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Enneagram Tests and Resources

Enneagram Introduction and Theory

Introduction & History (http://www.systemsthinker.com/interests/mind/enneagram.shtml)
Wikipedia: Enneagram of Personality (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality)
The Enneagram in 5 Minutes (http://www.fitzel.ca/enneagram/harmonics.html)
Netplaces Enneagram (http://www.netplaces.com/enneagram/)
9types.com (http://www.9types.com/index.php)
The Enneagram Central (http://www.enneagramcentral.com/Enneagram/intro.htm)
The Enneagram Blogspot (http://theenneagram.blogspot.com/2007/09/new-to-ennegram.html)
Ocean-moonshine - archives (http://web.archive.org/web/20110530014739/http://ocean-moonshine.net/e142857369/)
Enneagram.net by Katherine Chernick-Fauvre and David Fauvre (http://www.enneagram.net/)
Claudio Naranjo's website (http://www.naranjo-sat.com/?&pg=video_e)
Helen Palmer's website (http://www.enneagram.com/enneagram.html)
Judith Searle's website (http://www.judithsearle.com/)
Enneagramtriads.com (http://enneagramtriads.com/html/the_18_triads.html)
Davesenneagram.com (http://davesenneagram.com/list/Enneagram%20Roots)

Enneagram Tests

Note: If you are having trouble finding your enneagram type, a thorough study of enneagram triads (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/259-Explanation-of-Enneagram-Triads), attention styles (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php/32188-How-Enneagram-Types-Pay-Attention), and health levels (http://www.fitzel.ca/enneagram/levels.html) to figure out which are most applicable and relevant has proven to be helpful in typing.

Eclectic Energies Enneagram Test (http://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test.php)
Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) (http://www.9types.com/rheti/index.php)
The Quick Enneagram Sorting Test (QUEST) from Enneagram Institute (https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiP_q2Y_7XRAhVoilQKHaP1BkgQFggcMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccicoaches.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2012%2F05%2FThe-Quick-Enneagram-Sorting-Test-1.doc&usg=AFQjCNGjL4STzklYsO3I6N-71ZpRsnPCSA&sig2=NtiExTZ7a9xrTZSHJf-n_w)
PSTypes Enneagram Test (http://pstypes.blogspot.com/2009/11/pstypes-enneagram-test.html)
Similarminds.com Test (http://similarminds.com/test.html)
Stanford Inventory aka SEDIG (pdf) (http://sites.google.com/site/enneagramlib/free-tests/StanfordInventory.pdf?attredirects=0)
Noanxiety.com test (http://www.noanxiety.com/tests/enneagram-test.html)
Enneagramquiz.com (http://enneagramquiz.com/quiz.html)
Handprint test (short and humorous) (http://www.handprint.com/HM/ENN/egram.html)
Selectsmart test (http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php?client=enneagram)
Instinctual variant test (http://similarminds.com/variant.html)
Quizfarm test (http://quizfarm.com/quizzes/new/Bigbadboss/the-enneagram-test-v15--find-out-your-personality-type/)

Enneagram Type Profiles

Article: Enneagram Type Descriptions (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/161-Enneagram-Type-Descriptions)
Enneagram Institute profiles (https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions/)
9types.com profiles (http://www.9types.com/)
Ocean-Moonshine Archive (http://web.archive.org/web/20110427074405/http://ocean-moonshine.net/e142857369/)
Enneagram.net profiles (http://www.enneagram.net/types.html)
Enneagram Archetypes (http://i.imgur.com/KYqUT.jpg)
Eclecticenergies.com (http://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/type1.php)
Enneasite.com profiles (http://enneasite.com/the-types/e1-the-temperance/)
PGC.com (http://www.personal-growth-counseling.com/enneagram-personality-types.html)
Ennea.com (http://ennea.com/personality-types/perfectionist/)
Enneagram.com (http://www.enneagram.com/enneagram_type1.html)
Enneagramworldwide.com/ profiles (http://www.enneagramworldwide.com/explore-the-enneagram/what-is-the-enneagram/index.php#brief_descriptions)
Corefinder.dk (http://www.corefinder.dk/en/the-enneagram/enneagram-type-1-the-perfectionist)
C&N by Naranjo (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php/42102-Character-and-Neurosis-by-Claudio-Naranjo?p=930890&viewfull=1#post930890)

Enneagram Types in Videos and Pictures

Pinterest - Celebrities and Enneagram types (http://pinterest.com/enneagram/)
Pinterest - Enneagram Instinct and Type Photo Collection (http://www.pinterest.com/vonsain/)
Enneagram with David and Katherine Fauvre - youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/EnneagramVIdeo)
Enneagram with Helen Palmer - youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/enneagramdotcom/featured)
Happiness for Enneagram Types by Joshua French (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kDy58nUTmA)
Enneagram Types of Famous People with Videos (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php/41021-Enneagram-Type-Examples-with-Videos)
Facial Composites of Instinctual Stackings (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/265-Instinct-Stacking-Face-Composites)
Type music videos: 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdu9D0lnHQA), 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyK18qsiedw), 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVa7tnLAX0I), 4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIXNHonCso0), 5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UevUi0rksiw), 6 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQuLjSfAd14), 7 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLt-F_IwtkE), 8 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_tu_bPv7Tc), 9 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeZ834MUICY)

Enneagram Type Compatibilities

Study on Compatibility and Frequency of Enneagram Types (http://www.9types.com/writeup/enneagram_marriages.html)
Similarminds Compatibility Chart (http://www.similarminds.com/idealtypes.html)
Article: Enneagram Types and Compatibility (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/156-Enneagram-Types-and-Compatibility)
Article: Plamer's Relationships by Enneagram Type (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/192-Relationships-by-Enneagram-Type)

Instinctual Variants / Subtypes

SX, SO, SP Instinct Variants and Stackings (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/133-Instinctual-Stackings)
Introduction to Instincts from Enneagram Institute (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/intro.asp#instincts)
Ocean-Moonshine Archive (http://web.archive.org/web/20110427074405/http://ocean-moonshine.net/e142857369/)
Instinct Variant Chart (http://www.enneagram.net/subtypeschart.html)
Naranjo's Abridged Guide to Instinctual Variants (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/content.php/232-Naranjo-s-Subtypes)
27 Subtypes Audio Presentation by Beatrice Chestnut (https://soundcloud.com/beatricemc/beatrice-chestnut)
Enneagram Central profiles of 27 instinctual subtypes (http://www.enneagramcentral.com/Enneagram/27Subtypes.htm)
On The Nature of the Enneagram Subtypes (pdf) (http://www.enneagramdimensions.net/articles/on_the_nature_of_subtypes.pdf)

Enneagram Psychology & Neuroscience Links

Enneagram types and childhood parenting scenarios (http://pstypes.blogspot.com/2010/01/chilhood-scenarios-for-enneatypes-law.html)
Enneagram and Big 5 (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/articles/SHLrelease_full.asp) (full report in pdf link (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/articles/SHLresearch.pdf))
Enneagram and Brain Chemistry (http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/articles/NArtTina.asp)
Karen Horney's Theory of Neurosis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Horney#Theory_of_neurosis)
Psychology Lexicon: Neurotic needs (http://www.psychology-lexicon.com/cms/glossary/glossary-n/neurotic-needs.html)
C&N by Claudio Naranjo (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/showthread.php/42102-Character-and-Neurosis-by-Claudio-Naranjo?p=930890&viewfull=1#post930890)

MBTI-Enneagram Correlations:

Correlations of MBTI and enneagram types (http://sd2cx1.webring.org/l/rd?ring=ennearing;id=65;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwebspace% 2Ewebring%2Ecom%2Fpeople%2Fcl%2Flifexplore%2Ftypec orr%2Ehtm)
PSTypes MBTI-Enneagram correlations (http://pstypes.blogspot.com/2009/07/myers-briggs-and-enneagram-type.html)
The Enneagram and the MBTI (http://tap3x.net/EMBTI/)



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Looks just like me.


Oh no. Did somebody sit on your pie, discojoe?

10-28-2011, 07:34 AM
Not sure if these have ever been posted on here.


Each video is an hour long. They're not bad, although I feel like they're way too steeped in stereotype.
Apparently they've proven that tritype is really real. Really.

08-29-2013, 12:55 PM

The original site is gone but I found the archive. @NobleFool (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/member.php?u=5054) @lungs (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/member.php?u=2086) @anndelise (http://www.the16types.info/vbulletin/member.php?u=387)

Threes frequently are successful, at least as defined by their chosen system of values. They tend to be doggedly determined and are not easily deterred by failure. Lance Armstrong, whose success has even managed to be inspirational, is a good case in point. But while Threes do tend to be “successful,” sometimes even extraordinarily so, they are often secretly afraid of being or becoming "losers." It is almost as though they were afraid of being “found out.” Some Threes actually self-destruct when they achieve overwhelming degrees of fame or fortune. It is as if they realize how disconnected they are from their grandiose image, how false and phony it all is, how poorly anyone really sees them, how alone they actually feel even in the company of those who treat them with adoration. Elvis Presley is a striking example of this phenomenon.

Healthy Threes manage to embody valuable ideal qualities without losing contact with their depths and they inspire and encourage others to live up to their own individual ideals. They are generous with their time and energy and are willing to help others actualize their potential. They take on leadership roles without any desire to dominate or enforce an abstract ideal; they lead from the heart. They have a healthy pragmatism; they enjoy the things of the earth and want others to share in them as well. When they become unhealthy however, Threes can turn into a “human doing.” They immerse themselves in activity in order to distract themselves from their growing sense of inner emptiness. Increasingly cut off from their depths, they become glib and superficial. As they descend into narcissism, they can become cold blooded and ruthless in pursuit of their goals. The once optimistic Three becomes cynical and nihilistic; unable to believe in themselves, they are unable to believe in others.

08-29-2013, 01:03 PM
Thank you, Dolphin. I've bookmarked it.
But honestly, I feel much more at ease with looking at the 6 responses to stress/anxiety rather than trying to pigeon-hole someone or an interaction into that typing system.

08-29-2013, 04:02 PM
I just realized that with the above post and your comment about e6 and Health in the other thread that maybe you think i've been referring to e6 when i've said "the 6 responses to stress/anxiety". If that's the case, I am sorry for the confusion. :oops: i'd been referring to the general idea that there are 6 ways that people respond to stress/anxiety. Enneagram types are built off of just 3 of those ways.

I do appreciate the link, and it's been added to my collection for if I decide to look into enneagram again. I knew there had been a good site that had shut down. i think the one you linked to is it?

My comment regarding pigeon-holing wasn't meant as a criticism of you, nor directed at you. I'm just not that big into typing people, regardless of the theoretical system. And I was confused as to why you were linking me to it right after my thread where I implied that I can finally ignore enneagram and get down to the basics instead. (Lol, i was also confused by your response in that thread linking me to e6s and Health, but now I think I understand why. Again, sorry for the confusion.)

08-29-2013, 07:02 PM
Thank you for clarifying! Yes, I totally spazzed and misunderstood your original post. I will try to listen more attentively in the future ;)
Or i could just learn to be more clear, myself. :) :hug:

Abbie the Child
08-29-2013, 07:28 PM
Instincts - Self Preservation, Social, Sexual.

These three instincts are built into our bestial nature, which resides at an unconscious level helping to ensure our survival, both of ourselves and our species. From the perspective of the enneagram, we want to know how these drives appear and function, both within personality and as distinct patterns, as defined by each instinct alone or the alignment of two or three (stacking).

Sexuals attract others without really trying. They also repel others in the same way, like an anti-pheromone. This works like a screening function in the mating process. People typically have a strong reaction one way or another towards Sx's, and vice versa.

Self Pres people instinctively avoid certain foods and environments, and are likewise drawn to those things that nourish and sustain them. Sp's have a strong reaction against things that threaten to harm their comfort or health.

Social is driven towards gaining protection and empowerment within larger entities.
Soc's typically react strongly against things which would jeopardize or displace their position or reputation.

The instinct is always trying to work for our survival, whether we know it or not. Personality can only get in the way. Animals, as more or less fully instinctual beings, don't have this problem. But integrating our personality with instinct requires that each side of ourselves is fully aware of the other side. Otherwise we are automated, automatic, and on autopilot.

Basic Instinctual Subtype Stackings

The Sexual Stackings

This is perhaps the most internally conflicted of the stackings, and potentially the most inconsistent in behavior. This may occur as a blockage of the sexual instinct which can be redirected as a more generally brooding and troubled personality. They may isolate themselves for long periods of time before reemerging. They live according to a strictly personal outlook and are not particularly concerned with the approval of others outside of their immediate concern. They seem to be searching for something, the missing piece. If they find a soulmate they will unite without fanfare, forming a secret bond, dealing with formalities as an afterthought. Powerful sexual impulses facing inner resistance may manifest symbolically in the psyche, giving way to soulful interpretations of the unconscious. Under periods of stress severe sexual tensions may manifest as erratic, impulsively destructive behavior. Can seem restless, torn between the comforts of a stable home life and the urge to wander. May be prone to self-medicating.
Motivation: to know the heart, reconcile inner conflict, form a secure union.
Familiar roles: the devotee, the seeker, the wanderer
Examples of sx/sp: Prince, Carl Jung, Johnny Depp, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Cash, Joan Crawford, Princess Di, Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, Frollo from "Hunchback of Notre Dame"

This is the type that exudes the most raw charisma and sexual energy. They may identify so strongly with whatever they're involved with that they often become the symbol of its core essence, and sometimes its lead agent for change. Hardly content with the status quo, this subvariant seeks to alter the fundamental structure of something while at once embodying it's purest or most extreme form. Possibly attracted to radical views on politics, philosophy, spirituality or creativity that reflect their penchant for testing boundaries. They enjoy pushing other's buttons, especially those resistant to their modes of expression. It's not uncommon for them to have a pet social, political or spiritual cause which they're able to support with heartfelt conviction. May exploit and seek to redefine sexuality to reflect their own colorful and uncertain understanding of it. While prone to exhibitionism, they are strongly attracted to grounding influences which can anchor them and provide stability. Failure to satisfy an especially intense desire for connection may cause this subvariant to spite others at the risk of jeopardizing the need for an equal, stabilizing force. Can feel pulled between wanting a life of maximum intensity and reassuring episodes of peaceful convention.
Motivation: to impact others, question assumptions, challenge convention.
Familiar roles: provocateur, activist, exhibitionish

The Self-pres Stackings

This type is generally private and reserved, and especially serious and practical minded in their focus to gain material security and in making useful connections that support their goals. When they do form a connection, loyalty is very important to them and they will not hesitate to end a relationship on grounds of disloyalty. This type may lack a certain degree of interpersonal warmth which can give the impression of coldness or disinterest in others, even a sense of selfishness. May be drawn to groups that attract like minded individuals, as in business clubs or volunteer organizations where a shared professional culture can facilitate social bonds. They tend to live conservatively and dress in an inconspicuously appropriate fashion befitting their status in life. May have a characteristically blunt and direct style of communication that can take others some getting used to. They are particularly strong in matters of commitment and sacrifice, and enjoy being the benefactors in assisting society's practical needs.

These people often have an earthy, mysterious quality to them. They are quietly intense, but to others may seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, instead favoring personal interests. They are slow to commit, but once they do it is with an attitude of life commitment, to the establishment of an impermeable bond. Others can be taken aback by how suddenly and completely this type can lock into them, and by the depth of understanding of the other's condition. They attach to others at an organic, root level, in contrast to the other subvariant's surface formality. Somewhat hesitant to enter new relationships, they instead preserve the select few enduring bonds they carefully form along the way. The sanctuary of home is of paramount concern, and this type takes particular delight in decorating their spaces to reflect their cherished sense of taste and depth. Depth and discrimination characterize this stacking.

The Social Stackings

This type is often the most comfortable in group settings, but tends to be a bit formal and awkward in one to one relations. This is the natural political type, affiliating themselves with groups or theories which best defend their social and material interests. They may lack warmth and individual identity and this could lead to problems in forming meaningful relationships outside of a shared social interest. The motivation for this type is to attain status within their chosen sphere - the "social climber."

This type has very strong one to one social skills, but is usually uncomfortable in group settings. They enjoy cultivating multiple relationships, and can be intensely involved when in the presence of someone they are interested in, but have difficulty sustaining these bonds when apart. This may give the impression of being flighty and rootless, willing to adapt and mirror others in order to connect, but lacking a defined approach that would give their relationships a more solid standing. They may have political interests, but are generally more pragmatic and less partisan than the other social variant. They are often attuned to pop culture and the latest trends. This type's motivation is to create lasting connections with those they are interested in - the "best friend."

04-01-2015, 10:17 AM
Another enneagram test:


The Exception
04-01-2015, 04:09 PM
Another enneagram test:


I come out as a clear 5 on that one.

04-01-2015, 06:57 PM
I come out as a clear 5 on that one.
There is only one type resulting out of this test and it does not seem to say anything about "the clarity" of your choice. Nor about your wing or your second choice and how far it is from the first one.
I got 4, as usual.

04-01-2015, 07:12 PM
Another enneagram test:


I thought I would get a 5 because I answered sometimes to most of the 4ish questions, or so I thought, but I didn't.

Style Four


I am more sensitive than most people, that's why I probably experience more pain than most. It seems to me that a lot of people just skim over life. The pain may be worth it, though, I enjoy beauty so much. It seems I can see beauty where others can't. this often sets me apart from others, I feel sort of different from ordinary people. My tastes seem more refined and I place a higher value on artistic sensitivity than many of my friends. I often have trouble in relationships because of my sensitivity. They start out fine, but then little things go wrong. It seems like I can never have the perfect relationship I'm always looking for.

04-02-2015, 06:07 PM
In addition I sent an email to this guy as I aswered his questions (available on his site) honestly and sincerely. He said I was a clear four.
It's cool he replies to random people, good approach.

05-27-2016, 08:49 PM
The Judith Searle website has already mentioned in this thread by silke, but I found this specific page interesting (and perhaps something to return to for reference): http://www.judithsearle.com/articles/story-genres.html