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    Quadra Progression by dolphin
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    Hi, I spent a while writing my views on quadra progression. It integrates both Silverchris' and Smilingeyes' views into something I feel is easy to understand even if you don't agree with it.

    Can I be honest and say that I would like you to give generally positive feedback on this? And not give a whole lot of your own theories, but instead appreciate mine? Constructive criticism would be okay. I don't consider myself much of a theory person but I did like what I came up with, even if the semantics aren't perfect. I'd like to contribute sometimes on a theoretical level, but I'm insecure that people will rip it apart. I posted it on Socionix and I have to confess that I don't understand Gilly's reply to me. I just don't understand what he said in English. I don't know if my brain stopped working or what. Here's what I wrote. Please say you like it!

    Here are my thoughts on quadra progression..pulled from something I wrote a while back at 16 types..silverchris thought of an abyss, and I liked it. And smilingeyes defined the functions progressing, and these are also the concepts I'm using.


    external = generally quantifiable and measurable
    internal = generally unquantifiable and unmeasurable

    static = generally at rest
    dynamic = generally in motion

    extroverted = object, generally apart from subject
    introverted = subject, generally connected to subject

    Smilingeyes terms

    Descriptions of the states of quadras

    A state in which there is no potential. The maximum of peace and clarity. The halfway point between stress and calm, in which societies are created and contracts and duties agreed on.

    Concrete Te & Fi
    A state of confidence and comfort over having found oneís role and place.

    A state of communication in which the statics wish to use Ne- to affect the dynamics who proceed to correct them with Te+. Personal freedom is measured and chartered this way.

    Abstract Ne & Si
    A state in which maximal freedom and personal choice is sought for so that certainty of independence and invulnerability is achieved.

    A state in which nothing is happening. The maximum of personal choice and free will. The halfway point between no potential and huge potential in which huge expectations arise and powerful dreams are created.

    Concrete Ne & Si
    A state of confidence and comfort over being oneís own master and being able to choose oneís own path and actions.

    A state of communication in which the dynamics wish to use Fe- to affect the statics who proceed to correct them with Ne+. Powerful and charismatic groups are formed this way.

    Abstract Fe & Ti
    A state in which maximal potential and extraordinary qualities are sought for so that certainty of eventual fulfilment of oneís plans and dreams is achieved.

    A state in which everything is possible. The maximum of personal responsibility and fear. The halfway point between calm and stress, in which opposing forces gather, symbols are raised and lines are drawn.

    Concrete Fe & Ti
    A state of confidence and comfort over being able to achieve anything.

    A state of communication in which the statics wish to use Se- to affect the dynamics who proceed to correct them with Fe+. Conflicts are settled and power is measured this way.

    Abstract Se & Ni
    A state in which maximal intensity of contact is sought for so that certainty of power might be achieved.

    A state in which huge and important things happen. The maximum of interaction, intensity and challenge. The halfway point between huge potential and no potential, in which clarity of how things must fall into their place is achieved and final decisions are made.

    Concrete Se & Ni
    A state of confidence and comfort over the obstacles one has faced and personal capability.

    A state of communication in which the dynamics wish to use Te- to affect the statics who proceed to correct them with Se+. Plans for functional cooperation are laid this way.

    Abstract Te & Fi
    A state in which maximal obligations and bonds are sought for so that certainty of oneís role in life and society is achieved.

    So imagine an abyss. Or a huge hole in the ground with sloping sides. With ghosties and a bit of black electricity crackling away inside. Maybe Satan's disco too.

    Aristocratic Quadras
    Both the placement of Betas in the abyss and Deltas with their back to it signifies a sort of resignation within circumstances.

    Democratic Quadras

    The placement of Alpha as looking/climbing down into the abyss and Gamma looking/climbing up signifies a constant movement in relation to circumstances.


    Alphas are looking into the abyss because "everyone wants to go to the big Beta party". Internally, they're pulled between Ne which defines internal qualities statically and Delta-ishly stable, and Beta Fe which is drawn towards internal experimentation and change. Alpha Ne/Si subtypes are going to peeking in from their birds eye view of the environment, Ti/Fe subtypes may be starting to actively move towards the abyss, exploring the possibilities of a gradual descent. Alpha looks into the chaos contained in the abyss but stays at enough of a distance to retain their mastery of their environment. This is a way they are "playful". They have the inclination towards mastery of the environment but the Ti/Fe preference seems to say "So what? Let's go try something different!"

    Betas see themselves as completely trapped (placed) within external circumstances - both their external functions, Se and Ti, are static. Fe and Ni leads to an internality that's relatively in flux. Betas are in the middle of it all. Fe observes constantly appearing and shifting internal states, Ni questions the relevance of the existence of the abyss itself (it opposes longer strands of external environmental observation), Se sees each moment as distinct in its own right, and Ti finds ways to structure the whole mess into some kind of coherance. The interesting thing about being in the middle of the abyss is that you keep finding new ways to test the parameters, to discover the boundaries. I extrapolated smilingeyes material and say that Fe and Ti subtypes move downward into the abyss, and Se/Ni is being in the abyss. Beta Ti/Fe subtypes have pushed the boundaries of the exploration and then Ni/Se subtypes hit the middle point of the experiential perception, the deepest part of the hole.

    Gammas are climbing/walking out of the abyss. If the Beta Se/Ni subtypes are all about the last few shovels/wildest disco/having sex with Satan, Gamma Se/Nis are the morning afters waking up and scrabbling at the walls up. In some ways, they're forever clawing the prison walls, a survivor of with the instinct of the dance fading away to be replaced with a determination of movement upwards. For these people the experiential quality has peaked and they possess the ability to survive admirably in the abyss. But their mindset is shifted upward and slightly away. For Gamma Fi/Te subtypes, the clarity of rock bottom has faded slightly. They're overcome with memories/instincts of it now and again but for a large part concentrate on the trek uphill.

    Deltas see themselves as completely in control within themselves - both their internal functions, Ne and Fi, are static. Si and Te observe their environments to be in motion. So the rise and fall of nations, etc, all pass by their eyes and is seen on a long timeline. The Fi/Te subtypes perpetually walk up the last edges of the abyss - they've put in the work of the travel, but can't dismiss the miles their feet have come to know as they order their environment with skill. Ne/Si subtype Deltas are the Ents of the Socion and they hold a certain sadness. Time's on a spindle for these people as they watch travelers disappear into the depths of the abyss, some coming out weary, some hopeful - and some never come out at all. So they turn their backs to the abyss, a primitive sort of wisdom as they staunchly hold their place while echoes of the revelry/despair come floating up from below.

    Odds and Ends

    Where are the functions? Where are the PoLRs? You can take the solidness order of the functions: Se Te Ti Si Ne Fe Fi Ni - Se is the rocks, form that is similar to rocks, people, things, external objects, etc. Te is the progression of the journey on a tangible level. Ti categorizes concepts of the subject into an external structure, into categories, this is moving down, what does it mean? Si is the view of the entire landscape, the person's place within the landscape anchored by Ne, internal concepts of people and concepts that stand the test of time against the entirety of the abyss. Fe is the journey from an internal view, states. Fi's structure doesn't let the constant movement of the external world disturb the subject as they climb upward. Ni is the echoing in the abyss, perpetually resisting the boundaries of externalities. Notice that from these definitions, you CAN have a real PoLR - you have a weakness/blind spot in that area. The interaction between Ti/Fe = downward exploration and the interaction between Fi/Te = upward trekking because downward and upward are subjective and so the field element is the decider. Ti and Fi are both biased. (So are Si and Ne but I'm yawning so maybe if something else occurs later I'll come back to that.)

    Another interesting thing is that silverchris' assertion that Deltas have their backs to the abyss, because if that is so, it seems to be caricaturing Quadras slightly. I might say in response that Betas refuse to look out of the abyss - but I don't believe either is true. Betas can look up and see infinite sky, and Deltas can look down and see infinite abyss. They're not sacrificing the classic Aristocratic bent towards polarities, but they are not blind to their opposing quadras validity - rarer are the moments when they will concede to a Democratic quadra's (essential to the Dem) compromise.

    Alphas and Gammas have different ultimate goals but take notes on the terrain and the travel, and they can relate to hearing echoes of the abyss while seeing the freedom of the space away from its depths.

    I'm not sure I believe that we aren't able to use our opposing functions in a workable manner, but I do believe one has to know the truth/core/strengths of one's self and be solid in that before attempting other ways of observation. I personally believe that all the functions belong in harmony and that Socionics should be used to facilitate harmony..and these forums are workable as tests but not as incredibly strong evidence. So I've sort of abandoned Socionics as something really concrete, because I'm more interested in the mysteries of the universe, and why hitta makes such a great Chewbacca.

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