• Socionics Type Subtype Descriptions by V. Meged, A. Ovcharov, and V. Gulenko


    Type and Subtype Descriptions by V. Meged, A. Ovcharov

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    Index of type subtypes:
    Sexual Behavior of Subtypes

    Intuitive Logical Extravert ILE, ENTp (Ne,Ti)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Intuitive subtype Ne-ENTp (Ne-ILE)

    Appearance: Makes an impression of a detached, floating in the clouds, and childishly naïve person. Socially adept conversationalist. Reads much and is inquisitive. Willingly discusses new information with his friends and associates, shows interest in their opinion. His seemingly soft demeanor is combined with obstinacy and imperturbability when he has to defend his views. Likes to discuss things but rarely if ever ends these discussions in conflict. Often smiles at others even if they haven't provided any occasion for this. With the same smile talks about both ridiculous and serious subject matters. Usually he is kind with everyone and doesn't readily take offense at critical remarks. In his undertakings and projects he is patient, and, despite being somewhat forgetful and scattered, if he is really interested in something he will follow it through to completion. His gestures and speech seem either slowed down or accelerated. His pose seems at ease, gaze is scattered and defocused, gait and movements lack in certainty and firmness.

    Character: Interested in new, unusual or poorly understood phenomena. Curious. Usually reads a lot and has a wide circle of interests. Likes to surprise others with sensational news. Good at seeing potential prospects of various ideas and undertakings. If he is sufficiently provided for, prefers to occupy himself with that which is interesting instead of that which brings a return. Can get thoroughly engaged with one project or problem if for him it is interesting or beneficial.

    Needs periodic emotional shake-ups. Feels delighted to have fun in a circle of friends. Loves those who are friendly, confident, optimistic, and can elevate the mood with provocative humor. Poorly sees how people relate to him. Afraid to show his feelings first and doubts them for a long time. Dislikes rushing things. Due to this, may manifest initiative with much delay, when the opportunity is already gone.

    Does not hurry with the implementation of plans or ideas, because he believes that the main results are still ahead. Occasionally suffers from disorganization, lack of will and initiative. At times he will rush his work, attempting to make up for lost time. Resourceful and inventive in difficult situations. When at rest, shows little initiative, unless he is faced with a crisis situation, which stimulates him and increases his vitality. Then he begins to actively engage in work, he promptly carries out his assignments not sparing time or resources. Dislikes routine and any regimented, monotonous work. Cannot live by a strict schedule.

    His character combines qualities of kindness, idealism, and trusting nature. Because of his innate impracticality and gullibility, he can be easily fooled. A sense of justice and faith in the best qualities are inherent to him, so he finds it difficult to come to a realization of such let-downs. Rarely gives compliments but is usually well-wishing towards other people, tries to understand their wishes and needs, to be helpful to all. Gladly gives advice on how to get out of difficult situations. Avoids disagreements and conflicts. Supports good, friendly relations. If necessary, attempts to explain the reasons for his mistakes and unethical actions.

    Not vain. Defends his own interests with less vigor than the interests of those whom he cares for, although sometimes he can become principled and unyielding in matters that are of importance to him. Not always responsible and can promise that which he isn't able to deliver. Knowing this, he sometimes resorts to never giving promises to anyone not to spoil his relations.

    Reluctantly deals with everyday life, yielding initiative to others over such matters. In issues that concern aesthetics often relies on tastes of his partner. Quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets what he needs to do. Getting distracted by the little things, sometimes runs out of time to meet important deadlines. Having to live by a schedule and constantly maintain order feels like a burden for him.

    (Ne-ILE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Has a good feel for novelty. Not seldom becomes the author of many inventions and discoveries. Unsurpassed generator of ideas. Bold and forward-looking in his proposals. However, he easily drops tasks and projects he grew bored with for something new, more interesting and captivating. Capable of realizing himself in business. Characterized by dynamicity and quick speech, gesticulates a lot. Often has solid pudgy figure, looks with fortitude, if male may have a mustache. Places much importance on external appearance.

    Logical subtype Ti-ENTp (Ti-ILE)

    Appearance: The logical subtype projects an impression of a serious person. Can be sharp and even inconsiderate from time to time. Self-assured, speaks rapidly and usually in a categorical tone. Can be unduly categorical in his judgments with a tendency of imposing his opinion on others. At times appears assertive and self-confident. Impatient, cannot always wait for someone else to finish before interrupting. Often takes up something new and tries to find it a practical embodiment. Actively and vigorously defends his interests. While doing so, he may flare up and offend someone, but noticing this tries to correct the situation. Rather self-centered and may take offense at minor things, however, after some time he once again becomes well-wishing and amicable. His behavior is unpredictable and full of contrasts. His gaze is at times scattered and at other times testing and tenacious. Gait and gestures are swinging, seem confident but poorly coordinated. His pose is free and unrestrained. Easily closes the distance, may hug and kiss his conversation partner.

    Character: Loves to expose everything to logical analysis. May be engaged in theoretical development if it has the potential of being implemented into practice. Critically thinks over old theories and methods and is able to create qualitatively new ones. Can turn vague ideas into well designed, easy to implement, concrete projects. Can feel potential and future prospects, has a good marketing sense. Quickly loses interest in what has been done. Due to this can scatter himself and not finish everything that he has started, unless it concerns something that is important and fundamental for him. Often completely changes his types of activity and plunges into something new. Avidly engages in projects and opportunities that cannot be fully exhausted.

    Has an inclination to impose his views on others. In cases when he has been proven wrong, it is difficult for him to admit it. Does not succumb to intimidation. He can issue a challenge to a superior opponent even without any actual chances of success. In arguments and discussions he is excitable and often hot tempered. When he is put under pressure he boldly and aggressively fights back. When there is panic, he calmly and confidently takes the initiative in his hands, becomes focused and decisive, acts quickly and logically. Can find a way out of any difficult situation.

    Active and energetic. Savvy in strategic questions and enterprising. Readily attracts people to new undertakings if he considers them promising. He is constantly on the lookout for new approaches and solutions to the present problems. Doesn't stop on what has been accomplished. Suggests radical solutions. Ambitious. If necessary can be tough and assertive. Does not like to compromise.

    As a leader prefers that everyone would be in their places occupied by their work. Encourages people around him to activity, teamwork, and cohesion. Democratic by nature, tries to be the first among equals. Not inclined to show respect for ranks and conformity. Easily switches to a more familiar language in his conversations with others. Shows his positive predisposition by a handshake and a friendly smile. Tries to be fair to all but is not afraid to say the truth directly. Wants to be respected. Can be unrestrained in arguments and disputes. Tries to distance himself from imposing people who want to use him to their advantage.

    From time to time needs to spend time in a good company or engage in other activities (sports or hobbies) in order to raise his vitality and spirits. Likes to make useful contacts. Since he is not always a good judge of character, sometimes keeps questionable acquaintances. As a consequence of this, he is inclined to periodically become disillusioned with people. Has difficulties creating positive, stable relationships, but despite being scattered he usually tries to keep his promises.

    Mistrustful of feelings. Afraid to show how he feels being uncertain in subsequent reaction of his partner. Painfully experiences uncertainty in relationships. If he believes the reciprocity is there, he will honestly speak of his shortcomings because he is afraid of letting down the hopes and expectations of his partner and well as being let down himself. Afraid of becoming dependent on his partner. Often puts work interests above personal attachments. Any reproaches or criticisms irritate him. Can vehemently and sharply defend his independence and point of view, but later regrets it and tries to smooth things over if he cares for the person.

    (Ti-ILE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Self-submersed and thoughtful person. He is attracted by ideas that don't have direct connection to reality, for example philosophy, religion, bioenergetics, and so on. His favorite occupation is to compare different logical systems. A type of office researcher. Often has an asthenic figure, can be angular in movements. Doesn't pay much attention to external appearance, takes little care of his health.

    Sensory Ethical Introvert SEI, ISFp (Si,Fe)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Sensory subtype Si-ISFp (Si-SEI)

    Appearance: Calm and soft person in interaction. With his presence often pacifies others. Industrious, practical, does everything with a sense of taste. Often engages in fine arts as a hobby. Well-wishing, tactful, unobtrusive. Tries to sympathize, to assist, to provide advice. Loves rest and comfort. Likes talking about his perceptions and sensations. Attentively questions his conversation partner in regard to his or her affairs. Slightly delayed in his behavior and speech, sometimes stretching out words and with difficulty forming clear thoughts. Even if he speaks fast, he doesn't hurry to end the conversation. Able to speak about the same subject with erudition, comprehensively and at great length. Smiles with confidence, nods her or his head as a sign of support. Movements are smooth, stylish, somewhat slow; may appear to waddle and "walk like a duck". Undemonstrative, but clothes and accessories nevertheless attract attention.

    Character: Attentive and caring towards other people, considerate of their convenience. Aware of harmony in communication. Inquisitive, collects various information and shares it with others. Critically evaluates what he hears. Does not like exaggeration, hype - needs facts and justifications. He enjoys when someone argues with him a little, enlivening the conversation, but poorly tolerates people who are aggressive and avoids serious quarrels. In business matters prefers to negotiate at an informal level. Knows how to patiently persuade a person to take on a beneficial or profitable project, but doesn't always notice which undertakings are actually promising. Thus, he can be hesitant in starting on new projects, afraid of making mistakes and feeling at fault. Values his peace and knows how to move away from any sources of irritation.

    Tries under any circumstances to not lose his sense of measure. Keeps neutral in debates. Amiable, will try to find a method to find rapport with most. Even when he has to insist on and defend his own opinions, he is able to maintain good relations. Often acts as a peacekeeper, trying to convince other people to agree to a compromise and come to mutual accord. Doesn't find it easy to deny a person's request, to push someone away, thus is often careful at the beginning of a conversation, and dislikes people who are "sticky" and intrusive. With difficulty determines what a person is capable of and what to expect from him, though he appreciates talented and original individuals. Usually does not criticize anyone and dislikes it when other people are criticized in his presence. May be impatient as a listener. Does not like to compete or to coerce others into doing things against their own will. Has difficulties asserting and defending the interest of his business matters if he is unable to find agreement on an informal level.

    Able to describe events in great detail. Has good memory for sensations: sounds, colors, and smells. Loves nature and good aesthetics in any manifestation. Gravitates towards pleasant experiences. Dresses tastefully. Has an inclination for following the latest styles. Loves comfort and aesthetics, various original decorations. Industrious, loves doing something with his hands. Everything that he takes up does with a sense of taste investing his heart and soul. Does not like commitments and giving promises, since he is afraid that he won't be able to fulfill them. On some he can make an impression of a passive and inert person, since he doesn't see the point in empty hassle and pointless expenditure of efforts. Due to this, often acquires the reputation of a talented slouch, who takes up a philosophical, contemplative stance in life. Strives for good quality of life.

    Warm, gentle, charming, seeks to be in accord and harmony with his environment. Pays attention to manners and behavior of others and evaluates them in his mind. Tries not to burden others with his requests, asks for help only in extreme cases. Generally, will not attempt to draw attention to himself when he feels that nobody is interested in him. Dislikes talking about his failures. By nature private, sensitive, and easily wounded. Turns for help only to people who are close to him and who have proven themselves. Hospitable, likes when food is cooked deliciously and served with appeal. If he is to receive important guests or visitors, spends a lot of time and effort on such occasions, and thus rarely agrees to such events.

    (Si-SEI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    This is an appreciator of well-being, wealth and savoir vivre. Possess a good aesthetic taste, which can show in his appearance, in the setup of his interior, in activities of applied nature, such as artist who depicts landscapes and still life. A hedonist, enjoys providing pleasure to both himself and to other people, appreciates convenience. Looks after his looks. Outwardly usually is more round and pudgy than the initiating subtype.

    Ethical subtype Fe-ISFp (Fe-SEI)

    Appearance: Seems lively, friendly, and unrestrained in conversation; emotionally responsive, easily gives compliments and closes the distance, may even take his conversation partner by his hand; his lack of restraint carries a shade of familiarity. Shyness can alternate with joking remarks; ironic quips easily turn into respectful and serious tone. Often jokes and tells even unpleasant things with a smile as to not offend the other person. Precautionary and careful. From time to time his temper flares up, but he is quickly appeased and is forgiving. Usually optimistic, merry, and upbeat. Likes to give and receive pleasure. Often gives compliments to people and renders various services. Knows how to cheer up or encourage someone. Seems carefree, for he is prone to hide his negative emotions from others. Impatient and restless. Speaks quickly and confidently, with imperative, declaring intonations. Has a quickly moving gaze that notes everything, sometimes cursorily "shooting" side to side, other times deep and meaningful. His movements are assured and graceful but a bit gusty.

    Character: Very appreciative of the joy of human interaction and all the other pleasures of life. Skilled in his ability to do pleasant things and aims to provide enjoyment for himself and for others. As a rule he is helpful, friendly, sympathetic, and considerate. Often the soul of the company. Hospitable, often knows how to cook well. Creates a relaxed, informal, trustful atmosphere of communication. Cares for and attends to others with elegance and ease, readily gives out compliments, uplifting their mood and the general atmosphere. Able to cheer people up with jokes and ruses. If he sees that someone is growing angry, he quickly smooths out the bad impression of a failed joke thus preventing a potential conflict.

    Usually has many acquaintances, but fully relaxes and enjoys himself only in a circle of close friends. Tries not to go where he is not wanted. With unfamiliar people he is somewhat cautious and reserved. Does not like people who are cold and arrogant, with whom he cannot create an atmosphere of intimacy and informality. Becomes anxious when he is dealing with someone who is unpleasant to him; in such cases his speech at times becomes hurried and indistinct. Not prone to insubordination; avoids his superiors and boring strictly business conversations. If he is feeling sick or is in a bad mood, he retreats not wanting to burden others with his problems.

    Trying to lift the mood and vitality of those around him, he assumes a position that he is sincerely indignant at their passivity and inaction. If his cheers and jokes have no effect, he is able to prick with a word such that it finally gets him the desired reaction. Sometimes, in the interest of the matter, he assumes a harsh and severe look. In such cases it is difficult to understand whether he is joking or being serious. Well versed in the nuances of feelings of others and willingly demonstrates his own, due to which he is usually popular among the opposite sex.

    Internally inconsistent and very dependent on his state. Pays attention to problems and tries to resolve them as soon as possible; cannot stand uncertainty and doubt. Impatient, finds it difficult to wait for the natural outcome of events, prefers to speed things up. He is inclined to make hasty decisions and take reckless actions. Clever and resourceful, does not lose himself under any circumstances. Quickly notices weaknesses and deficiencies of a person or a situation and can depict them in a humorous light. Tries to create and cultivate useful ties and contacts, but sometimes doesn't have enough tolerance and diplomacy.

    Plays the role of someone without problems. Sufficiently optimistic. Failures for him seem like they do not deserve attention. Leads an active way of life. When occupied by some business matter, sometimes he fusses and hustles, even though actual business activity lends itself to him with difficulty. Cannot occupy with one thing for a long time. Often changes his hobbies and occupations, tries his hand at various activities. He does not like meticulous sedentary work, but willingly takes on an interesting to him assignment and carries it out with great enthusiasm. However, may also suddenly lose interest and grow cold and not carry it through. Often frustrates other people with his disorganization, but it's difficult to remain angry at him.

    (Fe-SEI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Ethics of emotions is intensified - emotional, easily comes into contact with people, finds it easy to join any company to the point of appearing to be an extrovert. Artistic, often takes on a role of an inciter and a provocateur. Finds his inspiration in creative amateur artistic activity, can be a musician, an actor, an advertising agent, or a poet. Loves comfortable spacious clothes, of which he is not too demanding, can go around with a shoddy look.

    Logical Intuitive Introvert LII, INTj (Ti,Ne)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Logical subtype Ti-INTj (Ti-LII)

    Appearance: The logical subtype is usually calm, serious and self-contained. Often quite categorical and uncompromising in his judgments, not leaving any room for appeals. When the topic of conversation does not interest him, he is silent and austere, looks at his partners with gravity. If someone behaves disdainfully, he can put them in their place. Able to clearly and laconically, without superfluous emotions, explain his thoughts. Does not like lengthy discussions and discourse. Spend lots of time thinking and reflecting: analyzing and comparing various phenomena, figures and facts. Makes an impression of a strong-willed person. His lips are often densely compressed, speech precise and abrupt, voice lacks in varying intonations. Balanced, even, correct, unemotional. However, his otherwise frozen facial expression sometimes reflects his internal emotions in unexpected and impulsive movements of muscles.

    Character: He has well-developed analytic thinking abilities of a logical inclination and is well-versed in systems, schemes, classifications and structures. Identifies the main components and cuts off anything that is of secondary nature. Likes to generalize particulars and discrete facts. Distrustful of new ideas until he can check them for himself; thereupon, he can become their staunch supporter and proponent. Realistic about evaluating the prospects, potential, and opportunities of any project. Puts business above personal interests and relationships. In the interests of his work can ignore his convenience and comfort. Very appreciative of fairness and reasonable order.

    Usually he is polite, proper, and serious. Very straightforward in his behavior, lacks in flexibility and diplomacy in his relations. Fairly stable in his feelings and affections. Does not like uninvited guests and unexpected phone calls. Unlikely to take initiative with unfamiliar people. As a rule, has few friends, limiting his social circle to work colleagues and a few like-minded associates. Poorly versed in how other people relate to him and is thus quite restrained in communication. Hides his impressionability under the mask of austerity. Does not seek to win over the sympathies of others. Prefers to talk about topics that interest him, and ignores or omits anything extraneous. If the topic is of no interest to him, he tries to avoid the conversation to not waste his time. He doesn't like compliments, imposing and annoying advice, or too much attention directed at his person, but deep inside he is in need of a positive evaluation of his activities.

    Purposeful; persistently and stubbornly strives for implementation of the set objectives. Inclined to present himself with increased demands. Hard-working and meticulous when carrying out his work. Can make himself do a job that is uninteresting but required. Dislikes doing several things at once, especially in a hurry. This is a person of his word. Proponent of discipline and order backed up by administrative means rather than by conscience and sense of personal responsibility. He believes that if a person has made a choice, then he or she is fully accountable for this decision. Dislikes having to defend his interests, but if needed he can stand up for himself, showing stubbornness and uncompromising attitude. Poorly tolerates being ordered around. Coolly responds to any external strong-willed pressuring. To sharp criticisms may respond in kind; If necessary, can deliver a reproof. Himself resorts to coercion very rarely, only when other measures fail.

    Knows how to plan his activities so as to avoid unnecessary congestion. Prefers to lead a calm, measured style of life. Tries to watch his health as key to good performance. Can do with a minimum of things, does not seek comfort, and dislikes excess. Attentive to his close ones, but reluctantly takes care of domestic problems. He would rather devote most of his time to work and hobbies.

    (Ti-LII) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Concrete and structured, distrusts too far-flung ideas. He is an organizer in research. Erudite, but only within his narrow area of competence. An adherent of reasonable systems. In behavior he is dry, restrained, can be authoritarian. Does not love discussions and frictions in a group. Holds himself at a large psychological distance. Wears clothing that is strict, tries to be in good physical shape.

    Intuitive subtype Ne-INTj (Ne-LII)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype appears soft even a bit diffident in communication. In conversation, he is restrained, attentive, attempts to come into good favor of his partner by giving advice and impressing him or her with his knowledge and conclusions. In such cases, his serious demeanor and gaze soften, goodwill permeates his voice. Not always absolute and categorical in his statements, but obstinate and uncompromising in his actions. May keep silent and refrain from the discussion, but won't change his opinion. His usually imperceptible emotions become visible during moments of extreme nervous pressure within intonations of his voice and impulsive gestures. Gait is calm and synchronous. Pose appears a bit restrained, especially in the shoulders which may be stooped. His movements are somewhat unsure and dilatory. Gestures are stingy and constrained, occasionally unconsciously impulsive and poorly coordinated.

    Character: Likes to analyze various phenomena and processes. Inclined towards anything that is new and unusual, especially if it falls into the sphere of his interests. Often has a rich imagination and tries to introduce elements of creativity into his work. Has a good feel for the prospects of new ideas and initiatives. Willingly develops and works out new ideas for practical application. Able to analyze specific topics in great depth, but also shows an interest in the adjacent fields. Stable in his work performance, but quickly grows tired of routine and is in need of fresh impressions and changes.

    Excitable in disputes; can inspire others with some idea. Becomes uncompromising in debates when his principles are concerned, but tries to develop in himself tolerance for other people's weaknesses and for differing points of view. Usually knows how to hear out his conversation partner and to encourage his initiative in useful direction. Evaluates abilities of others and finds them a proper application. May be a good speaker and lecturer capable of briefly and clearly conveying the material to his listeners.

    Reserved, amiable to an extent, polite, and even-tempered, but rarely becomes very close with anyone, for he easily tires of social interaction. If he is interested in a person, he is able to come into his or her good favor by establishing intellectual contact and intriguing with ideas and new suggestions. Quite private, does not like discussing his personal life and does not allow his feelings to take precedence over the interests of business or personal principles. Although in relation with others he is reserved and distrustful, he is inclined to reciprocate the feelings of another person and show attention to his or her problems. Seeks support in active, lively, and strong-spirited people, who know how to encourage and provide help in business matters. Needs an emotional, optimistically oriented partner who would know how to raise his vitality. But at the slightest infringement of his independence, he retreats into himself, stubbornly defending his principles up to a break up of relations. Allows himself to get directed only by those who can persuade gently and not too aggressively.

    Enemy of the administrative pressuring and control; considers it obstructive to the development of a person's potential. Convinced that the main thing in work is not sense of duty but interest in the project. Strives for independence. However, at the same time he is usually disciplined, punctual, and conscientious. Makes up his plans himself and follows them exactly. Usually does not run late to events but makes it in the allotted time.

    Sometimes he is too categorical in his judgments and intolerant of different points of view. He will not dramatically change his beliefs, conclusions, habits and orientations under the influence of new facts and circumstances. He reviews and changes his former views with much difficulty and sometimes exhibits senseless obstinacy. Due to high self-esteem and a developed sense of dignity, it can be difficult for him to admit to being wrong. All of this does not make him the easiest partner to deal with and creates plenty of interpersonal problems in his life. Internally, he may acutely experience his disappointments, but tries to avoid quarrels out of fear of losing control and losing respect of others. Skeptical and distrustful, but does not show this. Restrained in the expression of his feelings, but when he is in a good mood can liven up the conversation with his humor.

    Yielding and compliant in matters of everyday life. If he cannot completely avoid household chores and other mundane tasks, he will try to postpone them. Dislikes bureaucracy, having to petition various departments and to prepare documents. Shows inertness in such matters even if he sees that his project is suffering. Tries to rely on the help of others in such cases. Does not always take care of his health, but understands its importance. In treatment of illness lacks in consistency and follow-through. Tries to keep up with latest tastes and prevailing styles, to have a presentable appearance.

    (Ne-LII) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Analyst, good researcher and conceptualizer. Gives his attention to problems of general nature. Generator of options and ideas. Places more importance on future potential achievements rather than results of the current moment. Smooth, polite, careful in social interaction. Outwardly often seems asthenic, pays attention to his outward appearance and to his health.

    Ethical Sensing Extravert ESE, ESFj (Fe,Si)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Ethical subtype Fe-ESFj (Fe-ESE)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype is courteous and amiable, but stubborn and unyielding over important to him questions. Due to this can demonstrate excessive persistence. Inclined to finish what he has started. Finds it difficult to stop in timely manner, of which he may regret later. Tries to be serious, unobtrusive, and polite in dialogue, but often exerts strong emotional pressure upon those who, in his view, act wrongly. Likes to take his conversation partners by the hand, to touch their clothing. Knows how to host guests and visitors at home, but does so infrequently because he is more interested in public work and communication. Likes giving presents to people close to him and finds suitable occasions and reasons to do this. Dresses in good taste, with sufficient moderation. Gait is quick, a little jumpy. Figure is often thin and a little angular. His face may be expressing discontent and indignation, supplanted by a radiant smile.

    Character: Optimistically oriented active person. Sociable, inquisitive, shares a lot of diverse information. Friendly, not envious, able to truly enjoy achievements and successes of others and willingly talks about his own. With interest and in detail describes the events that have taken place with him, or that he has heard of or read about. Enjoys discussing social issues. An opponent of empty waste of time, so tries to fill it with interesting experiences: visits to the movies, theater performances, exhibitions, friends, trips to nature, and so on. Likes capable, talented, and interesting people.

    Flares up and feels an outrage when he encounters self-satisfied, critical-minded, or hypocritical people. From sense of justice can deliberately try to spoil their mood, even create an intolerable environment. Disproves of poor tastes, rudeness, lack of tact. Tries to instill good manners of behavior in people who are close to him. Often feels outraged at lack of order and fairness. Tries to look controlled and even, but doesn't always accomplish this. His mood changes often, even for minor reasons.

    Has a well developed sense of humor. Easily makes new contacts and friends of personal and business nature, but has few close friends, as not everyone can withstand his emotional pressure. Not very discerning in business and work related qualities of people.

    Somewhat conservative and cautious in new endeavors as he doesn't see future prospects well and is afraid of making mistakes. Prefers to act by tested methods, but at the same time doesn't tolerate routine well. Very curious and not averse to try himself in something new. Can hesitate before making important decisions. Willingly listens to the advice of others, experiences doubts and fears making poorly thought out actions. Can step back from making a risky decision at the last moment.

    Lighting up by some idea, he becomes its active supporter and promoter, tries to implement it into life, not sparing efforts nor time. Knows how to interest and involve people, persuading them to realize what he has planned. Shows patience and perseverance. Takes up new projects with much enthusiasm and tries to carry them through to completion.

    Not very eager to take up domestic affairs and doesn't follow particular order or schedule. If he's not in the mood, may postpone chores or assignments until later. He gravitates more towards social activities, wants to benefit people. Doesn't like running late to events, which happens rarely and only for serious reasons. Strives to dress according to fashion, even somewhat extravagantly, but more often dresses modestly.

    (Fe-ESE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Very expressive. It is difficult to withstand his emotional pressure. Possesses high aptitude for work, however, the surges of emotions may prevent him from being constructive and realizing his potential. Can be very scattered, jumping from one thing to another. In communication is direct, immediate, uninhibited. Distinguished by an explosive choleric temperament. Outwardly may wish to draw the attention of the opposite sex by bright clothes, which has an element of demonstrativeness.

    Sensory subtype Si-ESFj (Si-ESE)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is energetic, work-oriented, and practical. Emotional and sufficiently direct, but also well-wishing, sensitive, and responsive towards other people. Able to correct impressions caused by his sharp statements. Self-confident, daring, and skillful in his ability to become liked by others. Coquettish and pleasant, creates an intimate atmosphere in conversation. Demonstrates physical tenderness, often embraces those who are sympathetic to them. Attentive towards people, very caring, and helpful, yet sometimes may raise a scandal if he doesn't like something. Has a sharp tongue, is not at a loss finding words, and is quick to respond in a conversation or argument. His speech, as a rule, is fast and emotional. He readily voices compliments, though sometimes with a little jab. Erratic and restless, but knows how to relax in an interesting and pleasant manner. Gourmand, knows how to cook well, and is hospitable. His mimicry is lively, movements are vigorous and gracious. Dresses exquisitely, with sophistication and charm. Often has a bit round figure. Likes expensive things, could be a spender.

    Character: Lively, cheerful, energetic person. Well-wishing towards other people, courteous and helpful. A charming and interesting conversationalist, able to understand everyone, to find an individual approach, to cheer up with a good joke or a compliment. Well perceptive of others' moods, sympathizes with them, tries to help by word or deed. Takes care of the weak and defenseless, kind and gentle with children. Aesthete, a good designer, dresses tastefully, tries to create comfort at his home and in the workplace. Hospitable, prefers a beautiful service and arrangement, and savory well prepared food. Likes to give gifts and arrange for pleasant surprises.

    Sociable, attentive and responsive. Persistent and straightforward in relationships when he is convinced of his own correctness. Doesn't know how to hide his feelings, both positive and negative. Irascible and short-tempered, but easily appeased and forgiving. Doesn't tolerate hypocrisy, injustice, and cruelty. Capable of actively defending his interests and those of his loved ones, decisively rebuffs his opponents.

    Hard-working, diligent, operational, and conscientious. In life, he achieves much by his own effort not relying on other people. Successfully takes up any practical activity and likes it when his efforts are appreciated. In the interests of his project or his case, he with enthusiasm visits all the appropriate centers and offices and files all the needed paperwork. A good organizer, who tries to create the conditions needed for effective work and encourages others to work actively.

    Frequently gets overwhelmed by work, chores, and errands, both his own and those of others. Poorly calculates time, expending a lot of effort on secondary and minor things. Due to this, may run out of time and not finishing everything. Feels ashamed of such lack of organization and tries to discipline himself. Can be overly trusting and careless. Poorly foresees the outcome of a new venture or project. Because of this may commit rash actions, undertake wrong steps, and regret of them later. Doesn't always listen to the advice of others - prefers to act in his own way.

    Shows authoritativeness and rigor in business. Everything that he starts he tries to bring to its completion. Knows how to do a lot of things with his own hands.

    Dislikes uncertainty in both professional and personal respects. Gravitates towards stability, both at work and in his personal life. Respects serious, reliable, goal-oriented people. Loves it when information is presented concisely and clearly, when the important parts are distinguished, and it is based on facts. Expresses his own opinion when he is competent in the given matter. Tries to be credible, authoritative, and painfully experiences criticism of his work and professional qualities.

    (Si-ESE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Aesthete, likes to bring pleasure to people around him, and to himself, likes to give presents. Good at organizing and managing his household. Knows how to make do even with a minimum of conveniences. An operational person oriented towards work. Can realize himself well in management in leisure and entertainment industries. Women of this type are good at sewing, knitting, know how to be charming, and have a good sense of taste in choosing clothing. Behavior is usually undemonstrative. Poorly endures pain and bad health.

    Ethical Intuitive Extravert EIE, ENFj (Fe,Ni)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Ethical subtype Fe-ENFj (Fe-EIE)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype is internally very emotional, but usually modest and restrained in expression of his feelings. Unobtrusive in conversation, tries to behave according to the rules of good tone and manners. Vulnerable and easily takes offense. In his heart and soul he often experiences dramatic emotions, but around strangers hides and tries to control them. It is difficult for him to truly relax, inside he is tense and high-strung, vulnerable and quite self-loving. Has a lot of insecurities, from which he usually suffers but tries not to show this. Outwardly can be proud and unapproachable. Usually secretive and careful, exercises foresight and thinks things over in advance. Somewhat unsure in himself, but has patience and perseverance, and knows how to attain his goals. Very demanding in requiring others to observe ethical norms of behavior, and often cannot hold himself back from making remarks or giving advice when he sees that someone, from his point of view, is not behaving correctly. Characterized by swings of mood. Can be coldly haughty, stubborn, and demanding, then soft, heartfelt, considerate, and even vulnerable and defenseless. Holds himself with dignity. His movements are precise, but smooth, sometimes demonstrative. Dresses modestly and with taste, but if he wishes can look very effective.

    Character: Inclined to constant analysis of people and events. Thinks a lot about moral and ethical issues. Tries to instill in others his own understanding of various phenomena or his worldview, to help avoid mistakes in life in general or in specific activities.

    Exercises foresight and caution. Senses impending dangers, knows how to take the necessary steps to avoid it. Inclined to dramatize events and to warn others about possible trouble. Tries to caution and safeguard people close to him from making wrong steps. Can show excessive initiative, even seem somewhat imposing. With strangers he is charming and helpful, usually tries to make a good impression. Warm and welcoming, has a wide circle of friends, open and sincere with them, but to a limit.

    While he foresees further development of events, he doesn't like to rush them, hesitates making a decision, wavers, weighing out all the "pros" and "cons". Doesn't like when he is hurried. Ignores the attempts of others to impose any other pace. In conversation, gives a lot of attention to details.

    Often takes the initiative in making acquaintances and contacts. Oriented at correct, appropriate, polite attitude towards himself. Needs sensitive, attentive, careful relation to his person, intolerant of familiarity in communication. Self-loving, sensitive and vulnerable, for a long remembers offenses and insults. Respects people not only for their personal qualities and achievements, but also for their position in society. Tries to understand the motives and predict future actions of people around him, to give them timely advice.

    A romantic in his soul, put feelings above reason. Emotional, with difficulty hides his sufferings and emotions, but in deeds usually demonstrates caution. Only after carefully weighting everything out can make a radical decision. After that, not inclined to make compromises. He would rather suffer a defeat than renounce his beliefs, as he has a tendency for self-suggestion. Distrustful by nature, skeptically oriented, critical towards the actions of others. Appreciates words, but prefers concrete evidence of affections and practical services. Nitpicking when it comes to his outward appearance, takes care of his looks and his manners of behavior.

    Values ​​his authority and reputation of a serious person. Distrustful of unverified information. Afraid to make a mistake, prefers to share responsibility for some assignment or task with someone else. Proactive, operative, diligent, seriously considers work that was assigned to him. Does not like doing several things at once, but when he feels that he cannot delay any longer, can with much energy and vigor complete a significant bulk of work within a short period of time.

    Usually focused on important problems, from which it's difficult to distract him. In the interests of his project or business, turns to other people to fulfill small requests and assignments, fearing that he might lose sight of something important. Accurate with details in his work, brings everything to its finish. Strives toward order and aesthetics in everyday life. Meticulously about his appearance, following the appearance and behavior.

    Has difficulty attaining an inner balance. Due to this, is often in suppressed mood. Overly suspicious, prone to seeing dangers, proud. Doesn't like when he is being observed and watch, inclined to do his household tasks when nobody can witness him. Sufficiently self-critical, mistrustful of compliments in his address. Painfully endures criticism of his appearance and behavior.

    (Fe-EIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Very emotionally excitable, can be sharp. Shows high intensity of emotions. Decisive and artistic. Easily given to ecstasy, high affect, exaltation. Aristocratic in his manners. Frequently a good speaker, or a political leader with patriotic inclinations. Internally dramatic and spontaneous, likes to demonstrate his opinion. Outwardly he can shock people around him by extremes in how he dresses: may looks like a homeless person with soiled sleeves, or, to the contrary, dress very brightly, vividly, or aristocratically extravagantly.

    Intuitive subtype Ni-ENFj (Ni-EIE)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtypes makes an impression of a serious, active, sociable person. An original, unpredictable, creative personality. Sociable, inquisitive and communicable. Quite emotional, vulnerable, and impressionable. Internally tense, experiences frequent doubts and oscillations, due to which can be unpredictable in his actions. At times can be hot tempered and sharp in his statements. Very artistic, emotionally uninhibited, easily and freely expresses how he feels. Well perceptive of the moods of others and skillfully directs them. Knows how to speak with emotion and inspiration, sometimes even pathos. Very ironic and critical, can be stinging and arrogant. When in good spirits he can become the center of attention of any group. Sufficiently practical, but doesn't have enough self-assurance and confidence. At times he dresses somewhat unusually and extravagantly, other times simply and modestly. His movements and gusty, impulsive, but not unconstrained, and seem somewhat inhibited.

    Character: A good strategist, who has a real sense of his chances, capable of selecting the right moment for making certain actions. Able to properly distribute events over time. Likes striking up useful business contacts, has organizational abilities. Not afraid of taking up major projects and work, which he can't always handle due to overestimation of his capabilities. Evaluating general patterns, selects the important aspects, but getting distracted by new problems can postpone doing main work.

    Eloquent, a good speaker, who can speak with inspiration, expressing various shades of emotions - from admiration and excitement, to subtle irony and sarcasm. While at this, he may be unconsciously fantasizing, imparting tones of sensationalism or dramaticism to his narrative. Has a developed sense of humor, knows how to copy voices or mannerisms of behavior of other people. Being quite demonstrative in his behavior, he's often in the center of attention. Knows how to win over an audience. Makes a vivid impression on others. Has the talent of persuasion. Knows how to captivate people with his idea and become their leader.

    His boundless interest in people contributes to him expanding his social circle. In connection to this, may spend a lot of time interacting with people who will later disappoint him. When he is in a good mood, he is amiable, lively, gives compliments, admires abilities of others, is the soul of the company and readily helps people in solving their problems. In a bad mood, he is pensive, gloomy, pessimistic, and seeks solitude. Distrustful by nature, skeptical, critical of the actions of others. Appreciates words, but prefers concrete evidence of feelings and practical services.

    Feels constant inner emotional tension. Needs to periodically spill out accumulated emotions. In routine, his vitality wanes. To come out of this state, can commit reckless actions that he later regrets. Can be inconsistent and unpredictable in his actions. Courageous and decisive in extreme situations.

    Often idealizes a loved person and for him/her is capable of making various sacrifices. Knows how to beautifully express his feelings. Very sensitively feels his failures and disappointments. Independent in his judgment and not seldom tries to justify those who are condemned by everyone else. Quite categorical in his statements: considers that liberalism won't help to bring order to society. Does not tolerate evil. In defending those who were wronged or his ideas is not considerate of authority.

    Impatient, doesn't like waiting. Feels weighed down by uncertainty. Discipline and tight control are oppressive to him. He prefers to have creative freedom. Believes in unlimited human abilities and loves to demonstrate his own. Interested in the mythological and occult, in unusual mysterious phenomena, may be superstitious. A bit hypochondriac, afraid of getting sick, but cannot systematically take care of his health. Reluctantly talks about the topics of his own health and appearance. Tries to dress with good taste, some times strictly and elegantly, other times spectacularly and extravagantly, and at times even casually and carelessly. Does not like extraneous things.

    (Ni-EIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Predisposed to reflect, to experience internal doubts and oscillations. Thinks figuratively, has an inclination towards philosophy. Not very critical towards external appearances, undemanding in food. Reserved, vulnerable, can seem internally broken. Speaks his opinions unobtrusively. Responsible and punctual. He is a good teacher, mentor, educator, who can interest his listeners. Outwardly seems calm. Consistent in presenting his material.

    Logical Sensing Introvert LSI, ISTj (Ti,Se)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Logical subtype Ti-ISTj (Ti-LSI)

    Appearance: The logical subtype is self-assured, calm, restrained, correct and impenetrable. At times he may seem arrogant. Sufficiently kind, imperturbable, and unemotional. Very polite and attentive to details in conversation, likes to specify and clarify everything, but sometimes becomes too focused on details that are nonessential to others. Unhurried, perhaps even slow. Likes receiving exhaustively comprehensive and thorough information to his inquiries. Dislikes ambiguity. Internally, he is quite collected. Never loses his spirit and sense of perseverance. Tries to encourage those who are in need of support. Has a direct, motionless gaze that seems to look right through and not at his conversation partner. His movements are measured but constrained; there is a tendency to shuffle his feet against the floor when walking. When he turns, he does so with his entire body such that it sometimes seems like his neck is fixed to his shoulders; doesn't like to turn his head.

    Character: A sober realist who knows how to find a way out of difficult situations. Stoic: overcomes difficulties without complaining. Dislikes running too much ahead and is able to patiently wait for the outcome. It is difficult to convince him to change his stances. He is uncompromising in matters that he considers to be important. Prefers to prepare for everything in advance since he doesn't like improvising; feels uncomfortable with change and instability. Somewhat contradictory and given to internal doubts, but ultimately does not let his internal vacillations undermine his main orientations. Knows how to consistently and persistently overcome all obstacles. Prefers to implement his knowledge into practice. Tries to stabilize any situation. Bravely endures through misfortunes and adversity while not losing his heart and spirit.

    Lacks sufficient flexibility in dealing with people and is poor at taking their individual abilities into account. Does not trust those who are light-headed and light-hearted because he is not sure of whether their feelings are trustworthy. Tolerant of defects of those who are close to him; serves as a reliable support for them. Quickly grows tired of interacting with people; quite tolerant of solitude. Restrained and unobtrusive. The objective matters for him are more important than personal relationships and feelings. Usually a private person who does not readily share his experiences with outsiders. Doesn't demonstrate what he is feeling: hunger, fear, pain, etc. Tries not to burden others with himself; relies on the help of close people only in extreme cases.

    He loves precision and concreteness in everything. Consistent and thorough in his activities and decisions. Careful and thorough in carrying out his tasks. Intolerant of slackness and irresponsibility from others. Follows through his assignments to their completion. Trusts only in official sources of information. A good researcher of narrow issues. Delves into all the details without dismissing and losing sight of anything minor. Accurately maintains records, likes to clarify facts, readily informs those who turn to him for advice about any regulations, about which he is usually informed. In an administrative position, he can establish a clear work regimen, discipline, and order. As a manger, he most often adheres to a chain of command. Very operative and conscientious, possesses a sense of duty. Demanding of himself and others. Tries to be even and reasonable, not go to extremes or fall into illusions.

    Modest and unpretentious in his household. Tends to be conservative in his views and habits. If he finds his work interesting and inspirational, may give it his preference while neglecting his personal needs, may see the main purpose of his life in his work. Attentive and friendly companion who knows how to patiently listen and give useful advice.

    (Ti-LSI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    The most rational logical type of all. Very constructive. Strives towards organizational hierarchy, can excessively organize everyone else around him. Himself is meticulous with his work and brings everything to its completion. Does not miss any details. Poorly tolerates chaos and confusion. Shows little dynamicity, is somewhat monotonous in his life. Outwardly seems strict, unfazed, composed and restrained. In work situations he is official even with those who are close to him, and even manifests barrack style of behavior. Conservative in clothing, his clothes are often strict, in dark tones, and resemble a uniform.

    Sensory subtype Se-ISTj (Se-LSI)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype appears more restless in behavior and internally emotional than the logical subtype. May seem somewhat restrained yet also obstinate and stubborn in his views, willing to enter conflicts when his opinions are not honored. Self-controlled and impersonal in his demeanor. Dislikes objections and lengthy explanations. Often watches the actions of others in order to try to assist them or to point out their mistakes. Sometimes in indignation he makes reprimanding remarks, other times he simply completes the task himself or tries to help another person do it better. Flaring up, he can become unduly sharp and absolutist in his statements. Occasionally he tries to amend the situation and smiles with kindness and charm. He walks at a rapid pace, placing his feet as if he is "stamping" the ground. Makes an impression of a well-coordinated and active person. Dresses conservatively, but aims for an aesthetically pleasant, even stylish, appearance. In conversation, he attempts to get closer to his partner but doesn't make direct contact. Not inclined to overly sensitive, affectionate, and permissive treatment.

    Character: He is persistent in achieving his goals. Orients quickly in extreme situations, displaying considerable willpower, endurance, and practical resourcefulness. Able to protect the interests of his project or business with energy and obstinacy in various situations. Usually confident in his opinions, which he bases on facts and his experience. Sometimes manifests excessive obstinacy and intractability. Dislikes being objected to or when someone else tries to impose their will or working methods on him. Inquisitive, accumulates useful information. Often has interests in areas of morality, art, and legislation. Refers to novel and differing points of view with distrust and suspicion, since it is quite difficult for him to change his positions and way of thinking.

    Can apply pressure on his subordinates if he is in a leadership position, forcing them to work conscientiously; inclined to "tighten the screws" giving instructions in imperative intonation; will check if his orders have been carried out. If his arguments are not taken under consideration, may flare up and try to force others to do everything as it should be done. Internally disapproves of violations of established regulations. Assesses and judges work by the difficulties and challenges that were overcome during its implementation. Applies the same requirements to everyone without taking individual abilities and circumstances into account.

    From time to time needs an emotional discharge to alleviate his inner tensions. In such cases does not hide his emotions and waits for reciprocal sincerity from his partner. Finds it difficult to attain inner balance. At times he loses his restraint and with an outburst can undermine previously established relationships. He is not always able to maintain stable and friendly relations with other people due to his intransigence and straightforwardness of his views and opinions. Despite this, he is usually quite hardy and enduring, both on emotional and physical level.

    Rarely talks about his own feelings and personal affairs; and if he does, he speaks about such subjects to very few people. Does not delve deeply into the personal lives of other people, except may be out of politeness. Considers it his duty to help other people in difficult moments; in such cases he shows attentiveness and sympathy and tries to provide the necessary service. Poorly discerns how other people relate to him; due to this it is inclined to doubt their sincerity, or, conversely, can mistake his own desire to be loved for actual love. Prone to harboring ill-founded suspicions.

    Hardworking, takes on many tasks and chores thinking that he can do them better than others. Dedicated to taking care of his loved ones and does so selflessly feeling responsible for their well-being. Tries to provide everything that is needed for his household. Watches for cleanliness and order; strives for aesthetics in appearance and his everyday life. Inclined to create comfort, but dislikes excesses. Feels irritated when others touch his things or do something without his permission.

    (Se-LSI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Gusty and impulsive. Doesn't always follow the same order and organization that he requires of others, meanwhile criticizing those who disrupt this order. Seems courteous and communicable at a distance, but in closer quarters can prove to be intolerant. If provoked, can respond by aggression. Strives towards leadership, but is best at managing smaller associations. Outwardly appears strong. Male representatives often have facial hair and prefer a free style in their clothing.

    Intuitive Ethical Introvert IEI, INFp (Ni,Fe)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Intuitive subtype Ni-INFp (Ni-IEI)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype appears as a calm, tactful, languid and diffident individual. He seems torn from reality, inert and poorly adapted to life. However, such impressions are erroneous, for he possesses a fine intuition, which aids his in establishing useful connections and obtaining support from influential people. Externally he seems serene, but in his heart he is sentimentally predisposed, has bouts of moodiness and melancholy, and regrets his mistakes and misfortunes for a long time. His mimicry is somewhat monotonous, often shows an expression of light amazement or full interest in his conversation partner. His gaze is dreamy and pensive, slightly strained, with a bit of luster, often expressing melancholy, attentiveness, or sardonic irony. His speech is measured, smooth, and intimately heart-felt. On his face there is almost constantly a polite half-smile that easily predisposes towards trust. Gestures are modest, timid, undemonstrative. Gait is unhurried and smooth.

    Character: Soft and considerate person. In his heart he is a dreamer and a romantic. Has figurative, associative memory, and can recall experiences from the past down to the smallest detail. Somewhat unsure in himself, inclined to doubt and hesitate in cases he has to speak or act decisively. He does not like to hurry, can delay carrying out tasks and finding solutions to problems to an indefinite period of time. Reminiscing about the past, he recalls all the mistakes and mishaps, then extracts from them lessons for the future. Thanks to a strong intuition sees short-term prospects of affairs and relations, but because of the tendency to idealize everything may also overestimate them. Under any circumstances does not lose hope that in future everything will turn out for the better than in the present situation.

    Usually does not aspire to leadership and finds it difficult and tiring to handle organizational functions. Gravitates more towards intellectual sphere of activity than towards hands-on management and production. Dislikes routine, monotony, stereotypes, conventionality, strict order, having to follow rules and regulations. Likes to talk about various unconventional and mysterious phenomena, seeks new experiences, feels attracted to interesting and unusual people. Willingly accepts and promotes unordinary ideas and innovative approaches, but shows caution in new ventures; in such cases prefers to yield initiative to those who are more assertive and energetic. However, if necessary, exhibits outstanding diplomatic skills, achieving success where others, more straightforward and impatient partners who do not attribute much value to flexibility in relationships, would usually give up. Does not know which of the two disputants he should favor, therefore, will try to reconcile them.

    In work can become distracted by irrelevant details, and thus run out of time to accomplish the more important tasks. In his apartment or at his workplace may allow for creative mess and disorganization. Being practical, thrifty, and calculating is not in his nature, due to which he misses some major opportunities. Respects strong, influential people. Needs moral, physical, and material support. Due to absentmindedness sometimes forgets to fulfill his promises, but then does his best to make up and make amends.

    Sensitive and attentive to other people, tries to maintain even relations with everyone. Exhibits tolerance towards the flaws and weaknesses of others. Does not break immediately those relationships that have been exhausted for he grows used to people. Knows how to patiently wait and how to adapt to any circumstances. For the sake of good relations with those close to him, tries to meet their requirements for him, to develop practical skills, to perform at school and work, and to fulfill his family responsibilities.

    (Ni-IEI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Usually looks calm, dreamy, and contemplative. His facial expression is typically interrogative. Line of behavior is frequently passive. Romantic spirit, lives in the world of illusions and tries to avoid the negative. Optimistic. As a rule, avoids conflict situations and supports compromise. Constrained in the way he dresses. Elegant and refined. Can fulfill functions of staff assistant in presence of a "strong hand", take up work in psychology and psychotherapy.

    Ethical subtype Fe-INFp (Fe-IEI)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype makes an impression of a soft, charming and emotional person. Usually looks inspired and optimistic. Possess a fine sense of humor. May talk of his problems and failures with a smile. Ironic, crafty, unpredictable and inconsistent in behavior and conversation. Creates original contrasts, can unexpectedly jab at someone and then just as quickly embrace and kiss his conversation partner. Artistic and charming; unconstrained in conversation, occasionally even with shades of familiarity and impudence. Knows how to bridge the distance. Considerate, tactful, and caring; at times he is simply charming, so great is his talent at positively predisposing others to himself and being liked. Talented at persuasion: states requests in such a manner that it is difficult to refuse them. His movements are refined ; his gait is graceful, hasty. Speech is full of emotion, rich with shades, sometimes melodious.

    Character: Emotional and charming, easily and naturally comes into contact with unfamiliar people, predisposing them towards trust with his warmth and sincerity. Able to cheer others up, make them laugh with his unusual antics and utterances. Well versed in feelings and moods of people, able to establish and maintain useful contacts for reaching his goals and to find best suited candidates for implementation of the conceived. To each person he is able to find an individual approach. Often puts his requests in such a form that it is difficult to turn him down. Independent by nature, impulsive, unpredictable in his actions; given to impromptu acts and improvisations. Unobtrusive with his feelings - if he does not see reciprocity, he will distance. Consults with others before making important decisions, though does not always follow their advice.

    Elegant, skillful in becoming liked, readily gives out compliments. Enjoys being at the center of the attention. Figuratively and with a refined sense of humor retells stories of his experiences. Enjoys and knows how to reconcile those who are arguing. Sometimes he is given to irony and ridicule, but says even unpleasant things as if in jest and with a smile.

    Very much in need of praise and encouragement. Sensitive of criticism of his work or investing effort that has not been appreciated; this lowers his productivity. While if he is praised in advance, this encourages him to strive to overcome difficulties and aid him in gaining confidence. In his heart he is very vulnerable and acutely aware of his failures. Internally contradictory, prone to abrupt mood swings: from laughter to tears and in reverse. Easy lights up with a new idea, but can quickly lose interest if it requires a lot of patience and effort for realization. Passionately tries to prove his correctness; accepts advice only after he has calmed down, and even then only until the next emotional outburst. Needs support of a strong-willed, capable, energetic person.

    Somewhat distrustful and suggestible. Readily shares his problems with others, seeking their sympathy, understanding, and support. Inclined to demonstrate his physical or personal sufferings. Sensing danger, he transmits his apprehensive and restless mood to those around him. Nonchalant and imperturbable, but this is only a tactic that allows him to make a good impression. Sometimes he evokes awe and admiration in others by demonstrating fearlessness in dangerous situations. His composed serene state is transmitted onto others, allowing them to distance from their everyday worries and problems.

    Graceful in his movements, shows refinement, good manners, dresses tastefully. Fastidious in his household. Possesses an aesthetic taste, appreciates ornaments and decorations. Enjoys comfort. Cares about his own appearance as well as appearance of others. Wasteful and uneconomical; can purchase needless things; dislikes those who are frugal over minor purchases. Does not attach much value to material things, and thus can be careless with them. Borrowing or lending something, may forget about it for a long time.

    (Fe-IEI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Entices, flatters, is charming and communicable. If he sees negative emotions in his environment, he will try to arrange things such that people will calm down. Mobilizes well in dangerous situations. Loves to be in the center of attention and to dramatize what is happening. Possesses a sense of humor. Easily manipulates with intonation and voice. Can work successfully as a journalist. He finds it easy to entice a person to start talking. Outwardly may appear extravagant, frequently adopts a bohemian, bright look.

    Sensing Logical Extravert SLE, ESTp (Se,Ti)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Sensory subtype Se-ESTp (Se-SLE)

    Appearance: Seems clever, impulsive, seemingly concealing within him a latent threat, far from being easygoing and appeasable. In reality, he can be sharp, sufficiently aggressive, and persistent. Can hold a grudge and be sufficiently resourceful to make the life of his ill-wishers become intolerable. Has a contrasting and unpredictable character. With those whom he loves can be kind, tender, even sentimental. Possesses a sense of humor, that easily molds into sarcasm and caustic irony. Talkative, charming, witty, critical and sharp. Likes epithets and slang expressions. His movements are springy and fast. Gait is somewhat waddling, with knees slightly bent, which yields a stealthy feline semblance. Has a characteristic evaluating gaze with slight squint. Usually looks after his health, periodically takes up physical sport, exercise of gymnastics. Dresses expensively and with taste. Most often he makes a bright impression of a self-assured and prospering person.

    Character: Insistent, energetic, resolute person. While trying to achieve his goals, he acts both directly and through intermediaries. As a rule, he is capable of becoming the winner. Knows how to manage people, can impose on them his wishes and will, to involve and draw them in by useful and interesting projects and tasks. Knows how to be liked and how to please others: charming, possesses a sense of humor, a good conversationalist. Natural leader: needs competition, struggle, passion, victory, without these his vitality wanes. Boredom is his first enemy. An absence of decent employment and application of his abilities makes him quite a difficult partner.

    He is oriented at achieving major concrete goals, but often runs into difficulty when trying to choose them. It takes time for him to get going, he doubts, thinks things over again. But once he makes a choice, he acts swiftly, amping up his pace and not resting until he has realized the conceived. A very resourceful and flexible tactician. Active and operative, in periods of elation his capacity for work is very high. Doesn't like unasked for advice, prefers to make decisions independently. Can hear out his conversation partner, but leave the last word to himself. Doesn't tolerate commanding tone in others. If someone tries to pressure him, he resolutely counters it. In the interest of his business, shows diplomatic abilities, be considerate and courteous.

    Dislikes it very much when others show initiative that seems to be out of place, for example, try to impose something or hurry others - in this case, can do the opposite. Very self-loving and easily offended, but tries to hide it, considering this to be his weakness. Doesn't forgive tactlessness and injustice towards himself. This can provoke a flash of aggression in him.

    Insightful, witty, has a critical turn of mind. When angry shows intolerance towards other people's shortcomings. Knows how to give a brief and succinct description of a person, to ridicule him in presence of strangers, to put him on the spot. Actively asserts his interests, and those of his loved ones. Can create an unfavorable environment for disagreeable people, but for those whom he loves, he tries to provide the necessary comfort, showing care and attention.

    Feels proud of his successes and seeks high valuation of himself. Has a tendency to overestimate his abilities, which leads to arrogance and a wish to teach others. Self-instilled confidence in his own rightness and insufficient self-criticism do not simplify his relations with others. Respects people who are influential and authoritative. Lenient and forgiving towards those who are compliant, soft and vulnerable, in need of help, especially towards children. Often provides them his protection and support. Nonetheless, he is strict, even harsh both at home and at work.

    Very stubborn and demanding. In personal relationships with difficulty adjusts to his partner, as he is rather uncompromising. Using willpower, can make himself subdue feelings to reason. Proud and independent. It is often unpredictable in his actions, depends on the changes in his mood. Changes his interests and his hobbies often, but his affection tries to keep for a long time. Cherishes old friendships, although he usually doesn't show sentimentality in his relationships.

    Strives towards high material level of life. Has a good aesthetic taste, gourmand, cannot deny himself that which gives him pleasure. Bold in sex, but mistrustful of love, afraid of being deceived in his hopes or to get lost in wishful thinking. Quickly grows tired of monotony: he is attracted by psychological games with a partner, when hope interchanges with doubt - in this lies an element of excitement for him.

    (Se-SLE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Sharp, demonstrative, attacking style of behavior. Can be expressive and expansive to the point of being aggressive. Feels at home in emergency and crisis situations, abruptly joins into conflicts, can apply pressure in order to create order. If he finds himself unoccupied by anything, can even provoke a conflict, so that later he can take initiative into his own hands. Emotional and sociable, with his attention won't pass by a single person of the opposite sex. Women of this type also take initiative in getting to know potential partners. Usually muscular, active and mobile, somewhat thin. Has a well developed taste, a gourmand. In fashion drawn to exquisiteness and prestige.

    Logical subtype Ti-ESTp (Ti-SLE)

    Appearance: Leaves an impression of calm strength and self-assurance. Rational and consistent in his affairs. Hardworking and enduring. Usually he is cold-blooded, restrained, collected and unfazed, but in moments of irritation does not conceal his anger, which shows in his look and in sudden categorical gestures. When he is calm, he is polite and courteous, tough keeps his conversation partners at a distance. His humor is blunt and can be somewhat crude. Sometimes he has a fast moving, distrustful look that looks from under his eyebrows. Appearance is usually serious, somewhat guarded and alert. Gait and gestures are harmonious, flowing, and precise. Dresses somewhat monotonously, and strictly, although at times surprisingly brightly and extravagantly. Values quality in clothing, occasionally putting together sets from only a few items. In most cases has a tendency to not stand out. This applies both to how he behaves and how he dresses. Seems cold and inaccessible, even though he tries to be appropriate, even-tempered and well-wishing towards others. Holds himself with dignity.

    Character: Balanced and self-controlled. Tries not to lose his composure under any circumstances. Restrained and appropriate in his statements, but at times can flare up. Feels very upset when he has lost his temper in front of other people. Authoritative and serious, has a well-developed sense of self-worth. Prefers to talk about that in which he considers himself competent. Relies on official and trusted source of information. Distrustful of new theories, hypotheses, and assumptions that haven't been tested in practice. Skeptical of the occult and the esoteric.

    This is a person of action and not reflection. When the time comes to react, he orients quickly in the changing circumstances, boldly takes risks, carefully weighting all chances and not losing his interests from sight. Enthusiastically takes up new tasks, projects, or business. Interested in laws and instructions. Can maintain good documentation. If he is asked for advice or a consultation, delves into the details of the issue and gives concrete advice. Predisposes other people towards himself by giving them his attention and providing his services.

    Mobilizes beforehand to overcome obstacles, calculating ahead of time all the risks of current situation. Always has a good sense of the real situation, and knows how to extract benefit from it. Knows how to properly arrange people to carry out a job or assignment. Well perceptive of other people's business acumen and capabilities. However, finds it difficult to evaluate more distant prospects of projects and relationships.

    Grows bored if he doesn't find an application to his abilities, or if he has to finish something he's lost an interest in or that which has no practical interest for him. Only new experiences and impressions and frequent changes in activity raise his vitality.

    Rationalistic, pragmatic, and hard working. Very logical and practical in his activities and in business. Punctual, responsible, demanding of himself and expects the same from others. Looks to quality in everything. Unforgiving of simulation and negligence. Evaluates efficacy not by the efforts expended but by the final outcome. Likes to act boldly, takes big risks, but prepares for it thoroughly and in detail.

    Discerning and sensible, speaks with a confident tone, tries to convince by facts. Very practical, dislikes theories and pointless activities. In contact with strangers via indirect questions assesses their position in society, connections and capabilities. Looks for common ground and ways in which it is possible to come together to solve common business interests. Undemonstrative, but when a chance presents itself likes to emphasize his achievements. Proud, if he has achieved everything in his life by his own effort.

    Authoritarian and possesses a strong will, but, if needed, can demonstrate flexibility in communication, even make temporary concessions for the sake of reaching his ultimate goal. Understands the importance of material and financial incentives, knows how to use them, without losing his own benefit. Shows a friendly, well-wishing attitude towards others, but in work and business requires unity and unanimity.

    Considers restraint in expressing feelings to be a guarantee of their seriousness and reliability. Proud, doesn't impose his company, doesn't know how to entertain guests. Rarely makes compliments even towards women. Lives by his mind and puts business above personal sympathies, due to which may unwittingly offend other people, himself not attaching any importance to this. Afraid of falling into dependency, even on people who are close to him. Quite secretive, doesn't like when others try to "climb into his soul". Can deflect a direct conversation, and skillfully place his conversation partner on the spot.

    In his heart, he is a bit guarded, mistrustful and suspecting. Afraid of trickery and betrayal by those whom he trusts. Inclined to fall into pessimism and melancholy. Ponders over his problems, especially of personal nature, tries not to share them with people around him. Opens up his heart and soul only to very close and tested friends. In moments of despair, needs understanding, compassion and consolation, but due to his mistrust he doesn't risk to open up and be honest. Not seldom turns to alcohol to relieve stress and tensions.

    (Ti-SLE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Prefers to remain in the shadow, not showing his aspirations, but constantly holds his hand on the pulse of all that is happening around him. Outwardly appears balanced and phlegmatic. Before acting, checks all the variations of possible consequences, and only then enters into the game. Distrustful, careful, skeptic, conservative and realistic. Due to his low sociability makes an impression of being introverted. Once he has identified a target, acts slowly, by the method of "slowly compressing ring".

    Sensing Ethical Extravert SEE, ESFp (Se,Fi)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Sensory subtype Se-ESFp (Se-SEE)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is an authoritative, confident in himself, emotional, and assertive person. Behind his inner restlessness hides a constant thirst for vigorous activity. Inclined to take up too much and frequently ends up wasting his strengths and energies in vain. Despite his best efforts to be diplomatic, at times he's too critical and categorical. Often feels indignant, nonetheless doesn't forget to give compliments. Can look down at this conversation partner, act patronizing, poke at him with prickly jokes. But can also be very kind and courteous, and knows how to keep insisting and persuading someone for a long time, if needed. Possess good artistic sensibilities. Knows how to entertain people. Often he is somewhat thin, looks after his figure, periodically takes up physical exercise and sports. Shifts and changes poses frequently. Eyes are commonly not very large and deep seated. His gestures are impatient, movements seem gusty and nervous. Gait is relaxed or even somewhat shaky and muddled. Speech may be rushed, slightly slurred and too fast.

    Character: Has the character of a leader. Self-assured, brave, and active. Flexible in changing his tactics. Orients quickly in a changing situation and adopts creative approaches as events unfold. Energetic and sociable. Knows how to strike up useful contacts. Has difficulty with accurately evaluating abilities and capabilities of people in resolution of concrete tasks, often experiences doubts and hesitation over this, which he prefers not to share with others. Can lead a large team. Resolute in extreme situations and quickly finds means to stabilize the situation.

    Gravitates towards practical activity. Prefers near-lying, concrete goals that bring some tangible benefits. Tries to improve his competence in his occupation, to raise his own profile and prestige and strengthen his position. In the interest of his business can exert strong pressure on his partners, be overly demanding, and perseverant. The victory must always be attributed to him. Despite the scatteredness of his interests, he tries to bring the most important bulk of work or assignments to completion.

    Prefers to have freedom of action. Does not recognize strict regulation and control. Dislikes monotony and routine. Due to his tendency towards irritability, may fall into depression. Quickly grows tired of routine and boredom, then seeks change and new experiences. Active and mobile, tries to be always informed about current events.

    Cautious in new ventures, as he doesn't have a good sense of their prospective future development. Mistrustful of new untested in practice ideas. Strives to understand general patterns and laws that lie behind topics and questions of interest to him, to soberly analyze the situation. Gathers needed information, establishes necessary links, consults with people who are more competent than him. Takes risks only after weighting everything out, but then he acts quickly and decisively. Has strong willpower, endurance, and perseverance in overcoming difficulties, but in the interests of his business is able to agree to temporary compromises.

    Has a complex and problematic character. Demands that others need to reckon with him, to recognize his authority, to respect him for his business and personal qualities. Sensitive to criticism, admits his own mistakes with great difficulty. Feeling offended by someone, does not take advice, may even act the opposite. Very vulnerable and insufficiently self-critical, thus only praises of his merits and abilities can encourage him to activity.

    Emotional, impulsive. Due to rapid changes of moods is unpredictable in his behavior: at times he is artistic and demonstrative, other times he is wary, prickly, and provocative. Passes on his moods to people around him. if he is in high spirits, can infect everyone with his optimism, cheer them up with original antics, and inspire any activity; if he is in a bad mood, he prefers to be alone, or to socialize with people who can give him their attention and sympathies. At such times, he is inclined to over-dramatize events. But can bring himself under control despite his soulful discomfort when he needs to find a way out of a crisis situation.

    Expressive with his feelings. Knows how to deliver compliments. However, for educational purposes, he criticizes more often than he praises, but tries to do it in half-joking manner. As a result of his impressionability, as well as the contradictory nature of his character, it is rare that he achieves an inner balance. Finds it difficult to maintain smooth and stable relationships with other people. In his heart and soul he is a maximalist, and expects more than he can achieve. Thus, he is inclined to often feel disappointed in people who were initially sympathetic to him.

    (Se-SEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Very active, pressing ahead, enterprising person. Always "holds his sails to the wind". Inclined to venturism, to plays on differences of prices, to risks and games with the law. If he suffers a defeat, he easily withdraws, putting forward other, less flexible partners. This is one of the most unpredictable types. Easily works in trade and mediatory structures, but not in production lines. Sharp changes in moods are characteristic of him: if he feels himself good, then everyone must feel good too, but if he feels himself bad then others must suffer it as well. Strikes up friendships with people at closer personal distances. Can create massive emotional pressuring. A good manager of his household. Can realize himself in service jobs, for example as a waiter at a restaurant, and as an actor, but only of light genres such as comedy or operetta. Easily manipulates with relations, bringing other people closer or farther away from him. Emotionally unstable, for this reason often cannot coexist with others in peace. In case of failure can quickly cause a provocation, then retreat into the shadow.

    Ethical subtype Fi-ESFp (Fi-SEE)

    Appearance: Active and mobile person. Willingly strikes up and moves around useful social connections. Knows how to give compliments. Talks about his possibilities and capabilities in much detail before people who are close to him, likes to make an impression. Intimate intonations in his voice, personal charm, and confidential manner of behavior, that predisposes towards trust, allow him to quickly win over his conversation partners. Often has convex eyes. His gestures are smooth and confident. His poses seem a tad relaxed. Inclined to dress unconventionally, brightly and extravagantly. Even if he has round forms and inclination to excess weight, doesn't feel insecure over this and dresses in anything that he likes to wear. Likes to sit in somewhat scattered pose. His gait is elastic, prideful. Holds himself confidently, even authoritatively alike a patron towards others.

    Character: Has good organizational skills. Inclined to expand the circle of his acquaintances and the field of his activity. Very curious. Strives to be aware of what is going on, and, given the opportunity, likes to show off his awareness of events. Interested in new approaches for resolution of various problems and willingly promotes them. Facilitates the introduction of new ideas into practice. Uses his authority and influence. Purposeful, but flexible in relationships. Prefers to reach agreements on mutually beneficial terms.

    Exhibits large scope in his endeavors. Prefers to solve emerging problem right away, else he can get distracted and then cool off towards them. Inclined to take up many things at once, but doesn't manage to finish everything due to lack of time, lack of interest, or his moods. Has a poorly developed sense of measure, wants to do more than is possible. Scattering his time and efforts on minor tasks, may miss out on those that are more important and necessary. With difficulty discerns general patterns and trends, so it can take on risky projects. Realizes his projects into reality with much enthusiasm. Being defeated, does not lose heart and soon finds a new application to his abilities.

    A manager with good diplomatic skills. Able to persuade and mobilize other people, to inspire them to some new business, or set others against someone who hinders his interests. Usually, gets along well with everyone. In conversation he is polite, courteous, gentle and kind. Delivers plenty of compliments. Predisposes towards trust, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and sincerity. Tries not to bring quarrels to a serious resolution, can hold himself back in time. His democratic behavior, easygoing manner, and personal charisma help him win the sympathy of others.

    In the society, he is often in the spotlight. Loves to tell about and to discuss various recent events and news. Knows how to entertain his companions. In need of admiration and recognition, as this stimulates him to even greater activity and enterprise. Despite the fact that he makes an impression of being a frank and sincere person, this openness has limits beyond which he doesn't allow other people. Only a few people enjoy having his full confidence.

    In business he is practical and calculating. Always knows precisely what he wants. Formally he may listen to advice, but makes decisions ​​independently. Not economical in small things, but cautious when it comes to large expenditure of material resources. At home, he is accurate and neat, willingly tackles household problems. Requires cleanliness and order from people close to him. Looks after his health and his appearance. Aesthete, likes to dress with taste, values coziness and comfort. Very attentive towards people who are close to him, constantly takes care of them.

    (Fi-SEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Places his bets and his trust on influential, reliable people, gradually bridging the interpersonal distance with them, if they are useful. Possesses a kind of snobbery, status, and authoritativeness. Needs to have everything better – his office, his car, his country house, and so on. A good worker, can manage people and relations within a team. Pragmatic in his approach and good at making calculations. Not inclined to adventurism and to risk. A good politician, feels people well and pulls in the necessary persons. Plays a role of a thoughtful person who is working on some important problem. Dresses with some more restraint than the sensory subtype.

    Intuitive Logical Introvert ILI, INTp (Ni,Te)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Intuitive subtype Ni-INTp (Ni-ILI)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype seems balanced, calm, and even slow. Possesses well-developed figurative and associative thinking. Reads a lot and is given to contemplation and reflection. Likes to converse at length, narrating something on various subjects or retelling something which he has previously read. In conversation he is usually tactful, polite, somewhat reserved, tries to avoid being overly direct and critical. Frequently he feels suppressed and dissatisfied by something – either by his state of health, or by being in poor spirits, or due to some other cause. He rarely discusses his problems with others and holds himself somewhat at a distance. Internally he is rather timid, contradictory, and vulnerable, although he tries not to show this. His movements are fluid and unhurried. Sometimes his figure is tall and lanky, other times it is proportional, but he always seems calm and filled with a sense of his own value. His gait and movements are smooth, may be somewhat swinging and wavering.

    Character: Possesses well-developed imagination and creative faculties. Inclined to contemplation and passive life of an observer. Often lacks in determination and confidence in himself. In his soul he is an idealist who envisions a beautiful, harmonious, and prosperous life, but is quite passive in finding the means to achieve it. Internally contradictory, critical and distrusting, though doesn't always show this. Subject to frequent doubts and fluctuations. Through his strong intuition he is able to predict the outcome of any undertaking or behavior of a person in any given situation. Often gives advice to exercise caution to avoid unpleasant surprises and troubles. Appreciates old, time-tested truths. Feels susceptible to the fluctuations of life thus he tries to foresee everything; for example, before a trip he thinks over all the details and brings with him everything that may become necessary. Prone to remembering his failures and mishaps for a long time. Frequently falls into melancholy due to excessive pessimism. Though he is often endowed with a fertile imagination and loves new experiences, in reality he gravitates towards stability, safety and security. When he feels too bogged down by the monotony, he gladly takes on traveling.

    Farsighted and prudent in the acquisition of new things or changing his way of life. He rarely rushes the course of events and may delay and postpone making important decisions. Thinks through everything in advance. Dislikes activities and undertakings that are risky and require improvisations. Careful, cautious and indecisive in new endeavors. Person of habit. Dislikes unpleasant surprises.

    Typically leads a somewhat reversed style of life and has a small circle of friends. Rarely takes the initiative in interaction himself, doesn't want to seem intrusive. Stable in his affections. Feels uncomfortable in new company of people. Polite and easy in communication, but dislikes familiarity and boisterous displays of emotion. Considers excessive emotions just like any other extreme to be objectionable and unneeded and calls on others to be calm and reasonable. Loyal, typically tolerant of people and forgiving of their shortcomings. Shows magnanimity and generosity towards others in difficult situations. Aware of his obligations and does not promise anything if he is not sure that he will be able to deliver it.

    Values conveniences and comfort. Can work at a measured and constant pace to provide for a comfortable and prosperous life. If he is drawn to creative work, can become a tireless researcher. Whether he is engaged in his work or domestic chores, he is thorough, conscientious, and carries out his tasks to completion even if he doesn't make it by the deadlines. Demanding of himself, can force himself to do work that is unpleasant and uninteresting but necessary. Finds it difficult to pressure and persuade anyone into anything - prefers reaching an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. However, sometimes he becomes very stubborn and intractable, especially if he sees that a person acts without taking into account his advice or interests.

    Tries to look after his appearance and health, keep himself neat and clean, and dress tastefully. Rarely allows for bright color combinations and decorations, as well as any other excesses.

    Has difficulty maintaining an inner balance due to heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. Due to his inability to control his moods and to switch his attention to something else, sometimes he is excessively fault-finding and cantankerous and other times too kind and accommodating. His emotions transfer to others. Knowing this, he prefers to spend time in solitude when he is in a poor mood, so as not to regret later something said or done in the heat of the moment. In a good mood, he is a charming and pleasant companion who with his attentiveness and sensitivity predisposes toward trust and willingly shares his advice.

    (Ni-ILI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Researcher-theorist who paves the way with fundamental developments. By use of analogies is often able to predict how an ongoing process will unfold. Has a good sense for socio-economic tendencies. Possesses extensive erudition and good memory, frequently gets stuck in details. Is well able to provoke a situation, including a commercial one. Experiences difficulties in communication. Searches for an opponent, criticizes with a dose of biliousness, likes to underline deficiencies. Ascetic and grumbling. Often has an asthenic figure, may be negligent of his appearance and take poor care of his health.

    Logical subtype Te-INTp (Te-ILI)

    Appearance: The logical subtype makes an impression of a self-confident, sober-minded, rational person. Most often he is courteous, demonstrates a critical turn of mind and possesses a sense of humor. He smiles frequently but his smile seems somewhat monotonous and set. He tries to be polite, therefore doesn't always voice all of his thoughts and observations. Likes to subject things to analysis. Sometimes he seems haughty and derisive. Skeptical, ironic, and mistrustful. Trusts more in figures and facts than in hastily drawn conclusions. A good rationalizer; he is able to discern the main points and avoid engaging in tasks and projects that are futile in his opinion. Most often his figure is heavy-set and pycnic. His gait is usually quick, movements are purposeful and resolute. May actively gesticulate while speaking. Appears somewhat gusty and impulsive, but usually holds himself with integrity and calm dignity.

    Character: Quickly assesses a situation or a new project from the point of view of its feasibility and practicality. Likes realistic goals, while the methods of achieving them he finds himself or through intermediaries. Inclined to make rational actions. Takes note of all the details of the case presented to him, emphasizing main ones and brushing unimportant ones aside. Is able to extract maximum returns while applying minimum of effort. Capable of making accurate economic and political predictions. Encourages people to be active, but also warns against any activities that are useless in his opinion. Notices all the contradictions and imperfections of his surrounding world. Due to a developed sense of skepticism it is difficult for him to properly assess the potential of new ventures and people's abilities. While calling for prudence, he can cool any excessive enthusiasm with subtle irony.

    Possesses organizational skills. Tries to be able in his affairs and knowledgeable over a variety of issues. Appreciative of quality work and high qualifications. Has an interest in laws and regulations, collects necessary and interesting information. It's hard to reconvince him in an argument because he often proves his point of view supplying factual information. Sufficiently stubborn, does not yield to direct pressure.

    May have a wide circle of professional or business acquaintances, but rarely becomes truly close with anyone. Fearing becoming dependent on someone tries to appear self-sufficient and confident in himself. Despite this, he is often in need of moral support. Likes people who with their optimism can instill confidence in success. Critically perceives the shortcomings of others. Sometimes cannot withhold himself from making a critical remark, due to which it is difficult for him to maintain smooth relations with others.

    Internally emotional, but tries to be self-sustained. Dislikes falling to extremes, but if his principles are violated he may flare up. Usually restrained in expression of his feelings, dislikes making compliments, considers that it's more sincere to talk of shortcomings. In this case, with his straightforwardness may not spare another's self-esteem. Poorly tolerates discomfort, both external and internal, and therefore tries to smooth out a bad impression left by something he has said.

    Thrifty, economical and practical. Dislikes excesses, can suffice with less. Skillfully handles objects and finances. Good with handling his documentation. Shows creativity in handling practical matters. Can adapt and extract use from things that to others seem to have outlived their use. Modest in his appearance and in everyday life. Feels awkward claiming for himself any material privileges or rewards. Does not attribute much value to accessories, but feels insecure if his appearance does not match the tastes of his society. Rather passive when resting. Due to weak self-discipline and certain measure of inertia he underestimates the role of a healthy lifestyle, due to which his health may suffer.

    (Te-ILI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Practical, operational, maneuverable. Avoids taking up useless tasks and activities. Tries to extract benefit from everything, does not allow for waste in industry - everything must be reasonably used. Loves gatherings, company, friends, a good table. Has a developed sense of humor. Knows how to get along with those around him. Outwardly elegant and sociable, however, of somewhat loose and relaxed in constitution.

    Logical Intuitive Extravert LIE, ENTj (Te,Ni)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Logical subtype Te-ENTj (Te-LIE)

    Appearance: Makes an impression of a mobile, energetic, action-oriented and strict person. Facial expressions lack in emotionality. Looks directly, at point-blank range, studying his conversation partner, with his gaze focusing for a long time on his conversation partner or on objects in his surroundings. A bit timid and diffident, though tries to hide this. At times, he is overly mistrustful, critical, and excessively categorical. It is difficult to distract him from what he has planned, tries to bring everything he has conceived to completion. Despite his tendency to think and reflect, he is decisive and impulsive in words and in action. Inclined to have longs talks. Seems somewhat uptight and strained in conversation due to his desire to appear self-controlled, composed, serious person with foresight. His apparent slowness suddenly changes to haste and hurriedness. In most cases, his figure looks solid and stocky in built, though somewhat rigid and angular in movements. Tries to hold himself with dignity and confidence. If he jokes, does it with a serious look, smiling only with the corners of his mouth.

    Character: Hardworking and alert. Eagerly gets involved in various activities and business that bring concrete results and benefits. Usually well-informed, and tries to be credible and authoritative. Plans everything advance, collects needed information for data driven solutions. Strives for clarity and accuracy in all matters. Pragmatic: will not take up useless and payless work. Leery of new proposals that are not supported by convincing evidence. Cautious in his new endeavors. Prefers testing new ideas in practice, to avoid making mistakes. Being convinced in future benefits of a certain idea, tries to realize it into real life with much enthusiasm and energy.

    He is never satisfied with the current events. Always searching for ways of changing, polishing, and improving the existing. Has a critical turn of mind, and an inclination towards polemics. Enjoys developing new projects and promising plans. Separates a given goal into steps, and subsequently carries them out, thus bringing his given goal to its completion. Dislikes being distracted from his work or business, and when others interfere with his focus or try to impose others methods and courses of actions. Quite principled in his views and convictions. It is difficult to persuade him, or convince him otherwise.

    Strives towards order, logical and rational sense in everything, though he's not always able to achieve this. Interested in the worldly value of things. Stimulates other people to activity and work by his own example, as well as by making agreements on mutually beneficial conditions. Poorly tolerates trickery and cunning. Respects people of their word and deed. Not afraid of challenges and obstacles. Interested in testing himself in extreme conditions, in overcoming all hardships and coming through as the winner. Under any circumstances, shows fortitude, tenacity, optimism and endurance.

    In matters and issues of principle to him can show firmness and intractability, defending the ideals of fairness and humanism. Negatively refers to unceremoniousness and abuse. Correct and restrained in his statements, tries to create a casual atmosphere in conversation by his democratic attitude and humor. Good storyteller, describes events in all detail. Readily shares his impressions and sensations with people around him. Holds himself with seriousness and dignity, shows good manners, politeness and courtesy. Doesn't tolerate when he is treated with disrespect, can flare up and lose his temper in such cases.

    Likes people who are serious and restrained in communication, in whom he sees solid support in the future. Reliable as a friend, provides real concrete help in difficult situations. Critical towards the mistakes and flaws of others, but delivers his reproofs and rebukes in a soft form, even if he is deeply upset. Poorly discerns feelings of his partner, suspicious, afraid of making a mistake, of making himself look ridiculous. Therefore careful in his emotional expressions and admissions, tries to deliver them in a joking humorous form. Prefers to prove his relation to someone by deeds rather than by words. Strives for solid, durable, stable, and reliable relations.

    Feels upsets if he is unsure of his external attractiveness, thus tries to look good, aesthetically pleasant, and appreciates good aesthetic sense and good manners in others. Practical, good at managing his household, knows how to do much with his hands. Cleverly and adeptly solves any household problems that he encounters. A supporter of healthy lifestyle, but visits the doctors with much reluctance. If he happens to fall sick, inclined to use folk and alternative medicines, patiently trying to get better using various health systems. His persistence, inexhaustible optimism, and will to live help him overcome any obstacles on the way to achieving his goals.

    (Te-LIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Most dynamic of all TIMs. A pioneer in his field of activity. Seems a spontaneous person. Very emotional and impulsive, therefore can be inconsistent in his business. Trusting, due to his carelessness can unintentionally land himself in complicated affairs. Can realize himself in free market activity. Searches for supporters, with whom it is possible to realize his own or shared ideas. If he loses, doesn't lose his spirit and optimism, but proceeds ahead with his life. Pays little attention to external appearances and health. Outwardly can look somewhat thin, very mobile, if male may have a beard and mustache. It happens that he leads a disorderly, chaotic, unrestrained style of life.

    Intuitive subtype Ni-ENTj (Ni-LIE)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype is pleasant and considerate in dialogue. He can be affectionate and cheerful, possesses a developed sense of humor, often becomes the soul of a company. Inspired, energetic, and optimistic. Mobile, restless, scattered, always in a hurry, aiming to accomplish much in time. Very enterprising, boldly takes risks. It's hard for him to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time. He has many ideas. Always has several points where he can apply his efforts. Diplomatic and gallant with everyone, especially with women, but can show familiarity at closer acquaintance. Due to his inclination to unceremoniousness, his sense of tact often fails him, and he commits ethical mistakes, which he tries to correct and mend with the help of jokes and his services. Behaves himself simply, uninhibitedly, freely and easily. In conversation sometimes like to touch his conversation partner, to hug, to kiss, to make jokes. His gestures and gait lack ostentatious solidity and seem very natural.

    Character: This is a person of action with a developed creative beginning. Has an active practical mind, very curious, and boldly experiments. Often constructs far-reaching but concrete plans. Impulsive, cheerful, enterprising, easily takes initiative in new projects and beginnings. Quickly turns to work, inspiring others to get involved with his own enthusiasm. Bravely tackles implementing new ideas to life, as he sees their prospects well into the future. Brave, resourceful, far-sighted and shrewd. Instantly orients in extreme situations and develops an effective plan of action. If he is not involved in some project or activity, he starts to feel bored and his vitality falls, but usually he is able to quickly find application of his abilities in any activity.

    Somewhat scattered, inclined to get distracted by secondary and unimportant things, due to which may put off the main work until later, but after a while returns to it. Impatient by nature, may be careless and negligent with details. Dislikes competing, manifesting selfish interests, demanding his right to something. May cede his positions to more obstinate and insistent partners. For the sake of justice or to defend an idea in which he believes, may sacrifice his own interests.

    Fluctuates in choosing which decision to go with, due to which it is easy to talk him out of what he has conceived. Due to internal doubts and contradictions he can be unpredictable in his behavior. With difficulty endures the crash of his hopes, but, with the inherent to his optimism, is not averse to start everything anew, not looking back. Gravitates towards new impressions and changes, often changes his hobbies and interests, tries and tests himself in different spheres of activity and occupations. A romantic at heart, enjoys travel, sharp and thrilling impressions, sometimes tests and risks with his fate. Faithful in relations, but not averse to flirting. His personal life is often rather complicated and changeable.

    Emotional, fidgety, restless. Tries to do everything in time and feels very worried when he sees that he cannot accomplish everything by the deadlines. He is often in a hurry himself, and hurries and urges others. Negatively refers to those who are lazy, who seek convenience and enjoyment. In conversations, he is lively and welcoming. Seems sincere, original, straightforward, and predisposing towards trust. Attentive towards other people, delves into their problems, gives advice, offers his services, tries to encourage them, make them laugh with jokes. If in the interests of the work or business he finds it necessary to put pressure on other people, tries to do it in inoffensive form, although he may be too direct and pushy. Sometimes his sense of tact fails, and he can inadvertently offend his conversation partner, but then he tries to fix the situation immediately or very soon. He is docile in nature: it's difficult to pick a quarrel with him.

    Interested in various unsolved and unexplored phenomena. Tries to comprehend the essence of various events and manifestations. Reflects and thinks over scientific, moral, and philosophical questions. In his soul he is somewhat suspicious and superstitious. At home undemanding, can do with very little. Loves children and animals. Pays little attention to his appearance. Wanting to be loved not for his appearance, but for his inner qualities. In need of a person who can keep him from committing rash actions.

    (Ni-LIE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Seems a calm and balanced person who leads an orderly lifestyle. Well perceptive of good opportunities. Calmly selects which idea it's best to put into action. Always finds the most optimal and advantageous solution, that will lead to the greatest benefit. Often this is a kind of natural scientist, tester and experimenter, who works with both his mind and his hands. Can take up natural and physical sciences or painting, in everything he tries to bring things to completion. Excellent game technician, experimenter. Gets along well with children, easily getting them involved by interesting activities. Outwardly looks somewhat restrained, usually has a more solid and stocky built than the logical subtype. Dresses well and looks after his health.

    Ethical Sensing Introvert ESI, ISFj (Fi,Se)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Ethical subtype Fi-ISFj (Fi-ESI)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype usually makes an impression of a modest, gentle, soft person, but in his soul he is very principled, demanding, and distrustful. It is difficult to make him change his mind. Can be very stubborn and intractable. Sensitive, prudish, dislikes imposing his company. Internally highly critical and applies his high ethical standards to other people, though may not openly voice this. If his principles are touched, he can suddenly show his character, becoming sharp and uncompromising. Hardworking and practical. At work he is responsible and painstaking. Shows good manners, tries to be gracious and refined. Dresses with taste, though somewhat monotonously. His gaze is soft, at times frightened, and testing. In interactions with others, this is a soulful, attentive, caring and considerate person.

    Character: Restrained, tactful, and polite in interaction. Discerning of relationships. Principled in matters of morality and responsibility. Distinguished by his sharp and categorical conclusions. He is constantly analyzing actions of other people and condemning any violations of moral and ethical norms. However, he tries to be more tolerant towards others and doesn't immediately express his opinions if they are negative. Very observant: readily notices personal flaws and capabilities of other people. Remembers the mistakes of others for a long time, and if opportunity presents itself can resort to his "personal files". May idealize those he is sympathetic towards from a distance. Demonstrates his attitude not only by words but also by actions.

    This is a person of duty. Does not spare his time and effort for upkeep of order and stability at work. Does his work meticulously and thoroughly, overcoming any obstacles that arise on the way. Does not put off and delay everyday tasks and chores until later. Makes himself to do work that is uninteresting but necessary. Helps out others with work that they cannot cope with by the deadlines. Very conscientious, aware of his obligations, and responsible person, but prefers to share responsibility with others. Inclined to sit at work late, trying to finish up everything. Accurately maintains records.

    Careful, guarded and distrustful, afraid of making mistakes and letting down others. Painfully endures injustice and critical remarks regarding his abilities. Needs praise and compliments, though usually he does not show this. Tries to exercise foresight in everything, so that any unexpected events don't catch him by surprise. Prefers to plan for future activities. Prepares for everything in advance, is punctual and usually does not run late.

    Does not give any promises if he is unsure that he can fulfill them. Shy and indecisive, dislikes imposing anything on strangers. Appreciates comfort, both at his workplace and in relationships. Expresses his attitude not so much by words, as by the tone of his voice and look.

    Stable and in his habits, interests and affections. Yielding in relations, may put aside his own affairs to solve problems of his partner. Very impressionable and vulnerable, but shares his sufferings only with his close ones. Values friendship and does not forgive betrayal. Considerate and courteous. Modest and undemonstrative, tries not to stand out. Dresses simply, but with good taste.

    (Fi-ESI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Delicate and sensitive in nature. A good judge of character and a reliable friend. Capable of coming to a compromise. With his softness and ease of interaction he sometimes resembles an SEI. This subtype is often a better implementer than an organizer. It's important to him how others regard him, their opinions of him. Attentive, caring, and sensitive. Good with small children. Can realize himself in applied arts and cultural work. Outward appearance is modest. He rarely follows fashion and prefers a freer style.

    Sensory subtype Se-ISFj (Se-ESI)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is quite strict, critical, and ironic. Categorical in conclusions and uncompromising in decisions. Internally sensitive and emotional, but tries to appear as strong, cold, self-assured person. Serious, guarded, and private. Conservative in his tastes and habits. Diligent in work, though sometimes he lacks in attention and perseverance to complete his assignments. At times seems unapproachable, arrogant, and prickly. His gaze is piercing. His face sometimes assumes a guarded expression. Well-wishing and attentive, but keeps at a distance from others. Quite undemonstrative. Dislikes it when his appearance is inspected; afraid of external evaluations. Takes care of his looks, dresses elegantly, with taste and a bit of strictness. If he is confident in his appearance, may allow himself to wear additional accessories. His gait is often hammering.

    Character: Stubborn, firm, and uncompromising in matters that are of importance to him. Strong-willed and enduring. Industrious and venturesome. Energetic and quick in handling practical matters. Can do several things at once, showing extraordinary work ethic and efficiency. From time to time, needs an emotional discharge. Difficult life situations invigorate him and stimulate him to search for quick solutions and exits out of current circumstances. With difficulty takes the initiative in making new acquaintances and establishing new contacts, but usually takes the first steps in breaking off relations that have run their course. Observant and clever, at the right time can hit the weakest spot of his opponent. To good and poor treatment answers with the same. Has a tendency to divide people into "his own" and "others".

    Seems somewhat inaccessible, vigilant, and alert. Dislikes it when someone puts his qualities to an evaluation because internally he is not fully confident in himself. Intolerant of those who are lazy, slovenly, and disingenuous. Does not forgive rudeness and tactlessness, which may even serve as a reason to break up relations for him. In a company of unfamiliar or unpleasant people, he feels constrained and may choose to leave quietly. Does not like unexpected visitors, quickly becomes tired of them. At times he is overly distrustful and suspicious of others.

    In conversation with people tries to determine their abilities and possibilities for future practical application in some area. Tries to evaluate people objectively, regardless of his sympathies for them. Often possesses good administrative skills. In his decisions seeks to rely on factual information.

    In a circle of close people, he is usually talkative, makes jokes, sometimes asks tricky questions, inclined to play pranks and set up ruses; attempts to entertain others. Subordinates his emotions to the situation: he is cheerful among those who are cheerful and serious among those who are serious. Defends and upholds ethical standards. Selflessly protects his own interests and interest of people who are close to him. Able to make others subjugate to his will. In difficult situations, readily lends his help to others and offers his services. Tries not to show his anger and spite openly, but not everyone can withstand his penetrating, prickly gaze.

    Places high demands on himself. Quickly adapts to new circumstances if he finds them favorable. Poorly tolerates ambivalence and hesitation. Finds it difficult to wait for resolution of important for him questions. Often fluctuates in selection of a goal, but at a critical moment he can make the right decision. Poorly feels the progression of time; due to this, grows nervous getting ready for anything, feels anxious that he won't make it on time. Feels worried concerning upcoming changes, for example, when he has to take a trip. Cherishes stability, supports conventions of his own circle. Somewhat suspicious and skeptical.

    A good economist, able to efficiently handle his finances, dislikes being in debt. Easily takes the initiative in concrete and practical activities, can even be assertive and imposing. Intolerant of irresponsibility and disorganization. Often possesses a developed aesthetic taste and dresses originally. Clean and neat, and demands the same from others. Finds it difficult to discern individual capabilities and hidden motives of others; due to this can have problems with his work colleagues, family members and children.

    (Se-ESI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    This is a person of duty, very active and enduring. Characterized by expansionism within a small circle. Can be aggressive if he's not agreed with. In conflict situations is never the first to seek reconciliation. Gravitates to administrative roles. May become managers of medium-sized groups, keeping discipline and order, and applying sanctions to those who are at fault. Often is quite forthright and blunt. Shows his attitude with an incinerating look. Businesslike and purposeful. Can give a rebuff to those who create illegal structures, as they easily recognize the seeds of such activities. Prefer prestigious style in clothing, sometimes even bright but not ostentatious tones.

    Ethical intuitive Introvert EII, INFj (Fi,Ne)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Ethical subtype Fi-INFj (Fi-EII)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype appears polite, restrained, and impassive. Usually keeps some distance in communication, at times seems cold, firm, and unemotional. In the process of dialogue, however, this impression gradually dissipates as he begins to sympathize and shows his desire to help and assist. Serious, calm, and well-wishing person. Quite insightful but reserved and rarely shares his observations. Fastidious and tactful. Doesn't know how to joke, feels afraid of saying something in excess. During arguments prefers to leave silently without resorting to diplomacy. Very hardworking, meticulous, patient, and diligent. Intolerant of violence and injustice. Consistent and firm in his principles. Able to create comfort, decorates his home with hand-made items. Knows how to work with his hands. Pays attention to his health and appearance; in appearance is usually neat and prim. Rarely smiles. His gaze seems guarded. Dresses modestly but with taste, in presence of sufficient funds even in exquisite manner. His movements are smooth, yet constrained. His gait is quick and light, somewhat restrained, at times pattering. Sits straight and seldom gesticulates in conversation.

    Character: This individual is very interested in relations between people. Values understanding, tolerance, capacity for compromise for the sake of harmony in relations. Attempts to be helpful, responsive, and attentive towards everyone. Accepts people as they are; forgives their weaknesses and does not seek to change them by force. Tries to adhere to the principles of fairness and compassion. Predisposes others towards trust. Can patiently listen out his conversation partner. Relates with understanding to manifestations of turbulent emotions in others; tries to calm the person down, give some useful advice. If this does not help, knows how to wait patiently until the person calms down on his or her own. Does not need verbal confirmation of feelings himself - he understands everything without words. Stable and persistent in his sympathies and affections. Cherishes soulful harmony, his own and that of others. If his partner does not fully satisfy him, he departs without much commotion and sorting out the relationship.

    Achieves the goal he set before himself adamantly, sequentially and persistently, overcoming many difficulties in the process. While defending his interests he demonstrates principality and stubbornness. In extreme situations, acts logically and calmly, focusing his attention on the main aspects. Dislikes hurry and haste. Knows how to properly distribute events and work in time and manages to finish everything by the deadlines. Feels annoyed when having one unfinished job he is assigned another. Tries to prepare in advance to not disappoint others. Does not want to burden others with himself. Likes thoroughness and solidity in everything. Getting bogged down by details can over-exhaust himself. Operative and conscientious. Invests his soul into any job, performs it beautifully and skillfully.

    Shows little interest in anything that does not concern him and his interests. Has developed sense of skepticism, due to which there is certain inertness in his behavior. By nature he is cautious and distrusting; shares his experiences only with people who are close to him. Self-controlled in behavior, laconic, and unimposing in providing advice. Tries to objectively understand any argument and explain to each contestant where he or she is wrong. Laments his failures in solitude. Finds it difficult to tolerate conflict and misunderstandings. Restrained in showing his emotions, shows them only in a close circle of friends. Modest and bashful; rarely voices negative comments regarding others, instead waits for the person to feel his own fault.

    Observant of the aesthetics of appearance and interior, tries to instill aesthetic taste in others. Intolerant of slovenliness. Dislikes discomfort and poor taste; eagerly listens to the advice of others on such subjects. Poorly assesses the quality of his own work and time expended on it. Responsible; disapproves of lack of punctuality and conscientiousness in others. Often finds his calling working as a psychologist or physician, or taking up social work of humanitarian nature.

    (Fi-EII) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Unobtrusive, controlled, may be ascetic and strict towards himself and others when it comes to ethical principles. Not given to take initiative or display and interest in that which isn't connected to his interests, views, and convictions. At work is scrupulous and delayed. With him it is possible to have a talk, to pour out one's soul, to receive simple yet good and useful advice. May be spiritual or religious, or keep to some ethical system. Outward appearance - immersed info self, ascetic, tense inner life is visible in his outward look.

    Intuitive subtype Ne-INFj (Ne-EII)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype is emotional, composed, and firm. Shows cordiality, goodwill, and friendliness toward people who are in his favor. Closing distance with a person tries to be somehow useful and of service. Likes to advise, to mentor, to educate others but only within his circle. Possesses figurative and imaginative thinking and creative abilities, can discuss various imagery, symbols, dreams. Sensitive, vulnerable, uncertain and erratic. Prone to taking offense despite his best attempts to hide this. Sometimes he likes to joke around in conversation. Tries not to say unpleasant things to people, but cannot always restrain himself and may burst out in disagreement or indignation, but comes to regret it later. Serious and fastidious, prefers to hold himself with some reserve and subtlety. Dresses simply, adhering to classical styles, often conservatively. His mimicry and gestures are weakly expressed. Speech is emotional and slightly inhibited; its tone is often didactic. Frequently has a disproportionate figure, often squat in physique and prone to corpulence. Gait may be a bit clumsy and waddling.

    Character: Seeks to understand the essence of various subjects and phenomena. Possesses strong associative and figurative thinking and the talent of foresight. Perceptive and insightful regarding the potential of various projects and people, aware of other's talents and abilities. Often displays an interest in problems that lie at the intersection of ethics and philosophy. Very curious, loves to read and to contemplate. He is constantly evaluating everything. Feels unsatisfied and frustrated with work that is monotonous and routine. Strives for self-cultivation. Defends his views on emotional basis, but tries to support his statements with facts. Distrustful, requires sufficient evidence to become convinced of the verity of his partner's statements.

    Poorly tolerates loneliness, needs attention of people who are close with him. Appreciates sincerity, attention to his person, and tact; condemns discordant and abusive behavior. Quite principled; he believes that all-forgiveness corrupts those who deserve to be punished. May sometimes deliver a harsh rebuke for a person whom he thinks to be guilty, but usually wavers before doing so because he is afraid of spoiling his relations with other people and being unfair. Loves his family; he is ready for any sacrifices for them. Very fond of small children; though sometimes for educational purposes he is strict and uncompromising in their treatment. At times advocates for harsh measures and punishments.

    Impressionable and emotionally sensitive. Feels truly satisfied with himself only if he could contribute by a deed. Tries to please others by performing a variety of services for them or giving presents, by being generous and unselfish. Helps people not sparing his time and efforts, meanwhile may forget about himself. Does not forgive betrayal and treachery; in such cases may irreversibly put an end to the relationship. Easily takes offense. Painfully and sensitively perceives the lack of volitional, push-through qualities in himself.

    Takes on many tasks barely completing them on time, thus may postpone unpleasant or uninteresting work until later. Shows an interest in the objective side of affairs if he has a desire to become competent in pragmatic activities, in which case makes himself learn about procedures and regulations. Can be happy if he finds a proper application of his abilities.

    A person of firm convictions - an idealist and a maximalist. Dreams of being in ideal harmony with his partner in tastes, beliefs, and passions, and becomes upset when this doesn't happen and disagreements arise. Due to his tendency to take everything close to heart, feels worried and agitated by slighted occasions. Prone to doubt, somewhat indecisive and diffident. Needs an optimistically oriented partner who can dispel his worries and uncertainties, be able to provide an evaluation of his work and actions, shield him from unnecessary tasks and people, and improve his mood. Has a keen sense of responsibility for others. Demanding of himself; educates others by his personal example. Tries to instill in other people consideration for human values. May have an interest in occult or religious and teach himself various divination techniques and interpretations of teachings.

    His appearance is often very modest, dresses so as not to stand out. Attempts to look tidy and well-groomed, but investing effort and time into looking after his appearance feels like a burden for him. Often doesn't have much interest in jewelry. Critically evaluates his looks; negative remarks on this topic can deeply wound him. Receives compliments in the presence of others with confusion and distrust. Afraid of falling sick and becoming dependent on others, for this reason tries to improve his lifestyle.

    (Ne-EII) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Feels people very well. Immediately feels who has similar views and opinions to his and who doesn't. Enjoys spending time in a small circle of like-minded people, discussing novelties in art and human sciences. Frequently appears somewhat unsure in himself and scattered. Gravitates towards social and humanitarian work, but can also work in service jobs. Realizes himself well in medicine and teaching. Able to reconcile those in a dispute and to mitigate intense situations. Creates a pleasant atmosphere in conversation and in his house. Dresses with taste, not seldom follows fashion.

    Logical Sensing Extravert LSE, ESTj (Te,Si)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Logical subtype Te-ESTj (Te-LSE)

    Appearance: The logical subtype seems impersonal, business-like, dry and correct in interaction. May look strict and unapproachable. Not inclined to make jokes, has a serious and constrained demeanor about him. Usually is not very talkative, but if his temper runs hot it's difficult to stop him. Direct and linear in behavior and conversation. Can be sharp and categorical in his judgments, due to which accumulates many problems of ethical nature. At another end of extreme, he may not say anything, but later build up grudges and hard feelings, and avoid interaction. Uncompromising and stubborn. Sometimes tries to predispose his conversation partner towards him by intimate tones in conversation. Does this if he himself is predisposed towards greater intimacy, or if he needs some kind of information or service. Mistrustful, secretive and suspicious. Dislikes talking about feelings. Prefers to engage himself in something useful, and to bring everything he undertakes to its completion. Constantly tense, finds it difficult to relax and discharge. He is predisposed towards sudden flashes of anger. Seems restrained in his movements.

    Character: A realist, who possesses clear logical thinking: he is able to assess any situation soberly and quickly. Enjoys order in everything. Easily makes his way through instructions and laws. Respects people who are competent, and himself strives to keep informed about everything. Relays information in form of concise, clear expressions, and demands the same clear and concrete answers from other people. Very pragmatic, evaluates actions of people not only in terms of their honesty and integrity, but also of expediency.

    Has good management and organizational talents, but lacks in diplomacy and tact in relationships. Stubborn and inflexible, straightforward and artless, blunt and categorical in his statements. Because of this, he has a lot of ethical issues with other people, and few friends. Usually, he is certain of his own correctness and likes it when others listen to his advice. Finds it difficult to admit his own mistakes and go for concessions and compromises, even if this undermines his relationship with other people.

    Capable of clearly assigning responsibilities and strictly and persistently checking upon their implementation. Doesn't go easy on anyone, shows a principled and intransigent attitude in this matter. Does not act on behalf of feelings, both his own and those of others. Constantly monitors the discipline and order. Due to his wish to accomplish more, he is not sufficiently attentive to convenience in the workplace. Negatively judges the lazy and the fantasists, dislikes tricksters and cheats. He is distinguished by a strong sense of duty and an extraordinary capacity for work. Very courageous and hardy. Dislikes talking about health, considering this to be pusillanimity and weakness.

    Very punctual. Values time and does not like to waste it in vain. Tries to predict the outcome of a proposed project or course of action. Doesn't trust new ideas, prefers to not take risks in vain. Quite conservative in his tastes and habits. If his work is criticized by incompetent people, he can lose his temper and flare up. Doesn't tolerate when he is being hurried or distracted from work. Sometimes, striving for top quality in his work, and getting bogged down by details, he does not finish his job on time. Gets very upset over this, so tries to plan things in advance.

    A good financier, who can rationally handle money. Economic, calculating, and prudent. He likes working with numbers and factual concrete information. Gravitates towards such areas of activity as statistics and planning. Loves stability, reliability, and thoroughness in everything. Prefers quality and practical use of things to their aesthetics and fashion. A good manager of his own household. Quick and adept in domestic matters.

    Secretive, doesn't discuss his personal affairs with anyone. By nature sensitive and vulnerable, but prefers experience his grievances in silence. However, under certain moods he prefers to express all that has accumulated. Believes in honest relationships, but poorly understands the feelings of others, thus he is suspicious and cautious in the emotional sphere, and afraid of making mistakes. Avoids voicing compliments and praising others for good work. In his soul, he is sentimental, but tries to hide it. Finds it difficult to express his feelings. Considers excess emotions to be tedious and dislikes flattery. He believes that praises spoil people. His own attitudes he shows not in words but in actions and deeds. With outsiders he is restrained and polite, but with people who are close to him he is demanding and shows authoritativeness. A supporter of a strict upbringing.

    (Te-LSE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    A good worker. Does not tolerate incompetence. Well erudite in his area of work or study. Very operational, sometimes over-works and wears himself out. Considers that only in this case he can also demand more from others. Can be sharp in his judgments. Usually formulates the task very clearly and directly. In the sphere of production, he demands high quality and responsibility for the product, likes to admire what has been made, emphasizes the advantage of his goods. Realizes himself well in conditions of a stable market - in logistics, in the army. Tries to unite in his own hands the whole cycle of production. In clothing he is conservative, his priorities are cleanliness, order and functionality.

    Sensory subtype Si-ESTj (Si-LSE)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is characterized by stability and high capacity for work. Usually energetic, he cannot sit without some task or activity, and waste his time in vain. Interested in new technologies within his field of occupation or study, knows how to adapt them to his needs. Impulsive, perseverant, and pushy, knows how to passionately persuade his partner. Demanding and strict, but sometimes gives in to persuasions. Has a sense of humor. His speech is gusty and emotional. Often, one can see a predisposing although a bit strained smile on his face. Sometimes he makes attempts to shorten the personal distance by welcoming, friendly gestures - hugs, pats, light touches of his conversation partner. Holds himself uninhibitedly, relaxed and at ease. Constructive and energetic in participating in a discussion, makes jokes. Gourmand and aesthete. Likes expensive, high quality, beautiful things and dishes. Knows how to remove strain, sitting at the table with his friends. But does not allow himself to remain inactive and at rest for long. Usually has somewhat round body shape, inclined towards corpulence. His movements are gusty, abrupt, fast and impulsive. He is quite restless.

    Character: Energetically fights for the quality of done work. Constantly improves his own level of qualification, becoming a good specialist in his field. With interest listens to a variety of rationalization proposals, not averse to test them in practice, although he's more trusting of proven methods and technology. Ensures that the necessary instructions and conditions of work are followed and maintained. Likes to do much with his hands. Inventive and resourceful in practical matters.

    Bold, decisive, operative and assertive. Possesses willpower and likes to work hard. Enthusiastically takes up implementation of his projects. Defends his interests with tenacity and passion, disregarding any authorities. A good organizer, for the people around him he can create the conditions for accurate, concerted work. Quickly orients in any situation, indispensable in extreme situations. Able to accurately make the right choice and can mobilize all others for carrying out the needed tasks.

    Excitable and addictive personality. With his optimism tries to cheer up others, to activate and mobilize them for doing something. In the interest of his work or business knows how to manifest diplomatic skill: positively predisposes others with amiability, courteousness, wit and personal warmth. For achieving a goal, shows all different shades of emotion, up to aggression, but if he sees that others are not afraid of him, becomes polite and considerate.

    Cannot stand uncertainty. Prolonged waits for some event weight him down. By nature he is impatient: dislikes delaying and postponing realization of undertaken decisions. Takes up assignments and tasks immediately, but if something goes wrong, may put it aside for a while, then come back to finish it. Emotional and gusty. Due to this, may show impulsiveness and recklessness in his actions and statements. Remembers his past mistakes and is not ashamed to talk about them. In any situation, does not lose his heart and spirit.

    Aesthete: values beauty in any of its manifestations. Creates comfort and beautifully arranges his home. Dress with a sense of taste, although a bit strictly. Handles his personal belongings with great care, and loves it when things get put in their places. Polite and somewhat prudish in communication, although sometimes his sense of tact fails him. Adheres to established rules of interpersonal conduct, and requires the same from others. Strives for harmony in relationships with others. Feels unsettled and upset when he runs into differences in views and approaches to problem solving. He is much in need of approval of his actions and personal qualities. Impressionable and vulnerable. Poorly receives criticism, even if it's delivered in soft or joking manner.

    Doesn't take his capabilities fully into account and often overloads himself with work, tiring and stressing himself out. Weighted down by routine. Seeks communication with new people and gravitates towards new impressions. Thus, periodically arranges holidays for himself, goes to visit his friends, or invites others to his home.

    Attaches importance to beautiful decoration of a holiday table: high quality dishes silverware, with candles, music, and so on. Likes to have fun and to enjoy himself. Has a sense of humor. Enjoys being the center of attention. Tries to lift everyone's mood.

    Strives towards making accurate assessments of the abilities and capabilities of other people, but this is given to him with difficulty, thus he often arrives at the wrong conclusions. Feels upset if he unjustly offends and undervalues another person. Sensitive and responsive to the misfortunes of others. Tends to take care of those who need his help. Tries to do something pleasant for his loved ones in form of surprises and gifts.

    (Si-LSE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    The sensory subtype seems more relaxed, uninhibited, and flexible than the logical subtype. Usually sociable, emotional, and strives to make contact with other people. Hospitable, likes comfort, convenience, and coziness, leisure trips out to nature. Easily fulfills the roles of a technical director, manager, or distributor. Has a good sense for intermediate steps of development and production, trade and management.

    Intuitive Ethical Extravert IEE, ENFp (Ne,Fi)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Intuitive subtype Ne-ENFp (Ne-IEE)

    Appearance: The intuitive subtype makes an impression of a person somewhat torn away from reality, internally focused, and at the same time scattered. Inclined to unexpected contrasts in behavior: shyness and apathy are suddenly replaced by emotional elation, decisiveness, and activity, the melancholic look on his face changes to inspired and joyful. Thoughtful and impulsive, optimistic and suppressed, timid and energetic, he imparts very varied impressions on others. Internally inconsistent, vulnerable, easily offended, but hides his problems under a mask of being carefree. Tries to be friendly with everyone, strives to understand all people, to favor everyone with his smile. Attentive, soft and tactful, predisposing towards trust. Willingly delves into the problems of others, tries to find a way out of difficult position and to give useful advice. Defends his views emotionally. Can exert psychological pressure on his opposition. His movements are impulsive, not well coordinated, and somewhat angular. Gait is fast and a bit awkward. Chin is often pointed. Gaze is attentive, interrogative or surprised, penetrating and perceptive.

    Character: Very perceptive. Has a good sense for hidden motivations of people. Especially acutely sees people's flaws, but tries not to show it to not offend anyone. Before him it is pointless to pretend. He hates falsity and hypocrisy. Forgiving towards various human weaknesses. Friendly and responsive, sympathizes with people, likes giving them advice in difficult life situations. Always see several varied solutions to the problem, and suggest a resolution or exit even in the most hopeless cases. He has the gift of persuasion, uplifts despairing people and inspires them to overcome the difficulties.

    Discerning of people's abilities. Gravitates towards talented and extraordinary personalities. Likes new experiences and impressions. Interested in all that is unusual and mysterious. Curious, reads much and reflects. This is a creative personality. Analyzes everything - tries to understand the essence of different phenomena. Feels bored if he doesn't find a use for his abilities: from routine his vitality wanes. Tends to periodically change jobs or his hobbies, to test himself in a new pursuits, until he finds an occupation that he sincerely enjoys. He is constantly experimenting, looking for new directions and approaches in his work. He is very demanding towards himself and towards others in creative sense. Always can find flaws and faults and is therefore never completely happy with what has been done. Becoming inspired by any idea becomes its active supporter. Persistently promotes and develops it, not sparing his time and efforts.

    Has a holistic, global approach to solving problems. Difficulties do not frighten him, but in the reverse they attract him. When he starts on one thing, he sees everything that is somehow related to it. Experiences difficulties in connection this, when there is a need to select the main important aspects and push aside all those secondary. Tries to finish the whole load of assignments and chores at once, as a result of which he overworks himself and loses faith in their own strengths. In such cases, needs a long rest and to focus his attention on something else. After this, gets back to work with renewed enthusiasm and completes his assignments. Cannot stand when he is subjected to a strict work schedule or when someone tightly manages his activities. Prefers to have independence that would allow him to live freely, by his own schedule, and to retain his individuality.

    Demonstrates follow-through with his projects and interests others with them. His faith in success, even in the most hopeless cases, gets passed on to those around him, while his enthusiasm is able to shake the confidence of even the most hardened skeptics. Passionately defends his beliefs. If he is confident in his correctness, exerts strong emotional pressure on others, disregarding any authorities. Quickly notices weak spots of his opponent and can easily put him into a dead end. But grows tired from discussions quickly. Prefers to communicate with like-minded people, and thus creates a social circle around himself of people who have similar views and are sympathetic towards each other.

    Able to see ahead, has a good sense for future development and prospect of affairs and relations. Perceives danger ahead of time, and tries to take measures to eliminate it in advance. Surprises people around him by his gift of prescience, as his predictions often come true. Having many options and choices of solutions, experiences difficulty with taking initiative. Unsure of himself, and especially in his own volitional qualities. Suffers due to his scatteredness and disorganization, and inertia of his character. Doesn't know how to protect his material and financial interests. However, in extreme situations he is decisive, determined, cool-headed and discerning, instantly orients, showing courage and resourcefulness.

    Reacts sensitively to rudeness, cruelty, injustice. Can lose his temper and flare up. Doesn't always control himself in his words and actions. Calming down, tries to rectify the situation, especially if he feels himself in the wrong. Otherwise doesn't compromise. Very impressionable and vulnerable. For a long time cannot get out of a stressed state. Even after many years, remembers what he had lived through and experienced down to the minutest details. Being disappointed in a person, forever crosses him out of his life. Not vindictive in little things. Able to forgive a lot to those whom he loves and respects.

    Tries to be responsible and keep his obligations, to not let others down. Might not keep his word only due to easily getting distracted. Does not like to make promises if he is not confident that he can fulfill them. Sometimes does more than what is expected of him. Dislikes being in debt, having to ask for help, to impose himself or show vested interests. Strives to keep his appearance, his living space and his workplace in order, but this comes to him only with great effort. Impractical and yielding in everyday household matters, modest and undemanding towards items, but strives to look attractive, sometimes even extravagant. Doesn't know how to take care of himself, but is in big need of both personal and physical comfort. Poorly tolerates overcrowdeding, large crowds of people, as well as absence of aesthetics in any of its manifestations.

    (Ne-IEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Very sociable, temperamental, mobile person. Initiator of many things, characterized by a lot of restlessness and changeability. Very creative person, but at times he is scattered and lacks discipline. Capable of pouring out his dissatisfaction on his superiors, does not take relations of subordination into account. Outwardly, frequently has full rounded forms. In clothing can be demonstrative, bright, even gaudy.

    Ethical subtype Fi-ENFp (Fi-IEE)

    Appearance: The ethical subtype is artistic, impatient, a little extravagant. Unpredictable in his actions and statements. Like to surprise or entertain people around him, and even insignificant events present as big sensations. Frequently becomes the soul of the company: he is self-assured, has a good sense of humor, independent, original, and very impulsive. Characterized by a kind of sincerity and spontaneity similar to a small child who doesn't hide his feelings. Can create familiar, homelike environment for communication even with unfamiliar to him people. Readily gives compliments, voices his admirations of people around him. Optimistic and amiable. Charming and coquettish, but too direct and rash in his statements and actions. This creates an impression of seeming availability or theatricality. At times assertive and pushy, periodically becomes focused. Looks directly at someone, attentively, not blinking. Movements are sharp and decisive. Gait is rapid and directed, assured, although somewhat angular. Often has a somewhat round face. Likes to dress originally, with taste, to impress others and to be liked by them.

    Character: Single-minded, purposeful, determined, active and mobile. Clever, inventive, and resourceful in solving any problems. Believes in good luck no matter what happens. With his energy, optimism, and hard work he usually achieves his goals. He is able to overcome great obstacles. It is difficult for him to prepare for something in advance, he prefers impromptu improvisations. Sometimes he does even the incredible at the last moment, when seemingly there were no chances. Does not become lost under any circumstances. Even if he's unsure of himself, demonstrates courage and determination, with which he can psychologically disarm an opponent.

    Emotional, sociable, and welcoming. Knows how to find an approach to each person. Seems somewhat affectatious in his behavior. Readily gives compliments to people with a sincere desire to raise their mood and spirits, to do something pleasant for them. Tries to encourage everyone, to instill confidence in success. Charming and diplomatic. Of flaws and shortcomings speaks in a joking manner, so as not to offend. Talks of his own difficulties and troubles with humor, due to which some may come to view him as a carefree, light-minded, unproblematic person. Due to his desire to maintain good relations with everyone can overload himself with unnecessary contacts. Not accepting of conventions and prejudices. Trusting by nature: in a conversation can say too much, considering secrecy a sign of cowardice or insecurity.

    Tries to be the center of attention and to be liked by everyone. Likes to win over people, but usually doesn't go beyond this. Inclined to quickly become disappointed in the objects of his sympathy. Very much dependent on his moods, which sometimes affects his close relationships. Impulsive and straightforward, sometimes extravagant and unpredictable in his actions, but always interesting to people around him. Tries to be aware of the various events, so that given an opportunity he can stun others with original new, to tell them something extraordinary, sensational, spectacular. Has well-developed imagination, and in the course of telling a story adds interesting details, in which he himself may come to believe. At times confuses reality and imaginative fiction.

    Enthusiastically defends his views and opinions. An opponent of hierarchy and rank subordination. Doesn't become timid before his superiors, boldly defends his point of view and interests. Impressionable and easily takes offense. Can be hot tempered, unrestrained, at times even aggressive. However, easily moves on and forgives. Not envious, sincerely rejoices at the successes of others. Seems organic, natural, free and unconstrained in his behavior. Creates a trusting atmosphere in interaction and knows how to diffuse a tense situation.

    Energetic and enterprising in new ventures, although at times he doesn't have enough patience and follow-through. Restless, dislikes performing meticulous detailed work, to take care of documentation. Dislikes strict rules that hinder his independence. Can run late to events. Often doesn't complete his assignment in time, as he gets distracted by extraneous activities and conversations. In interaction, often changes topics of conversation, jumping from one subject to another. Feels upset and discouraged if at this he loses sight of something important.

    Energetic and enterprising in new business, although he sometimes lacks patience and consistency. Restless, he does not like hard work, documentation. He does not like the strict rules that hamper its independence. It may be late for the event. Often it does not have time to make the scheduled date, as distracted by extraneous things and talk. In conversation often changes the topic of conversation, jumping from one to another. It discouraged if it loses sight of something significant.

    Due to tendency to scatter his attention, prefers to receive information in a concise, clear, memorable form. He doesn't need lengthy explanations, understands everything from half a word. In important to him matters, he is conscientious, tries to be responsible at his job, works thoroughly and efficiently. Dislikes letting people down and becomes very upset if he fails to fulfill his agreements. Tries to fight irresponsibility in himself and atone for his fault in any way. Values the opinions of people in his circle. Feels offended if there are doubts of his abilities, his logic and business qualities. Self-critical, still the criticism of others wounds him deeply.

    Inclined to risky adventures, that improve his vitality, travels and makes trips with much pleasure. He is often not careful enough and reckless in his actions. Needs care and attention of people around him. Not indifferent to comfort, but is unable to constantly maintain order and organization. From everyday and household problems, as well as from any routine, gets tired easily. Not thrifty and economical, careless, negatively views any manifestations of greed. Likes beautiful things. Looks simple and natural, but if he wishes can dress elegantly and originally. Looks after his figure. A hopeless romantic: inclined to idealize people and relationships. Dreams of harmony and perfection. Feels upset by the inability to find them in real life.

    (Fi-IEE) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Sees in other people hidden desires, inclination, and attachments. Prefers to work at a short psychological distance, unlike the intuitive subtype. Likes giving advice, gravitates towards psychoanalysis, in this case counting on manifestation of positive qualities in people. Can stand up for others, defend their interests, but finds it more difficult to stand up for himself. Outwardly is often somewhat thin and elegant. Prefers free sitting clothes and soft tones.

    Sensing Logical Introvert SLI, ISTp (Si,Te)

    Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

    Sensing subtype Si-ISTp (Si-SLI)

    Appearance: The sensory subtype is composed and cordial, not demonstrative, obstinate and uncompromising in defending his views and interests. Supports his positions rationally by logic and facts, and not by thought-up or assumed accounts. Diligent, laborious, patient, persistent in his work and studies. If some project captures his interest, he will tirelessly try to improve his results, both intellectual and material. At times he needs a change of occupation, but will attempt to bring previous work to completion. From time to time he becomes contemplative, withdraws into himself, distances from his social circle, submerges into his own problems. Somewhat restricted in dialogue, may be brief and to the point, but tries to be cordial and good-natured if he feels tensions come up conversation. Prefers items that are original and of good quality, yet simple and unpretentious, enjoys handmade things. Aesthete, pays attention to his health, appearance, and figure, tries to dress tastefully. Has graciously lazy gestures, at the same time confident and precise movements. Gait is a little relaxed and springy. Doesn't like to hurry, but neither is he slow. Seems somewhat proud and haughty.

    Character: Original person with strongly expressed individuality, but due to indecisiveness and modesty may prefer to be in the background. Combines sober realism and practicality with a drive for self-development. If he finds his calling, can pursue it for a long time, eventually achieving high skill and professionalism. He is never fully satisfied with what has been achieved and constantly develops it further, providing the best form for the content. Curious, tangentially interested in other ways for expressing and apply his talents and abilities, trying himself in various directions. However, he poorly sees future prospects of projects and work, and due to this may miss out on important opportunities. Frequently feels disappointed regarding lost opportunities.

    Aesthete who loves convenience, nature, travel. Willingly shares his impressions and stories of the world around him with those he's sympathetic towards. Possesses a sense of humor with a touch of irony. Notices many details. Very impressionable. Intolerant of boorishness, poor tastes, callousness and crassness. Dislikes pathos, demonstrative appeals and calls, as well as prideful attitudes, conceit. He's impressed by bold, sincere, friendly, and open people, who encourage him, instill belief in success and lift his spirits. An unpredictable and independent by nature partner sparks in him a sense of curiosity and a desire to keep such a person.

    Uncompromising in matters of principle. Does not like to concede once conquered positions, although also knows how to take into account the rules and regulations of his milieu. Quite mobile, cherishes inner personal peace and freedom of action. Sometimes finds it interesting to test himself in complex situations, to overcome difficulties, which adds to his self-affirmation, however, dislikes taking excessive risks and recklessness. Suffers from changeable moods that affect his performance. Does not like forcing himself to do something. If others violate his inner balance, he can get hot-tempered, flare up, of which later he may regret. In most situations tries to be composed and loyal.

    Poorly tolerates routine, monotony, and boredom. Falls into apathy and depression if he needs to have the same engagement for a long time. Cannot engage in lengthy paper-pushing or purely intellectual work. Dislikes abstract conversations, prefers deeds instead. Needs specific, practical activities, outdoor engagements, and frequent change of impressions for vitality. Dislikes obeying someone else's will and schedule. Won't take up useless work, but if he is passionate about something, develops high work capacity. Prepares for tasks and assignments in advance, thinking through the details of work he needs to do, to later work smoothly, accurately, and quickly. Is thorough and conscientious in his work and studies. Does everything qualitatively. Knows his own worth and feels proud of the results of his work.

    Somewhat restrained in communication and emotional expression. With skepticism refers to active emotional displays, but is very sensitive towards compliments. Sometimes he seems unapproachable and official, though he tries to create an atmosphere of simplicity and ease. Internally emotional and vulnerable, but manages to avoid conflict by showing good judgment and diplomacy. Critical, ridiculing, sarcastic, but tries to spare the feelings of others and thus speaks of their flaws only at the appropriate time and in harmless manner. Not interested in the personal lives of others and speaks of his own with reluctance. Tries to be faithful in relationships and to always keep his promises.

    Sometimes becomes distracted by other activities living at home in "artistic mess", but then mobilizes to quickly restore organization and order. Skillfully solves daily problems. Strives towards well provided for life, which motivates him to work and activity. Inclined to arrange everything with convenience for himself, although tries taking interests of others into account. Can delay making a decision, needs support and inspiration. Once the decision is made, despite seeming inertia and relaxation, shows enviable perseverance in achieving his goals. Does not explain to anyone else the process of his work. His achievements and results are often a surprise to others.

    This is a person of heightened sensitivity: poorly reacts to sultry air, unpleasant odors, uncomfortable shoes and clothing, unsightly appearance of people or food. Does not tolerate drunkenness, dirtiness, poor behavior. Sensitive towards discomfort, both external and internal. Afraid of falling sick and growing old, so takes care of himself and is very concerned about his loved ones. Values uniqueness and originality in clothing and in the interior of the room, does not like standards, pays much attention to quality. Appreciates handmade creative work, whether it's playing a musical instrument, embroidery, or handicrafts. Tries to dress elegantly and tastefully. Holds himself confidently, with calm and quiet dignity.

    (Si-SLI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Aesthete, oriented at pleasant impressions. More easily comes into contact with other people and is more flexible than the logical subtype. More optimistic, but less disposed to performing work. Has developed refined tastes, a connoisseur and a sybarite. Gravitates towards humanitarian disciplines: literature, art, linguistics, history. Presents him/herself with pleasant aesthetics, choosing clothing and settings that emphasize his or her good looks, selecting for harmonious and complimentary tones.

    Logical subtype Te-ISTp (Te-SLI)

    Appearance: The logical subtype is impatient and active, loves frequent changes and new impressions. Industrious, hardworking, and very caring. His behavior is unpredictable and characterized by unexpected transitions from aloof contemplation to expedient activity. Keeps certain reserve and distance from other people, and at times can be overly direct, harsh, and inconsiderate in conversation. Very independent and proud, does as he wishes. In conversation he is prickly and ironic, but becomes friendly and shows consideration if he has sympathy and respect for his conversation partner. Noticing that he has offended someone, regrets it and softens his communication, tries to turn everything into a joke, or may even apologize and try to calm the person down. Behind his external seeming inaccessibility he is quite impressionable and vulnerable. Dislikes lack of comfort in all of its manifestations; thus strives to fix, adjust, and adapt everything for greatest convenience. Responsible, reliable, and punctual. Demanding towards himself and others. Holds himself with cold dignity, but at times he can be emotional. His gestures are impulsive, confident, resolute. Gait is quick and measured.

    Character: A creative person of practical inclinations. Technological, rational, quick-thinking in business. Has low tolerance for unoriginality, cliches, and primitivism in working methods. Seeks and searched for new methods for improving labor. Skeptical and distrustful towards new ideas, oriented at quick and concrete results. Does not suffice with old approaches and takes risks in testing innovative solutions in practice.

    After verifying the effectiveness of a new method or approach, develops, improves and polishes it further, demonstrating ingenuity and perseverance. Knows how to squeeze the most out of an idea. Hardworking and energetic, cannot stand wasteful expenditures of time and efforts. Likes to work as hard as he can, quickly and efficiently, with high productivity. Appreciates convenience and good working conditions.

    This is an individualist, on whom it's difficult to impose anything. Prefers to solve his problems on his own, by the means he has at his disposal. Does not like asking for help or loaning anything. Prefers to have all he needs at his disposal, to not depend on anyone else. Everything that is needed for work, project, or business he acquires in advance. Tries to have the entire inventory of "tools" needed for rational labor and active leisure time.

    All of the adaptations, equipment, and tools needed for his work he keeps in perfect order, which allows to save time in work when they become needed. Becomes very upset if he forgets to put something in its place and then has to search for it for a long time. Dislikes paperwork drudgery and finds opportunities to reduce it to a minimum. All the needed documentation he keeps in order to avoid further wasting of time.

    Usually reaches a high level of professionalism and excellence in his occupation, but is somewhat unsure in himself and diffident, prone to having doubts and fluctuations. In need of moral and material incentives. Undemonstrative, but is very sensitive to the assessment of his abilities and becomes offended if his work is not noticed and not praised. At the same time, dislikes undeserved compliments. Respects capable and talented people; tries to create all the possible conditions for the development of their abilities.

    Contrasting in his behavior: relaxed and quietly contemplative, then suddenly active and mobile. Cannot be in the same place or engage in the same task for a long time. Impatient, does not like it when the same subject is discussed at length. Himself is usually not very wordy and may be quiet. Good at distributing his own activities and assignments: if there is time he does not rush things, but once he feels that there is time to act, he becomes very mobile, hurrying himself and others. Usually does everything by the deadlines, despite the fact that he often gets distracted by other activities. Very efficient, proactive, and clever when it comes to taking care of household and economic problems. Willingly engages in physical labor, repairs things, facilities and equipment. Can do much with his own hands.

    Strives to be knowledgeable over various topics. Very curious and may read a lot. Has many diverse interests, easily learns something new. A good lecturer or teacher, as he can explain complex things simply and effectively. Does not tolerate criticism and suggestions on topic on which he views himself competent. In conversation, tries to persuade others using logic and facts. It is hard to convince him in a dispute. In what he considers to be true, he is persistent up to being obstinate: does not go for a compromise even in the most critical situations. Proving his own correctness he becomes hot-tempered, impulsive and unhinged.

    Secretive and suspicious. Dislikes being the center of attention. Finds it difficult to fit into a society he is unfamiliar and unaccustomed with. Reluctantly makes contact with unfamiliars and strangers, prefers to communicate with like-minded people. Not accepting of familiarity, can with a look or gesture to put a person in his or her place. Has a heightened sense for maliciousness, affectedness and falsehood. Cannot bring himself to talk to the needed, but unpleasant to him people. After break relations with someone, does not go for reconciliations and concessions first, even if he has realized that he was in the wrong.

    If others don't understand him, he withdraws into himself and becomes cold, sharp, and unapproachable. Does not know how to eliminate tension in communication, prefers to leave and separate himself from the previous conversation partner with a wall of silence. Responsive only to the kindness and sincerity. Cannot stand hypocrisy. Himself if very honest in relationships, conscientious, obligated and punctual. He can always be relied upon: reliable in friendship, love and business. Readily comes to aid of the first request, sympathizes with another's misfortune or grief. However, he can always turn away from a person who has lost his trust and respect.

    Grows tired of monotony and routine. Willingly travels. Interactions with nature calm him down. New occupations, interests, and hobbies raise his vitality and help him to overcome apathy. Often he enjoys sports, the excitement in the competition. Not averse to experiencing thrilling and risky sensations, but without the risk of injury. Careful towards all living things: people, nature, animals, and even insects. Does not "play" with his own or another's life. Does not tolerate coercion, and himself does not know how to pressure others. Find it difficult to hit anyone, but, at the same time, he is very independent and not always considerate of the interests of others when they do not coincide with his own. When someone tries to limit his freedoms, he may break up the relations.

    Has a hard time enduring through physical and mental discomfort, and tries to do everything possible to remove it. For the same reason, avoids bad habits. Closely monitors his health and physical form. Appreciates beauty and harmony in everything, although finds it difficult to reach an internal balance. Very impressionable, inclined to fall into depression even over minor reasons. A fatalist at heart, believer in the inevitability, and does not try to forcibly change the course of events. Often lacks in resoluteness.

    Suspicious and proud. Afraid to show awkward emotions or to seem intrusive, thus hides his problems from the outsiders, preferring to suffer them alone. Finds it difficult to express his feelings in words. Does not like to demonstrate how he feels in front of strangers. Tries to talk of love in a joking humorous manner, risking being misunderstood. Not sentimental, manifestation of tenderness come to him with much difficulty. Proves his love by actions and deeds and not by words. Very attentive, caring, and dedicated. If misunderstandings happen, he usually does not attempt to justify himself or make excuses. Internally he feels himself lonely, if there is no sensitive tactful person by his side, capable of understanding everything without extraneous words, and of encouraging him in times of pessimism and melancholy.

    This logical subtype of SLI is not very common, and, as we have noticed, for this reason gives the greatest number of errors in typing not only by ours, but also by foreign experts. Most often, this type is confused for type SLE (due to secrecy and distrust of the latter, which get falsely interpreted as introversion) and ILI, who often overestimates his practicality and considers himself a realist due to analytical mind and a well-developed logic of actions, as well as other types.

    Developed by us theory of i.e. accentuations, which provides both visual clues and characteristic manifestations, related to the heightened expressions of the 12 information elements of TIMs, - or rather, the subtypes - will help avoid many errors in typing and testing.

    (Te-SLI) Description by Victor Gulenko
    Outwardly seems business-oriented, somewhat severe, cold and unapproachable. A realist and skeptic, distrustful of novelty, and of those who advance ideas of declarative nature [slogans?]. Will always avoid working on useless projects due to pragmatic nature. Very dynamic and technologically effective. Can extract maximum benefits even from something that is seems useless. His products are always at the forefront and will stand up to any competition on the market. In clothing he is restrained, conservative, and prefers a sporty, technological style.

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      The descriptions are longer than this, they should be modified to include the full versions.http://socionic.ru/index.php/2010-10...10-14-21-07-24
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      The more I see from this system, the more I like. These descriptions are great...IMO anyways.
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      I've finished translating the machine translation subtype descriptions and updated it with the missing ones.
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      Somebody please Sticky this
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      Perhaps the best descriptions of all. Like all descriptions, they are subjective, but at least these two understood the theory well and did not make significant mistakes like other authors.
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      These are definitely among my favorite type descriptions out there. They feel like they describe real people more than caricatures.
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      Meged/Ovcharov descriptions only seem plausible if you squint


      'Often lacks determination and confidence in himself.' Determination may be lacking, but a lack of self-confidence is somewhat inconsistent with 4D-L, particularly in gamma where there's an optimum way of doing things.

      'In his soul he is--' speculation about others' souls is patently invalid. Even if such statements were made by a person of the same type, they could not be reliably extrapolated.

      'Subject to frequent doubts and fluctuations. Through his strong intuition he is able to predict the outcome of any undertaking...' --These two lines are contradictory for ILI. To begin with, it's not 'frequent doubts and fluctuations', which sounds a bit frantic. Doubts can be pervasive. One chooses the best possible course knowing sometimes when the moment has come to decide, the outcome remains uncertain. As for predictions, horoscopes and things are most appreciated by those with weak Ni. Competence in the function regularly proves the byzantine complexity of multiple changing variables. The approach of Ne is therefore to select several of many possibilities and try them, with no attachment to outcomes if results are bad --'throw everything at the wall and see what sticks', whereas Ni mentally eliminates unlikely/flawed possibilities, which can sometimes leave a best result or a single eventuality. At other times the road remains forked however; Ni typically feels no great need to correct this because before long things will have shifted, and waiting for aspects of a situation to become clear is often the best way to decide which route is preferable. I agree that Ni implies a sort of frenetic mind, but without the resultant neuroticism in behaviour that would be seen if such changeability frightened the one observing it. A palm reader spreads his net wide; by contrast, ILI do not waste time making a lot of predictions when outcomes remain uncertain. In fact, putting stacked and nested conditional statements into words is a tiresome activity. Assuming I'm ILI, I'd add the analysis of a situation happens automatically --half-subconscious, it's usually gelled a bit by the time someone asks 'So what now?'. This gives the illusion of preparedness, but sometimes I've not prepared at all; it's more like id-NeTi are working in the back rooms to perform damage control, and the good solution is just ready at my fingertips when required (whereas during group brainstorming exercises I usually won't participate, and when asked what style of music I prefer or what television programmes Ive watched recently, I draw a blank). As dynamic types, ILI recognise the moment (as time moves forwards) when the situation changes -- a critical point -- after which the path no longer forks. Diversion before this point is possible, after this point it's futile. For this reason, ILI can ruminate for quite some time on a seemingly-trivial detail preceding an event if it forms a sort of 'key'. Lastly, the two quoted sentences would not be paired in any predominantly logical mind. I agree that ILI are lazy but most people will take action when it serves them, and like any NT type, ILI have a need to know why certain things happen, which includes thorough understanding of all relevant processes. To wit, if ILI successfully predicted any and therefore all outcomes, then they would no longer be subject to doubts. Doubt would at this point constitute emotional noise.

      'Prone to remembering his failures and mishaps for a long time.' -- Here at last one finds a perfectly true statement Unfortunately, I do not think this can be unique to ILI.

      'Person of habit' -- personally I'm not. I've a fair bit of trouble forming beneficial habits such as sleeping at the same hour or going to the gym on a Monday, or whatever it is. If I'm around others who are behaving properly it's easier. Then again if I'm really immersed in something, no amount of good influence can help; I'll only stop when my blood sugar has dropped and my stomach looks concave and I've got to crawl out of my dark area on trembling limbs lol

      'Dislikes unpleasant suprises' -- lol here's a shocker

      'Rarely takes the initiative in interaction himself; doesn't want to seem intrusive' --This seems so unlikely. Again perhaps I'm not the epitome of the type but I can't worry about 'seeming intrusive'; it's quite essential that I eschew sowing seeds of social anxiety because I do work best when left well alone. People have described first impressons of me as 'aloof' or 'very wealthy'; in one way or another, looking down from some sort of height. Such impressions are false; in fact I quite enjoy being proved wrong when I've ostentatiously assumed the worst in others; but if there's any sort of supercilious vibe it's not surprising people won't approach me; coming over more ~approachable wouldn't suit my aims either. Even if it seems troublesome, this behaviour pattern, far from mutually exclusive with ILI archetype, almost guarantees that I shall be the one to open communications in all cases, unless dealing with one of those testing Ep types, the sort to stick both hands into the fire to see how hot it gets. In dating, I've had enough people fancy me but wait for me to make the first move that it's come to seem propositioning is my natural role (Which isn't without comedic effect -- sometimes I have been so blind with terror when asking someone on a date that I've come over very stony-faced and been asked if I was taking the mickey lol. And the near-certainty that my feelings were mutual in a few cases did nothing to lessen the stage-fright). Viz., taking the initiative cannot possibly be uncommon for ILI, and meekly worrying about 'intrusion' instead of just reading the situation can't be too common either.