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    Intuitive-Logical Introvert
    ILI – INTp – Balzac (Critic)

    The orientation of ego block of ILI: the world in infinite, fluid, manifold, it's state is continuously changing. The goal of man is to find his place in the continuous row of events, to realize his potential. To act makes sense only when the optimal moment for applying efforts has been found and set.

    Descriptions of the Strong Functions:

    Ni – Program function. The consciousness of any introvert is always working with internally constructed imaginary models. The external world for him only serves as a starting stage for developing internal imagery. Since the leading function of ILI is intuition of time, it allows him to successfully model evolution of processes in time.

    The consciousness of ILI easily encompasses any periods in time and perceives the world comprehensively and systematically, and all the processes occurring within it dynamically. His ability to freely traverse the time axis allows him to see distant prospects, and consequently few can match him in the realm of strategic forecasts.

    ILI's imagination perceives the world in dynamic flow – within it everything is in motion, everything interacts, people work, take some actions, which are based on some motivations. In consciousness of ILI, a model of people's behavior arises, examining which he can predict the future consequence of actions that a person undertakes in the present. Possessing the gift of foresight, he often already knows what a person is going to say or do in a certain situation – frequently, it seems to him that he knows and sees straight through everything (and in a certain sense, this is true).

    The ability to see the essence of a problem and to envision the eventual result seems insightful, such that ILI may earn the reputation of a wise and far-sighted person or a philosopher. As a rule, his prognoses are colored by skepticism – he prefers to voice warnings to admonish those around him from taking unnecessary steps and acting rashly. He himself is cautious – will repeatedly and scrupulously check everything before doing anything. He calls on others to do the same, making critical remarks of those whose statements and actions are made too hastily and lightly and have not been carefully thought through.

    One of the main driving forces of ILI is a sense of his own worth, and by association – self-assertion. Frequently he feels good from observing that others are incompetent at something, which comes easily and naturally to him. Many of his mental abilities are indeed high. People of this type often have an immaculate memory. Using this advantage, he identifies the source of a question and comprehends all the aspects of the problem, building a massive foundation for his erudition. It is precisely among this sociotype that one can meet individuals who possess an almost encyclopedic knowledge. However, a measure of conservatism is also characteristic of them. This is expressed in their distrust of anything new, untested and unproven, when it is not clear where it will lead.

    His inclination to assert himself, to feel himself significant, does no mean that he will attempt to achieve a high position or status in society. Rather his tendency is to elevate himself as high as possible in certain fields of knowledge, and to go as deep as possible in his perceptiveness, to feel his superiority to others in exactly this (Ni).

    Te – Implementation of the program. ILI surveys the the dynamics of ongoing events and processes and aims is to guide these dynamics towards their practical realization. After correctly predicting the outcome, he awaits the "right moment" to act and will not do anything until such a moment arrives (he doesn't like undertaking unnecessary action). When he perceives a real prospect, he moves to act.

    His perception is characterized by wholesomeness, which leads ILI to perceive multiple variations in solving the same problem. Thus, now and again, he finds it difficult to prioritize one thing over another. He does not like being hurried, but waits for a problem to "ripen" and its resolution will be incorporated into the general picture of things, which is already present in his imagination. Certain reservation is characteristic of him; he tries to leave enough room for possible corrective actions to be taken in the future.

    ILI's fitness for work is exceptionally selective. If he finds a proper job or profession, he can display remarkable energy and fantastic productivity. In his life there can also be a continuum of sleepless nights and states of extreme anxiety and stress, which last for months or even years. The nature of his work style is usually solid and pedantic.

    If he has failed to find the right job or profession, then his skepticism begins to take the upper hand: "Why is all of this necessary? Nothing good will come of this…" He cannot even force himself to meet the bare minimum expectations, which may lead to serious repercussions such as being dismissed from work or dropping out of school or university. In such cases, he feels helpless, lacking a "spine" – the resolve to do anything – as his irrationality makes it difficult for him to meet even the minimum requirements for his survival.

    Description of the Weak Functions:

    Fe – Painful function. Poorly orientating in emotions, ILI prefers to hide his feelings. However, if he is strongly afflicted by something, his emotionality can literally pour out as he loses control of himself. In order to prevent such situations from happening, ILI prefers to maintain a large psychological distance with others. Familiarity irritates him – he is a proponent of a calm and respectable manner of interaction.

    ILI often compensates for his lack of emotional involvement in interaction with others by playing intellectual games. Very often interaction for him becomes similar to a game of chess or checkers, where the goal is to show what he is capable of, and to demonstrate another person's incompetence. ILI is a master of games – he loves to play with people and events.

    He finds true enjoyment from realizing his intellectual superiority over others and will not let an opportunity pass where he can directly or indirectly express this. If his upbringing conflicts with such displays and expression, he will, nonetheless, satisfy his silent vanity by other methods.

    In communication with those few people, whom he trusts, ILI can be open and sincere. Sometimes he displays kindness and generosity to a surprising degree – gives away his belonging, which are essential to him. However, this is often because he feels indifferent to them (sensing is his weak function).

    Si – Role function. In all matters regarding questions of health, aesthetics, lifestyle, and clothing, ILI appears modest and does not go beyond what is needed. Poorly discerning in such matters, he prefers to obtain such information from capable (in his opinion) sources. Sometimes in such spheres – for example, his home life – he is so helpless, that he incites concern in others and requires real care. If he falls ill, he will try to observe physician's instructions and scrupulously follow prescribed regimen in diet and medicine, etc.

    The volitional qualities of people of this type manifest a bi-polar nature: some individuals display an enviable sense of purpose, stubbornness and perseverance, while others, to the contrary, demonstrate complete inertia and paralysis of their will. This can also be seen in actions of a specific person: in some cases he manifests excessive drive, in others compete passivity. In conclusion, it must be said that for ILI finding a proper occupation and self-realization are especially important, otherwise his innate talents will remain undeveloped and be utterly wasted.

    ILI at Work and at Home:

    Although ILI does not obviously strive to be a leader, his latent vanity is satisfied if he becomes one, for he considers himself worthy to be a head of a laboratory, an institute or a university … even the ministry of state. This assurance is sometimes valid, depending on the individual, and is supported by his ability to think of long-term consequences and outcomes, which is undoubtedly the most important quality for a manager of any level.

    With subordinates ILI prefers a respectful style of interaction. He is able to distinguish the abilities and professional potential of one coworker over the other and put such knowledge to use. However, he is not always confident in entrusting subordinates with work, but is inclined to check over everything. Neither is he easily reconciled with the fact that someone else can do the job better than him.

    ILI is often a serial monogamist and a good family man. He prefers not to quarrel with family members, if possible get away from conflicts, even if his partner shows intolerance. However, in critical situations he is capable of "exploding", losing control of himself, entering a state of literal madness – in such times he can smash furniture and dishes resorting to physical violence.

    He is caring of his children and especially cares about their education. He readily invests his efforts and money. In questions of lifestyle and health, he fully depends on his significant other.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. – Dynamically comprehends all worldly processes. Ability to traverse the time axis permits them to see distant prospects. Skeptical and critical. When confronted by a situation they know how to select from a set of variants, oriented towards the distant prospects.
    2. – Fitness for work is exceptionally selective. If they find an appropriate job they work without tiring, indeed are difficult to stop. Knows how to find the principal team needed to unwind a chain of events. A meticulous and scrupulous pedant, knows how to separate information within a system.
    3. – Tries not to act emotionally since he is not confident that he can always control his feelings. When he does lose control his behavior towards others, and himself, is unpredictable. With close people prefers to associate at a close psychological distance, tries to be polite, to develop relations over time; however, does not always succeed for is capable of offending others without noticing.
    4. – He feels well in a comfortable and cozy home but is unwilling to spend the necessary time and resources to create such himself and so prefers if another would take this responsibility. Sometimes difficult to mobilize himself to carry out necessary activities, appears as if paralyzed, and in such cases external interference proves useful in helping him to "unwind".

    Profession Assessment:

    ILI is wonderfully at home anywhere where strategic forecasts are required – in policy, finances, science, military research. Can lead a group of any scale, particularly with the assistance of a sensory type. Also develop a taste toward humanitarian areas – i.e. philosophy, art.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Computer Programmer
    • Manager
    • Professor / Teacher
    • Investment/Business Analyst / Mortgage Broker
    • Chemical Engineer / Biomedical Engineer / Aeronautical Engineer
    • Psychiatrist / Neurologist / Dentist / Cardiologist / Pathologist
    • Physical Scientist / Scientific Researcher / Astronomer
    • Strategic Planner / Environmental Planner / City Manager
    • Artist / Writer / Architect
    • Lawyer / Judge
    • News Analyst

    Potentially Favourable:
    SEE (ESFp), ESI (ISFj), SLE (ESTp), IEE (ESFp), EII (INFj), LSI (ISTj)
    Potentially Adverse:
    ESE (ESFj), EIE (ENFj), LSE (ESTj), SEI (ISFp)

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