• Jack, Female Portrait, ENTj by Beskova

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    Jack, Female Portrait, ENTj by Beskova

    Slender and graceful, light and directed, strained as string - this is a typical outward appearance of female LIE. In any clothing she makes an impression of being very tidy. Everything on her is clean and fitted well to her figure. But she dresses without pretentiousness to originality, without any experiments - no unusual cuts or uncommon combinations of color. Her style is more similar to official dress. Good figure makes it possible for her to look slender and taut into old age. Even everyday clothing is tidy and simple. She wears only clean jeans, and her usual shirts never look stretched or wrinkled - she never puts them on haphazardly, one on top of another. And even at her home you won't see on her old dressing gowns or torn slippers.

    Face of female LIE is youthful, taut, symmetrical. Smile is friendly, eyes are large. You will never guess her age correctly. She usually wears her hair short; no curls lower than shoulders, no experiments with recoloring. She wears no to very little makeup. In her entire appearance there is a note of minimalism: everything which is necessary is present, but nothing extra.

    She walks rapidly, impetuously, and with ease. This is the gait of a person, who always has something to do, but is always lacking in time. Lazy, aimless gait is not in her style.

    Female LIEs usually do well in school. They love to learn, because it is interesting. They grasp the material easily because they are quick, clever and diligent. On the whole, they are apt to study technical, natural, and humanitarian subjects. And do all their work in time. They are also sufficiently responsive to their classmates, although they do not disregard their studies for this.

    Sports do not interest female LIEs much. During lessons of gymnastics their performance is considerably lower than in those areas that require use of intellect.

    If you found yourself in company together with a female LIE, then you will not fail to notice the slender, active, ingenious girl, who readily tells jokes and supports the general merriment in the group. For her, however, it is better better if responsibility for entertaining guests does not wholly rest with her, since she gets tired by this. She is attracted to positive, traditionally built men, who are not clingy and hold themselves with merit.

    If your wife is LIE, you can be certain that your home will always be in order and supplied with food. The concern about comfort here is minimal. Cleanliness is maintained within reasonable limits but regularly. If the choice is between house-cleaning and a visit to an exhibition which will end tomorrow, guess what she will prefer to do. Her relation to food is also special - in the opinion of female LIE it must be first of all beneficial, useful. Furthermore, it must be fresh. And it must be prepared simply and quickly. From this it is clear that a woman of this type does not spent a lot of time in the kitchen. This simply does not bring her any pleasure - in the life there are so many more important and interesting matters!

    From life of female LIE: "One day in some restaurant I will try out a delicious dish, so then I will want to cook it at home for the children. I will mix, add some flour, brown it a little, garnish with spices. Children will eat and politely say: "This is so tasty, mom!" But then they add: "Next time simply make some mashed potatoes for us, ok?"

    She is not given into analysis of relations with her husband. She needs simple and understandable family life, that are constructive, positive, prospective and normal. Towards the children she is responsible, friendly, affable and thoughtful. A feeling of responsibility for her family is strongly developed in her.

    She will not regularly do homework together with children - she simply does not have any time for this, since often she works a lot. But she knows how to teach them to learn independently, from time to time checking their progress and providing help if the need for it suddenly arises.

    LIE women are inquisitive, active wives and mothers, who with the pleasure will go out and take out their relatives. They love to travel in those rare vacation weeks, which they manage to cut out from their busy work schedule. On holidays, they periodically take out their entire family to museums to see exhibitions in order to learn and to see something interesting and new, for example, the recently opened architectural complex or monument. They can propose to everyone to take a skiing trip or to spend a week camping in the mountains. Later, captivatingly and with humor, they will talk about all that was most interesting and share their impressions with friends and family members.

    However, female LIEs do not know how to rest in the conventional sense of the word. They are bored to simply lie on the beach and not do anything. They also do not like to be ill. Perhaps they will finally decide to stay home when their fever rises too high; only then they will focus attention and notice that something is wrong with their health. They like it when their life is filled with intelligent, productive activities and interesting information.

    Female LIEs usually have few friends. If she is committed to work and stable family life then she will live for 1) her work and 2) her family. To both activities she is loyal to a fault, thus for others, for watching movies, playing board games, drinking wine, she has no time left. Life with female LIE is intensive, interesting, full of a plethora of diverse impressions. She won't go sour sitting a home and grow bored from nothing to do, and won't permit this to happen to those close to her. Activities and projects are created and implemented, jokes are readily dispensed, in short: life moves on.

    Female LIE is always composed and purposeful, always ready to plunge into work. Work is her high horse. Often she becomes a serious businesswoman, builds a successful career and earns a good salary, but as a by-product, not making it her main goal or boasting about it. She can work practically anywhere where she can be occupied by business, technical or scientific work. The only occupation that usually does not attract her is medicine.

    At work, female LIEs usually quickly rise to the top to management positions. They are friendly and fair, try to maintain good relations with everyone, and avoid intrigues.

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