• Socionics Type Profiles by Elena Zamanskaya and Oleg Hrulev

    Socionics Type Profiles by Elena Zamanskaya and Oleg Hrulev

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    This is an incomplete set of profiles that includes types ILE, SEI, LII, SLE, IEI, ESI and ILI. If anyone finds any of the missing profiles please let me know and I'll add them here.

    ILE, Intuitive-Logical Extravert

    (Seeker, Don Quixote)

    Dona - quite unusual representatives Socion endowed by nature with great intelligence and ingenuity, restless character and great interest in how life works.

    In the world they feel like a fish in the water and ready to learn infinitely varied phenomena, dokapyvayas to the heart - as general mechanisms that underlie the nature of things and phenomena.

    Perceiving the world as a treasury of various kinds of information, Dona able to comprehend the laws of any phenomena and their relationship. Huge pleasure for them to not only explore how the world works, but imagine what it will be in the future - the power of his thoughts Dona able to overcome not only the distance, but also time.

    Extraversion Dons manifested in the ability to think in global categories, the ability to figure out how to change the world for the benefit of the human mind and development.

    Intuition allows them to be flexible, to see a lot of opportunities and alternatives for development and structural logic helps creative thinking and ironic and objectively.

    Whoever Don by occupation, he always knows the world, absorbed a bunch of strangers and, seemingly contradictory things. Although it spread interest and gives them an opportunity to gather such information about the world that is not available in the standard education. Incredible diversity of the world causes Dons inspiration, the desire to generate new ideas. The joy of life is expressed in realized needs to explore constantly switching from one task to another.

    But with the implementation of their ideas to life Dons have some difficulties. Difficult for them to break away from the constant process of mental activity. Repels them and routine laborious debugging beautiful concept or lapping scheme. Already known is not encouraging as something they still unknown. And in the worst case, the life of Don burdens endless series of outstanding tasks and unrealized plans. Despite this, the Dons as people carefree and cheerful, happy rarely, hoping for the best in the future, or relaxing in the fantasies, intellectual discussions and using hobby.


    The most difficult area of life for Don - human relationships. In this area, they often fall into the trap of putting others in embarrassing failure to comply with generally accepted conventions of communication.

    Dona - very independent people who value freedom, perceiving life as an adventure, not afraid of ups and downs, so the stability of family relationships often seem too daunting. And the experience of a broken heart makes long to lick their wounds, deprives the usual confidence in the peace and composure. In addition, the Dons great seeing people's ability to see no relationship to his people. And because of this, or fall into idealism, loving all of humanity, and seeing the beautiful ideal partner who suddenly collapses in a moment. Or oshibshis a partner drudge relations of duty, more freezing their feelings.

    Dons need a partner who will take all of their so big and logical-chaotic world, will not be terrified by sudden impulses, testing the strength of the relationship. This man who will open their whole world of beautiful feelings, perception of subtle sensations, take responsibility for the relationship itself, be kind, unobtrusive, and will appreciate the freedom of not smaller than the Don, he will be able to find not only a close friend and sincere partner sexually attractive, but associate, colleague, mastermind and faithful partner of all its fun, games and businesses.

    There is another area of life, from which the Dons dream escape. This is all related to the organization of life, health, cleanliness of clothes, hairstyles accuracy, and things like that. And they are waiting for someone who will share with them their ability to directly perceive sensual side of life and take care of yourself. It is also important that such a person can teach Don rest, relax, gathering strength for a future filled with bright and active life events. After Don, how addicting nature, can forget about the rest and sleep, may not notice tiredness, and only wonder nowhere Nakata apathy. Inertia, decline of vitality will help him overcome the kind support, jokes, and, of course, some new fad.


    Until the end of life in every Don, especially in the creative and happy, the child lives. As a child, little Don a lot of trouble to others. This endlessly asking questions, arguing and inventing something visionary. But apart from the hassle and it delivers great joy. Playful, nutty, debater and joker, Don is often the center of the initiator and adventure games.

    In school, when you try to teach discipline and teachers painstaking homework, Don begins desperately bored and therefore even more naughty. Many Dons too spontaneous for our school and therefore often become teachers existent punishment. Besides teaching material they literally grasp on the fly, ahead of others, and patient waiting is not part of their merits.

    In high school, Dona usually find their style of communication with teachers, their methods of preparation tasks (or rather would say - nepodgotovki) are respected by fellow students the ability to solve the most complex problems, and to be honest, to put teachers in deadlock , thereby bringing detente tedious for school everyday.

    The best way to learn for Don - is actively involved in the process of exchanging ideas, arguing, sharing their thoughts, ideas and projects. Don easier to "reinvent the wheel" than ready to take advantage of the scheme. Easier same figure in place and figure out what to learn! They need a democratic teachers who appreciate the individuality of students, the ability to think and create in their classrooms an atmosphere of creative search. Such teachers Dona remember all my life and remember with gratitude.

    Dona for their children tend to create a similar atmosphere. They democratic parents, and are fond of playing with their children. Best contribution to the upbringing of them becomes vaccinating children of inner freedom, the ability to express their opinions, care about the intellectual baggage and holistic understanding of life. But learning the discipline and precision of the Don-parent better not to wait. But many family events Dons converted into an interesting and memorable celebration communication, filled with spores, exchange views, ideas and exciting fun.


    Among Don not too eager to interest others, but most often in the limelight. This is because he is drawn away, he drags others. And can be interesting, vivid and directly talk about everything, starting with books that Dona read in large numbers, new music or anecdotes, to complex areas of human knowledge. Everything that happens in the company of Don consider their work and therefore spare no effort and time trying to stir up the team. They are ready to participate in any, even the most risky amusements, if only it was not boring. But most resourceful and spontaneously offer these fun yourself.

    About distraction Dons legends. But it is not tired professorial distraction, distraction and human penchant, a man who is not the most interesting household needs, and a flight of fancy. Dons to old age retain youthful vigor, excitement and creative curiosity of a child. They are very easy to lift and not deliberate long, preparing for the event, do not plan to. For the life of their leads intuition, faith in their ability to find a way out of any situation. Extreme situation does not frighten Don, and invigorates, forcing him to show his best qualities - courage and resourcefulness. Difficulties do not stop him, Don accepts the challenge. More unpleasant apathy that may occur in the absence of new experiences, changes, sensations development.

    All these properties allow donam prefer unexplored new and well established, conventional. Argument "live like everyone else" does not find a positive response from Don. Such a person goes through life his own, special way, gaining wisdom through their own trials, errors and problems. And more often than he realizes the uniqueness of their existence, as well perceiving existence and uniqueness of any other person.

    In communicating Don opened and most active, but it is a thoughtful and immersed in his thoughts. Says what he thinks, and thinks for himself. It is accepted by many people for the faux pas, and the foundations for contempt of authority. But do not by their very nature extremely democratic people, which other freedom equal to his own. For him to stand up naturally in a dispute over the man who found himself in the minority, and firmly defend its interests, its right to their own point of view. Don is also hot and ready to defend their positions, even if it is contrary to the vision of vision of all recognized authorities. Like no other, he is able to understand the relativity of truth. And as no one else can see neuvidennoe before others perceive puzzle in usual things, to make the discovery in the familiar.

    Dona people bring endless joy of discovery, life with such a man is interesting, full of lively energy research spontaneous lifestyle. Whoever Don profession, education and inclination, in any occupation he will bring interest, creativity and originality.

    SEI, Sensory-Ethical Introvert


    Dumas connection with their inner world is much closer than any other representative Socion. This TEAM has a full-blooded by nature and subtle sense of all sides and shades of the physical world. Coming into contact with reality directly and sensually, Dumas maintains and improves the richness of their perception. Feeling and sensing the reality, he constantly and intimately is in contact with itself, with its own sensual nature.

    Relationship "I - the world" in his understanding of harmonic. World presents a variety of sensations, Dumas has a feeling that can catch them. The world has its own harmony, Dumas own - inner harmony and both naturally complement each other.

    Naturalness and quiet ease, natural peacefulness and kindness allow Dumas see the world friendly. Propensity subtly and consciously perceive their own feelings and the diversity of feelings, trust them, help to respond flexibly to changes in the external world, without losing the sense of self.

    Dumas good at remembering a pleasant feeling, as well as finding new and pleasant feelings of people and nature. They are immersed in the reality of the world, constantly feeling it and enriching their experience of feeling. All five senses Dumas work harmoniously and perfectly colored with emotion, all interwoven in a special harmony. Tastes, smells, sounds, visual images, touch - create a unique picture of the world. And in the story Dumas you almost see the setting sun, a light breeze tickling the face, rustling sand, whisper of the waves ... see his eyes, feel his sense of beauty and harmony of the world. Many Dumas by nature endowed with artistic perception of life.

    Dumas feels great and his own physical condition. Everything that happens inside the body, is perceived by different senses and recognized accurately. Dumas sees no worse physical condition and their loved ones. Bodily comfort has a lot to him, and Dumas attends to himself and family, caring for the restoration of deteriorated health. But, more importantly for him - to create an environment at home and in life, not to overextend, do not have much physical overload conditions of discomfort, because all this is reflected in health.

    Life without good feeling seems Dumas poor and empty. And Dumas is able to create the conditions for obtaining such sensations. Whether it's delicious food, cozy atmosphere, comfortable, beautiful and pleasant to the touch clothing, room temperature, fresh air, pleasant smells, sounds and colors - a lot of nice little things that make life easy and comfortable.

    Some representatives of this type of real hedonists and Sybarites, but there are many people who prefer a more active lifestyle, and enjoys hiking, sports or yoga. Physical activity also can bring pleasure and enjoyment Dumas. For the sake of this range of sensations and he is active.

    Almost everything that can cause pleasure is in the sensitive soul Dumas lively response. Many Dumas - art lovers. Due to the nature drawn to the beautiful, they not only decorate your life, but also restore emotional balance.

    Most people of this type - creative nature, with the ability to turn gray days in the life of pleasure, which includes simple and everyday joy and delight lovely and luxury of human communication. Knowingly Dumas called "artists in love."

    In communicating Dumas appears optimistic, friendly, friendly person. Being in close contact with their emotions, Dumas very precisely and subtly emotional recognizes others. Able to cheer, cheer, shake sad man. Give warmth and smile. Feels responsible for the mood of others.

    Dumas show their emotions softly softly. And, perhaps, difficult to find in socion TIM, more sensitive to the boundaries of others personalities. Appreciating its interior space and Dumas care about the inner space of others. And all the richness of their inner, very emotional world, fully, in all colors, they reveal a small circle of close friends. Here in this circle Dumas show all their vast array of the most intimate feelings can even afford capricious. And in a society they are most agreeable, compliant and peaceful.

    Dumas is able to respond flexibly and quickly to the emotional state of others, to understand people through their sphere of emotional displays and gently work on it. Dumas many jokes, old jokes not only raise human moods, but also to bring their own, ethical truth. However, Dumas brings such truths, not only with jokes, but also through his subtle emotional climate of ownership in the process of communication. Be sure - Dumas and be able to show emotional coldness, if the situation requires.

    Own feelings that once Dumas remembers very well, knows how to play them and strengthen confidence. Emotions for him not only a means for communicating with other people, but first and foremost - a tool of self-discovery. And although it is more peculiar to live here and now, feeling itself, yet their decisions and ideas about themselves Dumas adds a fairly large extent on those emotions and feelings that have managed to survive, to pass through itself. Life for Dumas - extremely emotional process, but emotions do not interfere with him relaxed drift life.

    Emotional life is diverse and multifaceted Dumas. Feature of its representatives that TIM is that positive, warm feelings he tries to give to others, caring for emotional comfort others. But deep sadness and grief prefers experience with myself or throw out such emotions in some creative activity. Dumas has a special wisdom expression of feelings associated with the possibility of self-regulation and self-help in the emotional sphere.

    Ability to abreactions joys and troubles of today allows Dumas with optimism and faith look to the future: then everything will be better, things will get better. And it should be noted that such a positive attitude really often leads to optimistic developments. After all, "a person receives according to his faith."

    But Dumas knock out a comfortable and pleasant waiting state of mind can too acute or routine-everyday need for business activity and fierce competition. In an atmosphere of competition Dumas is most vulnerable, and therefore it is very grateful to those people and so employers who create the work in relation to more favorable conditions of competition, more spiritual or creative environment. This will Dumas relax and start to work from pleasure, allow to show their social needs, not allow to perceive work as a heavy cross, but as an opportunity to talk to people and show their best creative qualities - tolerance, compassion to others, the desire to smooth out conflicts and avoid volitional Pressure humans.

    Dumas is very pleasant and support partner for life business issues. Such a partner who will recharge their business activity Dumas, tells the ideas easier to achieve success, awaken interest in the affairs, break everyday routine work process, teach to make a variety of research and rush in any activity.

    While most people type Dumas - creative personalities mass practical skills in different areas (especially in areas related to people, health and nature), they experience some difficulties when offering their services to employers. And, alas, they are often less able to take place, but more punch people, more demanding and confident in their working qualities.

    In Dumas material matters not particularly fastidious and picky, knows how to enjoy the little things and enjoy them. And he needs a partner as easy relating to material things, knows how to earn money without serious effort to appreciate the other side of life and see the prospects of business ventures. With such a partner Dumas feels much more confident, more comfortable, and business activity and practicality not only grow, but will be a joy.

    Another aspect of life, in which Dumas expects to receive information and support - the ability to guess, to see the positive possibilities of phenomena, situations, the ability of people, a huge and inexhaustible interest in life, to comprehend the essence of things, to life, not only as to feeling, but also the knowledge new, to change and creative growth to development. Dumas gladly accepts a variety of knowledge about the world is infected with inspiration and desire to create. With the advent of the person giving it all, giving unselfishly their ideas and appreciates the ability to openly admit partner finds new life Dumas paints and extra fun. Therefore Dumas so often choose the person enthusiastic, bright living, active and full of various events of life, free from everyday stereotypes. Such a person is ready to give Dumas all the wealth of his soul, to share with them subtle perception of sensory aspects of life, take care and joy of being warm.

    Dumas, so appreciative of their attitude, their freedom of expression, freedom and inclined to give more. And although he is able to fend for themselves, protect their personal space emotional-volitional splash or creating emotional stress, prefers to resolve disputes peacefully, not to dictate their terms to another, trying to take man as he is.


    As a child, Dumas most agreeable and calm. Can be very affectionate with home and need a response decision. Even despite the fact that they enjoy, and from their own society. They start very early to recognize the feelings of others, and indifference close it wounds, casts doubt on its usefulness, close and start earning much-needed fun Dumas' inanimate way "- through food, sleep and laziness.

    It is important first of all to instill interest in learning - interest. Then the young Dumas will learn with pleasure. And with discipline and order among children Dumas have problems. They are most suitable democratic and creative school environment. Although in a normal school Dumas usually easy and not too bothering to cope with their school duties, learn well.

    Are very important and Hobby. Dumas much love: drawing, singing, playing musical instruments, needlework, dancing, animals. Only sports-oriented achievements and results, often avoided. Wisdom parents - let the children of this talented TIM polentyaynichat organizing still some limits to help you understand and define what is possible, what is not, what to teach, and all that will come in handy in the future.

    Dumas propensity to live in present not quite balanced by the desire to deliver upsets parents. And parents can help children find harmony type Dumas these states - that the child does not hurt himself, and brought no sorrows know.

    In the same study Dumas, as sensation, help specifics accompanying abstraction - "how does it look?", "What it is to touch and taste?"

    But natural playfulness and charm inherent kids this TIM, bring a lot of joy to parents and allow Dumas find true friends. They fall asleep with pleasure, eating with pleasure, sincere expression of feelings and love to play.

    In high school and high school Dumas usually already knows how to organize yourself comfortable atmosphere and have fun. Irrationality allows them to respond flexibly to the learning process - to have time to rest and be lazy.

    Acquire knowledge and get good grades help hobbies and simple everyday joy. Contact with fellow practitioners Dumas find easily. And the friendship, friendship and give them additional impetus to learn with pleasure.

    Helps to reveal the ability of Dumas also democratic and creatively oriented institution, that special spirit of research activity, which is so attractive Dumas. Atmosphere jokes, carelessness and openness converted school in the not too boring.

    Dumas hard tolerate accusations of mediocrity, ineptitude. By this method of initiation to study better not to use. But a fair assessment of abilities and results not only capable of stimulating educational successes, but also the desire to achieve future success. And contribute to this close, special relationship with the teachers, which Dumas very much value.

    Parenting for Dumas - enjoyable. As humans do not control and loving influence will, Dumas prefer to install with children not only close, but also democratic relations. In excess of democracy can even lurk some danger - in fact there are children who need a firm hand, discipline and authority.

    Dumas provide children with maximum flexibility in development. Whatever happens, no matter how nashkodil child Dumas primarily trying to conceive a child and softly, quietly talk to him.

    Dumas also very caring parents. Child feels love such parent, and expressed sincere feelings, and constant support and tireless care, very clearly expressed in practical affairs.

    Themselves, having delicate aesthetic perception of life, and they are often children tend to attach unobtrusively to perfect. As well as encourage their hobbies, interests, and try to develop addiction.

    Family holidays to Dumas - a favorite field for spontaneous creativity. They are ready for any eventuality. And so effortless fun, warm, easy pleasant conversation and tasty food will be provided - Dumas know how to please and have fun.

    Among friends Dumas display their best qualities. They love to talk, love to joint gatherings, lighthearted fun, love to help people eat feed, cure and care. And, of course, friends and appreciate their kindness and easy-going, and the warmth that Dumas sincerely willing to give others.

    In case of conflict Dumas can reconcile the warring sides, keeping neutrality and staying attuned to disputants complacently.

    Turn to them for help and support and everyday problems, Dumas often aware of cases of heart my friends.

    Such quality as a delicacy allows Dumas to acquire a lot of friends and keep them for life. On a visit to Dumas want to come to warm the soul, get the pleasure of communicating with subtle and wise companion, laugh and relax. People are drawn to the representatives of TIM - Dumas and can cheer and support, and please tasty and surround with care, hospitality, friendliness, soft and unobtrusive participation. Communicating with Dumas - it's really a celebration, mutual pleasure and exchange of positive energy.

    Dumas - the creators of the warm friendly atmosphere free of easy communication. These people look for and find harmony in yourself, and harmony with the environment, which is quite a rare quality in our world of struggle and achievements. Communicating with people, Dumas brings us warmth and care, comfort and sensitivity internally intelligent people. Their wisdom has a special nature, it is based on a large margin of safety in human relationships, love for all living things, for making their feelings and sensations, on close contact with the world and themselves. Live in all the complexities of reality Dumas allows natural optimism, sanity and thin, lively perception of beauty in all its manifestations. Their life approaches Dumas implement a model democratic society, ethics, which is the freedom of worldviews, peaceful coexistence, good neighborliness and respect for the values ​​of the people of dissidents.

    LII, Logical-Intuitive Introvert

    (Analyst, Robespierre)

    From other people Robespierres distinguishes innate tendency to think abstractly with a tendency to continuously deepen and improve the old and the birth of new ones.

    Perceiving the world as a logical, predictable, rational and orderly, they feel the need to find a formula or method or system capable of providing a solution of a problem, their mind seeks rational justification of this problem. Think abstractly, abstract concepts, analyzing the complex phenomena and objects.

    Analytical thinking style Robespierre focused on systematic and comprehensive examination of the problem in those aspects that are defined by objective parameters. The manner of solving problems is a logical, methodical, careful (with an emphasis on detail) during the study.

    Before you start looking for solutions, Robespierres develop a detailed plan and try to gather as much objective information using their deep knowledge of the theory.

    The idea is logically verified, and then begin to work through it, pushing the hypothesis based on the already established structure. Criterion for correctness of the decision taken perfectly logical conclusion and reality match exactly this conclusion. Facts needed as a way to reinforce hypotheses.

    The process of cognition Robespierre focused on the generation of new knowledge on the basis of indirect reflection of reality and reflection by transforming the mental operations. Thinking Robespierre has a pronounced theoretical.

    In everyday life, in everyday situations, this process looks like reasoning and conclusions, as a perfect understanding, memorization and reproduction of various schemes, the availability of theoretical knowledge in different areas, striving to understand systematically any area of ​​life. Robespierres often trapped in favorable conditions for intellectual development, have an encyclopedic knowledge, fully formed.

    But knowledge Robespierre flaunt no hurry, like every introvert, very careful with their resources, accumulating more information than giving it to the outside world. He says something informative and interesting just very interested listeners.

    In the basic qualities of his thinking can be identified autonomy, criticality and depth. But the speed, breadth and flexibility of thinking it a bit lacking. Thinks slowly, trying to delve so to get to the very essence of the phenomenon. Working through the detail information, trying to create the perfect product.

    In general, Robespierre - narrow researcher: the area of ​​his thinking is local, more aimed at deepening the ideas and better its justification than to increase the number of ideas, the expansion of applications, etc. Nevertheless, Robespierre - theorist capable build concept previously unknown phenomena. It creates new knowledge from known knowledge, what is more obvious mediation of his world, as opposed to the direct perception of many other types.

    Existence for Robespierre unthinkable without gaining new knowledge. His house is usually a lot of books, and for the most different subjects. Read all the books on them, in fact, this type of person puts their view of the world. Ideas of the French Enlightenment worldview certainly close Robespierre. He believes in the mind, in that knowledge, you can change not only the world, but also human. Well able to explain, briefly and clearly, in order, highlighting the most important thing. While holding democratic, most intonation already making it clear that the equality and freedom of expression are possible and even necessary for a successful understanding and interaction. Tolerant of other points of view, even though their views (especially on matters of principle) may make quite sharply.

    Robespierre himself was by nature a fairly independent person. And it has its own independent judgment, and independence of actions. The same opportunity to be independent and it gives others. Freedom for him - an important value. Each, in his opinion, has the right to freedom of choice. Discipline is pointless to install by force or fear, you need to rely primarily on education and enlightenment of the people. Quilty try to explain their arguments and prove what he was wrong to appeal to his conscience, a sense of duty and personal responsibility. And protecting unfairly offended may neglect their own safety and benefit. His is put above the interests of justice, and even his own family. In particularly difficult situations may show stubbornness and intransigence.

    Thinking such an important aspect of life Robespierre that sometimes, unfortunately, thinking reduces whole life. The meaning of his existence, man begins to see the infinite changes or improvements to the structure, hiding from life in abstract theoretical umopostroeny altitudes. And paying for it loneliness, alienation from one's own body and feelings, unkempt and neglected. Breaking away from life, torn from himself, a person loses the liveliness of perception, becoming dry formalist abandoning the fullness of life. And then all the richness of the inner world of the human remains unclaimed.

    Robespierre is endowed with an imaginative, creative imagination. In developing a theory, or the product does not lose sight of the alternative. As already mentioned, his work - the creation of thinking results, obtaining new knowledge and use this knowledge as a tool for further extension and elaboration of hypotheses.

    Robespierre able to find a solution to a non-standard way, using all the possibilities of scientific instruments or their knowledge of the different areas.

    Selecting an idea, taking it for himself, Robespierre became a consistent supporter of this idea. Often subordinating her their entire lifestyle. Can fight for an idea, refine and improve it.

    In the process of cognition Robespierre explores many amazing interconnected worlds that can not be seen in reality. That it is impossible to even imagine! Able to look at the problem from an unusual angle, pose the problem differently and choose the best solution from the set of already known algorithms what helps him intuition.

    His is not only to do with inspiration, but also to bring their projects to the end, although by its nature it is still theoretical and not practices. Interest to Robespierre is the most important factor in the success of its activities. And the interest for it is much more important benefits.

    Often Robespierre has any hobbies, hobby, which is constantly being improved. And well, if this hobby connects it with other people. In this case, it appears more and social circle in which the surrounding exhibit an interest in it, get free help in communication.

    In human relations Robespierre also tends to reasonableness, often without taking into account the importance of likes and dislikes, trying to maintain smooth relations with all, and not immediately approaches with new people. In such contacts feels hard to recognize the true attitude to yourself it is quite difficult. And sort out this issue help him lessons ethical standards. Most Robespierres impression restrained, polite people, those who are called intelligent.

    Most Robespierres attract relationship simple, friendly, democratic. In humans, they appreciate the openness, the ability to meet and cheerful enthusiasm, thanks to which the lungs are involved in the community. And although Robespierre not afraid to be treated bad (this part of his life he can make the brackets), however the friendly atmosphere in the team, no difficulties in relationships, delicacy people in relation to each other - contribute to its disclosure as interesting interlocutor, witty man and a true friend. That such a relationship he cherishes.

    Different atmosphere leads to the fact that Robespierre closed in itself, becomes secretive, unsociable, sometimes even biting. Doing everything to isolate themselves from the unpleasant relations, go into their world.

    Well, of course, tend to think of Robespierre just social (including many philosophers) because the objective to consider the model of relations easier than become involved in a relationship of real people. After all, relationships can be complex, ambiguous and contradictory.

    However, this intellectual detachment people of this type helps to avoid problems in the most difficult area for them - the lead in the relationship. This honorable responsibility Robespierre gladly trust partner, preferring partners pleasant, without further ado, open and clearly show their feelings. Very important quality partner - the desire not to violate human rights and the need for compliance with the principles of social justice. Partner, on the one hand, should be very sensitive to respecting boundaries of personal space man, and on the other - to be bright, memorable, eye, sociable and cheerful person.

    Sensitive to issues of justice, Robespierre, does not accept forceful pressure. In particular, the pressure caused by the ambitions of the individual. It condemns the abuse of power, authority, does not tolerate rough forceful methods of human exposure. Authoritarian style of communication, pressure, commanding tone cause him to resist or avoid the need for communication and interaction with these people.
    Robespierres often tend to look people without weaknesses. And they like people who have an open demonstration of their desires and emotions is a natural background of life, but not an end in itself, and certainly not a means to an end. Such a person gives Robespierre role model protects against overload the scope of his volitional activity, infects their physical activity and tone. After all, perseverance and determination, accompanied by partner ignition attempts emotions and worries about relaxation and rest when necessary, support the activity of Robespierre, fueling optimism and allows it to get in touch with their own emotions, it is not easy for a representative of this type.

    Robespierre can produce the impression of being very emotionally restrained, cold, rational and capable of compassion. And of course, he is able to subordinate their emotions to mind, the case. But this is largely a distant psychological distance, or the first stage of the relationship. If Robespierre charmed by a cheerful, warming his other warmth and caring, he literally transformed: it becomes interesting and witty companion, demonstrates genuine sincerity of emotion and nobility of manners.

    Robespierre somewhere deep down hoping to meet someone entering into resonance with the feelings that he will feel the thrill of his soul back. A man who generously fill your soul with joy, and the body with energy. Then Robespierre understand - what's going on between them, there is good reason. And then you will see his sparkling smile, acquainted with his inimitable charm, consider this delicate SMD understanding person space of his inner world.

    Robespierre, thanks partner opens a source of inner expression is transformed, which is expressed not only appears in his ability to communicate at ease, but also in his creative activity. And this is an amazing phenomenon of human relationships in which one person sensual activity generates creative mental activity of the other.

    A very important help for Robespierre and is taking care of his physical comfort, health, rest. Robespierre himself capable of long ignore pain, hunger, fatigue, physical discomfort. The ability to create comfort and zest for life is also not given to him by nature - a craving for the spiritual needs of his higher than to the material needs of the body and that is why many Robespierres lead an ascetic life. And although they tend to organize your life so that to live a healthy lifestyle, to a regime of the day, eat right, tempered - truly enjoy everyday pleasures they can learn from owning this talent entourage, those people they trust.

    Robespierre important content for form, so he is not very particular about that experience, which produces clothing and their appearance on others. And the appearance of another person must be very bright and eye-catching (but not causing) to Robespierre is noticed and appreciated.

    In everyday life, Robespierre prudent and economical. He sees to it that material and other benefits are distributed equitably. Closest thing helps when it is needed when you want their help. Especially if we are talking about a complex problem or needs a new approach. Housekeeping for them - this is another system that can and should be put in order and structure. However, here they themselves need someone with practical skills homework, let alone plan of action and to understand how it all should be done to avoid spending unnecessary time and effort - Robespierres perfectly able to do. In domestic economic activity, as in everything else, they prefer a reasonable activity combined with a creative approach.


    Already in childhood Robespierre surprises close its reasonableness. Most often it is a very serious child, not delivering a big hassle disobedience and fancies. Overreacting only attempts to corporal punishment, screaming and interference in his personal space. It seems that from early childhood representatives of this type given to feel their individuality, separate from the world of other people.

    He soon begins to play on their own, preferring to play with the designers. Becoming a little older, and begins to love story with adventure-themed games, having fun responding to the initiative of other children. Robespierres modest, sometimes even shy, familiarity with peers often causes difficulties. And parents (and other adults) should pay attention to the development of communication skills, tact and gently helping the child to enter the children's collective. When the barrier is passed, this type of child plays with enthusiasm, fun and mischief, did not differ from other children.

    Robespierre often learns to read and count, and this happens quite early. And to discover this wonderful new world, he would never part with books. In school, adventure and science fiction books and are often added to a mathematical ingenuity. It seems that this child does not get bored - he will always find what to do, always interested in something, and it does not interfere with others.

    His room often serves as a laboratory for some research and experiments. A purchase of a computer - the best gift.

    School years, when Robespierre managed to get into a good team, remembered him as a very enjoyable time. Learning is easy, homework is done in good faith, although a lot of time to study Robespierre spends. Prefers technical subjects humanitarian. Well, most of the time is spent on a variety of interests and hobbies, reading books. Ability to learn, good usually estimates give ground to gain self-esteem.

    In aggressively tuned team Robespierre feels completely different - because it is difficult to stand up for yourself in school fights and arguments. In such circumstances Robespierres may withdraw, go into your inner world, grow insecure people become prickly and uncommunicative. Parents need to worry about that situation contributed to the development of their child, and not his inclinations equated to zero, which, unfortunately, is often found in our secondary school.

    In further studies, it is important to choose the right Robespierre scope of future work. And this choice is quite wide.

    Abilities allow to master the most difficult things to do and the most elite schools. Difficult subjects are not repel Robespierre and arouse interest. It is important just to put a fair assessment - for the knowledge that the teacher did not have pets. Well, of course, knowledge of the teacher should be on top. However, Robespierre himself able to master the subject interested him. His is lifelong learning, lifelong improve knowledge.

    And their children Robespierre attaches to knowledge. This democratic parent, but also quite demanding and fair. Most attention he pays to his ability and potential of their children. With respect for their person, tolerant of pranks and tricks, but does not tolerate rudeness and laziness of mind.

    Often, it lacks the emotional sensitivity, because feelings Robespierre is difficult to understand, but to listen and he is always ready to help. It has an inherent softness of manners, voice, and he is also able to empathize.

    Punishing a child explains what appeals to reason, seeking understanding of the offense. Physical punishment considers unacceptable, degrading to human dignity.

    With children Robespierre coldness and restraint can be dissipated like smoke. They are wonderful storytellers, capable of attracting their interest growing and developing human. Children Robespierres tell many interesting stories, imperceptibly, daily involving them in the research world, especially the wide range of information cognitive character.

    Among Robespierres usually avoid being in the limelight. Most comfortable they feel, plunging into his inner world, spending much time in a state of deep meditation. But it is quite a different matter if this company - close friends, coherent and active team. Then Robespierres gladly come into contact, friendly conversations, and especially interesting discussions. Robespierres transformed - laugh, joke, make fun of your friends, in general - quite liberating. Can prepare something original, sing and dance.

    People are attracted to the original outlook, a penchant for intelligent conversation, deep knowledge in areas of their interest. Many very pretty kind of Robespierre manner of communication: both soft and leaves no doubt you have your own opinion on the subject under discussion, a special wit, expressed in the game with the semantic content of concepts, knowledge and intelligence.

    Robespierre - a man with a complex inner world so that in relation to this world organically sounds expression "inner space." Worldview of many famous representatives of this type was peculiar sense of world harmony, unity structure micro and macrocosm. The path to such disposition is through deep intuitive understanding of the essence of things and inexhaustible interest researchers, enthusiastic search for the truth. Ability to go beyond the objective world in the sphere of abstract thought, which is full of life for Robespierre, - it is an opportunity for the human mind to consciously change the world, making it better, tending to the ideals of humanism and scientific and technological progress.

    SLE, Sensory-Logical Extrovert)

    Sensory-Logical Extrovert, Marshall (ESTp, SLE, Se-Ti)

    The ESTp naturally possesses the personality of a leader who firmly stands with his two feet on the ground of reality. He possesses organizational and management ability, can set goals before himself, make quick decisions and implement them. Stress-resilient. Ready to mobilize in a difficult life or work situation. Wherever the ESTp finds himself, he is inclined to compete, to seek advantage, and to be in the center. His activity and persistence increase accordingly to the number of obstacles on the way to his goal.

    The ESTps are distinguished by quick thinking, good memory, knowledge of how to gather facts, ability to calculate various situations and actions of people, and achievement of their goals. They are practicians who find purely abstract constructions to be insufficient. In his activities, the ESTp prefers to set clear goals: if the ESTp is aware of his goal - he knows how to achieve it, creates the needed conditions, gathers people around himself, and coordinates their activities in such a way that the set goal is achieved with certainty. He knows very well how to assign tasks to subordinates, explaining the reasons for his decisions in an easy to understand manner.

    In achieving a goal the ESTp shows flexibility, tenacity, high pace, and energy. His actions and activities have a logical basis for them. He quickly and clearly separates important from unimportant, primary from secondary, creating a detailed plan while keeping the entire project in mind as well as its individual directions, constantly analyzing and adjusting if necessary. The ESTp has a high capacity for work. He quickly and flexibly responds to the need to change and adapt to the realities of life. The ability to see the reality of life, with all faults and problems, and the ability to mobilize to solve these problems - are the main strengths of people of this type.

    If life is dull, monotonous, lacking in momentous problems and promissing long-term goals, the ESTp begins to mope around, to see future in dark colors, to feel and act like a complete wreck, but as soon as a goal appears, he quickly mobilizes, and becomes cheerful, energetic, and determined once again.

    ESTps try not yielding initiative to anyone else, thus they have a reputation of being fighters, constantly defending their right to leadership, to their vision of work within a structure, and a goal, to which they think the work within this structure should be subordinated. They may strive to management or to supervision of the management process. Some ESTps working as ordinary employees end up subordinating their higher-ups. An ESTp may be blunt and tell the truth to the face, regardless of his or her position and status. Often insists on his own point of view, placing strong pressure on people.

    This trait of people of this type in working groups is often associated with a conflicting nature, from which ESTps often suffer themselves, nevertheless they don't give up their positions. They are able to tell management and any authority what they think about their poor understanding, organization of work, and approach to problems. The ESTp is often the one "who needs it more than anyone else". So, to avoid unnecessary trouble and conflict, the SLE needs someone who is capable of diplomacy, who values the sometimes truly significant contribution to work that the SLE makes, who is capable of appreciating SLE's qualification, skill, and knowledge for their true value, and who can smooth out any conflicts that arise.

    And the SLE truly knows how to work: he is responsible and conscientious, tries to meet deadlines at any cost, for which reason the passivity and irresponsibility of some people are incomprehensible to him. Such qualities anger him and cause him to waste time, energy, and nerves on unnecessary fights with that which cannot be won - the imperfection of people, with an indifferent attitude towards the project. After all, for him - the goal, the mission, and the work are primarily, and career is an important value. He emotionally invests in the work of the whole team. Always strives for the highest achievements himself and to competitive advantages.

    In everyday life ESTp may also get into conflicts. He may make demands where the others would say nothing, adapt, and endure. The ESTp knows his rights and responsibilities of those who provide any services. He does not intend to tolerate infringement on his rights, and with the aid of his strong will he demands to respect himself and to resolve any problems. Moreover, he can do this calmly, he can do this vigorously, or even aggressively. With the same assertiveness or calm determination he protects the interests of people close to him, and his territory.

    The ESTp is typically versed in many practical areas of life. He easy learns new techniques and methods, often learning "on the go" without reading the instructions. Often he is versed in local laws, in quality of things, in politics, in structures of different organizations, and has a large store of knowledge from many different areas.

    ESTp's credo - is taking over space using his knowledge and skills. Creative structural logic (Ti) is often used by him to achieve his goals. Like no other, the ESTp is able to argue his position, freely operate with facts and conclusions, as a result of which it is difficult to out-argue him. The ESTp dislikes losing arguments, even if he already understands that he wasn't right. In addition, he is willing to go against the opinion of the majority. Many SLEs earn a reputation of being quarrelsome people with a difficult character.

    In his normal state, the ESTp tries to be polite and restrained, but in conflict situations he is unable to hide his irritation. Usually these situations involve a misunderstanding of his arguments, dismissal or omission of them, and violation of his plans. However, in truly critical situations the ESTp acts coolly, putting emotions aside. To a blow can respond with a double blow.

    If the critical situation necessitates joint effort of many people, their solidarity and cooperation, the ESTp is that person who will take on the functions of an informal leader. Others will recognize him as a leader, listen to him, obey, and wait for required decisions in this situation. Many Zhukovs find their calling in the power structures. In conditions of market competition Zhukov also finds plenty of choices and opportunities for realization of his inherent abilities.

    Due to inherent competitiveness of ESTps they often work until exhaustion, until they wear themselves out, not allowing themselves to truly relax, and not thinking of the consequences such lifestyle can have on their health. Although ESTP's health suffers much more if he could not find his place in life, if he changes one job after another, not finding a decent use of his talents and abilities, not having good career prospects.

    A complicated area of life for the ESTp - are relationships with other people. His own personal qualities are not a total mystery for the ESTp, because he usually tries to look at himself realistically, rejecting any comforting and pleasant illusions. Although to understand himself and his needs for Zhukov, as for many people, is still sufficiently difficult. But understanding of the qualities of other people and the internal motives for their actions is much more difficult for the ESTp, while getting into the complex ethical situations may unsettle him and deprive him of his usual confidence.

    The ESTp places importance on the opinions of him that other people hold. It is unpleasant for him to have his credibility undermined. And he wants to be a good person. But deep down inside he suspects a tendency in himself to go towards his goal at any cost, regardless of the grievances and offenses it may cause to other people. In addition his previous experiences in conflicts, disputes, and quarrels make him doubt his own humanity and kindness. Therefore it is very important for the ESTp that people close to him are able to see his good qualities and appreciate manifestations of his humanity and kindness, and to feel his innermost desires. And, most importantly, people who can help him find a middle ground, where he could show kindness as well as reserve the right to act harshly when it is necessary. Zhukov is also immensely grateful to those people who are able to smooth over his conflicts and not reproach him for ethical mistakes.

    The complexity of love and family relations can be resolved for the ESTp by a partner who can be conquered all of his life, despite of his devotion. A person who will amaze the ESTp by subtle perception of the world, by wealth of interests and hobbies, by a creative streak, and a nuanced developed ability to feel. A partner who is endowed with humor, optimistic character, and wisdom in human relations.

    The ESTp lives in the here and now. It is extremely difficult for him to tolerate inactivity and doubt, especially when they stretch out to a long period of time. In such cases he feels very nervous and unsettled. It may even seem to him that everything is crumbling, falling apart, and he's helpless to do anything. He starts thinking of the darkest forecasts for the future. Such states of vulnerability periodically happen to the ESTps. Here he needs immediate support of a person who looks into the future with optimism. And even better, one who warns in advance of possible troubles or changes such that the ESTp can get mobilized and ready for them - this way the ESTp will feel himself much more confident in such situations.

    Involuntary need to wait is also extremely hard for the ESTp. He needs a person who can name a specific duration, date, and time, and fulfill what has been promised. It important for the ESTp to receive information about the timeliness of a particular undertaking, and about what to expect from this or that person.

    Like any logical type, the ESTp subordinates feelings to reason. However, he's not always successful in this. Accumulated negative emotions pour out suddenly in way of irritation, talking in a loud voice, sometimes even rudeness, from which the ESTp later suffers himself. He prefers to appear calm, unperturbed, having composure and control over himself, and to speak to others in an even tone. But inwardly the ESTp is capable of feeling the most powerful and bright emotions in their entire spectrum, from the most negative to the most enthusiastic or sentimental ones. However the ESTp won't show this to every person, only someone close to him who has won ESTp's trust by his sincere and kind feelings, by his openness in this sense, by his own vulnerability and sensitivity that are combined with courage in expressing his feelings.

    The extent to how sincerely an ESTp shows positive feelings depends on whether people close to him have shown such feelings. As well as how receptive they have been of his. Whether they have helped him to cope with temper and aggression in statements and in tone, defusing the situation with a tactful joke or switching attention to something else.

    Unfortunately, among ESTps one often meets people with "frozen" feelings and stiffness in making social contacts. Suppression of feelings may lead to a physical sickness or disease (e.g. early heart attacks), especially with heavy work or family overloads.

    And ESTps very much dislike falling sick. They can ignore their physical ailments for a long time, trying to avoid feeling helpless or needing someone's care. So often they endure their sickness "on their feet." But if the sickness is serious, it may seem to the ESTp that this is if not forever, then for a long time. He falls into bad moods, life takes on dark hues, gloomy thoughts come to mind. Here it is important to give encouragement to the ESTp and a sincere belief that everything will end well. Then the ESTp mobilizes, sets himself with a goal to recover as soon as possible, and begins treatment by all means available. Of treatments and approaches to getting better, due to the fact that the ESTp is often not especially interested in health issues, he prefers to learn from competent professionals.

    ESTps, especially young ones, have a peculiar attitude towards their health. They don't want to spare themselves, believing that the body should be tested and applied to its maximum - this is why one is young! They may, for example, take risky or labor heavy jobs, engage in extreme sports receiving injuries. They may also abuse of alcohol, smoke a lot, eat harmful foods, may try psychotropic substances to find out the impressions from them. In short, they commit "heroic acts" in every way, putting their health to risk and even flaunting this. But there comes a time, and the same person quits smoking and goes on a diet, moreover giving up bad habits in a single day. So works the strong will of the representatives of this type. The decision once made is not subject to re-consideration and appeals. It will be implemented.

    If a close person falls sick, the ESTp is typically very sympathetic and helpful. He tries to provide all the best, to arrange for the best hospital, spends money, uses his influence and ties to organize recovery. He tries to help however he can. Similarly he sympathizes with other people who fall ill or find themselves in a state of helplessness. Sometimes, though, he hides his sympathy and feelings and simply spends time nearby and operatively resolves problems.

    ESTps hate sitting around with nothing to do. They are always busy with something, involved n something, hurrying somewhere, meeting with someone, organizing something. These are very energetic people, people who seek to be in the enter of activity.

    When ESTps are young, they already love to command their peers and to gather them under their own influence. Regardless of gender they may be real "daredevils." Games, competitions, adventures - all of this attracts little ESTps like a magnet. Young ESTp is ready to spend time out in yard and in the streets until night, forgetting to eat and do homework. Real life for him is always more interesting than theoretical studies. Here he counts on his own abilities, ability to think on the fly, and to find solutions quickly.

    Awakening of willpower in a young ESTp often leads to rise in conflicts with parents. Especially in cases when parents try to make him listen and obey, subdue him, suppress his activity, not take a child into consideration and instead impose their opinions. Such situation can lead to a protracted conflict and even war, which does not benefit anyone in the family.

    One of the best ways to influence a young ESTp is to direct his tireless energy into constructive venues e.g. sports that entail competition, especially team sports, and at tutoring lessons with teachers who are knowledgeable and respectful of children. It is important that his friends would be allowed to come over to his house. And it will be great if the parents would make friends with them, noticing leadership abilities in their child.

    At school young ESTps cannot be exactly called diligent students. Although they usually understand material quickly, problems with discipline are virtually guaranteed. To not follow the rules and violate prohibitions - is that romance that helps an ESTp youngster to cope with everyday school experience. In school ESTp children are often rowdy; from their antics even the teachers give up. But eventually these rowdy youngsters grow up into decent people - don't forget this! It would be for the better if at school such a student is viewed as an informal leader and assigned proper "position" and "roles" - then he will consider school to be his "territory", and not potential enemy territory.**

    [**Translator's note: It's inaccurate to say that every person of ESTp type is meant for leadership - some ESTps may show inclination for research, invention, philosophy, physics, electronics, sports, music, theatrical and artistic pursuits. Parents should be careful to watch the natural inclinations of their ESTp children instead of blindly following these instructions, which are too simplified and formulaic.]

    The best way to learn for an ESTp is to lead. To excel over others in knowledge, to solve various complicated puzzles, to participate in competitions, and, of course, to win. The ESTp values respect from teachers and tries not to fail them. He also finds additional extracurricular activities for himself: organizes events, moves up the career ladder in social activity, takes up travel, tourism, and sports. For ESTp of youth age the romance of male brotherhood is important, that shows joint struggles and overcoming of difficulties, risky adventures and unknown places. Their entire life, in midst of not always easy and poor in impressions reality, the ESTps draw energy and confidence from these memories, with a slight touch of irony at their youthful romantic impulses. An impression arises that they like to descend from the heaven of romance down to the ground of realism, but that nevertheless the romance has not passed them by, that there will be something to remember, to tell interesting stories from his own life.

    In their own family, ESTps often create competitive conditions for their children. They teach them how to perceive life realistically, how to acquire and develop practical skills. They freely share their extensive knowledge and hobbies with their kids. Only that they may have little time for interaction due to their busy work schedule. In a family with an ESTp parent, a child will have a chance to develop a strong personality, to grow into a person who is able to express and defend their views and interests. The SLE is proud of the success of his children, rightly viewing their own contribution to their children's upbringing as significant. However, to consult about love or own emotional experiences with an ESTp parent is sufficiently difficult. Do not wait for tactfulness from him or her and advice on how to diplomatically resolve any personal conflicts and problems. But his laughter, jokes, and gatherings of friends will give the child an opportunity to interact with different kinds of people.

    In social groups the ESTp is often at or near the center. He has the ability to gather people around himself. With his arrival everyone else seems to as if rally and become mobilized. He loves to organize parties, noisy merry dinners, and trips. People are usually drawn to the ESTp, and he is acquainted with many, with some he rarely meets or intersects again, but few will forget him. Especially since ESTp has the ability to communicate with people from different strata of society, whether the person is from commoners or a celebrity. He also has loyal friends with whom he goes through life.

    The ESTp often helps out his friends and acquaintances. By deed and by practical advice. He feels himself involved in their lives, appreciates communication and contact. In a difficult situation, he is a person on whom you can rely. People respect his leadership skills and practical mind, wit, cheerfulness, energy, and ability to take risks. Not less attractive are such qualities as his well-reasoned opinions on any matter and willingness to have a debate. Although in debates the ESTp is able confuse anyone, flexibly and dynamically using his ability to operate with facts, re-shuffling them at his discretion. He can prove that white is black and black is white, if that is his goal is discussion. And
    this is unlikable and unpleasant if the ESTp is not on your side (let's be honest), but very attractive and likable if he is.

    Especially worth mentioning is ESTp's gentleman-like behavior and treatment of women. He knows how to court and give women attention, and does so beautifully, keeping up his sense of self-respect, and in some inexplicable way gaining an upper hand with a woman precisely by underlined manly behavior. The ideas of how to court women that prevail in a society generally overlap with ESTp's inherent behaviors. For women of this type dignity and bravery transform into other, quite variable forms of behavior.

    ESTp's put high goals before themselves and they are capable of achieving them. In life, they take on the most responsible and important projects and tasks, and make the most difficult decisions, which are easy criticize later, but difficult to take on such a responsibility.

    Resilience towards stress, ability to instantly mobilize himself and mobilize others, practical acumen, and quick thinking give ESTps an opportunity to achieve what others aren't not capable of achieving. Ability to bring people together and organize them in the face of danger, to concentrate forces to repel enemies or aggressors, the striving for responsibility and risk, to advancement in new areas, and to leadership - these are the qualities of the ESTp that help people to live and to survive in natural and technological environment, realizing human needs in terms of scientific and technological progress and in discovery of new space and forms of social existence.

    IEI, Intuitive-Ethical Introvert

    Yesenin, "Lyricist" (INFp, IEI, Ni-Fe)

    The INFp makes an impression of an individual who, on one hand, is hovering in the clouds, detached from the outside world, and on the other - incredibly responsive, seeks out contact with people, and experiences everything sensitively and deeply. The secret of IEI's mystery is attractive to many, however, the IEI opens up only to a few select people, a small circle of close friends who truly appreciate and value the dynamic movements of his soul.

    The INFp may be called an idealist, a collector and keeper of spiritual ideals of different eras. And these ideals are filled experience, a deeply personal response to the ongoing and past events that have once happened.

    In INFp's perception, the details of everyday life recede into the background, and the main, fundamental basis for him or her becomes the internal, hidden currents of own inner soulful life. Responding with feelings to what is happening around him or her and from a young age experiencing in a profound way what is happening inside enables the INFp to see feelings and emotional experiences of other people, recognize them by their slightest manifestations and be able to predict them.

    The least practical of all other types, the INFp lives a completely different, not everyday, not common life, all of the subtleties and complexities of which are available only for the understanding of himself and those with whom the INFp wants to share his or her experiences and thoughts.

    Usually INFps are easy-going and agreeable. They orient themselves by what is acceptable and appropriate in a society, don't strive to stand out and to be seen, and always leave to themselves the right to a private inner life, and the right to evaluate people based on their own inner values, personal principles and morals which the INFp creates himself or herself during his/her lifetime based on own feelings and observations.

    Time, events, and people participating in them - this is the domain that draws INFp's interest. Life's dramas, tragedies, comedies, farces, that occur every day and that have been transpiring always, from the very beginning of mankind, events that connect people and separate them, the vicissitudes of fate, the changes of epochs, the mentalities of governing classes - in this mixed flow of history and real life the INFp perfectly orients himself or herself. The shadows of the past do not interfere but rather help the INFp to see the present and future and to create a background of hidden meaning of existence.

    Easily detaching from reality, the INFp loves to dive into the irrational world of dreams. Splendid scenes for such trips the IEI draws from art and literature in the first place. Following literary heroes in his imagination, the INFp empathizes with them and enriches his or her own life experience, living vicariously, and decorating mundane reality with elegant and beautiful scenes.

    Cinema, literature, art or psychology - for the INFp these are wonderful occasions to broaden and deepen the range of his or her emotional experiences. Culture events, works of art are perceived by the IEI deeply personally. The IEI receives information primarily by perception, heart, and imagination.**
    [**Translator's note: Several other types besides type IEI can have an active and well-developed imagination as well as an appreciation for culture and art. One only needs to remember how many artists and fiction writers do not belong to this type. Care should be taken to not mistake having an imagination and cultured interests for a beta NF type.]

    And, of course, of great importance is the environment in which the personality of a representative of this type develops, and whether this environment has supported IEI's romanticism and soulfulness, and provided opportunities to break away from purely domestic and mundane side of life.

    The INFp has the ability to anticipate and to predict. He is in contact with the invisible moods of others in his society, separating these perceptions from his own. The ripening of events that will possibly to changes, and the dynamics of such events, the INFp can feel very acutely. Especially finely the IEI perceives the approach of crisis situations and usually warns the people close to him of this. He reports that danger is close and it is time to do something, to act. The INFp also knows how to avoid trouble, how to circumvent it, and this is not accomplished by a thorough analysis of events but through feeling and perception. Or he waits in expectation of the right moment, to then act quickly.

    The INFps are usually soft, considerate, and careful in their statements, preferring to adjust to others and not create any conflicts, professing the principle of "live and let live". With this the INFp is capable of internally keeping to his own opinion and remaining in his own flow of feelings and thoughts. And, at the same time, the INFp can be open and receptive to new information, changing his or her view if necessary, according to the situation. Willingness to change, ability to easily change plans to address pressing problems, to change the future adapting it to himself, to draw others into his own inner rhythm - these are the strong sides of the IEI.

    Most people of this TIM complement their everyday life with self-analysis, striving to know themselves, and self-improvement. To understand oneself, to obtain the answer to the question "Who am I?" - is a very important component of Yesenin's life. Moreover, this question arises again and again throughout their lives, the question itself as well as the feelings and emotional responses that it produces, that are often more important to the IEI than arriving at a precise, clear, and reasonably definitive answer. It is more important for the IEI to be in contact with own internal changes and dynamics, to feel these. And upon feeling them, to mentally shift into the future, into the "perfect and beautiful faraway", because the INFp looks into the future with optimism, with an attitude that it will be bright. The INFp also helps the people around him or her to believe in a brighter future, which is especially important in troubled and critical times, when there is no clear answer as to how to act here and now.

    The INFp encourages people around him to take actions necessary in a particular situation by an emotional impact on them. He is able to influence the mood of the people, but not words or persuasion, but by an emotional outburst.

    The INFp emotes at precisely the moment when it is possible and necessary to show feelings. And often this is not so much a reaction, or a simple response to what is happening, but an attempt to exert an active effect. When to cry and when to laugh is in conscious control of Yesenin. Feelings will be completely sincere, but for the right moment (and this may be the highest intensity of feelings, or a situation in which existing feelings become active) the IEI will wait.

    Keeping in touch with the feelings of a loved person to the point of penetrating into the innermost parts of their inner world, or feeling the emotional attitude that is prevailing in a group, the INFp is able to create moods for the people - close and distant to him. The INFp does not shy away or hesitate to show his feeling to others, and can "infect" others with his own mood, contributing to their emotional disinhibition and expression.

    In a friendly supportive environment, in a company of friends, the INFp sparkles with emotions and often makes jokes that evoke laughter of those present. The INFp appreciates humor and can see the humorous in common everyday situations, in mundane life he notices many funny and entertaining moments, and likes to share them with his friends, improving their mood.

    We would like to mention a very important quality of INFp - the ability to take and accept the emotional life of a close person for what it is. And then gradually, gently and smoothly try to harmonize it, and to make more socially acceptable. Himself as a person of rich and intense emotions, and a wide emotional range, the INFp empathizes with the feelings of others and provides them with mental and emotional support, understanding and accepting his partner. And may even justify some of his partner's negative impulses, based on his own internal system of values, his own understanding of morals, and his own vision of the dynamics of future changes in a person for the better.

    The INFp is perceptive of the moods of other people. He/she can distinguish a social mask from the actual present state of someone's soul. In interacting with others the IEI speaks to that present state. The IEI may cheer up, inspire optimism, orient a person to a fighting and winning mood. Despite the fact that the IEI is dreamy and lyrical by nature, he can go full out when he's having fun.

    The true feelings of INFp remain a mystery to many, since people of this type know perfectly well how to create an image that fits the situation and allows them to hide their moods. This happens for the most part because the INFp lives an intensive and dynamic emotional life, much of which transpires inside of him or her, and he wishes to protect this mysterious inner world from outside transgressions.

    This world is so refined, sophisticated, fragile, and vulnerable that the INFp even being in the spotlight can selectively keep a distance with not so pleasant to him people, those who are incapable of accepting his sublime and delicate feelings. And this invisible boundary is sometimes almost impossible to overcome if the INFp does not wish to bring a person closer. Especially that predicting people's behavior is not difficult for her or him.

    INFp's brightly pronounced striving to all that is sublime and beautiful manifests not only in his relationships with people, interest in art, literature, and poetry, but also in the effort to look decent. External appearance has a significance for the INFp. The INFp also views clothes as a component of his or her image and a reflection of his inner world and good sense of taste. Thus the INFp tries to dress elegantly. Although the IEI struggles with assessing the quality of things, the style is usually chosen correctly. Even following fashion and norms accepted in society, the INFp will undoubtedly contribute a part of his or her individual personality to his or her look.

    Lack of ability to create comfort and coziness at home the INFp more than redeems by another ability - the ability to maintain emotional comfort, being attentive to people, tactful and wise understanding of the peculiarities of others.

    No less complicated for the INFp is pragmatic and business activity. Practicality - is not his strong suit. INFps capacity for work and the state of his matters often depend on his moods. The INFp is overjoyed if nearby he finds a determined person that has business acumen and who firmly stands on the material ground. A person who will take up and do something, instead of talking about it or giving advice. Specific concrete assistance helps the IEI, not recommendations. By this the INFp attracts people who are strong, influential, and decisive. The INFp brings optimism to their life, the ability to create a fun atmosphere, to inspirit them, to fill their lives with feeling, to smooth out conflicts and anticipate troubles. Next to such a person the IEI is capable of showing the maximum of his gift of foresight.

    Equally comfortable the INFp would feel if the wanton and undisciplined flow of his life would be directed by a strong-willed and active partner, who wants and desires much. Absorbing and internalizing such an active and energetic approach to life, becoming more confident of the legitimacy of own needs and wishes, the INFp feels much more self-assured and stable. In this case the INFp learns to better to understand his or her own needs as well was ways of realizing them.

    For such an important and valuable person who can make him feel this way, the INFp will do whatever is necessary so that his life and fate fold as successfully as possible, so that his or her life was not plain and monotonous, but was filled both spiritually and emotionally. The ability to awaken the spiritual beginnings in people, to direct them to a better course, to positively predispose them to him, to evoke their sympathy, to encourage them to significant and beautiful deeds - this is what representatives of this type are generously endowed with by nature.

    In childhood the INFps are very different. From the shy, humble, and obedient to the wayward, whimsical, and daring. Here much depends on their home environment and the parenting style of their parents. Their parents will definitely become acquainted with the whole spectrum of emotions while their IEI child is learning master own feelings and testing the endurance and tolerance of people around him or her. INFp children also have a huge interest in everything new and a great curiosity for life. Loving parents who are authoritative in the eyes of the child are helpful here. Small Yesenin with his or her charm is able to melt the heart of any strict parent.

    In school young INFps usually learn well, though its rare that any of them have very high ambitions for learning. Many IEI students study diligently to not upset their parents and teachers. Among subjects they prefer humanities. Early on they get involved in literature: poetry, adventure novels, and books about love.

    They have many friends, as socializing with their peers brings lots of pleasure to them. They have fun with everyone and get involved in a variety of games and shenanigans, but often manage to get away with it without getting punished or reprimanded by their teachers. Often becomes teacher's pets, but their relations with their classmates don't spoil because of this.

    When INFps become parents themselves, they treat their children gently with understanding and sensitivity to their wishes, and are often able to create warm and close relationships with their kids. But they also watch that freedom does not turn into all-permissiveness. Behind the outward gentleness of such parents hides an inner stubbornness, by means of which they peacefully but firmly uphold their parenting policy.

    Attaching great importance to social and cultural values, INFp parents seek to awake in their children the appreciation of the sublime and the beautiful. They themselves like literature, art, music, and history and create the right atmosphere in their homes, where one cannot pass by the soulful and exalted parts of life and not partake in the delicate aesthetic experiences. INFp parents also encourage the interests and hobbies of their children and are proud of their successes. Many IEIs love nature and try to instill that same love into their children.

    The INFp often finds himself in the role of the soul of a small social group. Many will retain their childhood friendships and keep them throughout their lives. Gathering in a company of friends the INFp downright sparks with charm, tells funny stories, playfully jokes with ease, directing attention to the funny side of events. The IEI himself likes to communicate, is interested in people, their stories, and news. He listens attentively and with interest. The IEI is one of those people who can raise the mood and listen out carefully to everything one has in their soul.

    The INFps is attracted by people who are extraordinary, unusual, bright, and capable of noble actions. And although the INFp waits for the other person to show initiative, he creates all the conditions for it himself, sometimes ingeniously using small ploys.

    The INFp is a special TIM that holds in itself the content of our national mentality. The appreciation of emotions and culture, the ties with history and tradition, a mysterious soul that can not be understood by a pragmatic Western mind - all of this is close and familiar to every person who was born and raised in Russia.

    Type INFp exists as if off the beaten track to success, technological triumphs, rationalism of Western culture, but does not remain in the past but journeys in his own special way, relying on intuitive feeling, without fear of uncertainty and changes. The IEI knows that one day there will be a holiday on his street, believes in a good future, no matter how tragic the past may have been. More than any other TIM in the Socion, the IEI feels the powerful significance of our roots, the depth and richness of our culture, feels the inextricable link with the national traditions of Russian spirituality.

    ESI, Ethical-Sensory Introvert

    Dreiser, "Guardian" (ISFj, ESI, Fi-Se)

    The ISFj is keenly perceptive of other people's attitudes towards herself, accurately discerning ill-wishers. The ESI has a highly differentiated view of relationships between people: by form of communication and interaction between them she determines who likes and who dislikes whom. Therefore, in a group (especially a familiar to her group) the ISFj feels confident and how she acts and evaluates others, relying on norms of ethics by which she operates, as well as general intrinsic values.

    Even with his or her ability to feel people, the ISFj, nevertheless, does not jump to make a final conclusion about someone quickly, but first observes how a person acts in different life situations: is this person worthy of trust? how does this person influence others? The ESI watches concrete real life actions of a specific person and inwardly endows them with an ethical judgment.

    The ISFj gathers information about people since childhood, and therefore knows that there are all kinds of people in this world - good and bad, weak and strong, those who are capable of love and friendship and those who are not. This experience in human relations that the ESI acquires is not wasted in vain, and often this isn't a simple experience, but experience that has been gained through setbacks, suffering, and losses, which the ESI, as a person who feels acutely and sensitively, experiences very painfully and deeply. Although such feelings the ESI doesn't show to the social environment, considering their manifestation "in public" to be a weakness. After all, ESI has inner strength and endurance, and is guided by an innate internal knowledge of how people should be, which allows the ESI to not lose his/her moral compass in our ethically imperfect world, and to protect his/her loved ones, warning them of treachery, hypocrisy, and losing their heart and soul.

    The ISFj cannot be misled by verbal compliments, by mere words, by playing on one's weaknesses. The ISTj judges a person by their actual actions, analyzing their behavior from personal and ethical side. The ESI has the courage to love the people close to him/her as they truly are, and help them to become better, as well as the courage to leave relations with a person who by their behavior don't correspond to ISFj's inner ethical orientation.

    The ISFj spends a long time choosing a friend or a partner, and does not hurry to become infatuated and fascinated by someone quickly. And the more dear the person is for the ISFj, the more time and emotional energy the ESI invests in providing them with attention and becoming close with them. If getting close did not happen, the ESI remains at the same distance in communication, and neither makes nor accepts any demands of them. With people who remain to be strangers, the ISFj keeps at a large interpersonal distance, making it clear by one look that it's better to not approach him or her.

    Choosing a person the ISFj tries to find someone who is close to him/her in personal values, preferring people who are direct, honest, active, capable, and hard-working. Those whose words don't diverge significantly from their actions, and whose activities are more numerous than their words. Inspecting a person's actions closely, the ISFj strives to be fair and impartial. The ISFj will view them from aside, listen to own internal judgement, pay attention to own relation to them, to own experiences and needs, which are likely to be keep silent at first.

    The ISFj also doesn't readily disclose his/her attitude towards someone, better to tactfully keep silent. But if the ESI does decide to say something negative, he/she will say it firmly, sometimes even harshly, with a sense of inner conviction in his or her voice. If the ESI is certain that the person is behaving poorly, it is very difficult to convince him or her otherwise. The ESI doesn't show doubt to others, as well as internal experiences in that moment. What gets said is said quietly and emphatically politely. The ISFj has self-possession, much composure and a sense of self-control. His tears and his anger other people should not see. His feelings he can restrain in front of strangers, withstanding direct blows and keeping his dignity and his face. Dignity - is one of the basic values of people of this type.

    To people close to him the ISFj does show feelings, which is a sign of trust on his or her part. But, even with loved ones, the ESI prefers to deal with negative feelings on his or her own. Beautiful sublime feelings and beautiful relations - are another matter, this the ESI can demonstrate. Moreover, beauty in a relationship, in his view, contribute to its success.

    With close people the ISFj may be soft and gentle, expressing warm feelings and heartfelt disposition, but also firm, and if needed - adamant. The ESI knows how to exert pressure on others by by word and by his actions. Family for him matters very much. And in society, he is ready to defend family values, believing that only by retaining these a person can become truly happy and successful.

    The ISFj is a caring person, sympathetic of people who are miserable and destitute. Those who cannot provide or take care of themselves should not be slighted. The ISFj feels physically uncomfortable seeing people living in unsanitary conditions, in ugliness instead of beauty, in discomfort instead of comfort. The ISFj believes that life in such circumstances is an affront to human dignity. Let it be rather poor, but clean, neat, and decent on a personal level. On creation of decent living conditions for all people, in ESI's opinion, which is difficult to disagree with, society must expend efforts and allocate resources.

    And ISFj implements his views and principles into life. As a person who has the ability to see and create beauty, an esthetician at heart, the ISFj brings aesthetics and taste to everything that he or she takes up. The ESI spends much time and effort on setting up living place, his/her "territory". The ESI also usually looks neat and takes care of own appearance, clothes, hairstyle, and accessories. The ESI dresses appropriately, in accordance to the occasion and the location, with great taste, and often chooses to express her personality and individual style in how she dresses with various clothing items and accessories. Every item suits the event and combines well with other things, and even with the surroundings.

    Analyzing fashion, the ISFj is inclined to dress to own personal style and strives to a personal ideal in beauty. The ESI also knows how to do the same for his/her family and close ones. The ESI will take note and insist if her loved ones are not taking care of their appearance and not understanding the importance that it has and its effect on people around.

    For the ISFj beauty - is a very important concept. Beauty in everything, in traditions and customs included. Some ESI feel and understand the need to maintain traditions. After all, traditions have been formed over the centuries, they were not an accident, and they reflect the experience of human life, of the common life in which everyone must give up a part of themselves for the sake of the common good and harmony and productive interaction between people. After all, we are so different, but all people are also the same in the general universal sense.

    Such reverent and attentive attitude to tradition and to arrangement of everyday life and living space in a shared household leads some ISFjs to underestimate and dismiss individual qualities of people, the importance of intrinsic personal motive, and the right to diversity of expression for the sake of the development of people's talents and abilities. But, in general, the ISFj tends towards democracy. Therefore, a person who by personal example brings a creative approach to life, and, in particular, to work, will greatly enrich ESI's inner world and contribute to the expansion of sometimes overly conservative values and estimates of ESI.

    From people ISFj expects and wants predictability. Any unpredictability in this sense is a source of stress for him or her. The ESI often interprets this as poor manners and uncultured attitude.

    From an unpredictable person the ISFj constantly expects some kind of trouble and unpleasant surprises, especially so from people who are proud of being different from others. No less inconvenienced the ISFj feels from inconsistency or uncertainty in situations and in words. In a mutable amorphous environment the ESI feels unnerved. The ESI needs a person who can orient in potentialities and ambiguity without extra excessive words and who is able to choose an appropriate course of action. The ESI needs a person who does not doubt his own competence and who is actively anticipating and overcoming difficulties. Such a person can enable the ESI to feel the life in full, help the ESI to not stay in the role of merely an observer and an evaluator, but make the ESI a direct participant in interesting events. Respect from such a person and feeling needed by him or her raises self-esteem and evokes gratitude of the ISFj, as well as earn his or her devotion not only to such a person but also to their activities, business, or work.

    The ISFj feels grateful for clearly outlined prospects of some undertakings, business, or project. Of course, if these came from a person whom the ESI trusts - a person who does not let others down in difficult moments, who arrives with help in time, and who does not doubt own competence.

    The ISFj respects people not only for moral principles and the need for moral beauty, but also for business acumen, pragmatism, intelligence, for an active lifestyle and entrepreneurial talent. The ESI himself seeks to acquire new knowledge and skills, and to find a job that he likes and that would correspond to his abilities.

    ISFj's capacity for work is high. The ISFj likes to work with full effort and dedication, not forgetting about housework, as well as caring for his or her loved ones. In work, the ISFj strives to cope with daily problems independently by applying his or her skills into practice. But if the problem is such that the ESI cannot resolve it by own means, he or she asks the management for help. In communication the ISFj is tactful and tries to not to take up too much time. Although the interests of his workgroup or team the ISFj can defend firmly. For this quality the ISFj is often put forward as the parliament before the government. But ESI's requirements relate mostly to the working conditions that affect the work of people and their well-being.

    To evaluate his/her own work in the material equivalent is difficult for the ISFj. On a fair assessment of his work the ESI is dependent on others. Even though the ESI does not like change, having left a place where his work was not valued by its merit, the ESI is even proud that the change helped improve his material well-being and status.

    At work the ISFj not only works, but also disciplines and educates people. Since the ISFj is aware of status and position at work, his treatment of colleagues and higher-ups differs. No boss or manager, no matter how high a position he occupies, has all-permissiveness in ESI's view. The management has to give attention to the needs of the people. Of which the ESI will speak up, if needed, and in that specific form that will influence that particular manager.

    Among colleagues the ISFj usually has a narrow circle of people whom he/she helps with concrete actions. The ISFj is pleased if this circle enjoys respect and consideration in the team. The ISFj always watches for the balance of power. Never lets down people close to him/her, defends them before strangers, using own strong sides.

    In his circle of people the ISFj cares about good relations, and manages to both do work and talk about children, families, to give specific advice for relationships in difficult family situations. However, the ESI listens more than she talks herself. Tries to cheer up a person who found himself in a difficult position by positive relation.

    The ISFj is very responsive to pain, suffering, and misery of people. But only if it is true suffering and not complaints and whining without a good reason. The ISFj does not like to console to a person, but strives to do something good or pleasant for him, to give him a sense of security and stability, of being protected. Putting herself in the other person shoes, the ESI assesses the actions towards him with her own feelings and emotions in such a situation, stands on the side of the offended, and lets the person know about this by giving care and ethical evaluations. The ISFj may also scold a person if they are exaggerating their grievances or behaving in an unworthy manner.

    As a child, the ISFj is an obedient and loving child and shows respect towards elders. Such child is a real gift for parents - neat, not rowdy, not noisy, a diligent student with a responsible relation to assignments. Although sometimes the ISFj shows excessive stubbornness.

    The ISFj chooses friends to his or her own liking, but also tries to not upset his or her parents too much. The ISFj shares secrets with her friend (while their friends can be assured that the ISFj will keep their secrets), jokes around, although they don't like bad jokes, don't like surprises and ruses, especially ones that present a person in a ridiculous or absurd form.

    ISFjs often have some extracurricular involvements - they dance, sing, listen to music, take photographs, engage in crafting and handwork, and enjoy nature. The agility and flexibility of their movements, their strength, and their appropriateness and tactfulness often make other people come to like them. Not always expressing personal opinions balanced with their ability to always stand up for themselves and to protect others, consistency and stability in their affections, that amount to devotion, beautiful things and creations, and innate ethical wisdom make ISFjs respected in the company of peers. Other parents are often glad that their child has such a friend. And glad to see him or her in their house. But the ISFj is mostly a homebody. He/she rarely pays visits to friends, to not disturb them and their families. Surprisingly, the ISFj is attuned to and understands such things from early childhood.

    But if the ISFj did "come out into people" then he tries to spend time with benefits for both the body and the soul. Likewise, when receiving guests, for their sake the ISFj tries his or her best.

    In friendship and in love the ISFj shows his or her best qualities. The ESI supports friends in difficult times, tells them the truth if its necessary, and in such a form that is needed by the specific person - gently and tactfully, or firmly and gravely.

    To his friends, family, and loved ones the ISFj forgives much. Much, but not all. Betrayal, especially public one, the ISFj won't forgive to the end. Although the relationship may be mended over time, these will be different kinds of relations. His soul the ESI will slam shut.

    True loyal friends the ESI will strongly defend against attacks of outsiders, not allowing anyone to speak ill of them.

    As was already mentioned above, the family is very important for ESI. Important not only in terms of relations, but as his territory, his cozy home world in which he feels best.

    In family the ESI is industrious and active, showing his or her love by practical concern and personal participation. The ESI combines tact and caution in statements with volitional pressure, when it comes to the important for him or her matters. On ethics and morality the ISFj adapts other people to his or her own personal opinions and view, thus removing the need to make ethical choices from his/her loved ones.

    The ISFj is typically very organized and will plan ahead what they will do and how. They try to do everything as quickly as possible, not wasting any time. Don't like to wait, and like it even less if others have to wait for them.

    Housework and chores they do constantly and without extra words, tirelessly working for the sake of their family's welfare. In their homes rein cleanliness, order, comfort, and beauty. Everyone is fed, clothing and shoes are ready. If someone falls ill, the ESI will do everything to cure them. He/she is discerning in methods of treatment. The ESI does not demand any special gratitude for all his work and care. Although sincere gratitude makes the ISFj feel needed, and is indeed very pleasant to him or her. Even nicer is a gift for some occasion. The ISFj appreciates not so much the quality and the cost, as the thought and the attention. Too expensive gift from a person who is not very close forces the ISFj to reciprocate somehow, and therefore does not bring much pleasure. From a close person - is another matter.

    Loyalty, devotion, ability to resolve everyday conflicts, visually attractive appearance, ability to present themselves with dignity in society and to oversee family life - these are the qualities that attract partners to the ISFjs.

    In upbringing and instruction of children the ISFjs are responsible, sometimes even too attentive. For ISFjs instruction is not only a lifetime obligation, but also a great responsibility - to themselves, to their loved ones, to society, and finally, to the child him or herself. Some ISFjs becomes so committed to their children and their spouse, that forget about themselves.

    The ISFj shows special care and consideration in fulfilling and nutritious diet, in creation and maintenance of satisfactory living conditions, in organizing the living space for their children so that they are comfortable, and so that the people in their family are surrounded by aesthetic, tasteful things. The ISFjs are also quite critical if their children or other family members cause damage to things.

    The main thing for a parent-ISFj is that the child grows up into a good and decent person, who is hardworking and honest. ESIs give less attention to the talents and inclinations of the child, but talents that are visible to other people (usually to authorities in this activity), or vividly displayed by the child himself or herself, are respected by ISFj. The the ISFj allows their child to indulge in their favorite activities and even encourages this.

    ISFj as parents are simultaneously caring and strict. They make their kids respect order, get accustomed to discipline, and be considerate of the needs of others. Even adult children will report to them where they are, whom they are with, and when they will return home. The ISFj may demand and make him/herself be respected and listened to as a parent, but he/she also knows how to respect the child, especially when the child grows up into an adult and has his own share of duties and responsibilities.

    The ISFj as a person is demanding and responsible, restrained and correct. He knows how to be a friend and how to love, even though earning ESI's positive consideration is not so easy.

    Although moral estimates are made by the ISFJ based from his or her own, subjective feelings, vibes, and vision of personal problems, typically the moral values of people of this type overlap those that are upheld in his or her specific society. Loss, dissolution of moral values ​​as factors of stability and conditions for interaction between people the ISFj takes close to heart.

    Understanding the needs of others and respecting his own needs, evaluating the actions of others and adhering in his actions to the principles of morality, the ISFj asks for a lot from other people. But also herself the ESI spends a lot of time and effort to uphold her own values in life.

    For the ISFj it is very important to feel that these values are in demand in a society and that he is needed by other people or a particular group or team, as well as by his or her loved ones.

    In the family and in society the ISFj - is the guardian of stability, ethical and social values, the culture of relationships and of everyday life. By words and by deeds the ISFj proves to other people the life-force and the necessity of his or her ethical values. The ISFj believes in eternal values ​​and does not allow others to forget about them, such that in the process of social progress the most important thing for which this progress is happening does not get lost - what makes and keeps us human.

    ILI, Intuitive-Logical Introvert


    Living in the flow of time, filling it with various activities. Time for ILI is valuable in itself. Closely monitors the flow of life. Sometimes it's hard to move from this position to the contemplative action. Average can predict the behavior of their friends in different situations, modeling it on the basis of previous experience of communication. For themselves on important meeting comes in time. There sotsionicheskiy myth that ILI always knows how long. In fact, ILI perfectly able to determine when it is necessary to keep track of time, and when not. And in the latter case, it is unlikely to tell you the exact time. Likes to keep up at the last minute. Ironic, often has a good sense of humor, usually black. Rather, "owl" than "lark."

    Friendly, although at first glance may seem cold, aloof and unfriendly person. Shall not cry, false, factitious and intrusive emotions. Not like fuss, enthusiastic detail, as well as when it is removed from a state of tranquility and relaxation, with phrases like "why are you so sad / sad / sombre / evil", "What are you so happy?" Especially told in a raised voice. Generally poorly manages his emotions. In this case, unlike Gabin, who also painful emotions ethics, better tolerate strong positive emotions than negative. In noisy celebrations in a big company with a lot of strangers, may feel uncomfortable. Sometimes grumbles or silent, not supporting the general discussion. Itself rarely shows strong emotions and says little about their feelings, while with loved ones and liberates becomes more open.

    Tends to inner balance and harmony. Close to him saying of Socrates: "Know thyself." Interesting conversationalist. Likes to bet on a variety of topics. Make new friends with the opposite sex ILI difficult, especially in youth. Likes to do compliments, believes it is more honest to talk about the shortcomings. In relationships do not rush things. Seeks to preserve the independence and not to succumb to feelings. Democratic fellowship prefer close quarters. The most difficult is usually the first stage, when the unknown emotional response and attitude. Much easier to learn from the case. Inclined to delete from your life once and for all the people after actions that from his point of view seem to be completely unacceptable.

    In conflict or who enjoys a strong logical argument, or just disappears. In the fight does not control their emotions and fears cripple the opponent, so prefers chokes. Appreciates simple good warm relations kindness. His speech can leisurely lull and soothe others. Well aware of the value of different generations. Takes into account the interests of other people, the same is waiting from them.

    Dislikes ask and haggle. Finds for which it makes itself to the desired target. Trying not to get into a difficult situation, often reinsured, causing failed promising opportunities. In unusual circumstances acting on intuition, more than focusing on the specific situation than a pre-determined plan. May violate or circumvent the standard rules if it considers them stupid or unimportant.

    In clothes prefers dark colors, such as blue and black. ILI difficult to constantly monitor their appearance, so it is untidy. Unpretentious in life. His weakness is manifested in design, design, uncertainty in matters relating to health. Usually has a quiet, reserved, serious and focused look. Often has stooped and skeptical expression. Smooth gait.

    Warns people about the possible negative consequences of certain actions, suggests alternatives, discussing their strengths and weaknesses. If his view everything goes right, he usually just silent and does not interfere. Patiently leads man to the necessary step, preparing in advance.

    Well see a contradiction in different theories, as well as the difference in words and deeds. ILI very difficult to constantly generate ideas, but easy enough to compile and correct the wrong. At the same time he believes his opinion is quite objective, as it is based on the analysis of diverse sources. It may underestimate the subjectivity of its filtering information. In the field, which is interested in, trying to get to the bottom, it gives accurate predictions, bad estimating the probability of occurrence of various events. Usually makes informed decisions, thus can spend too much time on the collection and analysis of information.

    Respects the strong, wise, talented people. Itself does not aspire to leadership and power, although it may sometimes be gray eminence. Most often behaves modestly, preferring to be more in the shadows, but I'm glad when he will find there. Regularly take care of your physical health and sports, it's hard. Needs prodding from the outside, power support, based on a strong friendship. Good strategist, he is more interested in the long run than short-term profits. Performance varies widely, from laziness to total immersion in work with the head, depending on the interest, prospects, mood, relationships in the team. When the outer slowness can distribute the work on time optimally, and to improve its methods. Not tolerate petty regulation actions. Has developed imagination and a rich inner world. Associative thinking. Often has a scientific mind, aspire to knowledge of the laws of nature. Without new experiences and information is missing. Life in perceives dynamics as a continuous stream of events flowing into each other. At the same time believes that the world is a place of the occasion, any phenomenon may include opposing principles.

    Recommended areas of activity

    Research activities of applied programming (especially system administration), economics, history and philosophy of science, the analysis of complex problems, strategic planning, forecasting, logistics, risk assessment, appraisal and interdisciplinary research.