• Jack, Male Portrait, ENTj by Beskova

    Jack, Male Portrait, ENTj by Beskova

    In youth, LIE male is practically always thin and mobile. He's frequently attractive and flirtatious, as well as charismatic, resourceful, ingenious and mysterious. His dressing style is very simple; he prefers neutral-colored and plain clothing e.g. jeans and a t-shirt. Only when the LIE male grows older and achieves a higher position in society does he start to wear suits and the like. Commonly has short hair, because its easier to manage.

    LIE male rarely keeps still. He rushes right by forgetting to greet you, which is not surprising considering the speed at which he is moving. In such situations you may only take note of his elongated nose and protruding ears.

    Despite his high mobility, in business LIEs are very organized people. In childhood one can already notice that they are very capable; they quickly grasp the material taught to them, and generally do well in school. Love to engage in sports; prefer type of sport that does not require sheer application of force, but instead good reaction time. Speed almost puts them under a spell. Jumping from a helicopter onto a snow-covered slope and then making a high-speed descent on skis - this is quite in their style. They love to feel adrenalin circulating in their bloodstream.

    But in day-to-day, mundane matters, LIE males are poorly coordinated - at home they may run into a door or a corner. Poor coordination is augmented by their absent-mindedness. They can be thinking about work and miss their stop, or forget to turn on the washing machine or turn off the water in sink.

    LIE males have many acquaintances. They are enthusiastic and sociable, like to joke and laugh, thus in social gatherings they are indispensable. With their quick-witted, funny remarks they can all evening long entertain those attending.

    A woman does not need to devote time thinking how to get acquainted with LIE man. He himself will go through the trouble. First, he has the remarkable ability to see everything around him, so that if you appear somewhere next, he will immediately note you. Second, he will readily show initiative (which is actually what he frequently does) - and you are already acquainted!

    From this point on you don't need to strain yourself - because if LIE man has selected you, he will not disappear, he will himself make calls and come to visit you. But so that he finds it interesting to spend time together, you will need to concern with. LIE man primarily needs decency, faithfulness, and kind treatment.

    Don't take note if sometimes he may seem somewhat rude. In interaction with people he is indeed clumsy, at times making offensive remarks, other times taking offense over something. Sometimes LIE male is prone to falling into depressed state. This means that he doesn't have a real, worthwhile job or project where he could realize himself to the maximum. What can you do, everyone has their faults, but he also has many other good characteristics.

    Also you need to know that he is not the kind who solves problems "with fists", with brute force. This is a relatively soft, even a bit indecisive man, who avoids power collisions.

    From life of LIE male: "One time we went on vacation with my husband. We rented a room on first floor. Suddenly in the middle of the night I hear that someone is climbing through our window. I've gotten frightened, started to wake him up. When I managed to wake him up and explain what is happening, he turned around and politely asked" Excuse me, sir, what did you need here?"

    As a husband, the LIE is little concerned with everyday chores and upkeep duties. He is not interested in thinking about creating comfort at home. He won't devote a lot of time to taking care of food and his (and your) health. It would be best if you take care of all such matters.

    With children a man of this type is friendly, but prefers older children, who are much more interesting for him to be around. As for younger kids, their presence at home is always accompanies with some kind of physiological issues - damp pampers, gases and burps, and this LIE male does not like. Thus take the sanitation matters under your own responsibility. Ask him to care of small children only infrequently and only when it is urgent. May be this is not very comfortable ... but console yourself with the fact that it is so fun to be around him! And also that he will always come up with ways to make a lot of money.

    LIE males who have been endowed not only with intellect but also with organizer talent, prefer to keep a stable job where they usually achieve the highest positions, become directors and business owners. Other LIE males who have more of a hunter ardor, strive to work in consulting or as crisis managers, where they also become very successful.

    Without work LIE turns sour, life becomes boring for him. Imagining a man of this type without having something to do can be done only theoretically. This is because LIE male usually leaves the company several months before problems arise, usually to a better salary. He will never be in low demand: with his capabilities and his connections, he has a wide selection of places where he can realize his talent and passion for work.

    Difficulties with LIE male arise when he gets into bouts of formalism (as home as well as at work). This usually occurs when something is not going well. His dissatisfied and grouchy demeanor betray his inner tension. Then come the accusations: "I don't understand what you're telling me" or "First explain to me what for are we doing this" or "Formulate this more concisely and concretely".

    In such moments, it is difficult to find common language with LIE male. Try to change his state, do something that he understands how positively you're predisposed towards him. When he calms down, after some time you can continue the discussion this time around hopefully with more success.

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