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04-28-2007, 09:53 AM
I thought there could be a place to post videos of people who are beta. This could be an open thread which constantly gets bumped up when someone finds something relevant. I'll start with a video that gives me strong ESTp vibes:


04-28-2007, 09:35 PM
This girl is INFp, I think.


06-28-2007, 08:37 AM
Oh my. I hadn't realized she was so skinny. This kind of skinny was called "a Buchenwald" in Estonian slang a few years ago (name of one concentration camp) and I totally understand why.

The body language is rather INFp nevertheless.

06-28-2007, 11:53 PM
Audrey irks me. I am not sure why. I prefer the beautiful Marilyn Monroe =]

06-29-2007, 06:58 AM
I have always thought that Hepburn is an INFj. Just my POV.

06-29-2007, 08:25 AM
Christopher Langan, ISTj


06-29-2007, 12:37 PM
oh wow! Chris Langan! Definitely ISTj. Hahahaa... Listen to how he would rule the world. It's in the beginning (minutes 1-3) of "Chris Langan part 3:

06-29-2007, 01:11 PM
This girl is INFp, I think.


She 's like ... lost in space. 04 minutes and 16 seconds of totally pointless blathering. How amazingly repelling.

06-29-2007, 03:19 PM
oh wow! Chris Langan! Definitely ISTj. Hahahaa... Listen to how he would rule the world. It's in the beginning (minutes 1-3) of "Chris Langan part3":

Wow, he fascinates me.. I couldn't stop watching lol. I love how he pauses after he's done speaking and just stares at the camera :lol:

06-30-2007, 12:19 PM
Ah. I've always thought you look like Kristin Kreuk.

06-30-2007, 05:47 PM
Kristin Kreuk, another actress I get compared to quite often. She's a pretty clear INFp in my opinion.



Hmm, she never struck me as being INFp or Beta in the slightest. She seems like she would revolt from an ESTp/Se dominant.. she just give me the impression of being Gamma/Delta ... a rational one.

07-01-2007, 10:53 AM
Nakashima Mika, my clone. She even clasps her hands and leans forward like I do. Kristin Kreuk is way too gushy to be my identical.


07-02-2007, 06:12 AM
Kristin Kreuk is way too gushy to be my identical.

perhaps I should rethink my own type then. :oops:

Besides, I thought it was stereotypical for an INFp to be "gushy"?Dreamy, yes. Lovers of romances, perhaps. Not gushy, especially at first sight. One thing that other INFps have in common is that I can feel them close the emotional distance when I'm talking to them -- adapting to the person speaking, drawing nearer. Which is what Audrey Hepburn (who's exactly like a bubbly INFp I know) does. Kristin Kreuk is very extraverted in comparison, though?

07-02-2007, 07:06 AM
I have always thought that Hepburn is an INFj. Just my POV.

From that video, I'd say INFp, too.

07-02-2007, 08:55 PM
oh wow! Chris Langan! Definitely ISTj. Hahahaa... Listen to how he would rule the world. It's in the beginning (minutes 1-3) of "Chris Langan part3":

Wow, he fascinates me.. I couldn't stop watching lol. I love how he pauses after he's done speaking and just stares at the camera :lol:

I recommend checking out his extremely fascinating theory, CTMU (http://ctmu.org/). But be warned: it's heavy on the Ti. :)

edit: about the staring thing, the director of the show (Errol Morris) uses a technique where the subjects see his face projected on the camera lens, and vice versa, so he's actually looking at the director.

07-06-2007, 06:24 PM
Maybe you just aren't gushy because you're the "Very Ni" subtype as you say, raisonpure.

I'm quite gushy. Very gushy actually.

07-07-2007, 06:41 AM
oh wow! Chris Langan! Definitely ISTj. Hahahaa... Listen to how he would rule the world. It's in the beginning (minutes 1-3) of "Chris Langan part3":

Wow, he fascinates me.. I couldn't stop watching lol. I love how he pauses after he's done speaking and just stares at the camera :lol:

I recommend checking out his extremely fascinating theory, CTMU (http://ctmu.org/). But be warned: it's heavy on the Ti. :)

edit: about the staring thing, the director of the show (Errol Morris) uses a technique where the subjects see his face projected on the camera lens, and vice versa, so he's actually looking at the director.

I agree the theory is very fascinating, even if kind of out of, well, mind?

09-20-2007, 10:06 AM
Mika was typed as clearly ENFj in this thread (http://the16types.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14358) There is an interview after the song and I the accent is very charming. :) He's cool.

Part one


Part two


10-27-2007, 10:34 PM
I found this in another thread, in a post by msk. This is an ESTp comedian. Very strong body language.


10-28-2007, 02:56 AM
Mika really reminds me of myself :shock: I feel kinda sorry for him ever since I saw that horrid interview with that woman in his type thread .. plus this interview even seems a little awkward - they're not really responding as well to his attempts at making the atmosphere a certain way ... sometimes I try and do that and I get the same reaction. The way he speaks and explains things is similar to me too .. and the bashfulness especially ... following a no reaction from :Fe:, I start to feel very awkward and I look down and stuff... I see him doing that.

10-28-2007, 04:38 PM
Chris Langan might be really smart but his theory is kinda silly. He makes a big deal out of the simple fact that an object cannot be defined externally in terms that were meant to describe its inner workings. It's just like how you can't speak meaningfully about a person, whether you mean to describe his/her personality or just external features, by talking about the number of mitochondria in his liver cells. It's impossible to "see the universe" from an external perspective, within the context of anything other than its own contents, so why bother trying to conceptualize or compartmentalize it? It's just an ego yawn for him, I'm sure.

10-28-2007, 04:44 PM
Here's another example. You can talk all day long about how a TV works to produce colored light that it projects on crystals and yadda yadda yadda, but no matter how much information you gather about how the picture is created and what it may or may not look like from what we know about the internal processes of the TV, you'll never know what's on the screen until you can press the power button and watch. We will never step back and look at the universe from outside of "it," so we will never get the perspective that Langan is trying to imitate.

12-18-2007, 08:57 AM
ISTjs. (most are from forum thread (http://the16types.no-ip.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17210&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0))

James Hetfield of Metallica


Richard Dreyfuss @0:20 seconds


General Pervez Musharraf


Enver Hoxha


Russell Crowe (expressions are soooo similar to James Hetfield. And he was typed ISTj in some thread.)

12-18-2007, 10:27 AM
Ex Nightwish vocalist, Tarja Turunen (ESTp I think) Also one of my current favourite songs :) :


12-18-2007, 10:44 AM
On the Enver Hoxha video, I know it's boring for those who don't understand Albanian (ie nearly everyone, including myself).

But take a look at it -- it's "regimental", collective Fe dual-seeking at its most nightmarish (to me). Hoxha is droning on and on, with a very serious face, but now and then all the audience stands up and aplauds enthusiastically. Hoxha does not show any emotion, he just sucks it from the audience. This is repeated a few times.

In the end, however, as he leaves the auditorium, he displays some Fe himself with individuals (and helping to explain how he managed to climb to power in his early days).

12-18-2007, 03:54 PM
russel crowe is estp
I disagree. His body language is IJ>EP. He's calm and static, quite rigid. Calm and deeply in his own world. He barely even makes eye contact. And he looks amazingly similar to James Hetfield and one ISTj professor in my university. Not so much physically, but the facial expressions are very similar.

01-29-2008, 09:48 AM
Two videos from http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=16436 (you'll find comments about these videos there).



SLE man and EIE woman


01-29-2008, 01:16 PM
I like SLEs more than LSIs just based on these videos, but I'm not sure if that means anything. They are just more sharp, more appealing.

04-17-2009, 03:20 PM
I can agree with P!nk as SLE (every time I listen to her song lyrics I start seeing black circles).


04-21-2009, 03:49 PM
How has nobody mentioned Jim Morrison?


04-21-2009, 03:51 PM
How has nobody mentioned Jim Morrison?


Good point.

02-11-2010, 04:37 PM
this is what i'm curious about at the moment. i've tried self-typing myself and i haven't really come to a conclusion. tests type me as IEE every time, but i still find myself identifying with IEI and EIE types in addition to IEE, and i LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE "beta" music. radiohead, bright eyes, ect. is preferred music really type-related? part of me thinks that different types from different quadras could all like the same music, but the reasons why they enjoy the music would be different.

oh. and first post on this forum. been lurkin for a while ;) possible male NF here.

does anyone have a clue on bruce springsteen's type? my guess is LSI or SLE.

02-11-2010, 08:35 PM
"What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music."

- Soren Kierkegaard

06-15-2011, 01:50 PM
Hey everyone, here are some stereotypical beta types!! Discuss!! Enjoy!!



Female ESTP




Female ISTJ




Female INFP




Female ENFJ


06-15-2011, 04:04 PM
How the heck did you get this o.o, seems interesting lol.

06-15-2011, 05:01 PM
Hey look, actual human beings.. Adults too. A couple of ESTps who sound fun, and aren't like Suge Knight. And LSIs who aren't primitive fucks. Stop the presses.

The Ineffable
06-15-2011, 05:05 PM
Male ESTP: likely SLE, less based on what he says but how he says it and how he comes across.

Female ESTP: T something, can't decide.

Male ISTJ: Ti-something, could be LSI.

Female ISTJ: LSI beyond any doubt.


Female INFP: likely EII - talks only about relationships, seems to not be bothered by a structured/scheduled life. Sounds compliant.

Male ENFJ: LSE. Relies on others to provide him with ideals, meaning, value. Inexpressive. Provides physical support and care to others.

Female ENFJ: Not EIE IMO, perhaps LII.

06-15-2011, 05:30 PM
I dont relate to the iei lady at all really, im not as feely or wishy-washy sounding I hope.

I'm nothing like her, but she's seems like a sweet woman. She said she was a school teacher.. she seems like the kind that'd let me get away with a lot things. :)

06-15-2011, 08:27 PM
Male ESTP: ESTp, sure, why not. I'm actually kinda not paying attention too hard to him so I'm just going off of sheer vibe.
Female ESTP: ENFj comes to mind before ESTp, although the latter isn't impossible.
Male ISTJ: Kind of a hard call. IXTx could work.
Female ISTJ: Energy-wise, ISTj is a definite possibility.
Male INFP: Seems familiar in a way, but I don't know what way that is. Some non-INTp IP works for me.
Female INFP: Wow, beta NF out the ass. INFp makes sense from her self-description.
Male ENFJ: I, do, not, know. ENFj seems waaaaaay off. ISXp or ENFp would be my guess.
Female ENFJ: Her affect seems wrong for ENFj. I wonder ISTj?

06-16-2011, 01:40 AM
Male ISTj makes me consider retyping my only close ILE friend :lol: He's kind of like this guy mixed with Ed Norton.

06-17-2011, 07:13 PM
Male INFp is SO INFp. Good typing there, and a good example of the "good INFp" stereotype: NiFe approach to ethical matters, still very harmonious, but a different standpoint than the INFj.

Many of the things he talked about---fundamental disharmony between certain "types" of people, emergent properties (knowing the song is going to be a hit, knowing what colors "go together"), the mixture of wanting power and the social capital thereof (the bit about wanting people to know he's good) with wanting to avoid measuring people against one another, the fear of proving inferior in competition, the way he talks/thinks in terms of perspective ("they'll never see the world like we see it"), often to avoid negatively judging people, and above all, the constant self-watching ("now I sound phony like I'm trying to talk for the camera")---are INFp hallmarks and things to watch for.

I think he's a good archetypal "good" INFp, possibly a non-4 INFp, or if not, an INFp as we generally present ourselves in the world: affable, good-natured, caring, etc. Here on 16types, we see more of the "internal" INFp, more of the calculation, the figuring-it-out, the soul-searching, the Ni-pondering-on-the-abyss/world side. But I think that guy is a good example of how the average INFp might present himself/herself.

I agree with the SLE typing of the male, that seems rather obvious to me... I can't pinpoint why, but yeah, that's what an SLE is like (he'll probably firm up a little more once he's got a cause to fight for; they usually do). I wasn't as sure at first about the woman, but I'm beginning to see it. I was at first led astray by her conservatism. This shows how type =/= social views---many SLEs are quite revolutionary, but this SLE is quite traditional. I think the distinguishing factor is the way they cling to their beliefs, rather than the beliefs themselves.

Haven't watched the rest yet, but thanks for posting. It's always nice to see people talking about the sorts of things that tend to be type related, outlook, etc.

07-07-2011, 04:15 PM
Male ESTP- ESE-SEE. How anyone can type this guy a Decisive is beyond me.

Female ESTP- SEE-LII. Fairly expressive, but not nearly as much as the male ESTP, nor very attracted to flamboyance (conflict with Alpha SF values) -- places a fair bit of importance on family, responsibility and stuff.


Female ISTJ: LSI-SLI. She's kinda weird.

Male INFP: IEE-ESI. Not Se-valuing (dislikes aggression), but not Se-PoLR (not afraid to assert himself).

Female INFP: IEI-SEI. Adorably so.

07-24-2011, 03:55 AM


07-31-2011, 11:14 PM
Guy123; the last female example is a female ISTj rather than ENFj.

Maybe. But look at this quote that she said:

"I don't finish as much as I'd like to as far as what I start, but it is very important to me to have things finished in order and completed."

"...I try to be consistent but I never measure up to my standard of consistency."

How many ISTjs do you know have trouble with finishing and consistency?

It sounds like weak, but valued :Ti::Se: Wouldn't it be better placed in the Super-Id block (EIE) rather than Ego block (LSI)?

Also check out her other quotes:

"When something means a lot to me, I tend to get real preachy and maybe go
overboard on some of the things that mean a lot to me. I have to check myself and scale back, try to choose my words carefully because I tend to use a lot of words."

This sounds consistent with EIE ego with Mobilizing :Se: :

"..EIEs can be brash and harshly critical during fits of passion, and they appreciate people who are not fazed by their ravings, but calmly stand their ground.."

There's also strong :Ni: here:

"I find meaning in pretty much everything."
"I want to use it (life) for a purpose...If I were in a different situation I'd love to sell everything and be a missionary and take off and help people. I'm really tired of the possessions and I feel like they own me."

"..EIEs reject the idea that life is just a sequence of ho-hum everyday events with no particular meaning. They want everything to have a grand or symbolic purpose that arouses the imagination and passions. For that matter, EIEs seek to define their unique purpose in life, and orient goals around the meaning they infer from their experiences across time.."

The ENFJs I know are all about saving the world and rescuing other people and the quote above pretty much aligns with that.

Then again, her demeanor does seem a bit subdued and quiet on video, BUT, I know many that can seem "introverted" when first meeting them. ENFJ's :Fe: are more evident in group settings; they can be real chameleons otherwise.

Anyway, what were your thoughts on why she's ISTj?

08-01-2011, 12:59 AM
Male INFP - ISFp.

09-04-2011, 12:32 PM
The Old Man from Pawn Stars - SLE


04-10-2014, 10:43 AM
Fredrik Wikingsson - IEI-Fe (left) and Filip Hammar - SLE-Ti (right)
Two Swedish writers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filip_Hammar_and_Fredrik_Wikingsson), television hosts and journalists.


Evangeline Lilly - IEI sx/so


Chelsea Handler - SLE-Ti so/sp 7w8


Fidel Castro (EIE-Ni sp/so) talks about Che Guevara (LSI-Se so/sx)


04-22-2014, 09:56 PM
These are my hunches:

SLE: Danny Brown, James Deen, Charley Boorman(?), Jenna Marbles

IEI: Jared Leto, Fiona Apple, Eminem, Ewan Mcgregor, Josh Radner

LSI: Lil Wayne

EIE: Macklemore

I also have a list of Youtubers I could add later.

04-23-2014, 03:26 AM
Jared LetoHe's EIE


He delivered humor in tragedy whenever his father was mentioned for sure!

04-23-2014, 11:13 AM
I think it's time to introduce you all to an EIE. No, he is not me (IEI). He is EIE.





04-23-2014, 10:04 PM
@lifer (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/member.php?u=6022) what exactly makes you think Jared Leto's an EIE? Because all the EIE's I know are much more dramatic (like Macklemore) in almost a staged way, as if they are ready for their lives to turn into a musical at any moment, doing many things for a laugh and an inside joke. Jared Leto also leads with his eyes, often not turning his head right away, which is a distinctly IEI thing. He also is more spacey and distracted and doesn't make a lot of eye contact when he's thinking. His attention seems more focused inwards rather than outwords. 30 Seconds to Mars is a band, so the video comes off as very Beta, but Jared individually comes off as specifically IEI in my opinion.

Does anybody else on this thread have any opinions?

04-26-2014, 09:17 PM


04-26-2014, 11:40 PM
Michael C. Ruppert: EIE-Fe sp/so
his bandmate Doug Lewis seems to be LSI - shown at @10:00 of second video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWWdeTERAsc)


Shaun Smith: SLE-Ti so/sp


06-06-2014, 08:16 PM
IEI Yesenin (unfrotunately not in English):


06-06-2014, 08:50 PM
supposedly three EIEs (Hamlets):


06-09-2014, 03:06 PM
Haha slavic girls have an acute syndrom of bitch face :)

06-10-2014, 08:40 PM
some other examples from a Russian site:
male LSIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/mista/index.html
female LSIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/wista/index.html

female EIEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/wenfo/index.html
male EIEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/menfo/index.html

female IEIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/winfo/index.html
male IEIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/minfo/index.html

male SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/mesta/index.html
female SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/westa/index.html

06-10-2014, 09:39 PM

06-10-2014, 10:36 PM


Doris Kearns Goodwin is pretty similar to me vis a vis mannerisms, speech patterns, interests, even the way she reacts to certain situations. I think she is Beta because of her Ni and Fe strengths. I am leaning toward EIE for her because she seems more EJ than IP.
@<a href="http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/member.php?u=5926" target="_blank">aisa</a>

06-11-2014, 10:58 AM
Beta song (The Rains of Castamere, Game of Thrones) performed by someone who seems to be EIE:


06-11-2014, 02:45 PM
some other examples from a Russian site:
male LSIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/mista/index.html
female LSIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/wista/index.html

female EIEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/wenfo/index.html
male EIEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/menfo/index.html

female IEIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/winfo/index.html
male IEIs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/minfo/index.html

male SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/mesta/index.html
female SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/westa/index.html

Glenn Close is probably ESI-Se. Marlene Dietrich could be LSI, Putin is LSI, not EIE (lmfao - the same type as Jennifer Aniston), Antonio Banderas is SLE-Se, Julian Assange is IEI-Ni, I think (6w5), Mylene Farmer is EIE, Sophie Marceau looks like a Se creative to me, Jane Birkin ...she's slippery, could be IEI, could be LSI with a softer and more refined side (her passion with Serge Gainsburg, SLE-Se, could allow for both). Arnoldie Schawrz. is a Rational logical type, not SLE.

06-11-2014, 04:14 PM
Glenn Close is probably ESI-Se. Marlene Dietrich could be LSI, Putin is LSI, not EIE (lmfao - the same type as Jennifer Aniston), Antonio Banderas is SLE-Se, Julian Assange is IEI-Ni, I think (6w5), Mylene Farmer is EIE, Sophie Marceau looks like a Se creative to me, Jane Birkin ...she's slippery, could be IEI, could be LSI with a softer and more refined side (her passion with Serge Gainsburg, SLE-Se, could allow for both). Arnoldie Schawrz. is a Rational logical type, not SLE.
yeah, lol, I probably should've added that some of them look pretty much hit or miss/mistyped
I haven't thorougly analised all of them, neither do I have VI skills proficient enough to do so with certainty - what would you say is the correct typings ratio in that site more or less?

The Martrix
06-11-2014, 05:40 PM
Glenn Close is probably ESI-Se. Marlene Dietrich could be LSI, Putin is LSI, not EIE (lmfao - the same type as Jennifer Aniston), Antonio Banderas is SLE-Se, Julian Assange is IEI-Ni, I think (6w5), Mylene Farmer is EIE, Sophie Marceau looks like a Se creative to me, Jane Birkin ...she's slippery, could be IEI, could be LSI with a softer and more refined side (her passion with Serge Gainsburg, SLE-Se, could allow for both). Arnoldie Schawrz. is a Rational logical type, not SLE.

I was like :eek: when I saw Putin under EIE!
As for Sophie Marceau, I saw her typed EII somewhere on the forum. What gives her away as Se creative?
Jane Birkin could be either IEI-Ni or LSI, I agree.

Kalinoche the Child
06-12-2014, 01:39 PM



michael peterson lsi?

06-12-2014, 03:36 PM
that website has Dostoevsky as EIE. isn't he universally accepted as the benchmark for EII?

06-21-2014, 11:28 PM
Mstislav Rostropovich - IEI


06-23-2014, 07:57 AM
Here's two Se-LSIs:

Paul Simonon of The Clash, The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Gorillaz




Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Carnivore




06-26-2014, 09:41 PM
Just a couple of duals chatting about music and dresses during a particularly shameful time for clothing and mustaches...

Freddie Mercury (ENFj) and Dave Clark (ISTj)

06-29-2014, 03:31 AM
Henry Kravis (SLE-Ti so/sp) with his wife Marie-Josee Kravis (possibly EIE)



Tariq Ali (LSI so/sp) in conversation with Julian Assange (IEI so/sp) and Noam Chomsky (LII sp/so)



07-11-2014, 10:18 PM


miss BabyDoll
07-22-2014, 10:21 PM
russel brand EIE-Ni textbook example in my opinion while john krasinski and ian somerhalder could very much be EIE-fe. very subdued but still emotionally charged!

07-23-2014, 12:03 AM
russel brand EIE-Ni textbook example in my opinion while john krasinski and ian somerhalder could very much be EIE-fe. very subdued but still emotionally charged!

Russell Brand seems very Ne valuing to me. What is the case for EIE-Ni?

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

miss BabyDoll
07-23-2014, 06:25 AM
Russell Brand seems very Ne valuing to me. What is the case for EIE-Ni?

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

yeah, he does use his Ne a lot but i see a lot of his Ni when i see his daily channel vlogs. i think his flamboyancy often acts like an diversion from his somewhat romaticized points of view. he often talks about "in future" trying to raise internal consciousness and his topics of choice are often heavily spiritual and he often has a certain symbolic way of understanding how things work - so i opt for putting him in the Ni category. plus he's very much an EIE so i have no choice but to put him in either Fe or Ni subtype haha :)
and thank you miss very much so! :))

07-25-2014, 11:29 PM
LSI with his SEE gf


IEI and SLE couple


miss BabyDoll
07-26-2014, 11:09 AM
michelle rodriguez - ISTj-Se and famke janssen - ISTJ -Ti ---- freakin fierce and good examples how ISTj-s come in many different shapes and forms :)

08-19-2014, 09:24 PM
ISTj "Maxim" - Taylor Schilling, the actress playing Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black series

LSI girls are so beautiful :)




08-19-2014, 09:27 PM
ISTj - Piper Kerman (left), the real life "Piper Chapman", with Taylor Schilling (right) who plays her character in the series. Two ISTjs.



Fe-ENFj - Jenji Kohan, the creater of Orange is the New Black



08-25-2014, 06:58 PM
Vladimir Putin LSI (-Ti so/sp 1w2)



08-25-2014, 08:03 PM
persephone posted this in the shoutbox earlier.

Yelle - Se-LSI


miss BabyDoll
09-06-2014, 02:17 PM
not sure if they were mentioned before but 4 LSI-Se's imo:

catherine zeta jones


emily blunt


victoria beckham


sophie ellis bextor


n all of them british! (:

miss BabyDoll
09-13-2014, 12:51 PM
here we have daily dose of logic n justice brought to you by 2 LSIs :

Judge Judy


Gerrie Nel


09-13-2014, 03:31 PM
not sure if they were mentioned before but 4 LSI-Se's imo:

catherine zeta jones
maybe. ESE also possible

victoria beckham
ILI, rather

sophie ellis bextor
SLE, imo

don't know about the last one.

miss BabyDoll
09-13-2014, 03:41 PM
maybe. ESE also possible

ILI, rather

SLE, imo

don't know about the last one.

fully disagree but it's okay!

10-13-2014, 11:39 PM
a major EIE vs. SEE catfight at 35 minutes and following

"Beauty Queen" wife - Fe-EIE, husband - either Ti-LSI or Ti-LII
"redneck" wife - Se-SEE, her husband - Fi-ESI

Wife Swap USA Beauty Queen vs Redneck


10-14-2014, 12:31 AM
Fuck these reality shows. I hate them so much.

11-16-2014, 05:18 AM
James Fallon - LSI-Se 5w4


11-16-2014, 07:58 PM
Christian Bale – LSI


Keanu Reeves – LSI


Kristen Stewart – LSI


11-16-2014, 08:04 PM
Kevin Spacey – SLE


12-10-2014, 08:07 AM
James Mitchell - LSI sx/sp (5w6?)


Clio Cresswell - LSI sx/so (she reminded me of jessica129)
Interestingly, the studies she talks about found that couples that compromised the least ended up having higher chances of staying together.


Summer - SLE-Ti sx/so. Her father - SEE-Se so/sp.

12-10-2014, 08:17 AM
Christian Bale – LSI
Keanu Reeves – LSI
Kristen Stewart – LSI

you typed 3 extroverts as LSI.
LSIs are not this "hardcore".

12-10-2014, 11:55 AM
Christian Bale – LSI
Keanu Reeves – LSI
Kristen Stewart – LSI
Mein Gott and Virgin Mary, you do realise 2 of them are Delta, the other one Alpha and all of them extraverts?

12-10-2014, 07:23 PM

I'll claim Dr. Kent Brantly for Beta. LSI-Ti.

“It’s an incredible honor,” Dr. Brantly said in a phone interview on NBC Today show. “Those who paid the highest price for their service are themselves West Africans. It’s an honor for me to be considered as a part of that group.”

“From the community health care volunteers in Liberia, to the dedicated staff of organizations like Samaritan’s Purse and MSF, to the doctors and nurses at Emory University Hospital, Ebola Fighters are mostly anonymous heroes whose diverse faces are largely unknown even to their patients as they wage this war in head-to-toe protective gear,” Dr. Brantly said. “It is these nameless champions that TIME has recognized today.”

01-16-2015, 05:44 PM

Laura Ingalls Wilder - LSI

02-08-2015, 02:01 PM
Eduard Basurin (photos (https://www.google.com/search?q=%D1%8D%D0%B4%D1%83%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B4+%D0% B1%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BD&source=lnms&tbm=isch)) - SLE-Ti so/sp 6w5 - commander of the Donetsk People's Republic militia, the Eastern Ukranian forces that are currently fighting for their independence against Ukranian army


Kevin Richardson, the "lion whisperer" - SLE-Ti so/sx 7w6


03-03-2015, 12:29 AM
Fe-EIE Youtuber Markiplier (https://www.youtube.com/user/markiplierGAME) Well known for his video game commentary, especially for FNAF 1+2, and for his reactions (or over-reactions, according to some).

04-04-2015, 07:19 PM
Bugsy Siegel (http://www.google.com/search?q=bugsy+siegel&biw=1277&bih=597&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=fS0gVZb-KsaKsQT4jYCADQ&sqi=2&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&dpr=1)....SLE-Se 8w7 so/sx


During adolescence, Siegel befriended Meyer Lansky, who formed a small mob whose activities expanded to gambling and car theft.

The Bugs and Meyer mob was known to be responsible for the killing and removal of several rival gangdom figures.

Siegel began a spending spree. He demanded the finest building that money could buy at a time of postwar shortages. As costs soared, Siegel's checks began bouncing.

According to later reports by local observers, Siegel's "maniacal chest-puffing" set the pattern for several generations of notable casino moguls.


04-07-2015, 02:57 AM
Vlad the Impaler...SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp


Vlad had the Turkish envoys killed on the pretext that they had refused to raise their "hats" to him, by nailing their turbans to their heads.

Angela Simpson....SLE-Se 8w7 so/sp



Simpson's method of choice: Pulling Neely's teeth out, driving a nail into his head, bashing him with a tire iron, stabbing him around 50 times, and strangling him.

Ken Shamrock...SLE-Se 6w5 so/sx



04-09-2015, 06:00 AM
Benito Mussolini....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp





After destroying all political opposition through his secret police and outlawing labor strikes,[4] Mussolini and his fascist followers consolidated their power through a series of laws that transformed the nation into a one-party dictatorship.

For instance Mussolini was influenced by Nietszche's anti-Christian ideas and negation of God's existence.[29] Mussolini saw Nietzsche as similar to Jean-Marie Guyau, who advocated a philosophy of action.[29] Mussolini's use of Nietzsche made him a highly unorthodox socialist, due to Nietzsche's promotion of elitism and anti-egalitarian views.[29] Mussolini felt that socialism had faltered due to the failures of Marxist determinism and social democratic reformism, and believed that Nietzsche's ideas would strengthen socialism.[29] While associated with socialism, Mussolini's writings eventually indicated that he had abandoned Marxism and egalitarianism in favor of Nietzsche's übermensch concept

As a young man, he "proclaimed himself to be an atheist and several times tried to shock an audience by calling on God to strike him dead."

He believed that science had proven there was no God, and that the historical Jesus was ignorant and mad. He considered religion a disease of the psyche, and accused Christianity of promoting resignation and cowardice.[157]

According to Denis Mack Smith, "In Nietzsche he found justification for his crusade against the Christian virtues of humility, resignation, charity, and goodness."[159] He valued Nietzsche's concept of the superman, "The supreme egoist who defied both God and the masses, who despised egalitarianism and democracy, who believed in the weakest going to the wall and pushing them if they did not go fast enough."

Mussolini made vitriolic attacks against Christianity and the Catholic Church...He also began drawing parallels between himself and Jesus Christ


Ian Rust
04-09-2015, 12:41 PM
Mussolini was out of his mind, what was his plan for Italy anyway? He brought the whole country to down in flames. He was naive about society and how it should be run. He didn't see what was really good for Italy.

04-09-2015, 05:08 PM


04-10-2015, 01:29 PM
Debbie Schlussel....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp sx/so

schlussel on lara logan (http://www.debbieschlussel.com/36514/lara-logan-liar-claims-she-didnt-know-muslims-abuse-women-300-muslims-raped-me-w-their-hands-for-40-mins/):

And as for her lie that she didn’t know about “Egyptian” abuse of women, if she’s that utterly ignorant, she had no business being a reporter there. This woman has covered the Middle East for years. She knows very well about Muslim abuse of women. She’s lying through her teeth. A Frickin’ Fraud.

Sorry, but responsible rape victims call out their rapists. Lara Logan won’t. Again, she won’t mention the I (Islam) or M (Muslim) words–they aren’t mentioned once in the interview. That’s because she’s a phony, no better than your average cowardly rape victim who allows the rapist to do it again. She’s much worse, though, because she presented her gang rapists as liberal democrats to the world and never bothered to correct the record. Not even now, well after the fact. And she continues to lie to allow her gang rapists to gang rape again.

Yes, several hundred Muslims raped her with their hands. But she rapes the minds of billions around the world with her politically correct lies and attempts to cover up the fact that this is Islam–that this is how Muslims treat women.

Um, there is no nebulous “they” who raped here with their hands. It’s Muslims who raped her with their hands. She has a microphone, a bully pulpit, and a responsibility to say so. But she won’t. She’s not a rape victim I’ll feel sorry about. She’s a fraud. Anyone who claims they didn’t know that Muslims abuse women is either blind, deaf, and dumb or living on another planet. And she’s none of these. She knew, but she’s politically correct . . . and so she lies. It’s the same stuff I read on t-shirts of thugs and schmucks in the Detroit ghetto: Bros Over Hos. In Logan’s case it’s Islamic Bros Over Hos. Her political correctness trumps calling out rapists. Yup, she’s a ho, all right . . . for Islam. Whoring out her integrity to protect Muslim gang rapists.

Is a person who covered war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Muslim nations for several years that stupid–that dense!–that she is suddenly “struck” by the mercilessness of Muslims and their joy at the pain of their victims, particularly Western and female victims? Then, she’s a clueless morons. And I don’t buy it, even if she was a swimsuit model and whore who slept around and broke up marriages in the war zone. She knows what Muslims are about. She just doesn’t have the guts to say so. Sorry, but this fraud-ette ain’t a rape victim. She’s a propagandist whose body was temporarily taken for the Muslim Brotherhood’s cause and who is now willingly, deliberately giving her mind and voice to protect them, too. A frickin’ liar with Cairo Syndrome (the Stockholm moniker needs to be changed).

Uh, NO. Not “men.” MUSLIM men. This isn’t about men around the world, but this fraud, Lara Logan, is trying to turn what savage Muslim men did to her into something she can project onto Western men and men everywhere else . . . as if they behave the same as Muslim men. She knows better. But, again, she’s a fraud. A liar. A phony.

Ian Rust
04-10-2015, 02:08 PM
Hmmm... could it be there are strong political implications of making these statements which compelled her not to make them? Such as.... a violent backlash. No, I'm sure she is just interested in protecting the people who raped her.

04-10-2015, 04:20 PM
Actually. This is not a so/sp iris:


That's a sx/so iris. Schlussel is sx/so 8w7 sle-ti

With stackings, it's not the face. it ain't the voice. it's the iris (whenever I say iris I'm also including the pupil and limbal rings)

Every other feature is irrelevant.

This is a classic sx/so iris:


04-10-2015, 05:06 PM

The rich and unique texture present in the iris regions of human eyes makes iris recognition a very reliable way of identifying individuals. Iris recognition systems have been widely deployed in many mission critical applications such as national identity card, border control, banking, etc. The large market of iris recognition has attracted a number of companies to develop various iris sensors. Therefore it is necessary to match heterogeneous iris images captured by different types of iris sensors with an increasing demand of interoperable identity management systems. The significant differences among multiple types of iris sensors such as optical lens and illumination wavelength determine the cross-sensor variations of iris texture patterns. Therefore it is a challenging problem to develop robust iris image preprocessing, feature extraction and matching methods across different iris sensors. In order to track the state-of-the-art of cross-sensor iris recognition, the ICB Competition on Cross-sensor Iris Recognition (or CSIR2015 shortly) is organized by CASIA (Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Automation).

04-11-2015, 02:08 PM
Griselda Blanco...SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp





http://images.grab-media.com/aqui_y_ahora/2014/02/24/aba3b6fd0d5dc2e90e5507a7cff661109310b767_preview.j pg



*that guy at 2:28 is ILE 7w6

Blanco was known for her flamboyant lifestyle — one of her sons was named Michael Corleone, an homage to The Godfather movies.


04-11-2015, 03:22 PM
dude, u are horrible. u only post human anomalies.

04-11-2015, 03:26 PM
LSI-Se 3w2 sx/so




04-11-2015, 03:35 PM
Sasha Pivovarova


--- not 100% sure about ennea&stack - valued So instinct, possibly sx/so with strong 3 and 5 traits





04-11-2015, 03:43 PM
Aileen Wuornos....SLE-Se 8w7 so/sp




that's a so/sp iris

some more so/sp irises:



http://i.ytimg.com/vi/9ngtXPP5krU/hqdefault.jpg http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/iraq/images/uday_pic1.jpg

04-11-2015, 03:49 PM
I wonder what Kill4Me thinks about my last post --- that IEI-Ni's Ennea-profile (well, she happens to be a model, but models can even be Sx last ..obviously).

Moonbeaux Rainfox
04-11-2015, 06:02 PM
Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shutter_Island_%28film%29) SLE E6 (cp)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hMh_gaevYE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hMh_gaevYE) ***
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXY23gsHXXo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXY23gsHXXo) **
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iaYLCiq5RM (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iaYLCiq5RM)

*** Man of Violence
Violence can also be seen through Teddy’s illness and his past. The nightmares that Teddy has are constantly focused on death and violence. Being a veteran of World War II, Teddy also has reoccurring flashbacks to scenes at the concentration camps. Men like Teddy are Dr. Naehring’s area of specialty. “Men of violence” don’t necessarily condone violence, but rather are constantly surrounded by it. Admiring Teddy’s “excellent defense mechanisms,” the doctor explains that men of violence are capable of making hard choices, inflicting and describing pain. These men might not be able to make sense of violence, but they can do the next best thing: blame it on someone else.

**God loves Violence
"God's gift...his violence.God loves violence.Why else would there be so much of it? It's in us. It comes out of us. It is what we do more naturally than we breathe. We wage war. We burn sacrifices. We pillage and tear at the flesh of our brothers. We fill great fields with our stinking dead. And why? To show him that we've learned from his example...God gives us earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. He gives us mountains, that spew fire onto our heads. Oceans that swallow ships. He gives us nature and nature is a smiling killer. He gives us disease, so that in our death we believe He gave us orifices only so that we could feel our life bleed out of them. He gave us lust and fury and greed and our filthy hearts. So that we could wage violence in his honor. There is no moral order as pure as this storm we've just seen. There is no moral order at all. There is only this - can my violence conquer yours?"

Moonbeaux Rainfox
04-11-2015, 08:07 PM
Jeremy Renner's character in The Hurt Locker -- SLE-Se.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GxSDZc8etg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GxSDZc8etg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZQ3KwMYCic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZQ3KwMYCic)

04-11-2015, 08:21 PM
Ti-LSI sp/so


04-12-2015, 06:41 AM
Idi Amin...SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp




After the United Kingdom broke off all diplomatic relations with his regime in 1977, Amin declared he had defeated the British and conferred on himself the decoration of CBE (Conqueror of the British Empire). His full self-bestowed title ultimately became: "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular", in addition to his officially-stated claim of being the uncrowned King of Scotland.

04-13-2015, 07:46 AM
Nancy Grace...SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-2w3 so/sp

*trifix varies the kinesthetic...



Hank Harrison....SLE-Ti 6w5 sp/so


Morton Downey Jr....SLE-Se 8w7 so/sp


04-13-2015, 08:28 AM
Ultimate Warrior....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sx


"I bet I'm the only guy that said no to doing your wife."

Apparently, Leather Hedger had sleeping troubles and anxiety and dealt with terrible mood swings. So do soldiers but they don’t self-destructively fuck up their lives. In fact, they don’t sleep, handle anxiety and mood swings while dealing with whether or not they might at any moment lose their life. And they do this all the while they are dangerously protecting the freedom of others to fuck up their own. By the way, how many 28 (or older or younger) year old soldiers met their death yesterday? It’s not easy to find out. None of them made the headlines of any news. By today’s standard, though, I do have to agree that he was a great father. Perhaps even greater then the father of the year, Hulk Hogan. After all, Leather Hedger did what it took to kill himself. His kid is without a father, yes, but the negative influence is now removed and his own child has the chance for a full recovery. Hogan, on the other hand, won’t go quite that far. He insists on sticking around to keep further ruining, and profiting off of, the parentally mismanaged lives of his own children. - See more at: http://www.ultimatewarrior.com/blog/?p=33#sthash.zmvKxmXB.dpuf

"Destrucity (http://books.google.com/books?id=50EU6leHbLoC&pg=PA79&lpg=PA79&dq=%22ultimate+warrior%22+%2B+destrucity&source=bl&ots=BLkq5Lwa3n&sig=JTFNtL24_EnutVzlaK4i3dUeFXc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=vHorVfTFCca7ogTTwoHYDQ&ved=0CDYQ6AEwBDgK#v=onepage&q=%22ultimate%20warrior%22%20%2B%20destrucity&f=false): In its design, Destrucity represents a constellation existing in the heavens which symbolizes the "Eight Disciplines" by which Warriors choose to live their lives. Brought to existence by the destinies of those willing to die for their Beliefs, brought to exist as a place where people live by Belief in the evolution of their Higher Selves -- constantly evolving toward a completion of their chosen destiny -- all with strength in the denial of "System Beliefs" -- the very Beliefs that amplify differences in and create rights, wrongs, judgments, and opinions of people, places, and things."

04-13-2015, 05:03 PM
Anton Lavey....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp

http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/001/7/b/anton_lavey_satanist_and_founder_church_of_satan_b y_rabidcrow-d5q2g4m.jpg


“Stupidity—The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.”

“It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.”

“Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs - Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!”

“I break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness.”

“There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy!”

“The other exception to the rule regards dealings with masochists. A masochist derives pleasure from being hurt; so denying the masochist his pleasure through-pain hurts him just as much as actual physical pain hurts the non masochist. The story of the truly cruel sadist illustrates this point: The masochist says to the sadist, "beat me." To which the merciless sadist replies, "NO!" If a person wants to be hurt and enjoys suffering, then there is no reason not to indulge him in his

“If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.”



04-16-2015, 05:03 AM
Pink....SLE-Se 8w7 sx/so

here are sx/so irises:


here are those same irises in brown...joan rivers is SEE sx/so 7w8


elliphant...sx/so 8w7 SLE-Se....her irises are also sx/so. same as courtney love and pink.




04-16-2015, 03:11 PM
Hodgetwins: SLE 7w8 sp/so (Rerouted to LSE)

These are not sx/so irises:


those are sp/so irises. russell hantz is LIE 7w8 sp/so. he has a similar sp/so iris.


this picture better highlights the similarity.


the color is basic....not spotted and grainy. the limbal rings are not prominent. the pupils aren't too dark and barely enlarge (in all the pictures).

charles barkley is sle 7w8 sp/so. hodgetwins are too. they have the same kinesthetic.



frank sinatra is sle 8w7 sx/so...the vibe is much different....heavier. appears to take himself/things more seriously. it's quite obvious they aren't the same type.


Moonbeaux Rainfox
04-16-2015, 05:26 PM
J. Edgar Hoover (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Edgar_Hoover) ISTj


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtcjMYYbLdc (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtcjMYYbLdc) [Pictures (https://www.google.com/search?q=j.+edgar+hoover&biw=1366&bih=667&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=PvAvVbuxA6TdsASUjICQAQ&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ)]

John Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Director_of_the_Federal_Bureau_of_Investigation) (FBI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Bureau_of_Investigation)) of the United States. Appointed director of the Bureau of Investigation—predecessor to the FBI—in 1924, he was instrumental in founding the FBI in 1935, where he remained director until his death in 1972 at age 77. Late in life and after his death Hoover became a controversial figure, as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface. He was found to have exceeded the jurisdiction of the FBI and have used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders, and to collect evidence using illegal methods. Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten sitting Presidents (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/President_of_the_United_States).

04-16-2015, 05:37 PM
I'm afraid those Hodgetwins are fairly sx/so ...Gamma Se base imo.
but uhm I haven't watched anything, just by 1st impression and vibe.

is anyone jealous or smth

04-16-2015, 05:54 PM
Frank Sinatra is so/sx btw

04-16-2015, 06:00 PM
Kill4Me can you develop more about your irises theory?

04-16-2015, 06:27 PM
I don't think you understand how his mind works: visually and mathematically.

that said measure the iris/spots/freckles/whatever the fuck else in the eyes and ignore all other data ...or heaven forbid, some holistic personality of ppl. what do they say. what do they do. what do they like. do they talk about relationships/one-on-one bs most of all or about the history of geology. what does their bio look like. it doesn't matter.

also he's coming from a very non-Sx vantage point ..he seems to completely disregard the energy ppl project and fixates only on that iris thing.

04-17-2015, 05:11 PM
Courtney Love....SLE-Se sx/so 8w7


some template markers for her enneagram type:

the voice is gutty....its coming from deeper in the gut. like sinatra.
kinesthetic is naturally assertive....
the body is loose, relaxed....has an animalistic quality.
assertive types are assertive in a relaxed state (they don't have to be emotionally psyched up to assert themselves).
she doesn't have a tense, worried look on her face..
she relishes in her badness. she has a bull in the china shop quality.
she's not trying to pump energy into the environment like 7w8s do...that's another good distinction between the hodgetwins and 8w7s...her energy is 'weightier,' 'heavier'

for her socionics:

her cognition is Se-dom as can be seen in that interview....she's grasping qualia in almost every perception.

this below quote highlights one instance of qualia-grasping (mixed in with the 8w7's relishing in one's own badness, villainy).

"he was like, why do you get so controversial? rock n roll is like a comic book and i'm sorta like....in batman...i might be the joker's daughter"

for her stacking:

she has an ability to shape shift (sx/so = playing parts, assuming a more attractive form...3ish)
sx/so types are capable of any behavior due to the ciphonous, merging abilities of the sx-instinct....
she's a big exhibitionist....she's always 'on.'
enneagram type is your cock....stacking is the condom on your cock...
every now and then her condom slips off....love goes on tirades and gets obsessed with trying to tear people down (a good point of distinction from Madonna).

Simorangkir claims that Love falsely accused her of lying, stealing, dealing drugs, assault, prostitution, and losing custody of her child, among other things.


04-18-2015, 01:04 PM
enneagram type is your cock....stacking is the condom on your cock...
every now and then her condom slips off.



04-18-2015, 03:54 PM
What is the difference between your irises and maritsa's chins?

04-18-2015, 04:14 PM
John Gotti....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp


all 8w7s have an sp cast....the soc-8's anti-fatherness shows up in Gotti's punitive hatred for Castellano...

SLE picks up on the qualia that makes Gotti's case to other mafioso for getting rid of Castellano....Ti subtype augments the 7 wing's planning ability.

in a sense Gotti ended up destroying the mafia....it almost perfectly reflects the thrust of soc-8.

Gotti is similar to Blanco. "Killing the competition" was a major theme in their rises to power.

in the criminal world, that gets done with bullets. by less neanderthal means in the non-criminal.

the natural archiving abilities so/sp types have is an easy way to distinguish so/sp from sp/so, and most definitely sp/sx.

04-18-2015, 04:42 PM
Jesus according to the last posts in this thread, SLEs are either criminals or mentally disturbed jocks. Wtf.

04-18-2015, 06:12 PM
Whitey Bulger....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp





like gotti....his own self-assumed, self-assured, then self-directed vision of himself as boss is what ultimately drives the action.

he exploits a gang in youth.

he rises to become boss of the city.

he has an uncanny social relational intelligence.

He is highly persuasive.

He bucks the status quo.

He kills the competition.

he has more Napoleonic inflation than Gotti....Napoleon/Vlad/Alexander the Great/Mussolini were 8w7-5w6-4w3...Bulger/Stalin/Kulinski/Blanco are 8w7-5w6-3w4.

Blanco was the Stalin of Drugs. Gotti is a 6 fixer. 6 fixers are a little more human...the 5 fix is a power-oriented fix.

with soc853 and 854, they're always going to be engaged in battles to build/expand their empires....there's not going to be that reflex for human things (baseball games, beaches, parties, etc).

the ambition is much too big.

04-19-2015, 12:00 AM
Jesse James Hollywood....SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-3w4 so/sp





Some 8 markers:

*relishes in his own badness...identification with outlaw
*too focused for a 7w8
*no hesitations about being the tallest poppy
*not backing down in the beef with ben markowitz.
*having to even the score....upping the ante (vindictive self-assertion)
*naturally persuasive...has an easy time convincing others to break the "law."
*getting others to kill for him rather than kill himself...any type can kill by themselves. it's more the mind that is aggressive in 8 than just the behavior.

Some social first markers:

*all 8w7s have an sp-cast....how they go about making money will vary with the stacking.
*in his case its through being the chief of a social group/gang....as ringleader....dealing drugs doesn't require an astute business sense.
*the social instinct overlays the core type with an orientation towards group dynamics (that applies to any type that is social first)

After the party, members of Jesse's gang allowed Nicholas to believe that he would soon be freed. Instead, Hollywood called Ryan Hoyt, a crew-member of Jesse's gang who was $200 in debt to him,[3] to "take care of" Nicholas, giving him a TEC-9 semi-automatic firearm. The decision was made to commit the murder in the Santa Ynez Mountains, close to West Camino Cielo Road, north of Goleta, California.

His coach would later describe him as an "emotional kid" who was later expelled for erupting into a violent fit of rage at one of his teachers near the end of his sophomore year.

He recruited his former high school friends William Skidmore, Brian Affronti, Benjamin Markowitz, and Jesse Rugge to dispense narcotics for him and build up a profitable illicit drug operation.

04-19-2015, 03:58 PM
Joey Merlino....SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-3w4 so/sp





George Anastasia said, "He had been picked up on a drunken driving charge in Margate, New Jersey. Merlino, who often drank more than he could handle, tried to bribe the police officer who brought him a Breathalyzer test. He offered $400 in cash and his gold watch. Merlino made his offer while he was in the police station. The cops got it all on videotape."

Joseph Merlino has been described as a particularly vicious person, obsessed with his own public image, and another version of New York's John Gotti.

he was known to beat up people, rob people, and start fights in clubs.

According to mobster Ralph Natale, he and Merlino began plotting to take over the Philadelphia crime family while they were cellmates in a federal penitentiary in 1990. Natale named Steven Mazzone, George Borgesi and Martin Angelina (an opponent of Nicky Scarfo, Jr.), all Merlino associates, as co-conspirators in the take-over plan

When John Stanfa emerged as the new leader of the Philadelphia family, an all-out war broke out between Stanfa and the so-called "Young Turks" led by Merlino.


When Merlino left court today, with an escort, reporters wanted to know about his return to Philadelphia.
“I miss the Mummers’ Parade,” Merlino replied.
Said one reporter, “The US attorney says you’re still an active member of the mob.”
“The guy’s mental,” Merlino responded immediately.
Merlino kept moving and, when asked if authorities are picking on him, responded with his own question: “What do you think?”



05-04-2015, 09:58 AM
Ti-SLE So/Sp


05-04-2015, 10:01 AM


05-06-2015, 02:51 AM
Larry Flynt...SLE-Ti 8w7-5w4-3w4 so/sp



-animalistic kinesthetic. assertive, coming forward in energy to take charge of the proceedings at one point. for the most part, loose, relaxed, in motion.
-pitch is coming from deeper in the gut....
-he's boldly cynical. ("bold cynic" is a phrase naranjo uses to describe type eight, and what naranjo elaborates of it makes flynt its poster boy)
-he's using accusations/verbal denigrations against Falwell as a way to dominate/possess the environment....he's not just representing his position as the most logical/rational, nor putting it out there for rational discourse, but is tearing Falwell down and seeks to dominate the mind of the interviewer (Lust = siphoning intensity out of the environment...it's a little different from the 7w8's pumping energy into the environment). That's the core kinesthetic....the words are just window dressing.
-clearly relishing in his badness throughout the deposition and the qualia his Se picks up on is also slanted towards that 8 relishing.

socionics (Cognition):

almost everything he says in the deposition is raw Se....no Ti whatsoever.

here's a couple examples:

"Have you ever lived in dayton, ohio?"
"No, I was hatched in Dayton, Ohio"

"When you say natural son are you using that in the 19th century term?"
"No I'm using it meaning he came out of my cock."

"individual liberty is something I'd like to do right now....take a shit right on top of your head."

that's pure qualia grasping...

he is most definitely a negativist (SLE > SEE). . His work product....hustler magazine...is Ti infused with Se.


-so/sp archiving instinct....often referencing the archives ("check the document").

-lots of anti-fatherness....he's picking fights with religious leaders and the supreme court. He expresses violence and contempt for the bible and religion. A very good example for soc 8w7...what paul castellano was to Gotti, jerry falwell was to flynt.

interviewer: "and wasn't one of your objectives to destroy that integrity, or harm it if you could?"
flynt: "to assassinate it."

-the way he says "yes" at 4:33 is hardcore so/sp. the 'yes' has a cherubic quality that keeps the so/sp merry-go-round in full motion. the cherubic "yes" and angelic smiles throughout the deposition gives flynt's vindictive self-assertion a social lubricant.

the social antisocial

05-09-2015, 12:08 AM
Althea Flynt....SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-3w4 sx/sp



05-09-2015, 05:08 AM
Hey everyone, here are some stereotypical beta types!! Discuss!! Enjoy!!



SLE 3w2 sp/sx

Female ESTP


SLE 6w5 sp/so...alternatively, SEE

05-09-2015, 05:15 AM
The Old Man from Pawn Stars - SLE


LSI 9w8 so/sp

05-09-2015, 05:46 AM
Filip Hammar (right; SLE-Ti)
two Swedish writers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filip_Hammar_and_Fredrik_Wikingsson), television hosts and journalists


ILE 7w8 so/sx

Chelsea Handler (SLE-Ti so/sp 7)


ILE sp/so 3w2

05-09-2015, 06:16 AM
These are my hunches:

SLE: Danny Brown ENFp 6w7 sp/sx, James Deen EIE 3w4 so/sx, Charley Boorman(?) EIE 7w8 so/sx, Jenna Marbles ILE 8w9 so/sx


05-09-2015, 06:27 AM


LSE 7w6 so/sp

05-09-2015, 07:02 AM
male SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/mesta/index.html
female SLEs: http://ru.laser.ru/gallery/westa/index.html

Zhukov: SLE 8w9 so/sp
Arnold: LSE 3w2 so/sp
Blavatsky: EIE 8w9 sx/sp

05-09-2015, 07:19 AM
Henry Kravis (SLE-Ti so/sp)


LSE 8w9 sp/so

05-09-2015, 08:30 AM
Kevin Spacey – SLE

Some sorta NF.

Shaun Smith: SLE-Ti so/sp


LSE-Si 7w8 sp/sx

Summer - SLE-Ti sx/so.


LSE-Si 8w7 sx/sp


Eduard Basurin (photos (https://www.google.com/search?q=%D1%8D%D0%B4%D1%83%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%B4+%D0% B1%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%83%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%BD&source=lnms&tbm=isch)) - SLE-Ti so/sp 6w5 - commander of the Donetsk People's Republic militia, the Eastern Ukranian forces that are currently fighting for their independence against Ukranian army


Moonbeaux Rainfox
05-09-2015, 08:53 AM
Eva Green (https://www.google.com/search?q=eva+green&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=667&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=QqhlVaKoEeixygOJ4YCYBg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ) Ni-IEI sp/sx. Edit: E4

"She is so beautiful, it's indecent." - Bernardo Bertolucci on Eva Green
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZDW9BkweHQ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZDW9BkweHQ)

I am a very shy person in life, very reserved, but you know, it's Bertolucci. I've seen Last Tango and it's not pornographic, it's not vulgar, it's not sick, so I trusted him. He's a master of love and eroticism, but it's good because I stopped being self-conscious. I felt like I was on drugs or anaesthetised because you have to be. You have to let yourself slip away and forget everything, forget the sound guy and all that.
When I’m at home in London, I walk all the way through the centre, through Regent’s Park. I love going to the cinema and I love reading. It’s very boring really – I’m not somebody who goes out to clubs and things like that. I wear no make-up in real life. I’m very simple. I wear jeans and T-shirts. That may be why I go over the top for the red carpet. But otherwise, I’m very plain. I am really in my own bubble.
I’m not that confident in real life, so sometimes I’m drawn to playing strong women because I wish I could be like this in reality. Like if somebody annoys me, I wish I could say: ‘Off with his head!’ In general, I am very scared, so it’s kind of a dream to be so ballsy on-screen, even to be rude and evil. In reality, I’m really quite an introvert. It's a way to exteriorize all my shit. To scream and cry and laugh on-screen, it's almost like black magic. You can do anything. I'm a dreamer, so that's a good job for me. Onstage is the only place I can fully express myself.

Eva loved to entertain us with a lot of funny expressions. On one of these occasions, while we were shooting a scene on a counter, took the soda siphon and sprayed everywhere … .she definitely relaxed the set!

For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I'm not working, I'm always living in my own world, imagining characters.

“I’m so boring,” Green tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “I’m such a homebody. I’m not into going to parties because I never really feel comfortable. I’m a bear who lives in a cave.”

A self-described introvert – who says she took up acting to help with her acute shyness – the embrace of the coastline of Dublin Bay comforts her.

I hardly ever go to parties. If I really have to, I’ll go, but I’m not the most open person, which is sometimes not the best quality.

I'm not really involved with politics... I'm living in my cocoon with my classical music around.

It's true that I'm drawn to unusual stories. Normal roles don't really attract me.

I’m not into social media. I’m like from another century.

I am a dreamer. Seriously, I’m living on another planet.

People think I'm so strong, but I'm very shy.

05-09-2015, 09:05 AM
You chose her most innocent pic. I think she's Se ego, probably ESI .... reminds me of sevjenn as vibes

Moonbeaux Rainfox
05-09-2015, 09:23 AM
I was going Se- suggestive for her, because of videos/interviews. It's really a recurring thing she says about herself. I think she is putting herself out there, challenging herself, but ultimately she sees it as a weakness, an area where she is not very confident and that she wants to develop. Example:

she, the very private person, who said she lives “like a granny” and deplored sometimes for staying “the child who does not always know what to do with her body.

She is also more Fe than Fi for me. Influencing emotional atmosphere, making faces, expressiveness, etc. You can see it in a lot of quotes and interviews and in her movie roles. She often plays characters that are a bit over the top. It's not contained, controlled. More expressive, flowing out. She is not too stiff in interviews. Her emotionality and overall quality is more 'flowing'.

05-14-2015, 06:18 AM
Diana Vreeland - EIE


05-27-2015, 10:00 PM
RSDtodd....EIE 3w4 so/sp...3w4-6w5-8w7


"RSD Todd @RSDTodd · May 17
I'm just here to start a pickup revolution"


"Growing up, I was always super polite and proper... to the point of being unassertive in general. I had a ton of empathy and compassion and I never wanted to impose on anyone or give them a negative experience. I needed to have some positive interactions and positive feedback to show me that I was actually offering value when I talked to strangers. And to be fair, I needed some feedback to convince me that hot women, in general, were nice."


05-30-2015, 11:04 AM


The most Beta guys in this entire thread so far.

SLE-Se, 8w7 Sx/Sp.

"Sexual/Self-pres 8
This subtype is very charismatic. They have a very assertive energy and they demand attention. The lust of the Eight combines with the sexual instinct to make one of the most fiery of the combinations of all of the enneatypes, especially if Seven is the dominant wing. Sexual/self-pres Eights aren’t afraid to tell you what they think. The “can do” attitude that the other subtypes have is now intertwined with an outward passionate storm of energy. The sexual/self-pres Eight will be similar to the self-pres/sex Eight with respect to interests and attachment to close friends and family, but the intensity level is augmented. Since the sexual instinct is first, these Eights usually don’t let an opportunity pass by to connect with those they find interesting. They can sense the power in any situation and they like to challenge people. They can enjoy making others react to them, keeping others on their toes, to find out what makes them tick. They are likely to use humor to accomplish this. When sex/self-pres Eights are unbalanced, they are very quick to anger and have a difficult time controlling their impulses."

05-30-2015, 11:51 AM
The most Beta guys in this entire thread so far.

SLE-Se, 8w7 Sx/Sp.

are you kidding.

do you really think 2 such folks have exactly the same E-type and stack lol,

05-30-2015, 12:00 PM


SLE woman.

05-30-2015, 12:02 PM

Fight between two SLE women.

06-02-2015, 09:59 AM
Julia Merfeld....SLE 8w7 sx/so



06-03-2015, 12:36 AM
Sir Alex Ferguson. LSI-Se Enneagram Soc/Sp.


06-03-2015, 07:30 PM
Marlen Brando SLE. He's still sexy, even as an old fart.


I love the SLE "thinking" furrowed brows.

After a lot of contemplation, I have come to the conclusion he must be SEE-Fi, 7w6 Sx/So. His activism concerning the Indians etc. was simply too much connected to Fi valuing for him to have Fi PoLR.

06-06-2015, 09:50 AM
Travie Williams – SLE



Describing an IEI, basically.


06-07-2015, 09:12 PM
Pablo Escobar...SLE-Se 8w7-3w2-7w8 so/sp


Aristotle Onassis....SLE-Ti 8w7-3w4-7w8 sp/so LIE


Maria Callas...IEI 4w3


Sasha Grey...IEI 3w4 sx/sp SLE



Adam Strange
06-08-2015, 01:37 AM
After a lot of contemplation, I have come to the conclusion he must be SEE-Fi, 7w6 Sx/So. His activism concerning the Indians etc. was simply too much connected to Fi valuing for him to have Fi PoLR.

It was my understanding that Brando's activism concerning the Indians was at least partially selfish. He owned land that had deferred taxes on it, and a few days before the taxes were due (after ten years of ownership), he gave the land to the Indians. But my memory of this may be faulty.
More telling was the fact that he always gave me the impression of wanting to be loved (HA-Fe), rather than wanting to know (HA-Te).

And, Kill4Me, Sasha Grey IEI? Are you out of your mind? Look at that face! That is not the face of a sexual Victim. Nor is it remotely like the faces of any of the ten IEI's I know.

06-08-2015, 09:05 AM
It was my understanding that Brando's activism concerning the Indians was at least partially selfish. He owned land that had deferred taxes on it, and a few days before the taxes were due (after ten years of ownership), he gave the land to the Indians. But my memory of this may be faulty.
More telling was the fact that he always gave me the impression of wanting to be loved (HA-Fe), rather than wanting to know (HA-Te).

Sounds pretty Fi.

http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l517/HattersMadGirl/tumblr_lmpwypAv8y1qcaefmo1_r1_500.png (http://s1121.photobucket.com/user/HattersMadGirl/media/tumblr_lmpwypAv8y1qcaefmo1_r1_500.png.html)

06-08-2015, 09:06 AM
And, Kill4Me, Sasha Grey IEI? Are you out of your mind? Look at that face! That is not the face of a sexual Victim. Nor is it remotely like the faces of any of the ten IEI's I know.

"Face of a sexual Victim" – what does that look like? :p But yes, she looks rather like an Se ego type.
And... 10 IEIs? Wow. In real life?

06-08-2015, 11:39 AM
i know at least 2 SLE's who are strikingly similar to marlon brando in looks (and i don't mean physical attributes, but his whole physicalness/ facial expressions) and attitude. i think his activism is maybe related to NiFe (seeking) ..

e.g. that quote is clearly Ni (Fe) valuing for me ...

"I don't see anybody as evil. When you start seeing people as evil, you're in trouble. The thing that's going to save us is understanding. The inspection of the mind of Eichmann [Adolf Eichmann] or Himmler [Heinrich Himmler] . . . Just to dispense with them as evil is not enough, because it doesn't bring you understanding. You have to see them for what they are. You have to examine John Wayne. He's not a bad person. Who among us is going to say he's a bad man? He feels justified for what he does. The damage that he does he doesn't consider damage, he thinks it's an honest presentation of the facts."

When I lie on the beach there naked, which I do sometimes, and I feel the wind coming over me and I see the stars up above and I am looking into this very deep, indescribable night, it is something that escapes my vocabulary to describe. Then I think: 'God, I have no importance. Whatever I do or don't do, or what anybody does, is not more important than the grains of sand that I am lying on, or the coconut that I am using for my pillow.' So I really don't think in the long sense.

Adam Strange
06-08-2015, 03:32 PM
"Face of a sexual Victim" – what does that look like? :p But yes, she looks rather like an Se ego type.
And... 10 IEIs? Wow. In real life?

Face of a sexual Victim - Usually, she has a haughty look about her, like she can never be taken by anyone, but also slightly warm and very intelligent. When she decides to surrender, her face smooths out and her eyes grow large. Sasha Grey has none of that.
Actually, rereading that description, it is probably not general, but rather is more specific to IEI's.

Yes, ten IEI's in real life. I know a lot of people, and for one strange reason, I'm attracted to IEI's. I know them very well, I know what they like and don't like, I know how they work and what they need, I like and admire them, and can recognize them easily. I'm also outgoing enough to approach them anywhere, and we are similar enough to form an easy connection after we meet. But I am not a normal LIE. I fell in love with my IEI aunt when I was small, and constantly played with my IEI cousin growing up, so I know what to do and what not to do around IEI's. I am a wolf raised by cats, so while we are very different, we usually play well together.

06-08-2015, 07:16 PM
"Face of a sexual Victim" – what does that look like? :p But yes, she looks rather like an Se ego type.
And... 10 IEIs? Wow. In real life?
I doubt his typing skills here. I might know only 1 IEI apart myself, who is likely e9. IEIs are not like mushrooms, they don't grow everytime it's raining outdoors.

06-08-2015, 07:24 PM
I might know only 1 IEI apart myself, who is likely e9. IEIs are not like mushrooms, they don't grow everytime it's raining outdoors.

Ha, same here! I also know of one girl who just might be an IEI Type 9... but I am not exactly sure, haha. Other than that, I don't know any IEIs IRL, at least not personally/closely.

06-08-2015, 08:49 PM
i know a lot of IEIs too. probably way more than 10, but some of them i have only met once or never really talked to or they are just part of a wider social circle (<-it's incredibly difficult to get to know them closely, no one of us makes the effort .. ) from my experience, IEIs are not that rare. at the beginning i thought so too because i was incredibly bad at identifying identicals, but now it's easy for me to identify them. especially e4s are very easy to spot for me, e9s are a bit harder.

Adam Strange
06-08-2015, 09:12 PM
I doubt his typing skills here. I might know only 1 IEI apart myself, who is likely e9. IEIs are not like mushrooms, they don't grow everytime it's raining outdoors.

I'm not hurt if you doubt my typing skills, and I understand why you would feel that way. IEI's are very rare, and you have to know what to look for, and it sometimes takes several meetings (although not always) for me to type them. In fact, I'm not very good at typing people in general, except for a few types. Those types are basically people whom I've been exposed to for many years. Or slept with, since that brings a lot of information forward in a short time. It also helps that I am very, ...very...good at analysis.

Just as you, yourself cannot always explain why you know something, but you are sure that you know it, so too can I recognize IEI's, but I can't really summarize all the subtle clues that give them away. Suffice it to say that I have typed people as IEI's, then, when I got to know them well enough to ask them to take a Socionics test, they always typed as IEI's.

The types I can pretty consistently recognize, if I can talk to them for a few minutes, are LIE's, IEI's, ILI's, LSI's, LSE's, SLI's, IEE"s, LII's, and to a lesser extent, SLE's, ESI's, and ILE's. But I need to talk to them for a while. My typing is based on microexpressions and conversations and watching them move and interact with me.

Sometimes it is just a guess. When I first met the IEI I'm seeing now, I told her to take the test, and when she did, I asked her if she typed IEI. She said she did, but she could have typed as many other types. I told her that means she's IEI. And in the year since then, she has only confirmed IEI.

They're not as hard to find as you might think, if you meet a lot of people and know what you're looking for. It is like looking for gold. It's out there, if you know how to find it.

06-08-2015, 09:19 PM
I'm not hurt if you doubt my typing skills, and I understand why you would feel that way. IEI's are very rare, and you have to know what to look for, and it sometimes takes several meetings (although not always) for me to type them. In fact, I'm not very good at typing people in general, except for a few types. Those types are basically people whom I've been exposed to for many years. Or slept with, since that brings a lot of information forward in a short time. It also helps that I am very, ...very...good at analysis.

Just as you, yourself cannot always explain why you know something, but you are sure that you know it, so too can I recognize IEI's, but I can't really summarize all the subtle clues that give them away. Suffice it to say that I have typed people as IEI's, then, when I got to know them well enough to ask them to take a Socionics test, they always typed as IEI's.

The types I can pretty consistently recognize, if I can talk to them for a few minutes, are LIE's, IEI's, ILI's, LSI's, LSE's, SLI's, IEE"s, LII's, and to a lesser extent, SLE's, ESI's, and ILE's. But I need to talk to them for a while. My typing is based on microexpressions and conversations and watching them move and interact with me.

Sometimes it is just a guess. When I first met the IEI I'm seeing now, I told her to take the test, and when she did, I asked her if she typed IEI. She said she did, but she could have typed as many other types. I told her that means she's IEI. And in the year since then, she has only confirmed IEI.

They're not as hard to find as you might think, if you meet a lot of people and know what you're looking for. It is like looking for gold. It's out there, if you know how to find it.
All I see is that you talk a lot.

Adam Strange
06-09-2015, 12:36 AM
All I see is that you talk a lot.

Tru dat. ;) When I talk, I talk a lot.

06-09-2015, 01:05 AM
Some of these are wrong, haven't read the whole thread but from the most recent posts, Michelle Rodriguez is SEE, Marlon Brando is IEI, use to think Sasha Grey was ILE but she could be SLE not sure yet.

06-12-2015, 03:55 AM
Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill - IEI probably.
Wait that's a fictional character though. For real people, the guy from Bfvsgf/Prankvsprank on Youtube is an obvious ESTp/SLE. He was also in the Marines and used to sell cars which is such a typical ESTp profession. I don't think his girlfriend in the videos with him is Beta though.



06-13-2015, 01:17 PM
Lucky Luciano...SLE-Ti 8w7-2w1-3w4 so/sp





06-13-2015, 03:24 PM
Manuel Noriega...SLE-Se 8w7 so/sp



SLE-Se 8w7 so/sp: Joey Merlino, John Gotti, Pablo Escobar, Nancy Grace, Manuel Noriega
SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp: Idi Amin, Griselda Blanco, Mussolini, Anton Lavey, Lucky Luciano, Whitey Bulger

Beautiful sky
06-13-2015, 04:45 PM
The invention of lying movie with Rick Gervaise

06-13-2015, 08:09 PM
In his younger pics, Noriega could be the identical twin of this guy I lived with when I was 19. He was a lot older than me and born in Nicaragua. They had similar interests. I never thought about that guy being SLE until now. We used to fight over how much I slept and how he couldn't keep it in his pants. My friends would tell me he was ugly but that didn't stop a couple of them from hooking up with him. ugh... he had charisma. That is the only thing that can explain my complete infatuation with him. Looking back I definitely get that, "what was I thinking?" feeling.

06-16-2015, 06:05 AM
Valentina Petrenko - EIE-Ni sp/so - politician representing the republic of Cherkasia of northern Caucasus.




06-16-2015, 03:50 PM
Tony Spilotro....SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-3w4 so/sp




06-19-2015, 05:59 PM
No wonder I've always weirdly liked Donald Trump hahahaha.. something about him was hilarious and felt familiar.

06-19-2015, 07:00 PM
Lol Trump is that kind of SLE who reeks of needing IEI guidance, i.e. help with being less of an asshat

06-20-2015, 10:41 PM
Lol Trump is that kind of SLE who reeks of needing IEI guidance, i.e. help with being less of an asshat

90% of the SLE dudes I know are like this, thanks to a lifetime of coddling by society. Meh drinking some soymilk to balance out their hormones might do the trick as much as having an IEI in their life would.

Good fucking job, gender norms.

06-23-2015, 04:19 PM



06-23-2015, 11:24 PM
Randy Savage....SLE 8w7-6w7-4w3 so/sp





GG Allin....SLE 8w7-5w4-4w5 sx/sp





06-28-2015, 12:41 PM
Donald Trump....SLE 8w7 sp/so



06-30-2015, 10:01 PM
Nicky Barnes...SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-2w1 so/sp

http://api.ning.com/files/OzDMhDq3qD8LWqoBsbndqe3QuGoIF83mhAfd7a0JQWBdumEgq2 BxQtJNfM4OMyYFplpptrmfx5VhdgpK42WyfZjzyLfKc5SY/Barnes.jpg

"To deal more efficiently with other black gangsters, he created The Council, a seven-man organization modeled after the Italian mob families. The Council settled disputes, handled distribution problems and other drug-related issues".

"A New York Times article estimated Barnes purchased hundreds of tailor-made suits, Italian shoes, coats, and jewelry, which alone was valued at over $100 million"

"Barnes would often make pointless stops and go on high-speed chases with little purpose other than to aggravate those following him."

Wan Kuok-Koi....SLE-Ti 8w7-6w7-3w4 so/sp


"Broken Tooth Koi was known for his flamboyance, callousness, temperamental nature and his media hungry high-profile which gained him a reputation as a John Gotti type crime boss of the Far-East."

"He was soon making his presence felt imposing his rule with an iron fist and muscling in on the lucrative VIP rooms in the casinos. However his arrogant and brash style made him many enemies in rival Triads and within his own society. "

"Broken Tooth was soon disregarding his boss’s orders and he began flaunting himself as the real power within the Triad society."

"He even had a movie made about himself and his rise to power.

"He cruised around town with his entourage in powerful cars and dressed in expensive suits generally causing a stir wherever he went. He also gave big-headed interviews to the media boasting about his exploits"


07-02-2015, 02:01 PM
Evgeniya Blinova - INFP

07-03-2015, 12:19 AM
Valentina Petrenko - EIE-Ni sp/so - politician representing the republic of Cherkasia of northern Caucasus.




LMAO @ that hairstyle. She looks disgusting.

07-03-2015, 09:30 AM
Andrush Angelkovski - ENFJ

07-03-2015, 04:10 PM
Joaquin Guzman...SLE-Ti 8w7-7w8-3w4 so/sp



Dawood Ibrahim....SLE-Ti 8w7-7w8-3w4 so/sp



“If only I was there. They are my eyes. My people are my eyes, they are my mouth. They look at things and tell me what has to be done and what should not. I’m sitting here. From the entire world I receive information, and if that information itself is wrong then I’ll be misguided. The prime minister does not go to every street. People come and tell him what is happening and then he takes a decision."

“I’m not going to any court. I have a court of my own."

"I'm the judge of my own case."


07-03-2015, 08:21 PM
Donald Trump....SLE 8w7 sp/so
yeah, agree though so/sp might work better?

overall he fits the description of contra-flow stacks (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/133-Instinctual-Stackings) and so/sp better, imo. and compare to sp/so:

Contra-flow: sp → sx → so → sp
Stackings involved: sp/sx → sx/so → so/sp → sp/sx
Direction: Compelled against people. Seething belligerent outsiders; 'antisocial', provoking, reverse-flow change catalysts. In some profound sense, rejecting the human condition, their own and/or that of others.

sp/so - conserving, protecting, maintaining, preserving, supplying, repairing, sustaining, stewarding
so/sp - utilizing, employing, implementing, expending, exercising, spending, capitalizing, expropriating

Moonbeaux Rainfox
07-04-2015, 08:05 AM
Harry Bennett (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Bennett) SLE


[x (http://www.autonews.com/article/20030616/SUB/306160746/harry-bennett:-henry-fords-chief-thug-targets-uaw-later-threatens)] [x (http://www.salon.com/2014/06/01/henry_fords_reign_of_terror_greed_and_murder_in_de pression_era_detroit/)] [Pictures (https://www.google.com/search?q=harry+bennett+ford&sa=X&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ei=0Y2XVdvrMsz0Uq_qgCg&ved=0CCcQsAQ)]

Beneficiary to Henry Ford, an LIE. Ford was either Conflictor of Supervisor to his son Edsel Ford (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edsel_Ford).

Ford's wife Clara could have been his dual.

Harry Bennett (1892–1979), a former boxer and ex-Navy sailor, was an executive at Ford Motor Company (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Motor_Company) during the 1930s and 1940s. He was best known as the head of Ford’s Service Department, or Internal Security.While working for Ford, his union busting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_busting) tactics, of which The Battle of the Overpass (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Battle_of_the_Overpass) was a prime example, made him a foe of the United Auto Workers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Auto_Workers).

The red-haired, bowtie-wearing Bennett projected a tough-guy image despite his small stature. He carried guns and conducted target practice in his office in the basement of Ford's administration building. [...] "I got things done," Bennett told Lewis in 1973. "That's why Mr. Ford liked me."

07-04-2015, 02:17 PM
yeah, agree though so/sp might work better?

overall he fits the description of contra-flow stacks (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/133-Instinctual-Stackings) and so/sp better, imo. and compare to sp/so:

8w7 is an entirely aggressive personality type, so the default approach is an aggressive strategy: moving against. So expect some overlap with the reverse-flow descriptors (http://enneasite.com/the-stackings/). Lust is the passion of type 8. with sx/sp 8w7, for example, the circumstance where lust shows up in the most extreme form is in the lust to possess/enslave another. That hasn't been an achilles heel for Trump. With a sx/sp 8w7 like Phil Spector, however, that's not the case. Even though specter is a businessman like Trump (all 8w7s have an sp-ish cast), he's got that itch for controlling his significant others that Trump doesn't. Trump has never done anything remotely like handcuffing a girlfriend to the bed so that she couldn't leave the house. Trump will likely exert control in his relationships, but possessing another person in their entirety is not what gets his jollies off. It won't be the source of his unraveling. So the easiest way to distinguish between different stackings of 8w7 is to look for the achilles heel. It varies with each stack. For so/sp 8w7s it's "killing the competition" and "wiping out one's rivals". Al Capone is a prototype for that. For sp/so 8w7, it's "outdoing others." Trump has a more interesting story to tell. He's got a bigger building to build and a more outrageous thing to say. He's always mentioning that his apprentice show was number 1 in the ratings and that keeping score was the main thing that drove him.

with so/sp 8w7 the easiest way to parse out from sp/so 8w7 is to contrast how they get up to the top of the mountain. Capone didn't make his money so much from being a savvy businessman. It was his capacity for sabotaging competitors, both within his social circle and outside of it. He won power struggles within the organization and eventually became boss. He also eliminated competitors in the bootlegging industry. His business strategy was predatory, but his actual business savvy amounted to no more than jump on the bandwagon (selling booze). It was the part after that where he kicks off everybody else on the band-wagon where the flow thing comes to the surface. Capone wouldn't have been able to made the money he did without first joining a gang and then gaining power within that gang...that's where the social instinct's ability to adapt and network differs from sp. Trump, in comparison, would have never saw such a route as his key to getting what he wanted out of life. Trump largely got his way to the top through brokering savvy real estate deals. He is a natural promoter and was able to envision large scale projects that could be directly converted into profit (and losses, as well)...Capone didn't have the instincts to do what Trump did. And likewise, Trump probably wouldn't have the understanding that gave Capone the intelligence to rise from a low level soldier to boss. Trump is a tough businessman but not a genuine tough guy. Capone was a tough guy in spite of talking like a businessman, and Trump is a businessman in spite of talking like a tough guy.

It goes without mentioning that history sees many so/sp being assassinated or subject to assassination attempts. Mussolini courted numerous assassination attempts on his rise to political power. JFK and MLK were both so/sp. That Russian politician who was recently assassinated was so/sp. Larry Flynt was also the subject of an assassination attempt. Huey Long was assassinated. so/sp has the capacity to stir up that kind of hatred/strong reaction. Trump is stirring up a reaction but I wouldn't put it on that level. It's a different quality where Trump is more like a grumpy Archie Bunker. so/sp has a much easier time than sp/so drawing unwanted attention to themselves, and can sometimes turn themselves into a martyr for whatever their particular platform is. Trump is harder on the eyes, harder on the ears, and probably wouldn't draw much attention to himself if he didn't try so hard for it and wasn't a billionaire.

07-04-2015, 03:06 PM
Zhora - ESTP

07-08-2015, 06:43 PM
the crudeness and bluntness of this dude's writing seemed a lot like sx/sp so I checked his webpage and HOLY SHIT it's discojoe

Jim Goad - LSI-Ti sx/sp - http://www.jimgoad.net/index.shtml?pix

Adam Strange
07-09-2015, 03:56 AM
the crudeness and bluntness of this dude's writing seemed a lot like sx/sp so I checked his webpage and HOLY SHIT it's discojoe

Jim Goad - LSI-Ti sx/sp - http://www.jimgoad.net/index.shtml?pix

Thanks, Silke. That was hilarious. Not something I see every day.
However, I've got to ask you something.

Given the list of search terms that he lists on his webpage, exactly how did you find this guy? :content:

07-09-2015, 04:21 AM
Thanks, Silke. That was hilarious. Not something I see every day.
However, I've got to ask you something.

Given the list of search terms that he lists on his webpage, exactly how did you find this guy? :content:
I was looking up relationship research and blogs :halo: and not at all the voodoo sex pest in jail :shifty: :lol:

07-09-2015, 06:37 AM
Shania Twain, possible IEI?
At least these songs seem to suggest Beta NF of some sort...



Moonbeaux Rainfox
07-09-2015, 07:17 PM
Jim Goad - LSI-Ti sx/sp

I read some articles and wiki. I could see Fi-Polr. I'm not well versed with Reinin dichotomies, but he may be more of a Negativist than a Positivist. Vague impression of SLE.

[x (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Goad)] Around 1994 the couple moved to Portland, Oregon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portland,_Oregon) and Goad devoted his time to writing. Debbie would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ovarian_cancer) while Goad was dating ANSWER Me! groupie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groupie) Anne "Skye" Ryan. Goad described Ryan as "Sweet Dracula girl" and as being "...fifteen years younger than me and a thousand times more fucked-up." Goad and Ryan would have a physically abusive relationship, often beating one another up. They fought in public and were arrested and released. In November 1997, Debbie filed a restraining order against Goad, claiming he was beating her on a daily basis, eventually withdrawing it, stating she was "bullied into" filing it and was mad at Goad for having an affair with Ryan. Ryan eventually threatened to kill Goad, and he took out a restraining order (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restraining_order) against her. Goad and Debbie would divorce in 1997. In May 1998 the two had another confrontation with a fight in Goad's car outside of Portland. Goad left Ryan by the side of the road, fled to Washington (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_(state)), and was charged with assault and kidnapping (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kidnapping), totaling 25 years in prison. While Goad served 7 1/2 months of pretrial prison time, Ryan befriended a dying Debbie. The two heavily publicized their relationships with Goad, who would eventually cop a plea (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cop_a_plea). Ryan would go on to serve a couple of months in prison on her own unrelated assault charges. When asked if he had any remorse (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remorse) or guilt about beating Ryan, Goad said, "Absolutely not. I enjoyed it."


07-09-2015, 07:31 PM
I read some articles and wiki. I could see Fi-Polr. I'm not well versed with Reinin dichotomies, but he may be more of a Negativist than a Positivist. Vague impression of SLE.
He's all too self-propping and cocky for a negativist SLE, and steadfast in his tastes. These kind of cues are usually what distinguishes LSIs from SLEs - due to positivism, leading Ti (likely with a + sign), -Ne polr, and a few other things LSIs (especially male LSIs) are often all too sure and full of themselves, which gets them into a lot of trouble - but which is also what their negativist, forever wavering dual EIE needs.

07-13-2015, 01:29 AM
SLE-SE Robert Downey Jr

SLE-Ti David Bowie

IEI-Ni Christopher Walken

IEI-Fe Sophie Marceau

LSI-Ti Alan Rickman

LSI-Se Sting

EIE-Fe Charlize Theron

EIE-Ni Gary Oldman

07-15-2015, 01:30 PM
Keny Arkana....SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-4w3 so/sp

Arkana comes in through Mussolini:


07-15-2015, 02:20 PM
Robert Downey Jr - INFP
Sophie Marceau - ISTP
Alan Rickman - INTP
Gary Oldman - INFP

07-18-2015, 02:57 AM
Viktor Bout "Merchant of Death"...SLE-Ti 8w7-7w8-3w4 so/sp




"A former Soviet military translator,[6] Bout had reportedly made a significant amount of money through his multiple air transport companies,[7] which shipped cargo mostly in Africa and the Middle East during the 1990s and early 2000s.[8] As willing to work for Charles Taylor in Liberia as he was for the United Nations in Sudan and the United States in Iraq,[7][9] Bout may have facilitated huge arms shipments into various civil wars in Africa with his private air cargo fleets during the 1990s.[10]"

"former British Foreign Office minister Peter Hain called Bout a "sanctions buster"[7] and described him as "the principal conduit for planes and supply routes that take arms from east Europe, principally Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, to Liberia and Angola""

"Bout has lived in various countries, including Belgium,[54] Lebanon,[52] Rwanda,[25] Russia,[54] South Africa,[55] Syria,[37] and the United Arab Emirates."

"Bout's strategy of constantly moving location, owning numerous companies, and frequently re-registering aircraft[7][41] made it hard for authorities to make a case against him."

so/sp has a wider lens and global thrust….as a result its business exoskeleton takes on a more fragmented quality....rather than it being constructed through/into a singular unit…the growth spreads out more than it rises up….its more diffusive. They can end up at war with the state because of the way the business grows without regard for official lines of demarcation between one country and another, almost acts like a sovereign state in its own right, a law in itself, moving through tunnels, over land, operating independently of treaties, making more criss-crosses and zig-zags, that sp/so is too blind to see due to their having a ‘wall’ constructed between themselves and what’s over yonder. so/sp 8w7 is more outlawish, renegade, in that sense, than sp/so 8w7….the nucleus of their business has an elusive quality, not quite something you can point at definitively…the lines of communication aren’t straight so much as diagonal. they can seem to have an almost eerie socio-relational intelligence, that can’t be arrived at through business calculations so much as an innate "super antennae". drugs facilitate global reach. they are borderless, like weapons, alcohol....

SLE 8w7-7w8-3w4 vs SLE 8w7-5w6-3w4/4w3: 5w6 fixed 8w7 conquerors (like mussolini, napoleon, alexander the great) will impose their 'own' philosophical/legal/political doctrines onto a conquered territory….ex: napoleonic code. 873s (like chapo guzman, viktor bout, dawood ibrahim) won’t. They don't have that ’treatise’ in their back pocket ready to whip out after victory.

07-18-2015, 01:39 PM
George Bush-jr. "Unlawful retard of death, devastation and hunger in the Middle East" - ENFJ

07-19-2015, 12:39 PM
"Maradona then headbutted Sola, elbowed another Bilbao player in the face, and kneed another player in the head, knocking him out cold."

Diego Maradona....SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-3w2 so/sp

Maradona comes in through Viktor Bout





"Maradona got into frequent disputes with Barcelona FC executives, especially club president Josep Lluís Núńez, ""

"One Barcelona executive stated: "When I saw those scenes of Maradona fighting and the chaos that followed I realized we couldn't go any further with him."

"Maradona once fired a compressed-air rifle at reporters who he claimed were invading his privacy."

"Maradona used abusive language at the live post-game press conference, telling members of the media to "suck it and keep on sucking it"."

"There he protested George W. Bush's presence in Argentina, wearing a T-shirt labeled "STOP BUSH" (with the "s" in "Bush" being replaced with a swastika) and referring to Bush as "human garbage"."

"Maradona was famous for his cunning personality.[86]"

"A number of publications have referred to Maradona as the Artful Dodger, the urchin pickpocket expert from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist."


07-19-2015, 09:14 PM
Luis Felipe....SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-3w4 so/sp

enneagram: eyes
stacking: irises
socionics: cognition (and broader

Felipe comes in through elliphant as 8w7.



Felipe comes in through Angela Simpson as so/sp:



let's take a look:

"The leader of one of New York City's most notorious gangs, the Latin Kings, was convicted yesterday by a Federal jury on charges of orchestrating the murders and attempted murders of rivals from his prison cell in upstate New York."

that's the so/sp achilles heel

Another assistant United States attorney, Steven Cohen, sarcastically conceded that there was poetry in Mr. Felipe's letters. Mr. Cohen told the jury: ''One of the poems is 'Five alive, six must die.' Another is 'People popping, disciples dropping.' ''"

that sounds like Ni-seeking


He's an 8w7, so his only possible sociotypes are SLE, LSE, LIE, and ILE. SLE-Ti is the best fit.

07-21-2015, 03:46 PM
Grigori Rasputin...SLE-Se 8w7-5w4-4w5 sx/so

Rasputin comes in through GG Allin for 8w7 (gotta look close):



Rasputin then comes in through Courtney Love for sx/so:



let's take a look:

According to Fuhrmann a symbiotic relationship developed between the Tsarina and Rasputin, in which "each fed from the other".[172] According to Pierre Gilliard "her desires were interpreted by Rasputin, they seemed in her eyes to have the sanction and authority of a revelation."[173][wikipedia]

In 1905, friends introduced her and her husband to Rasputin. Neither priest nor monk, the uneducated peasant had already earned a repuation as a starets or spiritual teacher. He was also known as a healer and prophet. Did he provide relief to the young Tsarevich? His worst critics admit he did. He also helped the Tsarina deal with her unbearable guilt and suffering--but that help came at a price.


it's pretty clear that rasputin was on a similar 'track' as courtney love like two college students that sign up for the same classes. sx/so 8w7s tend to be star chasers or if stars in their own right gaining access to presidents and mob figures. the tsars are parallel to stars....and rasputin didn't gain access to them because he was shy. for rasputin, it was the tsarina whose mind he gained control over by keying in on her vulnerability (her sick son) and then making himself indispensable to assuaging her panic when the boy was sick....that's a psychologically aggressive tactic. indispensability comes through the 8s connection with type 2....in a nutshell, his strategy was to seduce...power through seduction is a designated marker for sx 8. For courtney love, it was kurt cobain that stirred up her lust, but also gave her access into the upper echelon of the rock n roll world. like the tsarina, cobain was a sorta shy, withdrawn person who nevertheless wielded an enormous amount of clout in the rock world. rasputin raised himself from a lowly peasant to russia's most haunting powerbroker through his domination of the tsarina. the same can be said of love's rise from a juvenile delinquent to a mover and shaker in the rock n roll world through her domination of cobain. Rasputin wasn't a musician. He was a 'faith healer", but that's a trivial difference. back in those days a faith healer was a rock star. naranjo mentions that 'conning and cynicism' is a core trait of type 8, and sle usually make good used car salesmen, so the fact that rasputin was actually able to convince bright people of his powers, not only points to their stupidity, but his gift for the con.

While fascinated by Rasputin in the beginning, the ruling class of St Petersburg began to turn against him as he had privileges no one else had, an easy access to the Imperial Family.

Kokovtsov offered Rasputin 200,000 rubles, equaling $100,000, when he would leave the capital. Rasputin had become one of the most hated people in Russia.

In November 1916, Vladimir Purishkevich, a conservative member of the Duma, Russia’s parliament, gave a speech in in which he spoke of spoke of the “filthy, depraved, corrupt peasant” the Tsarina all but worshipped. Rasputin was seen to be at the center of the ‘Dark Forces’ destroying the country.

In less than a month, Purishkevich joined with Prince Felix Yusopov, the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, and a few other conspirators. Together, they would plot the infamous and successful assassination of the starets.

Rasputin was viewed as a serious threat. He was felt to be an evil presence. He was systematically demonized hardly had he shown up. love has inspired a similar reaction. this makes for a key difference from type 9. while 9s can be demonized, it takes a longer time for others to see them as evil....whereas a sx8 can provoke that response in a much quicker time. the capacity to fascinate and capture the imagination is mentioned by naranjo as being a core marker for sx8. rasputin, like love, has certainly had this effect, for better or worse. however, because this type fascinates and seduces doesn't mean the type is a sweet-natured, goodie two shoed tutti frutti with a cherry on top self-proclaimed good person. not at all. seduction and fascination has to be viewed in light of the core traits of type 8. Naranjo lists and divides them as "lust, punitiveness, rebelliousness, dominance, insensitivity, conning and cynicism, exhibitionism, autonomy, and sensory-motor dominance", that's even before you get to sx, soc, and sp. so the sx8 is going to be a type that provokes a fascination, but nevertheless remains punitive, insensitive, cunning, rebellious, lusty, etc. i don't know of any better examples that infuse those elements than rasputin, gg allin, and love.

Rasputin's gifts were offset by his drinking and womanizing. Scandal was his constant companion. As his power grew, so did his faults, his behavior becoming increasingly outrageous. Nicholas ignored it—Alexandra denied it—but the scandal was always there. And the stink of it threatened the autocracy. Many believed there was more to the relationship between Alexandra and Rasputin than the sharing of spiritual comfort.

There's not only exhibitionism, but the sx8's antisocial tendency. and of course, to distinguish between sx/so 8w7 and 3w4 you would have to look at whether rasputin was in the reactive triad or not. with 3w4s pretty much everything they say has a competent feel about it.

this below part would indicate that Rasputin was a reactive triader:

In 1915, Rasputin tried to seduce a woman at the famous Yar restaurant in Moscow. When the lady refused his efforts a drunken, outraged Rasputin went berserk. He smashed the furniture and mirrors in the private dining room, shouting all the while about his relationship with the ‘old woman,’ the Tsarina, and bragging how he did “with her what I want!” He exposed himself and was finally dragged away by police, fighting and hollering the Tsar would protect him and threatening to get even. The event was witnessed--and publicized--by a journalist who was present.

courtney love went on a similar tirade against the etsy designer Dawn Simorangkir after the designer requested love pay her for some clothing. rasputin would be getting sued for libel and defamation on twitter, but in spite of the different eras love and rasputin are cut from the same cloth in their 'tearing down' people that don't do what they want. Rasputin is also not a young teenager when he flips out in 1915....8s, like all types, don't outgrow their fixation. In fact, the fixation becomes more fixated. Ted Nugent is an older 8w7. He's loaded. He's had fame, etc yet never misses a moment to verbally denigrate somebody. he's a master at infusing his rants with chains of insults. watch an interview of nugent in his younger years and you won't find him nearly as denigrating. you have the more recent example of an older 8w7 like Donald Trump. He recently denigrated John Mccain's war hero status and has managed to grab one head line after another through little more than his use of insults and accusations. Courtney Love has more twitter suits against her than Trump and she's sx/so. In comparison to Trump, Love's rants are crueler. Trump is more insulting and denigrating now than a younger trump in older interviews. The bottom line is that age doesn't diminish a type 8's fixation, nor any types. Each type's traits will remain a stable part of their personalities until they die, regardless of what they are doing in their life, and at any point. That's why when you have somebody self-typing as an 8w7 and they try to rectify their nice guyness and sensitivity towards the feelings of others with the reality of type 8 by saying they've 'seen the light' or have 'grown up' enough to gain a more mature perspective on their 'type 8 anger', know that person isn't an 8w7.

sx/so vs. sx/sp: a big difference between sx/so and sx/sp is in the people they typically experience chemistry for. social standing is a factor in who the sx/so experiences a sense of chemistry with, and not a factor in who the sx/sp experiences chemistry with. rasputin experienced strong chemistry with the tsarina. she had immense social standing. same for courtney love. she experienced her strongest chemistry with cobain. he had immense social standing, and just to drive home the difference, as sx/sp, cobain was not only oblivious to his fame but he also experienced a strong chemistry for courtney love, who was pretty low on the social totem pole. rasputin was also a noted shapeshifter. he was such a natural shapeshifter that the tsar and tsarina had trouble believing the stories about his debauchery and outrageous conduct. shapeshifting is the best marker for distinguishing between sx/so and sx/sp.

Brian Moynahan describes him as "a complex figure, intelligent, ambitious, idle, generous to a fault, spiritual, and – utterly – amoral." He was an unusual mix, a muzhik, prophet and [at the end of his life] a party-goer.

"To the nobles and Nicholas’s family members, Rasputin was a dual character who could go straight from praying for the royal family to the brothel [bathhouse] down the street."

since he's an 8w7, that narrows down the possibilities for his socionics type to SLE, LIE, LSE and ILE. SLE-Se is the best fit.

he's also an 854 prototype.

SLE-Ti 8w7-5w4-4w3: Larry Flynt
SLE-Ti 8w7-5w4-4w5: Anton Lavey
SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-3w4: Whitey Bulger, Luis Felipe
SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-2w1: Nicky Barnes, Lucky Luciano
SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-4w3: Napoleon, Vlad Tepes, Mussolini
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-4w3: Pancho Villa, Outlaw Jesse James
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-3w4: Tony Spilotro, Donald Trump, Griselda Blanco
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-2w1: Nancy Grace
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-2w3: Larissa Hodge
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w5-4w5: Morton Downey Jr
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w7-3w2: Idi Amin, Al Capone
SLE-Ti 8w7-6w7-4w3: Randy Savage
SLE-Ti 8w7-7w8-3w4: Viktor Bout, Chapo Guzman, Dawood Ibrahim, Aristotle Onassis

SLE-Se 8w7-5w4-4w3: GG Allin
SLE-Se 8w7-5w4-4w5: Grigori Rasputin
SLE-Se 8w7-5w6-4w3: Keny Arkana
SLE-Se 8w7-6w5-2w1: Ultimate Warrior
SLE-Se 8w7-6w5-2w3: Aileen Wuornos
SLE-Se 8w7-6w5-3w4: Temica Roshawn
SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-3w2: John Gotti, Joey Merlino, "Broken Tooth" Koi
SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-3w4: Althea Flynt, Jesse James Hollywood, Angela Simpson
SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-2w3: Diego Maradona
SLE-Se 8w7-7w6-2w3: Elliphant
SLE-Se 8w7-7w6-3w4: Courtney Love
SLE-Se 8w7-7w6-4w3: Brody Dalle
SLE-Se 8w7-7w6-3w2: Huey Long
SLE-Se 8w7-7w8-3w2: Pablo Escobar, Manuel Noriega
SLE-Se 8w7-7w8-3w4: Pink, Bugsy Siegel, John Dillinger

07-24-2015, 06:22 PM
If for Rasputin typing was used British propaganda and idiotic movies - it's stupid. :) By photo I'd suppose Fi type, - ISFJ mostly.

Theodore Roosevelt - ISTJ

07-26-2015, 06:23 PM
Matteo Denaro....SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-3w4 so/sp

Denaro comes into 8w7 through Rasputin:



Denaro comes into so/sp through Mussolini (simply match the irises):



Let's take a look:

"Messina Denaro is often portrayed as a ruthless playboy mafioso and womaniser, driving an expensive Porsche sports car and wearing a Rolex Daytona watch, Ray Ban sunglasses and fancy clothes from Giorgio Armani and Versace."

"He is an ardent player of computer games"

"Matteo has a reputation for fast living and allegedly killed a Sicilian hotel owner who accused him of taking young girls to bed."

"apparently reorganised the 20 Mafia families in Trapani into one single mandamento..."


"his cunning and the Robin Hood status many Sicilians have conferred on him."

the robin hood status would point to a 3w4 fix. both whitey bulger (8w7-5w6-3w4 so/sp) and chapo guzman (8w7-7w8-3w4 so/sp) cultivated a robin hood myth around themselves.

"It is the letter he wrote to a fellow godfather where he talks about the police and claims, 'These demented Torquemadas will never stop me.' The point is, the man believes he is in the right. He believes he is not a criminal."

sounds like the 8w7 sense of invincibility. he also regards himself as his own law...it's typical for sle so/sp 8w7 to frame the world/schools/police as having something wrong with them for wanting to get in the 8w7's way. something I wrote awhile back:

"I kicked this kid in the stomach. They told me it was wrong to do that and I got sent home for the day. It isn't wrong to me...the world was fucked. Still is."


8w7s aren't burdened by a sense of guilt, so they would never ever conclude that they were in the wrong for committing an action, say one the govt deems criminal (unless they were conning). joey merlino had told a reporter that the prosecutor was Mental, when asked about him.

"Seeing himself as philosopher, folk hero and serial seducer, Messina Denaro, 51, has apparently kept up his luxurious lifestyle and entertained a string of lovers after going on the run two decades ago."

note how close he is to JFK (so/sp 7w8)....once you get into the assertive triad (873), serial seduction is quite common (obviously). 3s otoh approach it from more of a 'game' perspective and 7w8s are sometimes the ones that lay down the rules of the game. Mystery's mystery method would make a good 7w8 description. 8w7s are the naturals....of all the enneagram passions lust is the one that makes getting laid pretty easy.

"Today, the man who famously claimed "I filled a cemetery all by myself". and took his nickname, Diabolik, from an uncatchable Italian comic book criminal, is wanted for more than 50 murders and has made top 10 lists of the world's most-wanted criminals."

he's got the 8w7 arrogance, that's for sure. arrogance is a good way to distinguish between 8w7 and 7w8.

Messina Denaro was also part of the gang that in 1993 snatched Giuseppe di Matteo, the 11-year-old son of a turncoat. They held the boy prisoner for more than two years to persuade his father not to give evidence, and eventually strangled him.

Though brutal, his use of aggression is mainly strategic. i'm not seeing any 6 fix reactivity.

"He is like Bin Laden," he said. "He has no direct contact with his group. Hi-tech equipment is of limited use: he won't use a cell phone or computer more than once, satellites cannot see a pizzino and a drone wouldn't be able to follow someone down narrow alleys. Bugging is hard when suspects talk on the beach, in olive groves or in cemeteries, but never indoors."

reread what i wrote a few posts ago about so/sp business style.

Messina Denaro declared that Catholicism left him cold. "I don't challenge death," he wrote, "I simply kick it in the head, because I have no fear of it."

here's some sle-ti 8w7 cognition....compare to what I wrote awhile back on regrets.

"I had a regret years ago. But I ripped it out of my memory like an old weed and it ain't been back since."


"It's not down to courage, it's because I have no love for life, and after life there is nothing."

the main defense mechanism of type 8 is denial. denial means denial of vulnerability/humanness...as a result that extends into a denial of 'love for life'. hence, the inner view of the 8w7 is more animalistic. SLE accounts more for animalistic behavior. Mike Tyson is SLE 6w7. he can behave animalistically but he has a very human view of himself. GG Allin was SLE 8w7. He behaved animalistically but also had a very non-human view of himself. 8w7s are the most out of touch with the human experience...giving them a more caricature like quality. that doesn't mean that, on some deeper, unconscious level, they don't experience it, but that the experience is filtered out through denial before the 8 is even conscious of it, and so it doesn't factor into their choices, actions, content of speech, nor kinesthetic. an 8w7, for example, would never experience feeling scared when they are in a rut, nor would an 8w9...if they do they're another type, usually a 6.

"What counts with Messina Denaro is his iron will and his huge ego," one investigator said. "Ultimately he doesn't care about his family, he doesn't even care about the mafia – all that matters to him is not being caught. For us to catch him, it's going to take a mistake on his part, or betrayal by one of his backers."

not giving a fuck like that is another instance of the 8 denial.

"To prove nothing would stop his romantic conquests, he murdered a hotel manager who had protested about his affair with an Austrian receptionist. But Messina Denaro also showed he was no soft touch with women. After he murdered a rival boss, he strangled the man's pregnant girlfriend."

Each 8w7 stack has its area of excess. With so/sp it tends to be "killing." how sublimated that killing is will vary with the level of health and type of business the person is in. "Killing the competition"....as denaro says he fills cemeteries. So didn't h1tler (so/sp) and Stalin (so/sp) fill cemeteries. so/sp is also no stranger to terrorism against the state. Bin Laden was also so/sp. But with 8w7 so/sp, they arrive at terrorism more through their own greed, materialism and self-interest. Take Pablo Escobar. Escobar bombed the judicial complex in his country when they threatened to extradite him to the United States and he also blew up a commercial jetliner, full of people. Toto Riina (so/sp 8w7) blew up cars with the country's prosecutors in them after the govt. started cracking down on the mafia. With 8w9 so/sp, killing furthers a political goal...with 1w9 so/sp, killing furthers an ideological goal....the achilles heel is similar across the board for so/sp, but the enneagram type/wing tweaks the way in which they end up there.

8w7-5w6-3w4 is the most cold and ruthless 8 of 'em all. this particular incident has a strong parallel to Whitey Bulger. Bulger decided to murder the girlfriend of his associate after she and the associate broke up. The associate had told her things about their criminal activities but the associate wasn't heartless enough to do the deed himself. Bulger did it without hesitation, not even bothering to farm the work out. Bulger's choice of killing her: strangulation.

In 1993, Messina Denaro was the brains behind the bombing of the Uffizi gallery in Florence, destroying paintings by Rubens and Giotto. According to Brusca, Messina Denaro was given the job of picking the paintings to target because of his knowledge of art.

Ti subtype augments his ability to plan, organize, coordinate. But the 7 wing also adds the capacity to plan. the fixation of type 7 is on planning, after all.

i liken his knowledge of art to his 3w4 fix. denarro also shows you something else. just because somebody has a knowledge of art and spends some time playing computer games, that it would be rather faulty to make any further assumptions about him as a person or the type of life he lives.


Nora Lum....SLE-Se 8w7-7w6-2w3 sx/so

This is a really easy one. Nora Lum comes in through Elliphant as 8w7:



and then as sx/so through Joan Rivers (doesn't make a difference that Joan Rivers is a different enneatype):



let's take a look:


she's got a sx/so 8w7 kinesthetic....very similar to brody dalle and courtney love.

some 8w7 kinesthetic markers:

her voice is deep and gutty....its coming from deeper in the gut.
her kinesthetic is naturally assertive....
her body is loose, relaxed.
assertive types are assertive in a relaxed state (they don't have to be emotionally psyched up to assert themselves).
she has a bull in the china shop quality. she clearly relishes in her badness
some song titles: my vag, NYC Bitches, Queef, come stop me...
unconventional....very similar clothing choices as elliphant

https://www.google.com/search?q=awkwafina&biw=1280&bih=426&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIgM2guq_5xgIVipqACh2_0QC7#tbm= isch&q=elliphant

07-28-2015, 12:35 PM
Yuriy Gagarin - INFP
1st man in space. 12 april 1961


Eyes of Matteo Denaro are cold, - logic probably, while Rasputin's sight on that photo is kind and ironic in my perception.

07-31-2015, 07:48 PM
"Cops that have investigated Blanco and studied her personality conclude that...."

Big Meech....SLE-Se 8w7-6w7-3w2 so/sp

Meech comes into 8w7 through Joey Merlino:



so/sp through Chapo Guzman:



that's exactly the same iris.

let's take a look:

"Demetrius Edward Flenory (born June 21, 1968 in Detroit, Michigan) and Terry Lee Flenory (born January 10, 1970 in Detroit, Michigan) are brothers and American drug traffickers. They founded the Black Mafia Family (BMF), a criminal organization based in Detroit, Michigan, and are currently serving 30-year sentences in federal prison. Demetrius is also known as "Big Meech", Terry as "Southwest T."

Already you can see that he's cut from the same cloth as Guzman and the other 8w7 examples with a similar iris.

Such is the accuracy of VI.


Here's a couple answers by Big Meech in an interview:

Big Meech: (LOL) Yeah, they changed the crack law twice in 24 years, and it still only helped a few people. We are grateful for the ones that it has helped, but all of the drug laws need to be changed, especially for first-time, non-violent offenders. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Powder and crack are the same drug in different form. You put 15 grams of baking soda on 35 grams of powder cocaine, then cook the 15 grams of baking soda off to bring it to a rock form of 35 grams or less, depending on how you cook. So, what’s the difference besides the thousand years the judge is going to sentence you to in court for the crack instead of powder? The government knows that crack is sold in predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, so that’s who their targets are to keep the incarceration rate up.

"powder and crack are the same drug in different form" is a good example of SLE qualia-grasping. when he says they're the same drug, what he's really saying is they contain the same qualia. the rest of his answer takes off from there, but grasping the similar qualia between different types of drugs is the 'mega-chip', the seed. That, in turn, energizes his perspective on the matter. But the computer can't process information without the mega-chip and that's where socionics cognition comes into play. when determining socionics type, don't just look at the cognition, but the seeds of the cognition. Seeds like "powder and crack are the same drug" is what grows the tree and bears the fruit.

Up until now I have simplified socionics down to cognition. But when I say cognition what I'm referring to, more specifically, is the seed of that cognition. Stacking and enneagram do effect cognition and can be seen as influencing meech's answers....an aspect of the type 8 distortion/fixation centers around bigness. One thing apparent from Meech's answer is that he's thinking on a big, sweeping scale. He is cynical but also self-assured. By the answer he gave he assumes for himself a position at the top of the mountain. so/sp comes into play in the particularities of that big, sweeping scale. No sp-wall is preventing Meech from tying his case in with other offenders in his category. He's also pro-actively calling for the law to be changed.


When the electric and gas got cut off, we pray and to pray is to have faith that God is going to help you or show you the way to help yourself, faith without works means nothing so after many nights with the gas and lights off and going to school with holes in the bottom of my 2 for $15 Payless shoes, and my brother and I wearing the same clothes every other day. Then, we had 30 days to come up with $7,500, or else we would be put out in the street. My brother and I had to find a way to make some fast money, so we hit the streets and came up without having to rob and kill someone. It was supply and demand, simple as that.

here you see another instance where so/sp 8w7 presents themselves as a businessman. Big Meech boils his answer down to supply and demand. Maybe you have read me do the same in older posts. so/sp 8w7 is more of a tough guy than a businessman that nevertheless likes to hold themselves out to the public as a businessman. Just the reverse as SLE sp/so 8w7. It's paradoxical. Keep in mind that selling drugs doesn't require any true business savvy and that had Meech been a true business man like Donald Trump he would have envisioned multi-million dollar projects that instantly converted into profit. Meech's business acumen was more primitive and in order to fill his ambition for power and wealth he had to entangle himself in interdependent relations. Trump didn't have to do that. so/sp 8w7 business style consists more of taking areas over, and doing the dirty work that comes with that. It's essentially the same as would be the political style of a so/sp 8w7 general (like a napoleon or qin, or even pancho villa). Usually that dirty work involves wiping out the local LSE. LSE-Te sp/so 8w9 is the type that will usually cause the most problem for SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp. Big Meech isn't the first so/sp 8w7 to see themselves as/hold themselves out to the public as a businessman. Al Capone did the same thing.

SLE-Ti vs SLE-Se: Meech doesn't have that "I've filled cemeteries by myself" arrogance that Denaro has. SLE-Se is more likely to attain an iconic status....SLE-Ti can acquire an iconic status, but its more for what they do than any personal quality they have. SLE-Ti 8w7 has a meaner streak and are overall better at making enemies. See an example such as Griselda Blanco:

Blanco has been credited with inventing the idea of the “motorcycle assassin” who rode by victims and sprayed them with bullets.

“It’s surprising to all of us that she had not been killed sooner because she made a lot of enemies,” former Miami homicide detective Nelson Andreu, who investigated her, said late Monday. “When you kill so many and hurt so many people like she did, it’s only a matter of time before they find you and try to even the score.”

a more wild temper:

But it was her nasty temper and penchant for unyielding violence that drew the attention of law enforcement and the public.

Detectives learned the intimate details of the hit from Jorge Ayala, the charismatic hitman who later testified against Blanco. He told police that Blanco wanted Castro killed because he kicked her son in the buttocks.

“At first she was real mad ’cause we missed the father,” Ayala told police. “But when she heard we had gotten the son by accident, she said she was glad, that they were even."

Cops that have investigated Blanco and studied her character conclude that she enjoyed inflicting pain on others and that she enjoyed killing. That's the deeper core of type 8 - the drive to torture. And not just making fun of people to provoke a reaction like say hodgetwins do, but wiping rivals out, crushing people in your way. That's what Blanco, Capone, and all the others have in common. Mike Tyson can be said to enjoy inflicting pain on others with some of the things he has said to his opponents pre-fight. Mike Tyson has also spoken about himself and the things he would do to his opponents in animalistic terms. However, Mike Tyson, in his documentary, called all of that a facade/mask he put on, consciously making believe that he was animalistic as a fight tactic. In contrast, it really was who Blanco was and her enjoyment for inflicting pain on others a stable trait in her personality over a long period of time (perhaps the most stable)....Gurdjieff supposedly boiled the enneagram down to chief characteristics. Naranjo attributes punitiveness as the chief characteristic of type 8. For Ichazo, it was over-justicemaking. Those are the same. And one that emerges rather clearly in the quotes I posted about Blanco. Big Meech is ruthless enough to make it in the drug trade but he's never done anything that would have others contemplating whether he was actually evil, on top of just being ruthless. Blanco would have no problem making a top twenty most evil women of all time list, based on the mainstreams' perception of what evil is. In fact she did. Blanco is clearly a better benchmark example of 8w7 for purposes of VI, strengths, weaknesses, cognitive abilities, temperament, things that 8w7s will respond violently to, and well, pretty much anything else related to the type. Big Meech is not that cold and ruthless in contrast to Blanco.

"The Black Mafia Family (BMF) is a drug trafficking organization, originally based in Detroit, Michigan which was founded in the late 1980s by brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory. By the year 2003, they had established the cocaine distribution cells in Pineview, GA throughout the United States. Through their Los Angeles-based drug source, they had direct links to Mexican-based drug cartels.[1] They established two main hubs for their operation: the Atlanta, Georgia hub, for distribution, was operated by older brother Demetrius, while the Los Angeles, California hub was operated by Terry to handle incoming shipments from Mexico."

that sounds very similar to what i wrote about so/sp business style:

Its business exoskeleton takes on a more fragmented quality....rather than it being constructed through/into a singular unit…the growth spreads out more than it rises up….its more diffusive.

sp/so is more about putting walls up. donald trump couldn't have picked a better theme to represent his stacking with than border control. sle + 8w7 makes for the most non-structural cognition. This is why many of the 8w7s I've posted have been organization builders. 8w7s aren't those tech industry nerds that get on working behind a cubicle in a corporate environment, nor would the tech industry be an industry that an 8w7 would thrive in financially (a 7w8 would, a 5w6 and 6w5 would, and a 3w4 would, but not an 8w7). The main reason is that the tech industry doesn't cater to the 8w7s' instinctive intelligence. Even NT 8w7s fit into the nickname that R & H gave the 8w7, that of "maverick". Fritz Perls is a person I've designated as a LIE 8w7. Perls was a maverick in his pioneering of gestalt therapy....he brought a 'moving against' style to the therapy session and focused more now the patient was doing instinctively with their body in the moment. similar to bodybuilding and the effects of steroids, the tech industry, perhaps due to the corporate culture, has and had no shortage of other types masquerading as 8w7-like.

Big Meech: I’m not sure why the government and federal agencies love to hate “cocaine kingpins.” Seventy percent of the people the government allege to be kingpins have never seen a whole kilo or made a million dollars, so evidently the government has no criteria to determine whether a person is a kingpin or not – because I have met crack dealers who had only a few eight balls and ounces that have kingpin time. Just like when the government tried to charge DJ Drama with the RICO for selling mixtapes. I think someone needs to police the government with their judiciary misconduct and abuse of the constitution and laws.

His cognition has a lucid quality. he's not working off of a roadmap, but weaving together his own roadmap from the various fragments of his experiences. He's also speaking in general terms. so/sp has a generalist quality, more so than the other stacks. All so/sp will have a fragmented quality in where their attention goes. What they extract from those fragments will vary with the enneagram and socionics type. Darwin was so/sp 5. Darwin's attention splintered out all over the globe, in different countries and types of animals (let's call them "splinter cells")....he had a wide lens, but what he ultimately extracted from those splinter cells he unified into his theory of evolution. fragmentation was just his so/sp exoskeleton, but the treasure he was digging for in each fragment speaks more deeply to the enneagram fixation. Einstein was also so/sp 5 NT and he did a similar thing. Einstein was a four winger so he was working more through his imagination, in the world of potentialiaties, rather than directing his attention to practical affairs. With sp/so 5, the sp-bias for 'walls' and 'borders' has them digging their heels deeper into one area of specialization. You often find many so/sp Generals and World leaders bent on unifying an entire geographical region under one flag. Qin was so/sp 8w7-5w6-4w3.The EU is so/sp-ish. John Gotti was also so/sp 8w7 and pulled out of the fragments in his attention things he could use to possess the scene - inflate himself narcissistically (possessing the scene equates to social dominance).

08-02-2015, 12:21 PM
Alesya Nikolayeva - INFP

Valeriy Tsvetkov (on right) - ISTJ


Kelly - INFP

08-03-2015, 10:09 PM
Dmitry Peskov - ISTJ

08-08-2015, 01:36 PM
John Dillinger...SLE-Se 8w7-7w8-3w4 so/sp

dillinger comes in through blanco.



That also prequels some earlier examples I posted on this thread...such as

Whitey Bulger came in through Dillinger.



Jesse James Hollywood comes in through Bulger:



Pablo Escobar comes in through Jesse James Hollywood:



let's look at some quotes by dillinger:

All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask. Now that it's happened I guess I'm just about the best bank robber they ever had. And I sure am happy.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/johndillin229166.html#zgMUu4YLFEduRkaB.99

See how, with Dillinger in connection to all the other examples, this all folds into one: inner view, VI, kinesthetic, behaviors. The question then becomes what's better for typing. You could very well try to type dillinger by researching him in-depth, reading his biographies and turning over every rock. Once you trudge your way to figuring out he's an 8w7, the key distinction on the stacking then becomes dillinger's anti-fatherness and he's a cinch for that. However, VI will sail you to the same conclusion but in a much shorter period of time. That's what makes VI a more practical method for typing. VI works off the indisputable reality that identical twins have an identical kinesthetic. All you anti-VIers: find me a pair of identical twins where one vibes like jim carrey and the other vibes like henry kissinger. If your typings have no basis in physical reality then you're just building castles in the sky.

My buddies wanted to be firemen, farmers or policemen, something like that. Not me, I just wanted to steal people's money!

Police and firefighters are mostly 2-6-1 father triaders. on any forum bet that forum moderators and administrators will be overrepresented by 2-6-1 daddy triaders, too. Types with a stronger religous orientation daddy triaders overrepresent, as well, like those religious goodie goodies that have to consult with their pastor about whether or not they should have sex with their girlfriend. whenever you see somebody come on this forum, for example, and talk about how God has their answers in life, and that they've given their lives over to God, unless the person is trolling, you've got a 90 something percent chance that person is in the daddy triad. 'establishment figures' in politics brook no exception. The establishment could just as well be another way to describe the 2-6-1 daddy triad.

amateurs reduce stackings to sp firsts are interested in money, social firsts are interested in politics, and sexual firsts relationships. Each stacking presents a different strategy for how people incidentally wind up, or don't wind up, acquiring basic necessities (food, money, shelter, sex). for sp/so, its hard work, saving your money, being responsible, paying attention to the environment, and make wise investments, that makes Johnny a happy camper. That's sp/so in a nutshell. sp/so is that person in your family who has an ego about their willingness to roll up their sleeves and shovel shit for a buck. sp/so is better at making money without swimming upstream towards their own destruction. dillinger isn't capable of that. this is where the reverse flow, syn flow distinctions show up between so/sp and sp/so. dillinger clearly wouldn't be offended by somebody calling him a thief, or calling him arrogant. he would take it as a compliment. he clearly relishes in his own badness and i would surmise sees himself as his own law. He's not an outlaw because he sees himself as a victim of the system. That he's a so/sp has him projecting that quality out into the entire social ether and ultimately possessing the scene with it. just like how so/sp 2w1 projects the religious/humble servant quality out into the entire social ether.

These few dollars you lose here today are going to buy you stories to tell your children and great-grandchildren. This could be one of the big moments in your life; don't make it your last!

Bigness is a recurring theme in type 8. Big Meech wasn't just self-confidently calling for one law to be changed, but for all the laws on drugs to be changed. Bigness is core to the 8's fixation and is where denial-of-vulnerability at the unconscious level locks Bigness in as a stable trend in the 8s perceptions of reality. The quote above clearly shows Dillinger to have reached the point of textbook megalomania. For dillinger, this will be remembered by the hostages as the seminal event of their life. And not only is it supposed to be the big event in their life, but in their kids' life as well, and then their kids after that, and then those grandkids and ultimately great grandkids. Dillinger's own vision of himself extends into future generations. It's the big picture sweeping eye of so/sp channeling impressions a hundred years into the future. Nostradameus was likely so/sp. That's the scale dillinger is envisioning himself on, even as he's robbing a bank. He isn't just out to rob a bank, but he's out to possess the scene in a large way....he's exploiting the effect that robbing banks and pointing guns at people has on the social ether in order to 'devour' the scene and dominate on a mass historical scale. This also runs into distinctions from sp/so 8w7. With Donald Trump, the Bigness theme is rather blatant but shows up in his real estate projects as a solid construction you can point at and look at and go inside of. The name Trump is clear to the naked eye. So/sp has a more spread out, borderless sense for power, so the bigness that Trump arrives at through building his Trump towers dillinger arrives at through the minds/memories of his hostages.

let's look at some quotes about dillinger:

Seeking a better disguise, he decided to undergo major plastic surgery. It was at this time that he was christened with the nickname “Snake Eyes.” The surgery was able to change everything except his devious eyes.

Shrewdness, cunning and deviousness all fall under the marker that Naranjo named 'conning and cynicism.' Type 8 is the type most easily correlated to antisocial personality. You're not going to be the most antisocial personality type on the enneagram and not have a devious mind. I posted something on diego maradona awhile ago which described his cunning personality. This is a good point of distinction from SLE 6w7s like Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is sometimes forceful, but cunning is not a word I would give him. Don King is cunning.

As a teenager, Dillinger was frequently in trouble with the law for fighting and petty theft; he was also noted for his "bewildering personality" and bullying of smaller children.

Bullying reflects the deeper core drive of type 8 - the drive to torture, inflict pain, as a means for wielding power over others. Ocean's Moonshine writes on this:

"An element of sadism frequently enters the picture, sadism being a clear and obvious manifestation of the attempt to attain power by means of domination and humiliation".


This goes beyond just joking around and teasing, but into degrading, belittling and denigrating, Key words: abuse, cruelty

Oscar Ichazo considers cruelty to be the core compensation of type 8:

"The stress of being fixated and imbalanced in this domain can lead to Cruelty as a compensatory mechanism. The poison of this domain is Mythomania."


873 vs 854: dillinger's dark vision didn't come with a dark treatise. The megalomaniacal vision is just of himself. dillinger doesn't have the nietzschean slant in his perspective that five fixers do. 854 is a more ubermenschean character than 873. mussolini can do what dillinger did but dillinger can't do what mussolini did. dillinger captured the public's imagination, but a new era rose up around mussolini. he had more of a lust to control the minds of the people around him whereas Dillinger just wants to control them enough to pull off his bank robberies. both trifixes possess the scene but 854 possesses the scene through a 'tablet' of new values, which sometimes turns the old ones upside down.

8 vs 2: Assertive > Daddy: Dillinger doesn't disguise his taking under the pretense of giving. he's not out to convince the public about what a generous person he's been but is perfectly candid about his selfishness. both 8s and 2s are playing around with the same elemental sense of omnipotence, but 2s are projecting it up into the sky
and 8s are owning it.
8w7 vs 2w1 so/sp: dillinger isn't a self-professed do-gooder.
8w7 vs 2w3 sp/sx: having an interest in manners and empathy isn't a priority for dillinger. he's not a language cop.

8 vs 3: Moving Against > Moving Towards. Dillinger is not stealing from people he's close to. His criminality doesn't involve him taking advantage of people he's already formed a bond with. You can see the way the moving against vs moving towards informs the political styles of the types. Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are both very ambitious, but Clinton's political style saw him shedding a tear with people and 'actively listening' to their sorrows. There's a clip of him crying with a voter when he was running for president. Trump's political style is more combative....it leans heavily on insults, accusations about anybody that gets in his way, and scapegoating of mexicans.
8w7 vs 3w2 sx/so: dillinger likes attention, sure, but he doesn't act like a goofball to get it. he's got a heavier, more serious bearing. you won't find pictures of dillinger making goofy looking expressions, and for that matter you won't find pictures of any 8s doing that.
8w7 vs 3w4 sp/sx: dillinger doesn't see goodness in others. he's a cynic. 8s and cp6s are both cynical, 6s are openly cynical (see Jeb Bush), and 8s are boldly cynical (see Trump), but 3s aren't either, though 3s are the most adaptable in their perspectives, so they can come to adopt a cynical perspective if they perceive that as essential to actualizing a more desirable and assertive image.

8 vs 4: Assertive > Withdrawn. dillinger is too action-oriented for a 4.
8 vs 4w3 sp/sx: dillinger isn't reckless just to be reckless. he's not intentionally trying to court pain and death. that's simply a fall-out from his escapades.

8 vs 5: Gut > Head. Dillinger .
8w7 vs 5w4 sx/sp: dillinger isn't soft and squeamish. He's a hard realist. he doesn't show any particular disdain for insensitivity and cruelty by others. he wasn't reclusive as a kid. he's not leaving any special insight into the way bank robberies are done. he doesn't use his imagination to make up things that counter preconceptions held by the mainstream.
8w7 vs 5w6 so/sp: dillinger isn't fixated on gathering data so that he can provide expertise to society by logically applying classifications to its social problems.
8w7 vs 5w6 sp/sx: dillinger doesn't deal with his outlaw status by cutting ties from everything in existence. And as a result, he walks right into a trap laid out by the FBI because he couldn't resist indulging himself. A 5 would have holed themselves up somewhere more hermit-like.

8 vs 6: Assertive > Daddy. Dillinger says he's taking and stealing what he wants just because. He makes no attempt to justify himself on any ground. The way to get something, in the 8's view, is by taking it and because he takes his views for granted there's no need to explain. Taking and stealing is self-assertion in its most undiluted form. Gut > Head: dillinger is kicking back in the midst of robbing a bank to spit out an intuitive, operatic vision of himself to one of his hostages. a 6 wouldn't have access to that type of intuition in the middle of robbing a bank....the pitfall for type 6 is worry. The atmosphere would have a 6 robber knee deep in searching/scanning for things that may go wrong amid the robbery itself and keeping themselves mentally prepared to deal with it. Cp6 isn't a personality type distinct from 6, but a defensive response to one's fears, which still has the effect of cutting them off from their intuitive faculties.
8w7 vs 6w5 so/sp: dillinger's mythic status isn't due to him fighting a cause on behalf of an oppressed people. william wallace in the movie braveheart was a so/sp 6w5.
8w7 vs 6w5 so/sx: dillinger is not acknowledging his badness in the process of trying to convince others that he knows he 'fucked up' and wants to atone for his scumbaggery. dillinger is gleeful about his scumbaggery and practically tells you he wants to be the best scumbag on the block. he's unapologetic about his lifestyle and doesn't regret anything he's done. He's impudent to the very end. i can't see dillinger working a cubicle job in the tech industry. he's not an establishment figure and doesn't fit the mold of a company man. dillinger's entire life indicates that he had trouble getting along in any environment where he wasn't the boss. escaping such places is a constant theme throughout his life whether its bunking school or breaking out of jails. dillinger would break off on his own in no time to run things himself, even if it meant taking less pay, whereas a 6w5 might find some comfort in a corporate type structure.
8w7 vs 6w5 sp/so: dillinger is sane but not pretentiously rational. his aggression isn't that of a sniper on the rooftop but a more cavalier, mischievous, impish criminal style. this quote speaks to said quality: "You're being robbed by the John Dillinger Gang, that's the best there is!" For a good example of sp/so 6w5 see Jeb Bush in the recent debate.
8w7 vs 6w5 sp/sx: dillinger has too much bravado. a 6w5 sp/sx would likely make fun of dillinger's self-aggrandizement. 6w5 sp/sx wouldn't speak of themselves in such terms as they would see it as pompous and they veer away from aggrandizing themselves in that way. a 6w5 sp/sx typically see guys like dillinger, in light of his referencing himself as a thief, and self-aggrandizing manner, as doing a parody of some sort, a caricature. It's almost like 6w5 sp/sx is programmed to depict such people in a humorous light.
8w7 vs 6w7 so/sp: dillinger doesn't see himself as being part of something bigger than dillinger. he's not partisan to any cause or person but his own and himself. he's not serving a state, or a team, so to speak, but his own desires.
8w7 vs cp6w7 sx/sp: dillinger is too focused. he isn't a jumping jack. His aggression was more like a cold shower raining down on the banks of the country and not the insecure babbling of an erratic hothead. dillinger also doesn't make empty threats....dillinger wasn't bluffing when he told the media he was going to escape from the prison. dillinger guaranteed victory. He said what he was going to do and did it.

8 vs 7: dillinger doesn't have any trouble implementing his plans or fully committing to particular actions. he's not stuck in the planning phase. dillinger also isn't particularly smooth or nonchalant. he'd likely just tell you to go fuck yourself or shut up, rather than try to tuck his aggression into a more smooth veneer.
8w7 vs 7w8 so/sp: dillinger wasn't a compulsive debater. he bullied the other kids in the playground, he didn't debate with them. He's not refined and fitness focused.

8 vs 9: dillinger is too arrogant for a 9.
8w7 vs 9w8 sx/so: he's not asserting himself in the interest of setting up a conflict free zone.
8w7 vs 9w1 sx/so: dillinger doesn't effect a facade of niceness.

8 vs 1: Assertive Triad > Daddy Triad: dillinger isn't putting principle first. he's got a vision of himself far into the future where stories about his exploits are being passed on from generation to generation. that's too expansive for a 1. naranjo came across 'dominance' as both a core trait of type 1 and of type 8, and from my experience, it's not uncommon to see some similarities between the energy of both types. Rand Paul is a 1w9 sp/so and Donald Trump is a 8w7 sp/so. you can see from the way they answered questions in the recent debate that both were coming from the gut. In contrast, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee are clear head types. 1s are more principled and will come down on the side of principle even if it means suppressing their own interests. the ends don't justify means for 1. dillinger is for dillinger.
8w7 vs 1w9 sx/sp: dillinger isn't a terrorist. the reason for his robbing banks isn' that he's upset with the current state of the world and views robbing banks or/and killing cops as an unfortunate, but necessary, way to bring about positive change
8w7 vs 1w2 so/sp: dillinger is too messy. 1w2s are very tidy people. Neat.

08-09-2015, 08:52 PM
Alexander the Great....SLE-Ti 8w7-5w6-4w3 so/sp

SLE vs ILE: these are look alike types. ILEs are sometimes thought to be SLE at first glance. To conquer. Alexander's first response is not to look for a way to innovate. Steve Jobs was an ILE 7w8. Alexander unites East and West by taking them over. Alexander's competent function is to 'seek out and destroy'. Jobs' competent function was to 'innovate and promote'. Donald Trump is SLE sp/so 8w7 and FDR was ILE sp/so 8w7. Trump's campaign tactic is seek out and destroy. FDR's approach was to innovate and promote through his New Deal program. He used it to parry his way to victory. Trump isn't parrying...he's streetfighting. ILE has a more lancing style of competent attack....approaching on the diagonal, rather than trying to grab center right off the bat. Its only as a result of Alexander's conquering that business thrived between east and west. he's not an asking type. He's declaring things his. reinin dichotomies are not motivation theories. Keep in mind that the motivation for why an asking type asks a ton of questions is neither here nor there to whether they are an asking type or not.

Alexander comes in through Nora Lum for 8w7.



Alexander began his reign by eliminating potential rivals to the throne. He had his cousin, the former Amyntas IV, executed.[56] He also had two Macedonian princes from the region of Lyncestis killed, but spared a third, Alexander Lyncestes. Olympias had Cleopatra Eurydice and Europa, her daughter by Philip, burned alive. When Alexander learned about this, he was furious. Alexander also ordered the murder of Attalus,[56] who was in command of the advance guard of the army in Asia Minor and Cleopatra's uncle.[57]

so/sp's wiping out of rivals

let's take a look:

Some of Alexander's strongest personality traits formed in response to his parents.[178] His mother had huge ambitions, and encouraged him to believe it was his destiny to conquer the Persian Empire.[178] Olympias' influence instilled a sense of destiny in him,[182] and Plutarch tells us that his ambition "kept his spirit serious and lofty in advance of his years."

How do you know Alexander’s ambition was inborn and not, as the author assumes, the product of his upbringing? Through VI. All the people that VI like Alexander were super ambitious, too.

so/sp vs. so/sx or sx/so: alexander was too lofty for a sp-laster.

Alexander's relationship with his father forged the competitive side of his personality; he had a need to out-do his father, illustrated by his reckless behavior in battle

That sounds like the 8's sense of invincibility (http://books.google.com/books?id=1iiiKhCqgv8C&pg=PA166&lpg=PA166&dq=alexander+invincibility&source=bl&ots=CafLDCiTSg&sig=JlHqw6TmA2rFiPGDidV4GQEd_l0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDEQ6AEwA2oVChMI6tGX2c2cxwIVDjSICh0YUgIW#v=on epage&q=alexander%20invincibility&f=false).

"Nothing was dearer to Alexander than the belief in his invincibility....It attests the general belief that Alexander saw conquest as his destiny from the outset of his career"

Aristotle taught Alexander and his companions about medicine, philosophy, morals, religion, logic, and art. Under Aristotle's tutelage, Alexander developed a passion for the works of Homer, and in particular the Iliad; Aristotle gave him an annotated copy, which Alexander later carried on his campaigns.

this is where you can see a distinction between 5 fixers and 7 fixers. Alexander has an intellectual side. Napoleon had an intellectual side.

According to Plutarch, among Alexander's traits were a violent temper and rash, impulsive nature,[185] which undoubtedly contributed to some of his decisions.[178] Although Alexander was stubborn and did not respond well to orders from his father, he was open to reasoned debate.[186] He had a calmer side—perceptive, logical, and calculating. He had a great desire for knowledge, a love for philosophy, and was an avid reader.[187]

Alexander is a dual character. This again, as with Messina Denaro and Denaro's knowledge about art and interest in philosophy, is why it would be extremely stupid to assume much about a person's level or introversion/extroversion based on their interest in learning and reading.

During his final years, and especially after the death of Hephaestion, Alexander began to exhibit signs of megalomania and paranoia.[144] His extraordinary achievements, coupled with his own ineffable sense of destiny and the flattery of his companions, may have combined to produce this effect.[189] His delusions of grandeur are readily visible in his testament and in his desire to conquer the world,[144] in as much, he is by various sources described as having boundless ambition

He appears to have believed himself a deity, or at least sought to deify himself.[144] Olympias always insisted to him that he was the son of Zeus,[194] a theory apparently confirmed to him by the oracle of Amun at Siwa.[195] He began to identify himself as the son of Zeus-Ammon

8 lack of humanness/vulnerability kicks in such that vulnerability/humanness doesn't factor into Alexander's sense of himself but he experiences himself in a large way. GG Allin also reverted between describing himself as a God and as an animal. its one campaign after another for alexander...deny, deny, deny.

Since Alexander is an 8w7, that leaves SLE, ILE, LSE, and LIE as the only possibilities for his sociotype.

some distinctions:

8 vs 3: The ambitions Alexander has strongly favors moving-against. He's not a diplomat:

Though advised to use diplomacy, Alexander mustered 3,000 Macedonian cavalry and rode south towards Thessaly. He found the Thessalian army occupying the pass between Mount Olympus and Mount Ossa, and ordered his men to ride over Mount Ossa. When the Thessalians awoke the next day, they found Alexander in their rear and promptly surrendered, adding their cavalry to Alexander's force.

This also showed Alexander's eagerness to fight, in contrast to his father's preference for diplomacy.

he fact somebody is success-oriented doesn't make them a 3. Frank Sinatra is a sx/so 8w7. he said "Success is the best revenge." So look for the vindictive component planted into the orientation towards success in order to distinguish 3 from 8. Alexander's possession of the scene often got sidetracked through his desire to even a score (punitiveness; personal revenge):

Alexander viewed Bessus as a usurper and set out to defeat him.

a more practical example: two star ball players are an 8 and 3, but the 8 will get into more fights and commit more fouls. 3s will put up with more crap from other players/coaches/referees.

8 vs 4: he’s too action-oriented.

8 vs 5: he’s too solid physically. 5s aren’t athletic.

8w7 vs 6: His aggression is instrumental, goal-oriented. He's invading, attacking and bullying the other countries because he's driven to dominate. They could be countries, they could be people, they could be banks....the object wouldn't matter. He's not dominating for defensive reasons, because he perceives the countries that he was to invade as posing a direct threat to his safety, though he may have employed such rhetoric for political purposes. They just have what he wants. It’s driven by his own drive to dominate and within his means to dominate through taking possession of the known world (to "possess the scene”), for which he sees as his divine right:

He showed his intent to conquer the entirety of the Persian Empire by throwing a spear into Asian soil and saying he accepted Asia as a gift from the gods.

His sense of invincibility doesn't lead him to make outrageously stupid maneuvers in war. he's still a successful general in spite of his delusions of grandeur and that sense of omnipotence doesn't impair his lucidness in the area of strategy and tactics. Alexander isn't a reactive type, and the fact that he's not a 6 fixer doesn't even make this ambiguous.

8w7 vs 6w5 so/sx: Alexander was not vulnerable to being disempowered through sexual temptation.

He had great self-restraint in "pleasures of the body,"


8w7 vs 6w7 sx/sp: He's not a splayed out hothead who can talk a big game but doesn't have the bite to back it up. He's more self-disciplined and goal-oriented.

8 vs 7: He’s not egalitarian. “let’s all Skype and be friends”. That’s not what Alexander is about. He clearly wants to reign supreme. Stackings are not personality types. Don’t treat them as such.

8 vs 9: Alexander is comfortable with conflict.

8 vs 1: Alexander was too expansive for a 1. He's not a rigid character. Rigidness is a core marker for type 1. Naranjo also mentions that both 1 and 8 share a trait of dominance. More so 1w9s ime. Both Trump and Rand Paul are more forceful than the other candidates when they give their answers and are more prone to attack. But notice in the republican debates that Rand Paul won’t talk about himself in expansive terms and seems rigid to the point that he'd even be willing to throw away his own candidacy just to remind people about what the 'right' thing is. Donald Trump otoh will talk about his past exploits, and he gloats about things he’s done.
8w7 so/sp vs 1w9 so/sp: alexander's megalomania isn't driven by a distorted ideal of perfection.

8w7 vs 2: Self-deification as a god-on-earth is an impossibility for type 2.
8w7 so/sp vs 2w1 so/sp: so/sp 2w1 and so/sp 8w7 are both playing around with the same exact sense of omnipotence. But the 2w1 projects/disowns that omnipotence out on the sky so that they can justify, to their superego, their sense of entitlement and selfishness, before they can act upon it, and that disowning-of-omnipotence molds the path they can walk down in order to express said selfishness. Alexander’s world-conquering is functionally rooted in the same elemental omnipotence that a Christian Missionary's 'call' to serve God by converting the world to Christianity is rooted in....but it's the interjection of a strong superego that distinguishes the two. If you could reach into Alexander’s soul and rip out his sense of omnipotence and then throw it up into the sky so that he could still experience it but as something outside himself, he would have been more like mother theresa than alexander the great. the same will to victory he had in battle mother teresa had around the sick and dying, but mother teresa would justify her fearlessness and willingness to fight to the end in her faith in God above and Alexander justifies it through a belief in himself.

08-15-2015, 03:53 PM
Hillary Clinton....LSI 1w2 so/sp


Yulia Tymoshenko...LSI 1w9 so/sp

Yulia comes in through Hillary:






08-15-2015, 06:18 PM
Ernesto Guevara - ENFJ

Hillary Clinton - some F, INFP(?)
Yulia Tymoshenko - ENFJ

08-16-2015, 05:13 AM
Eduard Basurin....LSI 1w9 sp/so

Basurin comes in through Tymoshenko.



tymoshenko has more ‘wetness' in her eyes and in her irises. that's a stack difference.

you can also see it in the kinesthetic. the core expression/kinesthetic, though, is 1w9.



dick cheney is a 6w5 LSI to contrast with:


cheney's constant head tilting is a good marker for head center uncertainty/vacillation.

the 1w9 expression has a more convicted/rigid quality than 6w5 does:





08-16-2015, 01:45 PM
Eduard Basurin - ENTJ(?)

08-16-2015, 04:21 PM
Richard Ashcroft (who was lead singer of The Verve when they were a band) - EIE, perhaps


08-18-2015, 07:59 PM
Richard Ashcroft - INTP(?)

08-18-2015, 08:05 PM
Richard Ashcroft (who was lead singer of The Verve when they were a band) - EIE, perhaps

I was just thinking, this morning, about how appealing he is and I can't quite place what it is.

Beta works for me. :)

08-19-2015, 10:09 AM
Horizon: Battle of the Brains

I think there are at least two betas EIE dramatist and LSI IQ specialist (very high IQ and his Ne is his weakest point).
One gamma (chess master), one delta (fighter pilot), one alpha (scientist). I'm not so sure about the artist (maybe ESF alpha/gamma) and the musician.

08-26-2015, 05:05 PM

08-28-2015, 01:57 AM
John Donne - 16th/17th century English poet: maybe EIE


08-28-2015, 04:17 PM
Tyson Fury...SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp


*vladimir klitschko is a lse 3w4 so/sp.
*8w7 fighters make good shit talkers because the unconscious denial automatically reframes everything to reinforce their own position of power. note the way Donald Trump quickly sizes information up and automatically reframes information in a way that will advance the conditions favorable to a Trump victory.
*so/sp brings in the historical flourish.


examples of qualia grasping:
"you have about as much charisma as my underpants"
"you have a chin like a piece of glass"
"when I hit it its going to explode like that glass against that wall"

fury describes qualia all throughout the clip, the way that Klitschko looks and comes across in a way that speaks to the chink in klitschko's armor. the descriptions range from simplistic to more expansive. all those lines of attack are Ti ways to describe the same qualia. fury isn't using Se when he describes klitschko as a 'jab and grab' robotic fighter. Those are Ti descriptions....robotic is one way to put the qualia into words but not the only way, which gives Fury the flexibility to generate new lines of attack but still hit at the same point. this is also where you can find a number of political demagogues being SLE...grasping qualia and describing it through Ti is more politically effective than actually having to know anything in the empirical/scientific sense....its gut knowing. that also makes for a key difference between SLE and LIE.

08-28-2015, 04:20 PM
Vladimir Klichko - ESTP

08-29-2015, 06:23 PM
Fury extended:

Fury comes in thru alexander:



08-29-2015, 06:31 PM
Tyson Fury...SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp


*vladimir klitschko is a lse 3w4 so/sp.
*8w7 fighters make good shit talkers because the unconscious denial automatically reframes everything to reinforce their own position of power. note the way Donald Trump quickly sizes information up and automatically reframes information in a way that will advance the conditions favorable to a Trump victory.
*so/sp brings in the historical flourish.


examples of qualia grasping:
"you have about as much charisma as my underpants"
"you have a chin like a piece of glass"
"when I hit it its going to explode like that glass against that wall"

fury describes qualia all throughout the clip, the way that Klitschko looks and comes across in a way that speaks to the chink in klitschko's armor. the descriptions range from simplistic to more expansive. all those lines of attack are Ti ways to describe the same qualia. fury isn't using Se when he describes klitschko as a 'jab and grab' robotic fighter. Those are Ti descriptions....robotic is one way to put the qualia into words but not the only way, which gives Fury the flexibility to generate new lines of attack but still hit at the same point. this is also where you can find a number of political demagogues being SLE...grasping qualia and describing it through Ti is more politically effective than actually having to know anything in the empirical/scientific sense....its gut knowing. that also makes for a key difference between SLE and LIE.

Just kept clicking forward through the video and Mr. Clean is still jabbering 1 min, 2 min, 4, min 8, min, 9 min away saying the same exact thing. The comparison with Trump is pretty much correct. Felt like just STFU you wind bag and rolls eyes.


08-29-2015, 07:24 PM
Trump extended

Trump's recent comment about Megyn Kelly's blood coming out of her whatever [vagina] is a good example of Se-qualia grasping (combined with the 8w7 filters for belittling, insulting, denigrating, degrading). As I said before 8 is an all aggressive personality. so they don't draw the line between males and females when it comes to who they will verbally degrade/bully, as Trump clearly demonstrates.



I'll bet trump was surprised to find out what a pussy whipped little bitch Gerald rivera is after he and a brigade of pussy whipped little bitches came to smelly kelly's defense.

The Exception
08-29-2015, 10:17 PM
Harry Houdini.

I'm leaning towards EIE, 2nd guess SLE.


08-30-2015, 04:56 PM
Andrea Dworkin....LSI 1w9 so/sx

dworkin comes in through 2 eduard basurins:




Fem-nazi quack

09-01-2015, 05:27 PM
Andrea Dworkin - some F

09-07-2015, 08:42 AM
Carly Waddell - EIE-Fe sp/so 9w1
and Kirk DeWindt - LSI-Ti so/sp 3w4

LSI-EIE dual couple - there was no happy ending here, as he blew it big time at the finals, leading them right into a breakup - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwCGs1N4Jhs



09-14-2015, 06:32 AM
Omarossa...LSI 1w2 so/sp



09-15-2015, 02:23 AM
Trump's recent comment about Megyn Kelly's blood coming out of her whatever [vagina] is a good example of Se-qualia grasping (combined with the 8w7 filters for belittling, insulting, denigrating, degrading).

Maybe he can relate... He can be a bloody **** after all.

09-15-2015, 02:40 AM
Maybe he can relate... He can be a bloody cunt after all.

Fixed it for you. The joke is lost otherwise and cunt should be used gender neutrally, like bitch.

09-16-2015, 05:25 AM
Mick Philpott....SLE-Ti 8w7 sx/sp.

Philpott comes in through GG Allin:




"I say you were born with a dick between your legs...so I'm going to use it."

"one way or another I will get what I want."

On Mick:

"he would rule by fear."

"what he says goes, what he wanted he had."

In July 1978, aged 21, while AWOL from the army, he attempted to murder his girlfriend, Kim Hill, with whom he had had a two-year relationship, beginning when she was 15 years old. Philpott had previously shot Hill in the groin with a crossbow because he felt her dress had been too short, and had cracked her kneecap with a hammer when she paid too much attention to a baby she had been minding. Philpott attempted to kill Hill because she sent him a letter saying she was leaving him, stabbing her over a dozen times as she was lying in bed.[7]

Lomax said that Philpott was controlling, and she prayed he would move on to someone else....She gave birth to two children, both boys, in quick succession, but Philpott wanted a daughter, and beat Kehoe for this reason. She described Philpott teaching his older sons to be violent with her. Philpott wanted Kehoe to produce more children, but she did not conceive again.

In the documentary, Philpott was shown to be living in a caravan in his garden, in which his wife and mistress would alternate in spending nights with him. Widdecombe said that Philpott did not care about anyone and that he called both his wife and mistress "bitch". Widdecombe said she noticed that none of the children sought affection from him.





09-16-2015, 02:07 PM
Bootz...SLE-Ti 8w7 sx/so


leilene is INFj. She is bootz' conflictor.


"are you proud of stripping on a pole, bitch?!"

"you don't put makeup on a five year old you dumbass bitch!"


09-17-2015, 05:03 PM
Temica Roshawn....SLE-Ti 8w7-6w7-3w4 sx/sp



At first sight, you may notice that I am beautiful and think that I am sweet. This is true. However, I do have another side of me that bites. The bites are as venomous as a King Cobra.


Let me be clear on a few points. I never said that I didn’t like fat people. I said I don’t agree with morbidly obese people. It is unhealthy and causes health problems particularly Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems, certain types of cancer, arthritis, and a host of others. It is sickening to see an already obese person at an all-you-can-eat buffet stuffing themselves and putting on a disgusting spectacle of gluttony. There is a reason why gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. It shortens one’s lifespan and I feel that life should be spent with family instead of six feet deep in some forgotten grave. I feel that if I condoned such behavior, I would be okay with my daughter eating French fries and double cheeseburgers rather than eating apples. Not in this lifetime!

#Thinkaboutit – Why is it not a big deal when a fat woman wears tight clothes in public places and nobody says anything but when I do it, it’s a problem? That’s prejudiced! At least I’m nice to look at! I’m a 34-26-44 and everybody wants to see this! Nobody wants to see that fat ass bit** (please don’t excuse my profanity. I meant to say it!)


09-17-2015, 05:39 PM


This thread needs some balance since some of the posts are psychopathic idiots. and some of the behavior is ntr. :rolleyes:

09-28-2015, 06:39 PM
Suge Knight....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp

Knight comes in through Manuel Noriega for 8w7 so/sp:



secret typing shortcuts:






October 1987. A busy month for a burgeoning businessman. Knight was arrested for domestic violence, for allegedly slicing off his girlfriend’s pony tail,

In the heat of the summer, and his temper, Knight was busted for beating his girlfriend, as well as for Ecstasy, pharmaceuticals, and waving a knife around outside a Vegas strip club. Charges were dropped when the young lady in question, one Melissa Isaac, “mysteriously” vanished and couldn’t testify, reportedly leading the quixotic ex-con to quote, “God is good, Happy Holidays.”

East coast rapper Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace was shot and killed at an event in L.A. Even though he was in jail, Knight was a major suspect, with avenging Shakur’s death seen as an alleged motive.

Five men broke into musician Akon’s producer’s home, reportedly claiming he owed Knight money, and stealing $170,000 worth of jewels, stereo gear, and a 130-pound safe. Rumors swirled that it was retaliation from Knight’s being on the receiving end of a pummeling back in February at a basketball event at the behest of Akon.


09-28-2015, 09:21 PM
Elfriede Jelinek (winner of the nobel prize for literature 2004) - ENFj so/sp


10-09-2015, 02:12 AM
Simonetta Stefanelli....IEI 9w8 so/sp



10-09-2015, 11:03 AM
Simonetta Stefanelli - mb ESFJ

Beautiful sky
10-09-2015, 10:35 PM
Every Averil Levighn video ever made is beta :)

10-11-2015, 08:44 AM
Manoj Bhargava - LSI-Ti sp/so


10-14-2015, 05:50 PM
Beth Thomas....SLE-Ti 8w7 sx/so


10-14-2015, 06:10 PM
Beth Thomas....SLE-Ti 8w7 sx/so

This typing is creepy, even for you. :/

The Thomas Family struggled towards Beth's rehabilitation but eventually Beth shows signs of improvement.

Decades have passed and that got some people asking how Beth Thomas is doing right after her therapy.

Fortunately, Attachment Therapy worked on her and she recovered from her disturbing past.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9T3M40MrkGg/U0oPjqw2PBI/AAAAAAAAAG0/gfR7szH2yxs/s1600/bilde.png (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9T3M40MrkGg/U0oPjqw2PBI/AAAAAAAAAG0/gfR7szH2yxs/s1600/bilde.png)

Beth Thomas, RN, BSN, is the adopted daughter of Attachment Therapy proponent Nancy Thomas. Ms Thomas is the only independent adult survivor of Attachment Therapy/Parenting to speak well of Attachment Therapy. She currently works with Nancy Thomas and her company Families by Design in promoting Attachment Therapy and its parenting methods through lectures and materials sales. - ChildrenInTherpy.org
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vJU0FWPgT2c/U0oPZyXJcqI/AAAAAAAAAGM/i6PYpI3c_Gw/s1600/beththomasbiophoto%255B1%255D.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vJU0FWPgT2c/U0oPZyXJcqI/AAAAAAAAAGM/i6PYpI3c_Gw/s1600/beththomasbiophoto%255B1%255D.jpg)

Yes, Beth turned out to live a normal life. Beth is now a RN (Registered Nurse) at a hospital in Flagstaff. She is working on the Neonatal Unit.

Just goes to show that there's always hope in every psychological disorders with ever-supportive family and competent therapies.

10-16-2015, 04:02 AM
Khaled Muhammad....SLE-Ti 8w7 so/sp

Typing shortcuts

Muhammad comes in thru Gotti for 8w7



And through Noriega for so/sp (scroll back up for the iris comparison as I'm not about to repost it...its close enough):


pretty obviously so/sp from reading his bio:



Quotes by Muhammed:

Give me a black goddess sister, I can't resist her! No stringy haired, blonde hair, blue eye, pale skinned, buttermilk complexion, grafted recessive, depressive, ironing board backside, straight-up and straight down, no frills, no thrills, Miss 6 o'clock, subject to the itch, mutanoid, caucasoid, white cave bitch!

Now it is time to stand up and fight back.… There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes.

I say you call yourself Goldstein, Silverstein, and Rubinstein because you're stealing all the gold and silver and rubies all over the earth — and it's true, because of your thieving and stealing and roguing, and lying all over the face of the planet earth.

Look these bastards in the eyes, and if anyone attacks you, already decide who will be the one to disconnect the railing where you are, and beat the hell out of them, the no-good bastards! And if you don't have a gun, every one of them has one gun, two guns, maybe three guns. In self-defense, if they attack you, take their goddamn guns from them and use their guns on them!

The white race is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace. No other people on the face of the earth have been able to get along with white people since white people have been on our planet.

On Muhammad:

I found the speech, after listening to it in context, vile in manner, repugnant, malicious, mean-spirited and spoken in mockery of individuals and people, which is against the spirit of Islam. While I stand by the truths that he spoke, I must condemn in the strongest terms the manner in which those truths were represented.

dominick carter is LSE 6w5 so/sp


donahue is ESE 6w5 sp/so



10-16-2015, 08:26 AM
Khalid Muhammad - INFP(?)