• Identical Relations INTp and INTp by Stratiyevskaya

    Identical Relations INTp and INTp by Stratiyevskaya

    ILI– INTp – Balzac (Ni-Te)

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    At first, communication between members of this sociotype is sufficiently interesting and informative, especially if it happens in context of a "teacher-student" relationship. Nevertheless, whichever common interests they share, it would be difficult for them to become couple on this sole basis. The reason: insufficient activity and initiative over sensory and ethical aspects of both partners within this dyad.

    Each will find it difficult to take the first step forward to become closer and feel uncomfortable in taking this sort of initiative – this would require too much willful resolve and ethical exertion. At the same time, each of them wants to be taken almost as if by a siege – ILIs expect this kind of initiative from their partner because they are subconsciously oriented at all-overcoming activity of their dual SEE. Most that they will be able to accomplish in this pairing is to try to provoke their passive partner into activity with demonstrative indifference.

    However, this tactic can be misinterpreted by both identicals and can therefore be counter-constructive. Such "demonstrative indifference" could push them further away, deter the formation of a relationship, cool off and slow down their already difficult to awaken activity.

    The result of this intuitive confrontation is that both ILI partners "freeze" in a kind of long-term stasis and wait. They will stay in this state for as long as the lack of initiative from each won't become seriously disappointing to both of them. At this point, each of them will realize the futility of any future relations, and communication, as such, will be discontinued.

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