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    Profiles of 16 Socionics Types by Tatiana Prokofieva and Marina Kuzmina

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    Taken from the series of articles "Psychology in the New Era", that were published in application to the newspaper "September 1st – The School Psychologist" by Tatiana Prokofieva and Marina Kuzmina.
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    Dear readers, we suggest taking a closer look at socionic types. We will be considering four functions of each type in this article: two strong functions and two weak ones. This will let us to concisely describe the advantages and drawbacks of each type.

    ILE, ENTp (Ne,Ti)

    '''Intuitive-logical extraverts (ILE)''' in their essence are researchers and inventors. They study not only what they need to study, but also "everything that's interesting", from mechanical and computer theories to butterflies and caterpillars. There is nothing that the ILE likes better than to read about something new, mysterious, and captivating. With this, the ILE aims to immediately apply acquired knowledge to practice, but doesn't concern much with getting real profits from his discoveries. Due to strong intuition (channel 1) and logic (channel 2) representatives of this type are capable of making way through great volumes of literature on a chosen topic in the shortest period of time, so to say, of grasping the informational immensity of this world and paving the way for all those who will come after them. Their theories and methods are often beyond ordinary, which can result in upheavals of traditional views and systems.

    The main drawback of ILEs is their tendency to defend their ideals (weak volitional sensing). Decency - is the quality most often idealized by them. With such idealistic expectations and interpretations of people's actions, it is often difficult for ILEs to see and relate to life and people as they truly are. Their irreconcilable attitude towards infringements on their honor, dignity, and freedom often push them into numerous "duels" and arguments. Sometimes they fight not with the actual existing enemies, but "windmills" that they have conjured in their mind. With almost every insight, the ILE tries to share his thoughts with people around him, not thinking of whether it is the right time and place for this (weak ethics of relations). In addition, the ILE is not always ready to listen out a person or their argument contestant until the end, and often interrupts them. For this reason, representatives of this type are sometimes seen as being excessively brazen and self-assured.

    SEI, ISFp (Si,Fe)

    '''Sensing-ethical introvert (SEI)''' may be called a master of agreements and compromises. His life's creed lies in possibility to fully enjoy his life while not interfering with other people doing the same. As a rule, representatives of this type have well set up homes where they like to relax with their heart and soul, as well as physically (sensorics of sensing as base function). In their homes there are many convenient things. Everything is coordinated and carefully thought out beforehand. Representatives of this type are innate designers and image creators. This is because they feel color, form, and size very sensitively. Talking and socializing with his friends, the SEI often becomes the life and soul of the company, the joker and the leader of the social proceedings (ethics of emotions as creative function). By telling an entertaining story, quip, or anecdote the SEI can make even a gloomy person become sympathetic towards him.

    SEI's drawback lies in his weak ability to make important strategic decisions. The SEI often doesn't have enough perseverance, persistence, and farsightedness to undertake serious projects or work. The SEI lives by the day, thus arriving at any long-term conclusions for the future is especially difficult for him (intuition of time and logic of actions are weak functions). Another negative characteristic that has been noticed with this type: the SEI wastes too much time on minor and unimportant activities.

    ESE, ESFj (Fe,Si)

    '''Ethical-sensing extravert (ESE)''' is an incorrigible optimist, who tries to always and everywhere keep up his spirit and good mood under any circumstances. The ESE loves and enjoys life, and can always spot something good in a negative situation. Representatives of this type enjoy spending time outdoors, in the heart of nature, participating in hikes and picnics with friends in open air. They are often interested by some ideas. In contrast to several other personality types, the ESE can spend a lot of time on the phone, discussing events, current news, weather, or other people's problems. The ESE is a life-loving optimist who dislikes gloominess and lack of activity. They can encourage even the most sullen and unsociable person to join for a trip to a forest or a desert, for example. To enjoy life is ESE's main credo. ESEs realize themselves well in fields of advertisement and sales, they can sell the most slow-moving products to the most fastidious client. With this, they often sell not for the sake of money but out of principle.

    ESE's main drawback is their lack of punctuality. They can be late and fail to do promised things in time not because they didn't want to, but because it's hard for them to adequately make plans. Their weak logical function does not allow them to differentiate between important and secondary matters. All matters thus seem to be of about equal importance to them. This results in incoherence, disorganization, and important tasks being left behind without needed attention. ESE's weak function of intuition of time does not allow this type to project and anticipate possible future events. To bring their next project into realization, the ESE makes numerous inquiries and involves a great number of contacts. However, without adequate planning, their irrepressible energy often gets wasted on trifles, and when things come to an important stage the ESE already has no strength and patience left to bring matters to a close.

    LII, INTj (Ti,Ne)

    '''Logical-intuitive introvert (LII)''' tries to see and create from everything a system of some core level natural laws and patterns. As a rule, these people are erudite, have many interests and much knowledge, but don't like to advertise this fact and be in the center of attention. In their essence, they are precise and pedantic, not only in the way of thinking but also in how they relate to the world around them. You will scarcely meet a person believing in miracles and trusting in luck among representatives of this type. Having set a goal, the LII relies on his or her own diligence and inner organization to do their work. Consistency, reliability, ability to stick to their word – all of these are typical of representatives of this type.

    LII's deficiency is weak ethics of relations, which sometimes results in uncertainty and sadness in emotional evaluations of other people. This becomes especially evident in unfamiliar to the LII circumstances. Watching others, the LII tries to understand what is accepted in this company, what is favored, and what is rejected. But the LII cannot always adapt to other people and to new social situations. He may be cheerful or sullen out of place. Due to LII's weakness in differentiating emotional nuances, representatives of this type often see people in black and white colors: good or bad, kind or unkind, friend or foe. LIIs are also sometimes viewed as stubborn and hard to persuade (the function of volitional sensing is hypertrophied). They cannot stand untruth and falsity, and can be very firm and solid like a rock in matters of principle to them.

    SLE, ESTp (Se,Ti)

    '''Sensing-logical extraverts (SLEs)''' don't dwell in the clouds and don't dream lying on a sofa about things that could have been if … These are people of realistic, concrete actions. They can be characterized as ambitious, self-willed, and purposeful people. These are born leaders and administrators capable of taking responsibility for making decisions on important matters. They appreciate logic and supporting argumentation. Irrationality of type SLE manifests in the fact that his activity levels often depend on his own state or mood. If the SLE didn't "get up from the wrong side of the bed" in the morning, he can agree to sign any paper or give a passing evaluation to a shirker, but if he got off the wrong side – beware! About such people it is said that they are quick to harshly deal with someone. Despite this, if you turn to a representative of this type for help in a critical situation, he won't idly sit about and talk, or give you free advice, but instead he will try help you through concrete deeds (strong sensing function). In this is their main virtue.

    Among drawbacks of SLEs is their inability to see future consequences of their harsh words and actions (weak intuition of potential). Due to this, it sometimes seems to the SLE that problems fall on him or her out of nowhere and all of a sudden, and grow like an avalanche. In which case the SLE sees his or her main goal in holding out and being firm. The SLE is not always capable of understanding the nuances of people's relations. Strong volitional sensing, in this case, as if covers for their weaker ethical functions, creating an impression of a "tank" **. Like a ram, the SLE pushes through against other people's opinions and weaknesses.
    [**Editor's note: Quite often the "impervious, massive tank" impression is also created by Se-SEEs whose ethical functions are weakened in favor of sensing and logical ones.]

    IEI, INFp (Ni,Fe)

    '''Intuitive-ethical introvert (IEI)''' can be characterized as a dreamer and romantic. Reminiscing about the future and thinking of the past take up IEI's thoughts. Representatives of this type like to lay on a sofa with a book, or go to the countryside to spend time amidst nature. However, nature can be insidious - it can produce unpleasant surprises in way of rain, snow, and wind. Which is why these trips happen only in IEI's mind. Strong intuition of time (1st channel) gives this type an inclination towards mysticism and superstition, beliefs in prophetic dreams and omens. Ethics of emotions (creative function) helps the IEI to tune to their conversation partner's hidden feelings and see the nuanced inclinations of another's soul.

    However, the IEI is not always able to use his or her creative ethical function for good. At times one can meet an IEI with exaggerated ethics of emotions, simply put a person who is emotionally labile and uninhibited. Instead of comforting people with the warmth of his soul, he begins to manipulate other people and act capricious and touchy. In an exalted emotional upsurge the IEI can become hysterical, because "everything is wrong" and "things didn't turn out to be as desired" (weak sensing and logic). In a word, this type is not meant for sensory hardships. Under the influence of intuition of time, the IEI can submerge himself in the world of illusions, dreams, and imaginings, and could hardly drive a long-term project to a logical finish. The IEI can be renovating their homes for years, having started moving the furniture in the morning already drop this undertaking by the lunch time.

    EIE, ENFj (Fe,Ni)

    '''Ethical-intuitive extravert (EIE)''' can be characterized as a person of immoderate emotion. It's not without a reason that there are many producers, artists, and musicians among them (ethics of emotions as first function). "The world - is a stage, and all people in it - are actors" this is the EIE's slogan. The EIE is able to present boring material to an audience in an amazingly vivid, interesting, and involving manner. And, in general, it's never boring hanging around people of this type. The EIE lives from one emotional storm, that began suddenly, like a thunderstorm in May, to another. In a conversation he may insert some quotes, jokes, puns, or anecdotes. Often he is an appreciator of everything sublime and exalted. Developed intuition of time allows him to predict from first glance that which will become popular and that which will not. Among representatives of this type there are many followers of avant-garde movements in literature, music, and art. The EIE - is a Bohemian person who is very emotionally sensitive to the spirits of the epoch. These are the most aristocratic people - true "princes" and "princesses".

    One of EIE's shortcomings is excessive reliance on "working the public". Indifference, lack of attention to his posing and outward affect can be disastrous for him. Not finding the right audience, EIE's enthusiasm fades, his behavior becomes dry and constrained, resentment towards his listeners appears. EIEs are also given to extreme squeamishness (vulnerable sensing of sensations function). Despite this, the living space of the representatives of this type are usually kept in the state of "artistic mess". Contradictions also show up their external appearance. They may wear both red and green colors together, explaining it by fashion and their own idiosyncratic style. Painful inability to follow logic (weak function) sometimes hypertrophies as an accentuated desire to be taken as a serious, logical, business-like man or woman. In this case, the EIE may have many notebooks, calling cards, and piece of notes in his pockets, which he will present at the slighted occasion. The EIE also poorly tolerates physical pain and poor health. Dentists are their arch-enemies. The smallest scratch or bump may unsettle them for a long time, while their luxuriant imagination may attribute terrible consequences to it. Remember the tale of "The Princess and the Pea" - this is exactly the case here.

    LSI, ISTj (Ti,Se)

    '''Logical-sensing introverts (LSIs)''' prefer to act quietly, systematically, and rationally. In their mind, the world is organized in a logical manner (according to their base function). These people respect discipline and order. They are often advocates of strong power. The most obvious representative of this personality type was I. V. Stalin. He preferred to act secretly in his politics, sometimes setting up intrigues to eliminate his rivals without "spectacles and noise". LSI's persistence and patience are often envied by many who lack in these qualities. Other people take a step back seeing the quiet but determined resolve of LSI. Logical sensing introverts – are leaders and managers of small teams that accurately and timely complete work or study assignments.

    LSI's drawback is in weak ethics of emotions. Representatives of this type are often blamed for being emotionally deaf and impervious. For example, they are rarely capable of feeling the mood that prevails in a group of people. They prefer to build their relationships with people on the effect of admiration. Representatives of this type can hardly listen to and, moreover, accept even constructive criticism. The weakness of intuition of opportunities can be seen in their tendency to fight "extra" information and to hold onto one previously formed opinion. They consider discussions and debates to be unnecessary squabbles that interfere with doing work. LSIs also rarely take advice, considering their own point of view to be the only right one. If they are told about their flaws, even very tactfully, they can keep a grievance and take revenge on a person given the occasion. In the course of Stalin's repressions, for example, dissenting intellectuals were physically eliminated.

    SEE, ESFp (Se,Fi)

    '''Sensing-ethical extraverts (SEE)''' are inborn leaders. Their main sphere of interest is in realistic matters and activities where they can feel their unlimited influence on others. Representatives of this type respect power and strive for it, as well as for all the privileges it provides. Their slogan is: "came, saw, won over!". These are self-willed people who are at the same time diplomatic. If for other types of information metabolism the process of thinking things over before some important engagement is natural, the SEE simply throws him or herself into activities. "The main thing is to engage in battle, and then we'll see", - said Napoleon Bonapart, a representatives of this type. "I jump into love just like diving off a cliff" - echoes Alla Pugachyova, another notable representative of type SEE. These are people of uncontrollable passions; if they are friends – then to the end; if they love – then they hold nothing back. They live by the present. The future is always wonderful for them, but it is in the future. While there is no reason to have regrets about the past, for it cannot be turned back.

    SEE's drawback is their desire to shine for everyone and everywhere like the Sun. The fourth channel (painful function) is taken up by logic of relations - they are not friends with computers, don't like logical formalities: schemes, plans, schedules, dislike having to put everything in order. From this comes their maximalism. Their feelings of the type "love-hate" for one and the same person can change several times a day. Sometimes the SEE puts on a mask of a skillful manipulator and combinator, but due to the fact that intuition of possibilities is not this type's strength his quick victories can turn into future problems and defeats. The SEE hides his failures from onlookers, for nothing should interfere with his image of the winner. SEEs are also often blamed in egocentrism, too high ambitions, and self-conceit. People of this type live by one day, "in the here and now of the current situation", and sometimes acquire enemies through their fits of anger.

    ILI, INTp (Ni,Te)

    '''Intuitive-logical introvert (ILI)''' can be called the strategist of all strategists. The combination of strong intuition and logic gives people of this type qualities of wisdom and knowledge of life's laws. The distinguishing attributes of ILI - are precaution and prescience. One of the notable representative of this type was the M.I. Kutuzov. He fought all his life, but didn't win any remarkable battles - all his victories are ambiguous, with an even score. Despite this, he is known as one of the greatest military generals. Napoleon and Suvorov called Kutuzov a "clever fox". Why? Kutuzov's intellect shows itself in a simple acceptance of the fact that there was no way to defeat Napoleon in an open battle. Napoleon was a master of attack, who would thoroughly think through the plan for the battle in advance, but Kutuzov knew how to retreat. That is one of the most complicated military tasks – to hold back enemy forces using only one part of the army, while constantly switching maneuvers, changing from a fighting formation to a retreating and marching formation. Kutuzov carefully calculated and was able to predict that Napoleon would not manage to provide enough forage for horses of the cavalry, and was absolutely right about this. At the end of the war there were only 5,000 people remaining of the great "Grand Army" - and this was from five or six hundred thousand soldiers! Meanwhile, Kutuzov retained half of his army for the main battle to come.

    ILI's main drawback is painful inability to adequately demonstrate his emotions. To memory comes the historical fact of Kutuzov eating chicken during the Battle of Borodino. Representatives of this type sometimes make an impression of being gloomy, sullen, and melancholic people. However, under their mask of perpetual skepticism and pessimism hides an idealist and a dreamer. To not be seen as an "avaricious knight" the ILI is capable of being generous and undertaking reckless actions. For example, he can give a dear person an expensive gift. However, even in such a case the ILI doesn't spend all of his money. More likely he will calculate in advance how much should be spent and when he should stop. ILI's weak sensing functions manifest as an indifference towards external appearance, that for some ILIs turns into slackness and untidiness. In general, ILIs tend to simple styles in clothing.

    LIE, ENTj (Te,Ni)

    '''Logical-intuitive extraverts (LIE)''' are born entrepreneurs, businessmen, rationalizers. Representatives of this type can be characterized as hard workers. However, they don't like purposeless activities - there should be a final goal everywhere. The workings of LIE's mind are reminiscent of a computer (strong base logic). They are capable of grasping the gist of the matter, calculating all the concurrent aspects, and figuring out optimal ways solving problems (manifestation of intuition). At the same time, representatives of this type are incorrigible romantics, predisposed to traveling, adventures, and risk. Among them there are stuntmen, experimenters, and testers. LIEs work with ease and cheerfulness. A feeling of comradeship and friendship is very important to them.

    One of LIE's weaker sides is their appearance (weak sensing functions). They often look as if have just returned from a trip: men are unshaved, women lack hairstyle. LIEs have so many important things to do that they have absolutely no time left to take care of themselves. The same is true about their dietary and culinary habits. Representatives of this type don't like to improvise and cook complicated dishes in kitchen, but would rather take a recipe from a cookbook and prepare something simple and quick. To a casual question about their health they can start describing their recent worrying and doubtful symptoms. The LIEs also have a peculiar spontaneity to their demonstrations of emotions (weak ethics of emotions) that can be compared to a sudden waterfall. In such moments it seems that they are "too much" for the people around them.

    ESI, ISFj (Fi,Se)

    '''Ethical-sensing introvert (ESI)''' is a true stoic and a guardian of moral foundations of society. Among representatives of this type there are many lawyers, doctors, investigators, and teachers (ethics of relations as first function). ESI women are distinguished by their deep attachment to their families. Taking on heavy, labor-intensive burdens in form of working, taking care of children, and household matters, the ESI's doesn't complain about own life but heroically goes through the difficulties. In dedication, commitment, stability and reliability no other types can compare to the ESI (volitional sensing as creative function). This type can be a doctor not only on the soul, but also of the body. Struggle against evil – is a distinguishing feature of this type.

    One of ESI's drawbacks is the excess rationality present in this type. A certain degree of orthodoxy and maximalism negatively characterizes people of this type. Let us remember the numerous stories from ancient Greece: what should the main hero choose – love or duty? ESI chooses the later. By this, the ESI often becomes a hostage of their own loneliness with few friends, as potentially interesting people and relationships that don't corresponds to ESI's system of values are quickly dropped from his or her field of view. Representatives of this type are also at odds with intuition and are capable of showing initiative in an untimely or inappropriate manner. This, in turn, can lead them into trouble – "initiative is punishable".

    IEE, ENFp (Ne,Fi)

    '''Intuitive-ethical extraverts (IEEs)''' are born psychologists, consultants, and intermediaries. Representatives of this type are usually the most lively and individualistic people of all. Their way of thinking is non-trivial and unusual. Intuition in the first channel gives the IEE an ability to grasp the gist of another person's problems and wishes from first glance, while in combination with ethics it manifests itself as a sense of tact. From time to time the IEE discovers in their conversation partner potential, merits, and talents, that were previously unknown even to that person. There are also many inventors and discoverers among IEEs in the fields of computer programming and technology. Of IEE's talent in working with people we'd like to talk separately. Representatives of this type typically seem charming, warm, and considerate. They are friends with different kinds of people, and their friends like them for their insightful understanding of people's problems and peculiarities. If you have come across a person capable of keeping in good relations with their former wives, husbands, and colleagues, it is mostly likely to be IEE.

    IEE's drawback is their inability to do any tasks or work that requires attention to detail, meticulousness, accurate planning and scheduling, and any type of "sedentary" work. Representatives of this type may not turn in their graduation papers, quarterly accounting reports, and other important documentation for a long time (weak volitional sensing). IEE's openness and friendliness can sometimes play bad tricks on them. Though, sometimes IEEs can show indomitable will and determination to reach their goals, later they may regret the harsh words they've said and the actions the committed and seek reconciliation.

    SLI, ISTp (Si,Te)

    '''Sensoric-logical introverts (SLIs)''' are the type of people who prefer to have a bird in their hands than two in the bushes. Strong sensing functions usually endow the SLI with a talent in everything that is connected to working with hands. A distinguishing trait of this type - is concern for and a striving to create material well-being and comfort in their lives. They are discerning in art and design, and typically have a good sense taste. SLIs like quality items that emphasize their inner dignity and high status. Frequently, their status is high externally as well. Both men and women of this type are often able to organize profitable businesses in commerce or production. Aided by strong sensing functions, SLIs are typically good at food preparation, which for them may be a kind of sacred ritual. Even if the SLI does not have a villa in Canary Islands but only a small apartment on the outskirts of Moscow, please, believe, he or she will know how to enjoy a morning jog on dew covered grass, the smell of blossoming lilac, and a mug of fresh milk.

    The drawback of this type is in its weak functions of ethics of emotions and intuition of time. Similarly to the ILI, the SLI experiences difficulties in expressing his feelings and emotions. Being secretly afraid of being misunderstood (SLIs are very vulnerable), the SLI will prefer to hide his or her real attitudes towards other people, and won't show them at all. However if the SLI is humiliated or made fun of in public, he or she can burst into tears, lose their temper and start shouting at the offender. Representatives of this type remember the smallest offenses, and after serious quarrels they are capable of breaking relations forever. SLI's weak intuition of time manifests in their desire to plan their affairs in advance. This is also the root of their excess conservatism and caution. The SLI will never make a final decision without a thorough analysis of all aspects of the situation.

    LSE, ESTj (Te,Si)

    '''Logical-sensing extravert (LSE)''' is distinguished by an ability to discern the main tasks or matters from secondary ones. LSEs are business-minded, organized, and consistent. They dislikes rushing and fussiness, and the nervousness that comes with these. On the whole, representatives of this type are reasonable in estimating their own strengths, and that is why they try to find a corresponding position at work. Sensing of sensations in creative channel gives the LSE a discerning and refined sense of taste and ability to create beauty with their own hands. Women-LSE prefer effective clothes and accessories that fit their figure. Beauty combined with functionality and utility - is the guarantee of their success.

    LSE's drawback can be their inclination to predictability and stability (weak intuitive functions). For fear of living in present day they are sometimes reproached about conservatism and lack of foresight. Weak ethical functions make the LSE feel uncertain in new unfamiliar situations that involve other people. Despite this type being extraverted, the LSE is not inclined make new friends or start new relationships, being guided by the principle that "an old friend is better than a new one". Even if their family life does not satisfy them for some reason, the LSE is unlikely to separate and continue on alone.

    EII, INFj (Fi,Ne)

    '''Ethical-intuitive introvert (EII)''' places questions of human ethics in the first place in his hierarchy of priorities (ethics of relations is the first function). EII's creativity is aimed at researching new, more ideal forms of relationships. EII is attentive to every personality, for he sees it as an entire world in itself, a vessel, where personal beauty is intermixed with crudeness, anger, and hatred. TIM EII – is a spiritual and moral shepherd, a mentor irrespective of this person's age. Those who are distraught and in grief turn to him for consolation, when they need to cry on somebody’s shoulder or their heart is aching. Making a journey from understanding to forgiving, EII fulfills his destiny.

    One of EII's shortcomings is deficiency of volitional sensing, which shows itself as an irreconcilable attitude towards violence and use of physical force. At the same time, most of EII's favorite sayings - are appeals to obligation. As a result, the EII produces excessive fuss which could be avoided. Spending his or her days on searching for interesting philosophical or humanistic information and dwelling in thoughts and discussions that don't have concrete, immediate, practical application, the EII often experiences difficulties with organizing and building up her everyday life. Forceful pressure from the outside has a suppressing, destructive effect on the vulnerable EII who is unable to resist such pressuring for a long time. Representatives of this type often defend ideals and ideas, while putting aside and criticizing "bourgeois" manifestations such as the desire to dress and to eat lavishly. EII's sacrificial attitude may be aimed at people who have no need in it.

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