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    Intuitive Logical Introvert: The Critic

    General Description

    Has a good eye for noticing contradictions and omissions in actions and words. Skeptical about the prospects of hasty initiatives. Can provide a characteristic for someone, predict his main reactions. Patiently leads a person along towards taking the necessary step, preparing him or her in advance.

    Takes up only those tasks that ensure reliable returns. Thrifty with money. Does the job scrupulously, slowly, attentively examines details. Calculates everything in his mind. Tries to control the process. Able to capitalize on information that he or she has accumulated.

    Prudent in matters of comfort and health. Reckless methods and unfounded enthusiasm are not acceptable for the ILI. At home surrounds himself with familiar items. Often, he is a food gourmand. Observes cleanliness and standards of hygiene.

    He likes to discuss and argue on a variety of topics, but growing hot-tempered he can spoil the mood for himself and others. Poorly control his emotions: his states range from melancholic depression to outbreaks of discontentment and frustration. His problem lies in finding inner balance. Does not like when he is perturbed from a state of tranquility and relaxation.

    Detailed description

    ILI attentively follows the flow of life. He is keenly perceptive of details and barely discernible tendencies. Explains which causes have led to which consequences in present situation. Immersed in the past, studies recurring phenomena. Due to associatively organized memory and love of learning is often erudite. Clearly discerns contradictions and inaccuracies in the positions and opinions of others. Possessing a thoughtful mind can make an impression of a clever and far-sighted man. Cautious when making decisions. His position is that you need to run a little ahead of the game. Always chooses the safest course of action.

    In his mind, considers the rationale for actions, calculates the resources and costs incurred, draws the balance of the useful to the useless. He seeks the shortest and the most worthwhile route to the goal. Thrifty with money and knows how to save for the future. Continually monitors revenues. Looks for places and ways to make profitable investments. Before starting on something, he thoroughly thinks through the methodology, examines all the necessary specifications. Directs his efforts toward creation of sustainable structures. Monitors the ongoing situation in his field of interest. Capable of deriving benefits from information he has accumulated. Orients well among fluctuations in markets of goods and services. Creates catalogs, databases, archives, and collections.

    Prudent in matters of comfort and health. Going out or going on a trip brings along a set of objects that provide a guaranteed minimum level of convenience. Keeps himself to standards of hygiene, maintains cleanliness. Puts in effort into keeping himself healthy, sometimes resorting to traditional methods. Often is a food gourmand. Can prepare special dishes that satisfy his tastes. Predisposed to use of high-quality, sophisticated products, although during times of shortage is able to get by on very simple food. His external appearance is either unkempt and neglected or, on the contrary, carefully devised in accord with the current norms. This depends on his social circle and the nature of his audience.

    Estimates attitudes towards himself by displays of emotions. Boisterous, intrusive, emotions he finds irritating; they have a subduing and depressing effect on him. In extreme situations, or when he feels hidden antagonism, he can openly express his annoyance, fly off the handle and make demands in a sharp manner. If his state is poor, he transforms it into black humor. Can deliver a short, acerbic remark. His gravitation towards other people is once again dependent on his current mood. In high spirits he can even be obsessive and intrusive; in poor mood he withdraws and rests in seclusion.

    When in good physical shape, he is confident in himself, assertive, calls for decisive actions, however, it rarely comes to implementation. He needs to be prodded from outside, requires strong support. Absence of such support leads to demobilization and laziness. Direct aggression is detestable to him; he opposes it in every way. He cannot endure protracted confrontation – simply leaves or even falls ill. For his physical well-being engages in athletic types of sports – tries to build stamina and overcome his natural weakness, toughens himself. But to engage in this regularly he usually does not have enough willpower.

    His emotional state depends on how he is treated by others. Feels depressed, if others do not grant him attention, if nobody responds to his proposals and objections. If he is in poor mood, do not try to comfort and cheer him, but leave him alone with his thoughts of express indirect sympathy. In dealing with strangers, he can be polite, behave as a well-mannered and intelligent person. Has a diplomatic streak; can work on reconciling the interests of all parties. To close interpersonal distance and strike up a friendship, he jokes, behaves in a playful and unrestrained manner. However, if the other party does not respond, he stop his attempts at rapprochement.

    Resents that knowledge and intellectual skill rarely lead to the desired results. He knows a lot, but to come up with something himself is difficult for him. Skeptical about the prospects of new initiations and adventurous ideas. Envisions and presents things as more complicated than they really are. Although, he can instill hope into those who have been demoralized. Keen to try his hand at different activities in order to gain confidence in his abilities. However, he rarely attains multifaceted development. With pleasure he studies all the novelties and innovations in his spheres of interest. Able to find uses for things that otherwise seem outdated and worn out.

    Does his work is accord with the established methods, slowly and scrupulously, going into all the specifications. Can be rigorous with details and meticulous to the point of pedantry. Professional activity and diligence are characteristic of him only within a formal system, where there is structure and regulation. Tries to have a set of necessary tools at his workplace and at home. Does not like to take anything on credit. In business activity, he is independent, self-sufficient and effective.

    Manner of communication

    The two subtypes of ILI are quite different from each other in their manner of communication. The logical subtype of ILI is often active and assertive in dialogue. Sometimes can be demonstratively rude and vulgar. However, cannot keep up this unceremoniousness for a long time, and subsides. The intuitive subtype of ILI speaks softly, unobtrusively, with a smile. Leaves behind a general impression of an intelligent, educated man. If it is necessary to him, knows how to positively predispose others in conversation and politely make a request, to which others usually respond. Unhurried, his manner of speech is often languid and stretched out, especially giving presentations and talks. This speech has a soporific, hypnotic effect. Good at noticing and drawing attention to inconsistencies and contradictions in theories, or someone's views. Able to predict the course of upcoming events in an imaginative, associative form. Modeling the behavior of a person based on his past personal experience with them, the ILI can in great detail describe his future actions, by which he evokes much interest in his listeners. Turbulent emotions, hustle and bustle, fuss and hurry, he never shows himself. These irritate him, make him feel sleepy and demobilized. He dislikes it very much when he's prodded from state of calm and relaxation. Communicates with people at close distances, earning their respect by his wisdom and foresight. Skeptically evaluates any undertakings and activities. Characterized by statements such as: "It won't work", "nothing will come of this", "you're hustling around for nothing", "better save your efforts", and in the same key.

    Features of behavior

    One of the characteristic features of the behavior of ILI which becomes apparent after some time observing him - is a tendency to business activity of a commercial nature. Under normal conditions the ILI is quite lazy and relaxed. He will take up only those projects and activities that guarantee large profits. Knows how to sell a product profitably. Moreover, his business activities can involve a rather larger area. Usually distinguished by frugality. Dislikes giving gifts, lending money to others. However, he's is quite generous when it comes to himself, not stingy with personal expenses. Going out, going on a trip, always carries a standard set of things to ensure a minimum of comfort. Follows rules of hygiene to maintain his health. Frequently washes his hands, tries to keep cleanliness. A clear logical sequence of actions is characteristic of an ILI, which at times reaches pedantry. Does his work accurately, without hurry, goes into all the details. Scrupulous in home life. For each task tries to have an appropriate instrument. Leaving the house checks appliances, water faucets, and so on.

    Recommendations for self-improvement

    Your forte is ability to foresee and anticipate the future course of events—you can predict the evolution of situation over the course of time and give timely advice to warn others of impending dangers and difficulties.

    You have a well developed ability for mental representation, can envision and present what you have seen or read in great detail. You are inquisitive, able to retain and store information on questions and topics that are of interest to you, thus distinguishing yourself with enviable erudition. You are cautious and prudent in making important decisions, which makes others think of you as a clever and far-sighted person.

    You have the ability to create for yourself an environment in which there is everything necessary for the rational organization of work and rest. You value convenience.

    You know how to motivate others and orient them towards beneficial activities and enterprise in order to achieve higher levels. Good tactical sense allows you to discover many methods of achieving your goals.

    Your main problem—excessive skepticism of new ideas and initiatives, lack of energy and enthusiasm for their realization. This leads to conservatism and passivity in your life.

    You are predisposed to have a pessimistic perception of life. Often, you are rejecting of radical solutions to current problems and optimistic prognoses. You value stability and peace of mind, which in itself is valuable to you. But times of crisis call for more activity, greater energy and hope. Try to overcome apathy and a tendency for inactive contemplation in yourself. The policy of an ostrich burying his head in the sand will lead you to lose interest in life and negatively impact your professional activities.

    Excessive grouchiness leads to others resenting you and avoiding your company. Cultivate a sense of tact. Try to refrain from making inappropriate comments. Try to discern the virtues of people, celebrate their dignity, give more compliments for their good qualities and deeds.

    You shy away from scandals, yet give free rein to your negative emotions. Sudden and excessive expression of your negative emotion can shock other people and place you in a ridiculous position.

    Another problem in your life is excessive fastidiousness and pedantry. You delve into every detail and exercise too much scrupulousness in performing tasks. These wasteful expenditures of time and energy can lead to general fatigue, and even loss of interest in work. This will lead to you quitting the job prematurely due to loss of interest and desire. In that case, remember the reasons that led to this unwanted situation.

    You can make excessive demands on the quality and freshness of food. For you it is characteristic to have ingrained, well-established tastes and habits in your daily life. Pay more attention to advice that would broaden your scope of tastes, habits, and views. Avoid following fixed stereotypes.

    Because of excessive suspiciousness during times of illness you can abuse drugs, refuse to visit the doctors or listen to their advice. You can underestimate the importance of an active lifestyle and engaging in sport, especially the outdoor kind. Aim for a healthy life, and keep a balance between enjoyable physical and mental activities.

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    1. Kalinoche buenanoche's Avatar
      Kalinoche buenanoche -
      so this guy has more detailed descriptions in russian and short ones on his english website? alpha seal of approval.
    1. silke's Avatar
      silke -
      Quote Originally Posted by the16types View Post
      so this guy has more detailed descriptions in russian and short ones on his english website? alpha seal of approval.
      the short descriptions are from a socionics dating website run by an ESI-Fi, LIE & IEE probably geared for ppl to type themselves quicker, gamma efficiency, etc. .. they nuked my avatar on that site cuz it was some random pic and their forum guidelines state that posters can only unload photos for themselves, fi-se trying to keep it real
    1. Kalinoche buenanoche's Avatar
      Kalinoche buenanoche -
      boooo the kritik lookatmeee i'm kritisizing u feel it uuh uhhh uhhhh
      mah aaaaiz they be deeeaddd kant mooove iittt heeeellp heeeelp
    1. Muddy's Avatar
      Muddy -
      I think using "critic" as a tag for ILI is a bit misleading. In my experience it is Ti base types that tend to criticize the most directly and frequently, LSI especially. ILI criticism is more like passive complaining that's usually directed towards things of general nature, like the weather being shit and so forth.
    1. Bertrand's Avatar
      Bertrand -
      Quote Originally Posted by Muddy View Post
      I think using "critic" as a tag for ILI is a bit misleading. In my experience it is Ti base types that tend to criticize the most directly and frequently, LSI especially. ILI criticism is more like passive complaining that's usually directed towards things of general nature, like the weather being shit and so forth.
      I feel like Ti base is pedantic and thus "critical" of language use and flawed small time logical relations, but the one ILI I know is always trying to pass his opinion off as this far reaching objective criticism or analytic that extends into and over absolutely everything he talks about. its like he can't help but do high level analysis (keeping in mind there are many levels, and if Ti does "basic" analysis--that of its most fundamental logical constituent parts, Te does a broad kind of perspective on the dynamics at work) but it inevitably reduces down to him just describing his own perspective in psuedo-objective terms. he carves out an intuitve Te "narrative" structure that tenatively holds together but is still ultimately subjective but its a dry way to pass one's own likes and dislikes off as objective commentary on whatever is at issue. like he'll describe a band or something in a completely objective tone, despite that its more or less all subjective, completely lacking self awareness that his tone and manner are at odds with his own ability to be objective, which is precisely how I would describe the stereotypical "critic"--up his own ass (IEI has the same weird solipsistic dynamic going on, but its couched in Fe so its much more palatable thus less lacks the hateful tone characteristic of "the critic" but its a mostly superficial difference, only distinct in delivery, but the structure of the content is likewise usually self absorbed and motivated, but intentionally passed off as anything but...)

      I actually like low level analysis better (the structure of semantic relations) since at least it is grounded and means something, however petty. really high level analysis can fall into delusions that you can't even touch because its all suspended too high above anything to reach the person in question. its the ultimate in convincing yourself of something by high level unfalsifiable motivated reasoning that functions to isolate oneself in a fortress of smug superiority that is nothing more than moral failure to be honest with oneself wrapped up in pretension. critics ooze that kind of delusional smugness