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04-11-2013, 06:33 AM
You can view the page at http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/287-INFp-The-Lyricist-Profile-by-Gulenko

05-23-2013, 01:42 PM
Get out of my head, damnit.

05-24-2013, 09:54 AM
This article doesn't explain why 75% of the people who join this forum think they're IEI.

05-27-2013, 12:45 AM
This article doesn't explain why 75% of the people who join this forum think they're IEI.

... Or why 90% of the people think everybody else is IEI.

05-27-2013, 05:12 AM
I can really related to the bolded and I am sure that you will all agree describes it fits me extremely well.

In his behavior IEI is guided by his intuitive presentiments. Due to this quality he is capable of surviving in the most difficult situations. He quickly distinguishes falsehood, hypocrisy, artifice, degradation. Often acts as if he has time to spare and puts off much until tomorrow. The pictures and visions which he creates in his mind are usually much more attractive than everyday life proves to be. Inclined to optimism, believes in a bright future. Calms people down, instilling hope and inspiring them by telling of forthcoming changes for the better. Dislikes focusing on the mistakes of the past.

IEI is well versed in nuances and ways of the emotional life. Able to discern when a person is in a good mood to refer to them with a request, thus it is difficult to turn him down. Gracefully responds to the humor in life, tells jokes and anecdotes, acts in jest, prods those close to him, evoking positive emotions in different ways. Sensitively responds to quarrels between people who are close to him. Seeks reconciliation, readily agrees to compromise. Will willingly sacrifice himself to settle conflicts. Internally troubled. Experiences a lot but hides his agitation and poor mood behind a soft smile.

Invests effort to look after his appearance. Knows how to dress elegantly and tastefully. His graceful, aesthetic movements are pleasing to the eye. Does not impose himself on anybody. Instead, makes effort to adjust to the habits and tastes of those around him. Flexible and adaptable. Sometimes complains about his health, poor care, indifference; however, in extreme cases, will pull himself together and suppresses his pains. Gains confidence and strength in a comfortable environment with familiar acquaintances. In such situations, may even allow himself to give some orders.

IEI is not inclined to save up money and keep strict track of his finances. May spend substantial sums on aesthetically pleasing, from his point of view, items that are not always useful. If he falls into financial difficulties, he knows whom to turn to for help or finds something that he can sell. In long-term relations does not forget to take into account pragmatic considerations. His relations are poor with those who force him to work in an unusual and uncomfortable for him pace and rhythm. Hopes for leniency, indulgences, “smoke breaks” during hard work.

Gets along with people who are self-confident, strong and determined. However, will not allow relations to turn into despotism - in such cases IEI will openly declare the stupidity and primitiveness of blunt force. Has a good sense of what force to apply to achieve his aims. Resorts to use of forceful methods only when he feels a physical threat to himself or his loved ones. If he is in a constant state of discomfort, begins to behave provocatively, rudely and aggressively; does it to hide his soft nature. Without strong leadership becomes relaxed, disorganized to the point of carelessness. He is easy to knock off the right track, to tempt with something that promises pleasant impressions. Easily acquires bad habits getting rid of which will require a lot of effort.

When there is no clarity and unambiguity of the situation, his mood spoils, he feels lost and confused. Chaos, disorganization, lack of support plunge him into despair. He begins to act enthusiastically when he is relying on a thoughtful, logical plan aligned with a clear end goal. Needs various schemes and methods. In extreme situations, becomes cool, unemotional. His thoughts become clearer, finds it easy to undertake informed decisions. He dislikes strict, meticulous control. Constant firm discipline is not for him.

Life values and ideals are one of his weak points. Feels very worried if time passes, compromises and concessions become delayed, and still no resolution has been found. Poorly tolerates harassment, leveling of his abilities as well as of people around him. Lives by the principle of non-interference into the internal world of the individual. Although he can give valuable advice on unraveling of one’s abilities, if he is asked. Of his own abilities IEI is usually very critical, often underestimates them. Afraid of being incompetent, unneeded. In need of compliments and encouragement. Good at choosing from available ideas the most promising one. Searches for an occupation that would correspond to his ideal of service to others.

His attitude reinforces by actions. For those whom he loves, can do a lot. Adventurous and enterprising if he feels that it has the approval of others. Regularly performs his duties only on a team with established system of interpersonal relations.[/B[B]] Warns that personal enmity and discord will lead to the collapse of the project. Tries to ensure that his professional relations are also accompanied by favorable informal ties. Contributes to a group a harmonious beginning. Persuading people, manages relations in a manner that to him seems most beneficial. Successfully refers to his acquaintances and uses personal charm.

Astounding, huh? That Russlish description really hits the nail on the head.

05-28-2013, 08:15 AM
I hate people thinking that I'm "underestimating myself" because I suck at something. God can't I be allowed to simply suck at something. Why are americans like 'I have to be a WINNER at everything.' I want to murder people like that.

I'm actually good at saving money though. Fuck socionics.

Some things hit close to home, like enjoying breaks at work. But most people do. Working is annoying and only masochists like it.


05-28-2013, 01:28 PM
Unambiguity. My favourite type of ambiguity.