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    Ethical-Sensory Extrovert
    ESE – ESFj – Hugo (Enthusiast)

    ESE emotionally moves people in all of their behaviours – emotion; the greatest value – positive emotions, including people in a life of happiness and convenience, avoiding everything that’s unpleasant.

    Description of the Strong Functions:

    Fe – Program function. People of this sociotype, as the leading function suggests, are quite emotionally oriented. Her emotionality manifests itself vividly in the ability to appear glad at any life event. Everywhere she tries to create a holiday atmosphere. With the aid of others this is easily accomplished, without bragging, by charging those that surround her by her enthusiasm, energy and high tone.

    The most trifling event may serve as a source of enthusiasm; buying an interesting book, taking a day off work, meeting an interesting man…

    Life for her is like an emotional sea in which she bathes. She manages her space, absorbs its energy, and emerges twice as strong. ESE cannot live without contact with other people, they for her are highly valued. She’s inclined to exaggerate their characteristics and prefers not to note their “shadow” sides.

    ESE seeks to avoid all negative human reactions (offense, despondency, irritation, etc.), with the conviction: life is too short, so why spend it so poorly? Nonetheless, in her life, as with all people, there are objectively difficult periods. These are usually caused by tensions in relations with other people, which weigh heavily upon her. She finds these especially difficult to deal with if they’re connected with her house and family. ESE may also find herself in an unpleasant situation due to her gullibility. It occurs that her emotional impetuosity may splash out by excessive garrulity and/or boasting.

    During bad times she finds it difficult to hide her feelings, in such situations ESE attempts to get away from it all, preferring to suffer her troubles in isolation. She assumes that others will seek her out and share their happiness, which she’ll then increase.

    Generally ESE suffers horribly in any conflict situation, even when she isn’t a direct participant: she’s easily emotionally entangled in quarrels and takes everything too close to heart.

    Si – Creative function. ESE is the romantic and aesthete, loves to create a warm social atmosphere. This is noticable in the external manner of her behaviour: after meeting a familiar she will stop and give the gift of her radiant smile (men of this type will bow). One of an ESE’s greatest pleasures is in entrusting gifts to others. Their principal goal in this to is to give another pleasure, to become a witness of their happiness. The price of the gift is considered unimportant: it’s not without reason that ESE is famous, amongst her friends, for her generousity and kindred spirit.

    She quickly answers to any request for help, in such cases she’ll even abandon her work, deemed less important. By helping others she’s compensated with the reward of knowing she did a good deed.

    ESE willingly participates in the nonformal organization of different events – of birthdays, anniversaries, christmas for the children of coworkers, holiday expeditions, excursions; so long as she’s around interesting people she considers such her pleasure.

    Very active and loves productive leisure. In sports she favours enjoying the activity itself rather than just victory over others. Many representatives of this type love nature – the forest, sea, leisurely hikes, but it’s necessary in each case that she be in the company of good friends.

    Like no one else, ESE is capable of organizing their surrounding space in the best way, to make it comfortable and convenient. Frequently she possesses excellent artistic taste. She wants everything around her to be beautiful; for happy eyes answer to people’s prosaic needs.

    Quality is noticable in the ESE’s clothing (especially amongst women): refinement, elegance, faultless style, the ability to use the inexpensive yet just as adequate dressing accessories is one of her distinguishing features. But she never forgets about the functionality of clothing, its convenience.

    One should also note that ESEs make splendid culinary specialists. Everything prepared by them is, as a rule, of superior taste. Even with limited ingredients at her disposal she’ll devise something new and “finger-licking good”!

    Descriptions of the Weak Functions:

    Ni – Vulnerable function. This is the weakest function. ESE poorly estimates the timeliness of actions and events. She finds it difficult to distribute energy so as to have time to do everything. Prefers to act immediately as the needs arise, and is usually a very active person.

    She evaluates people by how they relate to her and can therefore mistake others and their motives. She is trusting and easy to deceive.

    Finds it difficult to penetrate into the deeper, concealed possibilities of events. She reasons poorly in such cases. Therefore in some situations she’ll accept what is deemed appropriate and approved by others while in other situations her temperamental, courageous nature may push her into risky activities.

    Due to a weakly developed intuition ESE frequently seems conservative. She poorly visualizes the aftereffects of various activities and thus prefers concrete knowledge concerned with the short-term.

    Te – Role function. This function is distinguished by the ESE’s restless and emotional nature. She does not think deeply over necessary actions in regards to her work. She’s guided by her immediate moods and her behaviour frequently lacks forethought. She realizes her errors, in this regard, and scolds herself for her rashness.

    ESE achieves her goals more often in a turbulent and energetic fashion, and not though systematic planning.

    ESE at Work and in the House:

    ESE deals with everything recklessly. She know how to be inspired by an idea and follow that inspiration to its end. In order to feel herself productive she desires a constant workload and to demonstrate only positive results in her work. In this manner the constant influx of energy allows her to evade fatigue. Generally prefers to work in the emotional sphere. If surrounded by people that take an interest in her work, and display sympathy towards her, she’ll work solely for their thanks.

    Boss-ESE first attempts to join the group and create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance. She zealously undertakes her work, without delay, and impels other to do the same. Her poor intuition does not permit her to see the precise prospects for novelties for she is too occupied with details.

    When subordinates under perform ESE reports them, or even opens conflict with them for she identifies herself with the prestige of her collective and wishes that work be carried out qualitatively. She’ll obtain better leadership results, in any enterprise, when in charge of a small group of coworkers.

    She’s very much tied to her family. For many – especially women of this type – family is the most important thing in life. The ability to create not only physical but also psychological comfort and optimism, and the desire to bring happiness to close ones are the strongest sides of an ESE’s nature; and are vividly developed.

    Her weakness, in regards to intuition, means that domestic troubles are experienced in an extremely painful manner.

    Summary of Functions:

    1. Considers a good mood to be of essential value; finds it necessary to use her energy to increase and create such a mood. Follows moral guidelines for they provide reference points when unsure of herself. Easily associates with others at a close psychological distance; considers each individual notable and worthy of support.
    2. Second to none in creating a comfortable, holiday atmosphere amongst family and friends.
    3. Finds it difficult to give self up to dreams and to correctly forecast events. Frightened by the uncertainty of a situation for she poorly visualizes what she can obtain from it.
    4. Finds it difficult to execute tasks in a systematic and efficient manner. Turbulent emotions negatively effect her productivity. Works well in an organized, team environment but without such will wish for someone’s help.

    Profession Assessment:

    The ESE may find suitable work in the sphere of services; to explain, to help, to advise, to politely respond. In the business sphere they’ll gravitate towards human relations and advertising. Many outstanding actors and teachers are also encountered amongst this psycho-type.

    Career Possibilities:
    • Human Resources
    • Dentist / Nurse
    • Lawyer / Attorney
    • Actor / Entertainer
    • Elementary School Teacher
    • Minister / Priest / Religious Educator
    • Social Worker / Counselor
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Personal Banker
    • Family Physician / Dentist / Optometrist / Radiological Technician / Dental Assistant
    • Athletic Coach / Exercise Physiologist
    • Child Care Provider
    • Speech Pathologist
    • Cosmetologist / Hairdresser
    • Customer Service Representative / Telemarketer / Fundraiser
    • Community Welfare Worker
    • Flight Attendant
    • Retail Shop Owner
    • Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

    Potentially Favourable:
    LII (INTj), ILE (ENTp), LSI (ISTj), EII (INFj), SLE (ESTp), IEE (ENFp)
    Potentially Adverse:
    ILI (INTp), IEI (INFp), SLI (ISTp), LIE (ENTj)

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