• Identical Relations INFj and INFj by Stratiyevskaya

    Identical Relations INFj and INFj by Stratiyevskaya

    EII – INFj – Dostoyevsky (Fi-Ne)

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    Relations in this dyad develop approximately along the same scenario as the one outlined in Dostoevsky's novel "White Nights" – the "dreamer" and Nastia. Two people, similar in their spirits and their hearts, meet one another, and have a sincere and romantic conversation, rejoicing at having so many shared views and entrusting each other with their innermost secrets. At the same time, neither one of them can help the other and do something that would in actuality improve the other's life. They eventually part as "brother" and "sister", and everyone understands that the need for further interaction has disappeared in itself.

    And really, how can two "idealist-dreamers" help one another? They cannot aid each other with anything, except by endowing one another with their own passionate romanticism and lyrical idealism. Incidentally, this sweet, harmonious demeanor disappears as soon as they are faced with the challenges of everyday life. At this point, they demonstrate their utter unwillingness and inability to provide real practical support for one another. The aspect of the business (operational) logic is located in weak functions for both of them, thus each finds it too exhausting and drudging for himself to concern with practical tasks – it's so much better to have countless discussions and talk about the vision of how well they will live together in presence of such complete understanding and surprising commonality of views.

    Relations fall apart when they get tired of dreaming, or when at least one of them finds a partner who is able to provide real and effective assistance. The other partner will find it uncomfortable to interfere with the happiness of his "soulmate"; in other words, the situation will be exactly as the one detailed in Dostoevsky's story.

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