• Duality Descriptions (Filatova)

    Filatova's: Duality as Complementation between Strong/Weak Functions

    There are Filatova's descriptions from her English Socionics book. She describes how each type's weakest function (Suggestive) works like a lock, and each type's strongest function (Base) works like a key.

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    ILE - The Seeker
    :Burning curiosity for everything new, inquisitiveness; unpredictable behavior; creative excitement; ability to recognize essence under the surface.
    : Need for support in everything that concerns health, well-being, and leisure activities.

    SEI - The Epicurean
    : Focus on well-being and physical comfort; ability to create comfortable and pleasant feelings; good cooking capabilities.
    : Seeing the surface rather than the essence; need for help in foreseeing potential outcome of actions and in evaluation of his/her potential capabilities.

    LII - The Analyst
    : Analytic thinking, classification, generalization; striving to understand general principles, for creating a model of the world systematization.
    : Reserved and cautious in relations with others poorly understands emotional nuance; fears looking obtrusive and therefore prefers keeping a distance in communication.

    ESE - The Enthusiast
    : Cannot live without people and communication with them; creates atmosphere of an emotional feast for self and others; charges people with enthusiasm and good tonus.
    : Difficulty in prioritization and information structuring; often makes precipitate decisions based on emotions.


    IEI - The Romantic
    : Romantic daydreamer who easily forgets reality for the sake of dreams which are the source of inspiration and understanding life.
    : Follower, not leader; difficulty manifesting initiative and willing himself to do something or to undertake responsibility for something.

    SLE - The Organizer
    : Volitional action; Irrepressible lust for activity; sportive tonus and decisiveness; capability of not missing initiative and winning in competition.
    : His/her courage very often over weighs caution. Sometimes he lacks inspiration. "For what sake am I doing this all?". He cannot self-inspire because of his mistrust for everything vague, mysterious and unearthly, and is thankful to those who can inspire him.

    LSI - The Structurist
    : Finds a stable structure and obeys its laws; systematic and concrete thinking.
    : Poorly understands others' emotional reactions; secretive; often meets difficulties in communication.

    EIE - The Performer
    : Brilliantly manipulates other people's emotions, just like a conductor conducts an orchestra; affects people using a broad range of feelings.
    : High emotionality warps judgments; logic subjugated to emotionality.


    ILI - The Critic
    : Holistic and systematic perception; foreseeing of far-going perspectives and upcoming problems, sometimes excessive caution.
    : Inertia; difficulty mobilizing for necessary actions; need for outward stimuli and inspiration.

    SEE - The Leader
    : Irrepressible purposefulness; haste; self-confidence; leadership capabilities.
    : Impulsive, prefers making future with his/her hands instead of trying to predict it (and thus often ignores even the most obvious dangers); good tactician but usually bad strategist.

    LIE - The Entrepreneur
    : Efficient working; dynamism; budgeting efforts; separating the wheat from the chaff.
    : Weak understanding of nuances of intonation and of other people's moods; thankful to those who can unobtrusively help correct relations with other people.

    ESI - The Guardian
    : Has a quick eye of people's moods, and their relationships; moralist; observation of traditions and rituals.
    : Preparing to work and work itself require effort; difficulty separating the wheat from the chaff; and establishing a balance between plans and possibilities.


    IEE - The Initiator
    : A talent for sensing promising opportunities, for discovering talents of people, for understanding the essence of matters.
    : Weak sense of own body and needs, problems with household organization, carelessness in financial issues, preference for delegating such matters to someone else.

    SLI - The Craftsman
    : Dominance of the sensual world, harmony. balance and expediency in everything, aesthetics combined with practicality, good sense of own body, capability of creating comfort and well-being.
    : Weak understanding of hidden processes and of one's own hidden capabilities, gratitude to those who help to understand his own iniquity.

    LSE - The Professional
    : Dominance of reality; need for people to submit to objective laws; importance of efficient work, high quality products, observation of law and order.
    : Poorly understands nuances of feelings; holds to accepted behavioral conventions; confused by non-standard ethical situations; difficulty in changing habits.

    EII - The Psychologist
    : Sensitivity to others; obedient to moral norms; capable of empathizing and of establishing a good psychological climate; and expert in traditions.
    : Insecure about ability to efficient work; excessive amounts of time and effort spent in achieving necessary results.

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