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  1. dichotomies of Reinin
  2. Visual Identification Resources and Galleries
  3. Grof's Basic Perinatal Matrices
  4. Lev Kamensky's brainstorming factory
  5. Visual Identification: Eyes and Type
  6. [VI] Visual identification resources and links
  7. Type Photos
  8. Jung is wrong (with all due respect)
  9. Visual Identification Experiments and Ideas
  10. structure of the socion, psyche, functions, and universe
  11. Statics and Dynamics in Quadras
  12. [VI] Socionics.com descriptions of types and physique
  14. [VI] Visual Identification: body language/movements of the types
  15. The "crazy-ass theory" club
  16. The Hidden Agenda's secret! [from socion.info]
  17. A survey - please answer these four questions honestly
  18. Cross-types
  19. Typings on socionics.com
  20. Transformation from Socionics to MBTI
  21. [VI] Visual identification doesn't work and is nonsense
  22. Functions at war/dreams
  23. Interaction between the creative and the weakest functions
  24. The Crosstype Principle: Theory and Information Elements
  25. MBTI =/= Socionics!
  26. "A Commentary on Jung's Typology" by Aushra Aug
  27. Can a particle system of personality
  28. Asking/Declaring Reinin Dichotomy (Narrator/Taciturn)
  29. School of Associative Socionics: personality development, functions, and compatibility
  30. Divergent perspectives on a ball
  31. Rational/Irrational dichotomy and a very essential inquiry
  32. A non-socionic vision of intertype relationships
  33. Here, a whole bunch of NT's
  34. Model B
  35. "Mud Baths": Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Quadra
  36. Do INTpJ and INTjP types exist?
  37. Extraversion/Introversion vs Static/Dynamic
  38. colour of your soul?
  39. Smilexian socionics: Si column
  40. Survey: Implications of the "Conscious Agenda"
  41. 16 Types: Ego w/ Support Functions
  42. Narrator? (Asking/Declaring Reinin Dichotomy)
  43. [VI] Static/Dynamic telltale sign
  44. Information Elements According to Transigent
  45. VI and ENTp subtypes (Restored)
  46. Do MLK's thoughts prove he was ENFj-XXXx?
  47. Smilingeyes reposts as helped by google
  48. Reinin modelling
  49. Smilexian socionics: Easy-to-use behaviour tracker - resurrected (with edits)
  50. Other results of the Reinin model - resurrected (with edits)
  51. Mathematico-mechanical socionics - (ancient thread w edits)
  52. Te type descriptions - resurrected
  53. Smilexian socionics: Dichotomic descriptions of types v20 - zombified
  54. Smilexian Socionics 101.2
  55. On Ne and Si as Childlike and Caring styles
  56. Dual-type theory: ISFp-XXFp type - the Oracle
  57. XXXj: The Directors of Fate
  58. INTps identifying with Dynamist description
  59. EXXx: The Apostles
  60. Introduction to the Cross-order Function
  61. Socionic Quadras and Spiral Dynamics
  62. Dual-type theory: Crosstype Listing, and a New Model
  63. Transcendent function and socionics
  64. The Mathematical Basis of Reinin Dichotomies
  65. Pathological Hidden Agenda
  66. Dimensionality of psychic functions
  67. Complete Dual-Type/Crosstype Listing (by socion)
  68. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences
  69. Typing by Reinin dichotomies
  70. Gulenko's DCNH 4-subtype system
  71. Dual-type theory: Information Metabolism-Exertion IM-IE types
  72. Dual-type theory: Exertion Si and the Replication of Appearance
  73. Enneagram Subtypes and Process/Result dichotomy
  74. Dichotomic descriptions of types v20 reborn
  75. Talanov's Model T
  76. Dual-type theory: IM-IE Function Pairings List
  77. Stages of development of a socionist
  78. A Primer On My Research Into Socionics and Personality
  79. Physiology of Reinin's Traits explained by Model T
  80. Hypothesis on Asking/Declaring Reinin dichotomy
  81. Reinin's Traits for the Spiral Dynamics levels
  82. Reinin-like dichotomies for information elements (with +/-)
  83. Information elements described
  84. A Primer On My Personality Research (2) - Exertion Theory (dual-types)
  85. School of Associative Socionics: Colourtest
  86. Dual-type theory: Proposed IM-IE Relationship Model
  87. Some observations on Statics
  88. Dual-type theory: IM-IE Element Pairings: The Many Forms of Information
  89. [VI] A Panoply of VI Hints
  90. The Relationship between Conscious and Subconscious
  91. Aftermath: static/dynamic
  92. If you want some hard facts on Dual-type theory
  93. Dual-type theory: INTjs in popular culture
  94. Subtype Theory
  95. Model A with the +/- signs
  96. tcaudilllg's theories for dummies
  97. Exertion information element pairings list
  98. Dual-type theory: Is Keirsey's an exertion theory?
  99. Analysis of Erotic Attitudes
  100. Agenda Quadrants
  101. The Ubermensche and Type
  102. The Transition from Even Functions to Odd Functions
  103. Differences between INTps and INTjs according to hitta
  104. Theory of Super Transcendence
  105. The Reinin Dichotomies Calculator
  106. Dissonant Opinions and the IM Elements
  107. Theory on Information Metabolism
  108. Exertion ENFj Description by tcaudilllg
  109. Agenda Quadrants Descriptions
  110. model pi
  111. Relation of Supervision
  112. Exertion ESFp Description by tcaudilllg (DRAFT)
  113. Dichotomic types 30
  114. How Ideas work in society
  115. Socionics, Enneagram, and DSM-IV
  116. Analogy to Grammar
  117. Discussion of Gulenko's Cognitive Styles
  118. hmmkr's dualtype
  119. TheSocion.com INTj description
  120. Communication styles - Sincere, Businesslike, Careful, Childlike
  121. Dula-type theory: Meta and Object?
  122. Socionics Classes
  123. Clockwise or counterclockwise?
  124. Context Lines: Bodies and Objects
  125. Division of labor amongst duals
  126. Smilexian socionics: random material relating to dichotomies
  127. TIA-The theory if the Development of Intertype Abilities
  128. INFp Type Description TheSocion.com!
  129. INTp type description TheSocion.com!!
  130. New thoughts on Static/Dynamic trait
  131. ISTp type description Thesocion!!!
  132. ISFj type description TheSocion!!!
  133. ISTj type description TheSocion!!!
  134. INFj type description TheSocion!!!
  135. Labcoat's toolbox
  136. Awareness vs Consciousness
  137. hitta's "INTj Test"
  138. ENTp type description TheSocion!!
  139. ISFp type description TheSocion!!!
  140. ENTj type description TheSocion!!!
  141. question for hitta on +/- and quadra values
  142. Presenting the Supersocion Adherents List
  143. Forms of conflict under Supersocion Theory
  144. Supersocion Theory explained
  145. Functional Revise ???
  146. A way to understand Carefreeness/Farsightedness
  147. The Four Quadras
  148. Dual-type theory: Exerted/Slave Information Elements
  149. Reinforcement for Negativist vs Positivist Reinin types
  150. Process/result, positivism/negativism, +/-
  151. A very cogent essay on Reinin dichotomies
  152. Let's prove Reinin traits are wrong
  153. Dual-type theory: Analyzing the Relationship between Information Metabolism and Exertion
  154. 32 types instead of 16
  155. Dual-type theory points (new developments)
  156. Newbie questions about dual-type theory
  157. Gulenko's plus/minus (+/-) function signs
  158. On why the INTps here aren't INTps
  159. Analyses using Supersocion Theory
  160. Quadras of the 32 types
  161. Dual-type theory: Exertion/Slave Types Discussion Thread
  162. The Implied Exertion Types of Classical Socionics
  163. how do erotic attitudes fit with the dual-type theory?
  164. Model Φ and Phitypes - machintruc's research
  165. Breaking +/- down by quadras
  166. The Model I've been working on is referred to as Model B in Russia
  167. Dooyeweerd's Theory of Modal Aspects - similar to Socionics?
  168. The next socionics model
  169. Machintruc's model phi subtypes
  170. Deltas
  171. US Democratic Presidential primary: + vs -?
  172. + and -, Rationality: Origin of Politics
  173. Are Jung's Archetypes the Model B-specific functions?
  174. The Phenomenology and Theories of Immanence
  175. Model B functions - what are they called?
  176. Elements of Information Metabolism and Brain Mapping - put your hypotheses
  177. Psychic Domain Theory Discussion Thread
  178. Conclusions about Foreground/Background
  179. Type and dimensions
  180. Possible "names" for machintruc's 27 Phitypes
  181. On Good and Evil, and Model B
  182. The Hitta Analysis of Logos
  183. Accepting/Creating, Static/Dynamic, and Limiting/Empowering
  184. Ex-Se: External Statics of particles
  185. -Fi with transcendended -Fe
  186. +Te/+Ti and +Ti/+Te
  187. information elements and stereotypes
  188. The Dimensionality of Functions
  189. The most physically attractive Phitype
  190. The Dual-Function Theorem
  191. On belief
  192. Dual-type theory: Exertion ENFj revisited
  193. Shadow IEI-INFp Processing
  194. Possible phitypes for each IM type
  195. Megaman X from the Standpoint of Dual-type Theory
  196. The Role of the Blocks in Entity Processing (Supersocion Theory)
  197. Setting it Straight
  198. Dual-type theory: INTj-ENFj Type
  199. Phitypes: how does it feel to be S- ? (E 468)
  200. Reinin dichotomies
  201. Meta -Ti with Exertion +: the Essence of Logic
  202. Arrangement Rules for the Psychic Dyads in Model B
  203. Hitta's type ppearances
  204. Questioning Augusta's definition of Se
  205. Phitypes: S- and autism spectrum
  206. Creator/Destroyer Types
  207. The Relation of the Psychic Dual to the Suggestive Function
  208. Corrected Ba-Gua trigrams notation and theory applied to Socionics
  209. The Manipulator Type
  210. Visual Identification Descriptions
  211. Criterion for the Acceptance of Sign
  212. Beyond Socionics: the +Fi Realm
  213. Archetypes in the Context of Model B
  214. New Reinin Dichotomy
  215. The Counselor as a Cautiously Creative Type
  216. Relations of Duality between Aspects
  217. Model-B background function set = alterego
  218. The Case against Big Five
  219. Ti with ex-Ne considered
  220. The 152-combination IM Type / Phitype correlation model (with Excel spreadsheet)
  221. ENFps, ENTps and being messy
  222. Exertion -Se+Fi and +Se-Fi
  223. Abstract Definitions for the Eight Psychic Orientations
  224. Ne experienced across the psyche
  225. Information elements experienced across the psyche
  226. ashton's writeup on model X
  227. Revolutionary Socionics Concept
  228. Dual-type theory: ENFj-ENTp - miscellaneous notes
  229. The Hiearplectic Nature of the Psyche
  230. Smilexian Socionics 1012
  231. The Alternative Problem as a potential proof of Dual-type theory
  232. New blog: ENFp: The extroverted schizoid personality?
  233. List of subject/object relational attitudes
  234. List of dual-types for LIIs/INTjs
  235. The metaphysical and alchemical origins of socionics
  236. More very obvious 1:1 comparisons between Socionics and Alchemy
  237. 16 Subtype Model
  238. Post pictures of Ni eyes (visual identification)
  239. Analyzing a closed social system
  240. The introvert/extrovert (object/field) aspect of functions doesn't exist
  241. socionics is an extension of physical kinetics it is a fact and this proves it
  242. Discussion on Empowering Si/Ni
  243. All information is transmitted in Dynamic form
  244. [VI] Just a Lil' VI-Curious
  245. New interpretation of Limiting/Accepting/Dynamic
  246. Distinguishing Pi from Pe
  247. On the difference between Cre/Emp Pi and Lim/Acc Pi
  248. On my main function: Acc/Emp Ti
  249. Central information dump thread
  250. INTp with exertion type of ENFj