself by domestic tasks and chores – setting up and decorating the living space, running chores, doing groceries, preparing food. In this, his industriousness and economic sense start to visibly manifest. He is thrifty, knows how to dress and feed his family members. Moreover, his thriftiness usually does not manifest as miserliness – for his close ones and friends, he, as a rule, shows sincere concern and generosity.

    SEI holds education in great respect and tries to make sure that his children receive good erudition, not sparing money nor his efforts in this respect, assuming that knowledge may offer some of the greatest enjoyments in life.

    However, when it comes to discipline, he finds it difficult to adhere to the norms and morals. He will not usually pass up the opportunity to spend time in the company of another person if the opportunity presents itself. He is principally concerned that everyone is satisfied, calm and happy.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. Si: Main focus in life is on pleasure. Knows how to create coziness and comfort around themselves. Understands well their body’s needs; an Epicure and aesthete. Avoids power struggles and applying pressure to themselves.
    2. Fe: Adheres to the rule of avoiding negative emotions whilst, where possible, striving to create positive emotions. Softly, and without restraint, can associate at a close psychological distance. Successfully carries out the role of intermediary in disputes, reconciling opposing parties.
    3. Te: Effective, goal-directed, work is not their style. Leads by their enthusiasm rather than by systematic character. Finds it difficult to be incorporated in any regular system – acts spontaneously when applied to such a situation.
    4. Ni: They’re not very interested in what will occur in the distant future; principally focused on the “here and now.” SEI does not visualize well the concealed possibilities of people or events; attention is concentrated on visible concreteness.

    Professional Possibilities:

    The most adequate activities for the SEI are found in the sphere of services. Among people of this type it is possible to meet splendid artists and musicians; people of this psycho-type may also be successfully occupied by medicine and teaching. They realize their potential well in the areas of interior design, fashion and cuisine.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Social Worker
    • Retail Sales / Fashion Merchandiser
    • K-12 Teacher
    • Historian
    • Researcher / Biologist / Social Scientist
    • Family Physician / Health Care Administrator / Physical Therapist / Health Technician
    • Dietician
    • Hotel Management
    • Police Detective / Probation Officer
    • Librarian
    • Artist / Musician / Writer / Editor
    • Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

    Potentially Favorable:
    ILE (ENTp), LII (INTj), IEE (ENFp), SLE (ESTp), LSI (ISTj), EII (INFj)
    Potentially Adverse:
    LIE (ENTj), LSE (ESTj), EIE (ENFj), ILI (INTp)

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