• Maxim, Female Portrait, ISTj by Beskova

    Maxim, Female Portrait, ISTj by Beskova

    Graceful and prim, MAKSIMKA is one of the strictest and concrete girls in the socion. Youthful, slender, but at the same time strong and robust - in youth, she makes an impression of being a real elf. She has a pretty face with symmetrical features - this is the reason she may be compared to Malvina (a graceful, beautiful heroine of a Russian fable). You will not mistake her for any other girl - it is necessary only to turn attention to her well-defined figure and solid gait.

    In clothing, she prefers a strict style, standard cuts and mute tones. The idea of symmetry and uniform clothing is close to her soul. She does not like to stand out and to be extravagant; therefore, most frequently, she selects only calm colors and traditional clothing sets. You will never see on her a skirt with a slanting hem or a blouse with an asymmetrical cut.

    She avoids making unexpected moves and is quite predictable not only in her taste in clothing, but also in her relationships with people.

    At first meeting, you are guaranteed to see a charming smile and coquettish gaze. MAKSIMKA with pleasure will laugh at your jokes and, for some time, support the merriment. She knows how to be charming, and also how to seem tender, brittle, and defenseless, if she decides that this is something necessary for the time.

    But do not be mistaken, there is a real iron rod inside this girl. And, as soon as she feels that a relationship has been established, she will more rarely make eyes at you and more frequently manifest her demanding and possessive nature. In addition, MAKSIMKAs are frequently romantic and lofty in their souls, and also like to imagine themselves as heroines of novels or movies.

    If you have become the object of her affection, she will not advertise this fact, but allow you to be the first one to demonstrate initiative. Excessive passiveness in her partner can lead to a diminishing of feelings in this girl. She is very oriented that her suitors will court her, attend to her, try to attain her favor, and strive to prove their devotion to her. This is partially due to the fact that she does not see well in what direction relations are developing, and she fears being rejected. Moreover any uncertainty frightens her. And this is another reason why she will not be the first to express her feelings.

    If MAKSIMKA is talking with you, this does not mean that you already became her friend. The bar for trusting someone for women of this type is set very high. They do not consider a person to be a close friend or loved one if they do not trust him or her 100%.

    From the letter of one MAKSIMKA: "Still, it does not please me that my own thoughts and sensations in the evening can not coincide with what I thought in the morning. It irritates me. Apparently, I cannot trust even myself! This is somehow unpleasant to realize. To whom is it then possible to trust?"

    Do not try to provoke her to jealousy in hopes of igniting her feelings. She will not fight for you, but simply decide that you are an unreliable partner. You will hardly earn a favorable disposition in the case if you try to appear mysterious, first appear then suddenly disappear somewhere, first call her then cut contact. Remember: she will not suffer such uncertainty and lack of clarity in relations.

    If you have proven yourself to be worthy of her trust, make sure that you follow through and do not disappoint her - second time, she hardly will believe you. But if this girl saw in you a selfless friend, a loyal knight, she will become a reliable and devoted companion.

    MAKSIMKA tries to live her life without any unexpected contingencies. She knows what she wants; she tries to live according to a plan and does not like it when the circumstances interfere with the realization of what she has decided for her future. She is wary of something entirely new. Not only does she plan out her next week and weekend, but also the next two or three months, and even the next two years of her life. Everything gets planned: her studies, her career, marriage and family life, children (birth dates and number), move to a new apartment, acquisition of a washing machine, trips abroad, and so on.

    It is understandable that, in order to achieve all this, one needs a lot of willpower and determination. Both qualities are present in MAKSIMKA, moreover she has enough of these qualities not only for herself but also for others around her. With this girl you will not become spoiled. She will not grow tired of forcing others day after day to implement their plans into real life. MAKSIMKA will neither plan nor do anything that she considers to be an excess, but if she has already thought up of something, then do not count on her losing sight of it.

    Being accurate, assiduous, and responsible, girls of this type usually study well, although they only do that which has been assigned, and nothing more than that. Lively student life does not draw them in too much. Because of their exactness in the relationships, they usually do not have many friends, and even to their few friends they rarely complain about problems of their personal life or disclose what the depths of their souls.

    Family for woman of this type is very important, because it creates a safe haven where she can feel herself protected from the chaotic and complicated external world. Therefore special attention is paid to her home life; here she will have order. Her family members will obtain all that is necessary, but nothing in excess. No one will remain hungry with MAKSIMKA, but also do not expect lavish feasts. She will not tell about what she cooked and how she cooked it, but there will always be something simple but substantial kept in the refrigerator.

    MAKSIMKAs make for exacting, demanding mothers. And, if they are not stingy in showing their feelings and know measure and restraint in the "training" their children, then the latter are brought up to be well-mannered and disciplined adults.

    A feeling of duty is extended in women of this type not only to family, but also to work. MAKSIMKA is aspiring and ambitiously tries to build her career, although in this case she will not begin to disregard her family responsibilities. Her supervisors highly value the industriousness, accountability, and reliability of this girl, who, after some time, perfectly masters the necessary skills and acquires the needed knowledge. Very soon, it becomes clear that it is possible to rely on her, such that advancement in career is guaranteed for her.

    Representatives of this type greatly value the atmosphere of any holiday (their favorite is often the New Year). They will never miss dates that are significant in their family (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). They will arrange a celebration at home with giving of gifts, a celebratory meal and invitation of close friends. Leading a fairly closed off and measured style of life, at the same time, they are not against enjoying some company and merriment, so that they can laugh and fool about, but only in case that the company is made of people whom they consider to be their people.

    Thus find a good reason for celebration and invite your MAXIM or or MAKSIMKA. If they know that there they will be entertained and cheered up, then without fail they will come over. And, may be even bring a mask of fake nose with glasses and whiskers. But they will do so only in such a case, if they know that the hosts will with pleasure take up their tomfoolery.

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