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    Ethical Sensing Extravert: The Enthusiast

    General Description

    The ESE is emotional and communicative. Knows how to lift the mood, to cheer up other people. Enjoys talking about his contacts and acquaintances. His emotions change sharply: at times he is lighthearted and friendly, other times he is hot-tempered and angry. Pays attention to manners and correctness of behavior of people around him.

    Caring and hospitable. Knows how to create comfort from what he has at hand. Watches for the well-being of his loved ones. Enjoys giving gifts and doing something pleasant for others. Excellent organizer of events, vacations and celebrations.

    With difficulty contains his emotions. Nitpicks people whom he doesn't like. Becomes very offended if his efforts are not appreciated. Quite fussy and scattered. Constantly overloaded with things to do, many of which can be foregone or postponed.

    Poorly predicts major life upheavals and events. Expects only positive results and outcomes, thus is often subject to stress and disappointments from his unfulfilled hopes. Stable in his habits and methods of spending his free time. Over-estimates how much time he has left, and doesn't finish everything that was planned. Often starts on important work in the last minute, which leads to unnecessary hurrying and agitation.

    Detailed description

    ESE's forte is emotional influence on people. Showing his turbulent, sharp emotions, he is able to achieve much. Other people often find it difficult to withstand his emotional pressuring. Discerning of the emotional states of his conversation partner. Can raise his own mood and that of others. Optimistic, instills in his loved ones hope for success and positive outcome. Very sociable, easy makes contact with other people. With pleasure talks about his friends, acquaintances, and relatives. Although ESE usually aims for high social status, he is able to sacrifice it for the sake of his family. A good organizer of events and celebrations within his social circle. Sees to it that everyone is interested and involved, draws people into conversation. Dislikes those who are overly skeptical and hold themselves as separate and aloof.

    Very caring in relations to his family and friends. Attentive and responsive. Takes care of people who are not feeling well and those who seem impractical and poorly adapted to life. Understands who needs what kind of help. Won't lend a hand simply for the sake of good relations. With pleasure receives guests. Loves holiday dinners and gatherings. Knows whom to invite, how to behave, what to serve, how to leave a positive impression. Practical in everyday life. Quickly adapts to a new place. Knows how to create comfort from what is readily available at hand. Gets rid of unnecessary things, sells them or gives them away. Picky in his aesthetic taste. Analyzes whether the appearance of others is harmonious. Gives thought to how he dresses, masterfully combining various aspects of his outfit.

    The ESE makes himself be active and enterprising in professional and business spheres. Very mobile and energetic. Moves around a lot, meets new people, makes various deals and contracts. Becomes offended if he is considered to be unprofessional and unserious person. Quite fussy and scattered. Often overloads himself with things to do, which very much exhausts him. Actively and directly pushes for this interests or projects, often makes several attempts. In life he achieves much himself, not relying on the help of others. Makes an impression of an agile, expeditious, and skillful person. Often thinks himself impractical, since he achieves visible results only with much effort and work. Does his work quickly, but likes it when he is helped with some things. Could use outside help for running small tasks and assignments. Aims to accomplish several interrelated tasks at the same time, preferably in one swoop.

    The ESE poorly assesses how much time is available for his activities. Sometimes he starts on the most important task in the last minute, with which he sentences himself to unnecessary rushing and stress. Appreciates people who warn him about how much time he has left in reserve. Vacillates for a long time before undertaking major, potentially life-changing decisions. Remembers about his past mistakes, but acts not in accord with practical experience, but by subjective tendencies. Suppresses in himself any apprehensive feelings of misfortunes and disasters, and instead orients himself at a positive outcome. Due to this, many of his hopes and expectations lead to disappointments. Impatient, dislikes waiting. Does not respect those who run late, philosophize on empty topics, and waste valuable time.

    Feels himself calm and confident when there is order around, a system in place, and no unclear questions. Absorbs complex information only when it gets presented in a clearly structured form. Often a conscientious person, has a responsible attitude towards his assignments and duties, and cannot relax if he hasn't done something as it should be done. Builds his relationships on basis of trust. Does not like having to prove something, to explicate, to repeat many times. Expects others to simply understand his problems and concerns. He is calmed by an objective and impartial analysis of a confusing situation, while what he concretely needs to do he will figure out himself. Searches for ways to rationally organize his household as well as leisure time activities. Has a good sense of his body. Tries to find methods to avoid sickness or to conceal any physical imperfections.

    Readily supports new, promising initiatives. He needs alternatives that fuels his enthusiasm and stimulate him to activity. Feels very pleased when his abilities and energy find a proper application. He feels very much suppressed by inability to do something. Needs others to notice and to appreciate his efforts and provide him with encouragement. Provides emotional support for people who walk their own path, not following the beaten track. Himself can light up with an idea and try to push it through, to promote it. Strongly desires to be needed by someone. Offers many ideas for organization of events: conferences, speeches, presentations, holidays, celebrations, advertising campaigns, etc. Avoids cliches, commonness, and vulgarity.

    The ESE critically evaluates relationships between people. Openly condemns rudeness and boorishness. Demands attentive and proper relation to himself. Likes to teach ethical behavior to other people - how to be courteous, show good manners. With others usually keeps at short personal distances. Dislikes arrogance, pomposity, affectation, although himself strives to create an impression of aristocratic courteousness. Grows angry when someone gets into disputes with him. In such cases attempts to shame the person, to evoke feelings of guilt in them. If such persuasions are not effective, can start a scandal even. Does not tolerate when someone looks down on him or speaks with him in a haughty tone. Distinguished by a painful sense of fairness. Sees to it that no one is offended or overlooked. For the sake of his loved ones can go for any ventures.

    In business relations, he is persistent and nitpicky. If a person does not do the way he thinks it right, he will be reminding them about it, not leaving him in peace until he gets his way. Very self-sufficient and independent in his business person. Knows how to defend his interests and tries to not miss out on benefits. Initiative-taking. Constantly prods other people towards activity and tries to manage and guide their actions. Slowness, halts in activity irritate him. Does not purchase anything just because. Purposefully searches for a product or a seller. Makes his purchases quickly, but always tracks that the items correspond to their prices.

    Manner of communication

    The most characteristic feature of ESE's manner of communication - is heightened expressive emotionality. He likes to talk of something emotionally, with details. One of his favorite topics of conversation - is art. Talks about the plots of movies, plays, and books. His favorite movie or performance he may go to watch several times. In interaction this sociotype is easily determined by the expression of negative emotions. Periodically, the ESE openly expresses his indignation, often over minor reasons. He rapidly flares up in temper, but calms down just as quickly. This show of emotions cannot be explained by objective logic: from some detail he can create a drama, but at the same time not notice an almost direct insult. In a conversation, pays much attention to ethics, good manners. Likes to give norms ethical evaluations, to analyze who acted well and who acted poorly. Tracks that the courtesy norms are being followed. If people don't follow ethical norms of interaction, the ESE puts pressure on them by means of negative emotions. Because of this, he may be viewed as a scandalous, quarrelsome person. It's not easy to get along with him. For most people he proves to be too demanding, too linear and straightforward. Explains his opinions in detail, several times, asking his companion whether he or she has understood him. With this he might offend his listeners, who may think that he regards them as stupid. The ESE likes to talk about his social connections, contacts, and acquaintances. Easily creates them thanks to his sociable and friendly nature towards his conversation companions. With long-term constant relations requires selflessness from others.

    Features of behavior

    In behavior the ESE is rather demonstrative. When he wants to achieve something, he lives into his role so much that he begins to believe in it himself. Although he can do much from cheer enthusiasm, in work and business he is typically practical and resourceful. Won't purchase just anything, tries to buy only the best. He is easily recognized by the following trait of behavior. Of all the sociotypes, the ESE is most prone to go back to the store and request replacement of defective goods or a refund. Skillfully combines and composes things. Knows how to create a cozy environment seemingly out of nowhere. His possessions may not be the newest, but always of good quality. Tracks health and well-being of his loved ones. After visiting the doctor wants to make certain of diagnosis to figure out treatment for himself. Loves it when he is being helped, when someone is doing something around the house with their hands. What is important is not the result, but the fact that someone has decided to help him. Another quality that allows to identify this sociotype - is incredible hospitality. Tries to impress his guests with something unusual - to amaze and dazzle them. Gravitates towards social gatherings that feature food. While at this, he can be rather intrusive, not restrain himself to reasonable sense of measure, as in Ivan Krylov's fable "Demyanov's soup". ESE's uneconomical, useless waste of energy manifests itself in almost everything. He's always in a hurry, running somewhere, paying visits. Constantly over-loaded with things to do, tasks, chores, and activities, many of which can be put aside. Poorly tolerates criticism on this point, becomes offended.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    In everyday life, you are an open, sociable, well-wishing person. For these qualities you are loved by people around you. You are well versed in the moods of other people, sympathize with the misfortunes of others, know how to feel their emotions. You won't leave a person in need or in trouble, try to assist those who have been wronged.

    You know how to bring pleasure to people. You are hospitable, generous, and caring. You know how to fill your free time in an interesting and active manner: go to movies, theaters, concerts, frequently visit friends, go to parties. Enjoy pleasant trips and travel. You don't mind spending time in the fun, loud, boisterous gathering of people, like holidays and dinners. You enjoy giving gifts, bringing joy to people.

    Your main problem - is the inability to dispose of your time in everyday affairs. You are often too hasty, restless, fidgety. Don't have enough time for anything. You get buried in endless tasks, chores, activities and concerns, often forgetting about the main, most important things.

    Try to appropriately plan your day. Reject any small, minor questions and issues, set them aside for later. Try to isolate the main core within a network of events, and to prognose its further development. Don't start doing everything at once, otherwise you won't be able to do it all in time. Remember - no one is safeguarded from surprises and unexpected happenings.

    You can be too demanding and uncompromising in relation to family and friends, which serves as the cause of many disappointments in people. Once you feel deceived or disappointed by a person, you become suspicious and distrustful of everyone else. In a fit of emotion you can exaggerate the faults of others, present people in black color.

    Learn to balance you demands and wishes with the real life. Be tolerant of people, develop a more sympathetic attitude towards their shortcomings. Remember that there are no ideal people. With excessive emotional pressuring you can destroy harmony of relationships.

    Your other problem - is excessive expenditure of strength and material resources. Inability to control daily expenses doesn't allow you to create the necessary material reserves and savings. Save your strengths, don't over-exert yourself. Don't take up activities and projects that do not guarantee reliable returns.

    Forego countless meetings with relatives and friends, better take up household matters, to later carve out some time for leisure and relaxation. Try to keep order and organization in the house. Get rid of useless things, do not accumulate them. The less small, useless items you have, the easier it will be for you to find the necessary thing at the right time. Temper your hospitality. Don't be too intrusive with treats. Try to observe a sense of measure in all.

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